Reviews for New York Bus The Simulation


I'm a English man in New York..

Anthony_KoA | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all Anthony_KoA's reviews »

and the street's are empty, seriously empty, I haven't been to New York but I have seen picture's and the place is busy, and I have always believed that if your going to make a game about something you should at-least make it how it's suppose to look. The driving aspects of the game aren't terrible it's responsive to a degree the passengers seem to have different characteristics, just the roads are empty you can look away from the screen often and nothing will happen, well maybe you'll miss a turn if you take too long.


Nice driving game but not enough traffic

mahon | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

While it might seem that bus driver's work is too common a subject to make a decent game about, it is not quite right. There are many simulations of various vehicles and machines, bus being one that you may encounter most frequently in your lives. And it doesn't mean that New York Bus The Simulation is any more boring than the others. The driving model and representation of bus driver's work are pretty satisfactory, but I have one complaint about the game. If you've ever seen the streets of New York City, they are nowhere nearly as empty as here. Of course there are cars and pedestrians in the game and you need to watch out for them, but they're way too few for an accurate simulation. Maybe it is because of playability or the limits come from computing power of average gamer's machine, but I would like to see the streets fuller with traffic. Besides this remark the game remains a light and interesting driving game, which is more casual than the name would suggest.