Reviews for Poker Night 2


Funnier than the first game

LrmNick | Sept. 7, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Poker Night brings the same idea from the first game, except this time you have different characters from movies, cartoons,video games to play with, Samson from Venture Bros (adult swin), Max from the game Sam & Max, Claptrap from Borderlands, Ash Willians from The Evil dead and my favorite one GLaDOS from Portal,you can use your money to change the place, the table, the cards, and if you choose all of the same franchise, it gives you a new ambient with new quotes and the AI is better than the first one, great game but you can finish it under 12h if you are really good at poker.


Very Interesting

SparkWave | Aug. 5, 2015 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

I am not much of a poker player, but as I began to play Poker Night 2, my poker skills were starting to get better. If you are the type of person that likes to play games in order, as i did, then don't worry about the 2. Poker Night 2 has basically nothing in relation to Poker Night. Although you can get adept at the game and you may even be a good poker player, sometimes you can never outsmart the system. There is no real money you have to spend other than buying the game, and it even gives you some Borderlands 2 and TF2 items for achieving certain things. You will be greeted by Ash Williams, Brock Samson, Claptrap, Sam & Max, and even GlaDos. The dialogue is great and there is lots of it. Great Poker game!


Hilarious Conversations but Average Gameplay

sdcruz1 | July 21, 2015 | See all sdcruz1's reviews »

Like most of us already know, this is a very funny game and even more enjoyable to find some familiar faces. However, some of you might find the computer's abilities a bit too toned down by calling too many showdowns and sometimes with losing hands just to keep the conversation going. Texas hold em and Omaha are both played at no-limit although Omaha is more popular at pot-limit. Blinds quickly increase so games generally go by fast. Small details like adding a dealer icon could've helped but overall the game is great if you want to spend a couple hours listening to a table of interest characters.


An enjoyable title

9cames03 | July 12, 2015 | See all 9cames03's reviews »

This is a very simple game, but nevertheless, I found myself having a lot of fun. The characters are very enjoyable, and the visual style is actually pretty impressive. I have to give the developers credit for taking something so simple and expanding on it. At the end of the day, the over all feel of this game will provide a fun pastime for when you are bored. I would recommend it.


Even better than the first one

GigaPudding | June 7, 2015 | See all GigaPudding's reviews »

The first poker night was an awesome game with lots of jokes and fun banter between the players but surprisingly enough it got even better in the second one. There are new players in the game, new dealer even and more options to customize your experience with new decks, chips and more :D. More hilarious dialogues, cool musics, unlocks for team fortress and stuff. I mean I can't recommend this game enough, it's just perfect.


Short but important review. Great game

StefaNob99 | Oct. 11, 2014 | See all StefaNob99's reviews »

I own this on both PS3 and PC and there's nothing much to say aside from that this is a brilliant Poker game with tasteful humour, solid dialogue and a great cast. Main Cast: Sam. (Sam & Max) Max. (Sam & Max) Brock Samson. (The Venture Bros.) Ash Williams. (The Evil Dead) Claptrap. (Borderlands) GLaDOS. (Portal) Reginald Van Winslow. (Tales of Monkey Island) Cameos: Steve the Bandit. (Borderlands) Mad Moxxi. (Borderlands) Doug. (The Walking Dead) Save-Lot Bandit. (The Walking Dead) Waiter. (Gravity Bone.) The Good: - Humour is great. - Voice acting is top notch. - Colourful cast of characters. - Well worth the price of £3.99. - Excellent replayability value. - Unlockable items in both Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2. The Bad: - Optimization isn't great. - Some annoying glitches. Such as; achievements not unlocking and items not unlocking properly. - Animation bugs. - Audio bugs. Final Verdict: 8.8/10 I hope you found this review helpful!


Amazing game!

key2112 | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all key2112's reviews »

I didn't really know how to play poker before buying this, but I loved the idea of playing poker with these nice characters so I just went with it. And for the money I paid, I gotta say, it's TOTALLY worth it. Even if you don't know how to play poker, don't mind that, the game is easy to learn. A short tutorial can help you with that. You shouldn't really buy this if you don't enjoy card games, because that's exactly what this is. All the conversations between characters are amazingly fun, but in the end, you're playing cards. Anyway, the game is great. Is all about the character interaction. Glados and Claptrap have some of the best lines of the game, Sam from Sam & Max is great too, then there's Ash from Army of Darkness and Brock, who I didn't really know before buying this, but he's pretty fun. The game moves smoothly, you have unlockables to get by winning each tournament and you can get tokens to buy skins for the game, which are great and trigger some new conversations. You also unlock items for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2. And well, that's pretty much all there's to it. It may not look like much, but playing a tournament of poker after a long day can be really relaxing. I have 10 hours on it and plan to get some more, so I can get all the achievements. Something bad about it, well, you could say that the conversations get repetitive after a while. But it already has a lot of content and it cost only 5 dollars, even less in a sale. So if you like the characters on the game or poker, you have no excuse. Just buy this. You won't regret it. I hope Telltale makes a third part eventually.



Obsessor | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yes, I grabbed this game when it was on sale for less than a pound. When not on sale it costs less than 4 pounds. And still totally worth it. I turned it on for a minute, just to play a hand or two. Got stuck for an hour. Losing 140,000$ in the process, and listening to some witty and funny commentaries. If you want to play single player poker(Texas Hold'em or Omaha), this is the thing for you. Even though people buy this game mostly for the free Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands items, you know what? I don't play TF2, I don't have Borderlands. And I still like to play Poker Night. Because it's simply fun.


Shut up, Claptrap, nobody cares

midgetjacks | Sept. 30, 2014 | See all midgetjacks's reviews »

I really enjoyed the first Poker Night. I'm not a big poker guy, don't have the patience for it. Doesn't help that my poker face is about as subtle as emoticons. So I don't play much. But I did enjoy the first game because I could fumble my way from hand to hand and enjoy the banter among the characters. So the games in this series live or die by the characters and writing at the table. Unfortunately, for me, Brock is the only interesting participant. Ash would've been fun if they could've gotten Bruce Campbell, since that character is truly just him hamming it up at every opportunity. So what's left if I don't really care about the characters? Oh yeah, poker. So, of all the available poker games, does this do anything different or better? I don't know, really, but I do know that the game itself is kinda sluggish. If I want to play a card game, I want it to be snappy, keep the game going. Instead it just goes about it's lazy pace while I dream of Brock leaping across the table and eviscerating Claptrap. But it doesn't happen, and I get bored, and go looking elsewhere for amusement.


Funny and challenging poker partys.

DrUzi | Sept. 21, 2014 | See all DrUzi's reviews »

It's one of the best poker games on the market. The players are from several AAA games, but the lines gets boring after the 20th time.


Great game with prizes!

AlmightyNata | Aug. 30, 2014 | See all AlmightyNata's reviews »

This game revolves around many of my favorite games and shows. It also introduced me to Venture Bros, a great show, and poker. Witty dialogue and casual fun gameplay. Not to mention this game gets you sweet items for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2, two great games everyone should try out. If you're looking for a poker game, why not try one with great humor. This game has character on it's own. And I'm not talking about the fan favorites here.


Nice game with rewards

TPCGorillaMunch | July 25, 2014 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

Poker Night 2 isn't a game for poker veterans as the game is only singleplayer and pits you against AI that aren't a huge challenge if you are familiar with poker. The idea of the game is to complete different challenges during poker tournaments, leading to a different player placing their bounty item down which you receive if you win the tournament. Collecting a bounty prize unlocks items for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. If you play either of these games and enjoy playing poker I would recommend this game. The characters are funny at first but the lines they use and the different cut-scenes will be repeated often and can become irritating at times. There are two different types of poker you can play, Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hold'em.


Better than first one.

Furrek | July 25, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Poker Night 2 is way better than first game. Why? It's simply - it's just better. Starting from beggining, it's still fun and casual poker game. In my opinion, this one have better characters - or maybe it's because I know all of them. Anyway, the second game have a few more options and something that will make you win easier. Drinks. Lot of them. You can order drinks for your opponents and they will be more likely to make some mistakes. In Poker Night 2 you can also unblock some items, but not only for Team Fortress 2, but also for Borderlands 2! Fans of both games should be happy with this. If you liked the first Poker Night, I'm sure you will like this one too.


Great sequel

tyui123 | July 22, 2014 | See all tyui123's reviews »

Fun poker game with some well-known characters from series such as Borderlands and Portal, lots of humor, customizable cards, table, etc. The only downside is that the dialogue can get repetitive after having played many games. However there's the added goal of getting in-game items for Borderlands and Team Fortress 2 which adds to the excitement. Overall recommended game, good price for it too.


Fun, Witty Poker Game

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

One of the main reasons why people bought Poker Night 2 is due to the loot available for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. While the items you get are certainly worth it, virtual goods aren't the only reason to buy this game. Poker Night 2 is a surprisingly good poker game with the added benefit of humor as well as well known characters to play against. There are now two modes of poker instead of one, and while Texas Hold'em is the most fun, Omaha Hold'em is enjoyable as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this game for anyone who knows the rules of poker, and is at least somewhat familiar with some of the characters you can play versus.


Fun Game.

edg1812 | June 13, 2014 | See all edg1812's reviews »

Fun poker game. Most people buy it for the items you recieve on borderlands 2 & Team Fotress 2 but to be fair this is a decent poker game in itself. Plus the character you play against say and do funny stuff. Yes It can get annoying once you have heard all the comments and they repeat themselfs, though still this is a good fun poker game which also helped me to learn how to actually play poker.


Incompetent AI, Pathetic Jokes, Boring,Yet Rewarding

chaython | April 18, 2014 | See all chaython's reviews »

The ai basically hands you their money, no skill is required.Their moves seem to have no logic, just out of complete randomness. Poker only seems to be good versus real people, but the type of game TellTale was trying to create should at least have leaderboards, if not you really just want your free in game items, and to leave this forever uninstalled. Popular Faces: From Clap Trap to Sam & Max you get to see some of your favorite video game characters battle it out[give you their money] at a Texas Hold 'Em, or Omaha table. Some people would consider this a great positive, I personally find all of these characters annoying and small time. I would prefer something like Master Cheif & Duke Nukem, you know some people who seem to have money and a more interesting background. Furthermore little of the dialogue is relative to the characters, just random mutter cluttering what should be a silent table. Price: For only seven cents this is an okay game, but I wouldn't have bought it for any other reason. [$1.24 - 10%($.12) from coupon - $.10 from credit back - $.95 from playfire rewards] Reward: The game rewards you in various ways, items in Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2, and some more background and leisure life details of your favorite video game characters. Telltale usually follows their tittle [telling a tale] this has no story line and is exceedingly boring with every hand played. This was practically free considering I could sell the TF2 items and the money to buy the game was from GMG credit anyways, so I shouldn't be one to complain, but I would not recommend this to anyone for real money.


Even more banter and poker.

digiconner | April 17, 2014 | See all digiconner's reviews »

This game is better than the first one. The characters are fantastic, with my personal favourites being GLADOS and Claptrap. The dialogue and interactions between the characters are hilarious, and the poker is simple and fun. You can earn items in other games, such as Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2, by beating certain characters at certain times, which is fantastic and gives you a clear objective. The only problems I have with this game are that sometimes dialogue can repeat after you have been playing for a while, and that the game can move a little slowly when you have to wait for the characters to finish their sentences and play. Overall, it is an entertaining game aimed towards those who are interested in the characters rather than those interested in an in depth, fast, poker simulator.


Poker with a twist

likwitsnake | April 17, 2014 | See all likwitsnake's reviews »

Poker Night 2 takes the traditional game of Poker and gives it a jolt of modern gaming and pop culture fun by introducing funny and relevant characters to consistently entertain and badger you along the way. The gameplay consists or regular Texes Hold 'Em or Omaha rule poker and the only other non-traditional elements to the game play comes in the form of buying drinks to coax your opponents into revealing their calls. Poker Night 2 improves on all the elements introduced in the first game as well as introduces a set of more interesting characters. Overall, the game provides a strong challenge that requires you to become at least familiar with the rules of the game in order to actually win a tournament. In addition, some collectibles in the form of different themed sets, decks and chips provides a nice change of setting from keeping you from getting bored.


Even better than 1

UltraJake | March 5, 2014 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

This possibly anticipated sequel comes with new characters and a lot more content. There are now 2 poker modes and a larger pool of voice lines for the characters so it won't get quite to repetitive. (Though, it still will eventually). There is also even more customization/unlocks here. If you likes #1, like the characters here, or like Poker, this is one game to buy. Otherwise pick between this one and the original depending on which characters you like more.


Pleasant surprise

martinni | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all martinni's reviews »

Having played the 1st one of the series i was only expecting a change of characters and not much more. But this game was able to surprise me. The writing is so much better, and at some point the 1st seemed to have nothing new. PN2 keeps surprising me with new and new funny conversations. I also think Telltale Games took user feedback very seriously. It has Omaha, and the system to get the items makes much more sense. As a whole, it's a much better experience than the 1st. I've been laughing like crazy every time i play it. The only issue: it is what it is... a poker game vs AI... Which isn't that great! If you think you may enjoy some time at a poker table only with AIs, go for it! You'll have a pretty good time!


One of the best sequels

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Sadly a lot of sequels fail to reach the greatness of the original games (movies, books, you name it). In the case of Poker Night 2 however this is far from the truth. The gameplay is pretty much the same as with the previous one: you are led to the Inventory where you play Texas Hold 'em with different videogame characters. One of the things that made the atmosphere a lot better for me is GlaDos from Portal. It is hard to explain why the game is good, it is sort of an experience you have to go through. If you don't mind to spend a bit of dough for a few good laughs and some insight of what Claptrap and Max is doing when they are not starring their own games then pick it up without hesitation. However if you are a poker enthusiast probably you can find some better options. Anyway to sum it up it is a very well executed game - just imagine the storytelling capabilities of TellTale games being used to entertain you with some funny talks around the poker table.


Extremely well made sequel

commanderhavoc | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

If you loved the first game, then you'll absolutely love this one as it has more colorful characters in the form of Ash from Evil Dead, Brock from the Venture Bros, Claptrap from Borderlands and Sam takes Max's place this time around. And even GLaDOS from the Portal games acts as the dealer for the game and as usual has plenty of sarcastic comments to come with during the rounds. You can also during the rounds complete a set of challenges that gives you special currency that you can use to change the table, chips and such to another complete design, like something out of the Borderlands games for example.


Suprisingly Good......

Rhoobarb | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all Rhoobarb's reviews »

....but not without one or two issues. Poker Night 2 is the sequel to 'Poker Night at the Inventory' and rests firmly in the 'entertainment' end of poker video games. Like the original, you are the silent player, a high stakes poker player invited to play at The Inventory. A secret club with a few characters from various multimedia franchises, some well known, others a little more obscure. The bare bones of the game is playing either Texas Hold'em, or Omaha Hold'em poker against 4 other A.I. players. The four other players being; Claptrap (Borderlands), Sam (Sam & Max), Brock Samson (The Venture Brothers) and Ash Williams (The Evil Dead). A support role as the dealer is filled by the sinister, and ever sarcastic GLaDOS (Portal). The club has a supporting cast of characters too, notably Moxxi (Borderlands), Max (Sam & Max), Reginald Van Winslow (Tales of Monkey Island) and Steve (Borderlands). The back and forth between the characters is the games biggest selling point, but also the biggest flaw. With any game that has long periods of time with characters talking, eventually you will start hearing repeats. Thankfully despite the size of the game, other than a few short reaction one liners (Hey Ash, is that enough money for you and Wendy to fix up the Oldsmobile? Are you sure??), the repeats are not too often, but here is where it gets a little frustrating. Some of the banter sequences can be quite long, with some actually stopping the flow of the game so they can play out. The first couple of times this is entertaining, but it soon gets tiring as you cannot skip them. Despite this, the game has a few bonuses to keep it from going stale. There are unlockables which allow you to change the card design, table surface and chips, based on each characters background. This in turn opens up more dialogue, and as such mixes things up a little. Now, to me, the core of poker is about what cards the opponent has, so a big part of playing is bluffing and interpreting a players reactions to their cards, however slight. In this game you can buy your fellow players a round of drinks to loosen up those poker faces a little, increasing your chances of noticing any 'tells' they may have. Personally, I am a complete failure at reading facial cues and body language, even the exaggerated movements of the game characters were of no help, so as far as I was concerned I was out of pocket and no better off. Despite my lack of visual perception, the other players are at a distinct disadvantage in that I have no physical presence within the game, so cannot be 'read'. To redress the balance, the developers seem to have given them a little boost of luck. 'Sure thing' hands are all too often obliterated by last cards played at incredible odds. Many times I was well over 90% chance of winning only to lose by just the right card being dealt. Some may say 'that's poker!', but I just felt it happened a little too often. Another slight irk with me is the AI. It is a little too predictable in that most of the time they play it safe, and very rarely try anything crazy. So keeping a fairly steady amount of wins is a bit too easy to what I would like. The unlockables were all bought up after a few match wins, without many losses, and I already have most of the achievements, even though I have not been playing it that long. I think any serious poker player would quickly give up on the slow pace, stop-start nature and predictable opponents. If you are not a serious poker player though, I highly recommend it as an entertainment title, especially at the prices it has been down to recently. It is funny and entertaining with some decent character interactions. (Anyone else think Steve is great?)


Really Fun!

karatenipple | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all karatenipple's reviews »

This game is really fun, but only if you're into poker, what's even better is the amount of cool characters seen in the game, and the way you can customize the poker table, cards to different game themes, like borderlands 2, Portal 2 and Sam and Max.


A great game to get into Poker

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

I was a little unsure about purchasing Poker Night 2, I thought it looked slightly too similar to Poker Night at the Inventory, and in some ways I was right. There's not much you can change about a Poker game, but Telltale Games managed to iron out some previous problems found in the first installment of the Poker Night series. There is no option to change the difficulty of the game, but I didn't find this to be a problem, the gameplay was fun and challenging at points- I've managed to get a great load of fun out of it. The four other characters you play with all provide some amusing banter and jokes, but they do repeat themselves after a while, I found this repetitive, but still a nice feature. All in all, for the price, I think it's definitely worth picking up.


Improvement over the first game

darkyhbk | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Poker Night 2 is possibly the most entertaining virtual poker game to date. It improves over the original on almost every aspect. First of all, it offers not one, but two games : Texas Hold'Em and Omaha. Furthermore, it gives you more customization options, as you can buy personalized cards, boards and such, which you can use in the game. You can also buy drinks for your opponents, which makes them more predictable and easier to fool into making mistakes, as well as being more obvious when they bluff. Winning the special items is also a bit easier, as you first need to complete a set of three objectives, and win the following tournament. You no longer need to be the player who eliminates the character who offers the object in order to win it. However, despite the much better dealer, glaDOS, and the fantastic characters of Sam and Claptrap, Brock and Ash are not so great, and they lack the chemistry that the original cast had. However, this does not make it any less fun to play - it is the most entertaining poker game which you can play on your PC.


A good poker sim.

PixelNinja101 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all PixelNinja101's reviews »

This game is much better than the first, with better characters and items. The Gameplay doesn't change that much, as it is Poker, but this is a lot better than the first one.


Funny and rewarding

theelcaminokid | July 18, 2013 | See all theelcaminokid's reviews »

A great game to play if you don't feel like booting up a AAA title or for when you only have a short period of time to play a game. The banter is hysterical especially between claptrap and GLaDoS. Wait for it to go on sale ~$2.49. Award DLC for Borderlands 2 is a great incentive to play smart and watch for each characters unique "tell." Difficulty curve is modest and the AI will push your poker skill. All in all, well worth the money, and very fun.


Funnier than the first, Gameplay the same, if not better

Allan88 | July 7, 2013 | See all Allan88's reviews »

If you liked Poker Night at the Inventory, you'll definitely love Poker Night 2. You have four new AI + GLaDOS and a heck of a lot more dialogue and hilarious one liners. Even though at first I only knew Claptrap (Borderlands) and, Sam (Max & Sam), and GLaDOS (who doesn't love Portal?), Telltale creates great interactions between characters that draw you into the game. Note that prior to playing Poker Night at the Inventory, I had no idea how to play poker (I only got it from the Humble Bundle in the Telltale Pack with the Walking Dead). However, after playing the first, I was inspired to buy the second when I saw the sale here and have had no regrets For only $5, Poker Night 2 is a hilarious steal.


General improvement though with new flaws

andrealbu | July 7, 2013 | See all andrealbu's reviews »

This new Poker Night brings new characters to the picture, though it remains it's proper fun. Brock Samson, Sam, Ash Williams, Claptrap and GLaDOS offer truly memorable moments, however most of them get more repetitive than in the first game. Steam achievements are easier (for example straight flush and four of a kind aren't anymore required and bounty trophies aren't won for kicking a player out but for winning a tournament). Difficulty levels options were also erased though this isn't a problem regarding to the gameplay. Furthermore, there are many items unlockable for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2.


Boring and painful

khaotic | July 4, 2013 | See all khaotic's reviews »

Let's face it, most people buy these games to unlock the items for team fortress 2. This time around there are items for Borderlands 2 as well. The items themselves are pretty average. The Pyro hat is especially ugly. The dialogue is painful to sit through after the first match. It's notable weaker than Poker Night 1. What makes it even worse is that there is no option to reduce the frequency of dialogue. There are less options across the board. Granted some of the options for gameplay and graphics aren't high on some people's lists. The fact that they don't exist anymore just add to the view that Poker 2 is a stripped down version of the first. Gameplay wise, Telltale has added Omaha poker, which is nice for anyone who plays. They also changed the method used to acquire items. You have to complete bounties, which are a set of goals in order to unlock the chance at a item. Which means you have to win twice to get an item and you have to win. It's not like the first game where you can just eliminate one of the opponents to get it. It makes the task a lot more unenjoyable. This is poker so you are bound to get unlucky turns and rivers. Telltale releases a new Poker game where items are more difficult to unlock. The dialogue is not all that funny or interesting. The items are lackluster and make you question why you went through the pain of sitting through multiple hours of virtual poker hands.


Quite better than the first one

spycid | June 22, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

If you love Borderlands and Portal characters and want to have fun with your friends in a unique environment completely different than the characters original universe than you should try this. It's a fun game for such a small price


Just as Funny as the First

thegaminglyfe | June 21, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Poker Night at the Inventory was a surprisingly fun game to play and Poker Night at the Inventory is just that. I can't really place my finger on it but it doesn't have the same feel to it and just doesn't feel as fun as the first. But the game is still really fun and still funny, no doubt about it. The characters will make you laugh, especially with GLaDOS as the dealer. If you loved Poker Night at the Inventory like I did, you will like this one too!



Bynn | June 11, 2013 | See all Bynn's reviews »

Most people bought Poker Night 1 and 2 for the exclusive items. Yeah, the characters are fun, but after a while it gets dull, specially without a multiplayer option.


Good game for a discount price

BTerran | May 29, 2013 | See all BTerran's reviews »

Whether or not you’ll enjoy this game depends entirely on what you’re looking for. In Poker Night 2 you will, unsurprisingly, play poker (either Texas or Omaha Hold ‘em). You will always play Poker against the same four AI and while there’s challenges and rewards for you to work towards, the actual gameplay doesn't change. And yet there is a certain charming and even addicting element to this game. It’s great fun if you’ll in the mood for a more laid back, casual gaming experience. A large part of that stems from your opponents. Telltale did a great job of staying true to the characters of Claptrap, Ash, Sam, Brock Samson, and GLaDOS. Listening to them muse about the dreams they've had, comment on each other’s adventures, and just crack jokes is entertaining even if you eventually exhaust all the dialogue and start hearing the same lines over and over again. Beyond that, just trying to beat them is a lot of fun. The game might be just poker, but it does a great job of capturing the excitement of that game. If that appeals to you, then it’s a great buy for just $5.



panzer1 | May 26, 2013 | See all panzer1's reviews »

you get what you pay for here. after about 30 minutes, the banter gets annoying (especially claptrap) and you stop playing and forget you ever bought this game. lack of multiplayer really kills it for me. in any case, if you really want those "exclusive and unique" borderlands 2 and tf2 items, id say go for it.


TF2 Hats

Sir_MikhailW | May 25, 2013 | See all Sir_MikhailW's reviews »

Like most people that got this game, was for the tf2 hats, i loved the first game! and now i can continue to make little girly giggles at the cheesey puns that telltale has to throw at my face. over all, good game, great for passing time and to keep your mind off of things


A great sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory

Koomazaz | May 17, 2013 | See all Koomazaz's reviews »

Telltale took a great game and made it even better with new characters, new environments, and new dialogue. This game is hilarious and worth your time and money. You can even unlock new special items for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2. GLaDOS makes the game more enjoyable as dealer, and the other characters are a riot. Play this game, and you will not regret it!