Reviews for The First Templar


Nice hack 'n slash game

barrera77 | July 15, 2014 | See all barrera77's reviews »

The first Templar storyline itself it’s nice and involving, personally I’m big fan of medieval stuff, and this game really hooked me up reading all the dialogs, exploring the scenarios where you'll visit a variety of locations that genuinely feel different, even if it is easy to spot the direction you're supposed to go. The graphics might not be that great but still packs tons of beautiful colors and textures, although you will come across some very low-res rocks, walls and water through the game. The faces of the characters don’t seem to be very dynamic especially in some of the cutscenes, but if u pay attention most of the environments are very nicely done and detailed, and beatiful like Celian’s home. The gameplay is very good with nice combat mechanics, where each character has its own style Roland with the 2-hnder, Celian with shield/one-hander and Marie with the daggers; and the all leared and upgrade different moves as you lvl up. I like the controls because they are smooth and simple just like in any other hack ‘n slash game, u don’t really need to use all of the special or combo attacks at all, you can just go and play the whole game with the basic attack/block Still jumping and dodging can be sometimes a lil trickier, requiring a double-tap of the direction key. So if you are down for some hack ‘n slash through a nice medieval environment and entertaining story, then First Templar it’s your game.


The begin of the order.

MafuMafu | June 13, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

No, we're not talking about the bad, cruel and evil templars of the Assassin's Creed series. We're talking about the good guys here. It's an amazing game to play with a friend if you like Co-Op and it's still amazing if you want to play it by yourself. The story is pretty interesting and it will hook you up for sure. The game has controls that you'll find easy to understand, so that make it a great RPG. The achievements are not so hard. So, the achievements hunters will find it interesting even more. Buy, buy, buy. This game is very underrated and I suggest you to ignore the awful score that some sites gave to it. It's worth your money.


The little templar that could

sonicchaos | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

The first templar ever? This must be the guy who inspired Abstergo. No but he's not really the first templar, as we are introduced to the french Templar Order and not in its earliest of days. And also forget all the history lessons ever, as this game seems almost set in an alternate universe. I won't get into the details of how the crusades are amongst the worst things to happen to any religion ever. I have to note that our main characters might be the first templars (plural) to rebel against the Order. Well, at least that's what I got from the story. I will admit that i couldn't follow the plot, in my shame, but not because it's so convoluted (it probably is, but I don't know). The voice acting is sub par, with a few notable exceptions, like the girl whom's name I forgot. In fact, I don't remember any of their names either. The sound is simply too awkward to pay attention to the things that are happening on screen, as such many will just skip the cutscene and will end up fighting apparently random bosses. The graphics are poor, although there is a bit of variety, textures on characters and environments are just weak. The combat is okay, upgradable and seamless, but nothing noteworthy. The puzzles are clever, although they get too repetitive and boring in the later levels. What got me intrigued are the stealth missions, but probably because I just simply love everything stealth. The game however shines when you're playing co-op, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has local co-op, meaning two people can play on the same screen and even interchange their characters with a simple button combination. That's a game seller right there. Overall, a good waste of time, not a bad one.


Interesting co-op game

silviapuiu | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

The First Templar is one of my first game played in co-op mode. I consider that it is more funny to play it with a friend than in a single player mode. The story is full of surprises unlocked as you play it, achievements are nice, especially when playing co-op, because it is easier to get them. The graphics is good, but this one of the games I can not play many hours, because I become dizzy at some point. The voices and environmental sound is acceptable. Graphics could be improved and we can not compare it with that from other newer games, but this is normal, because the game is from almost three years now.


Very underrated game

Shav | Oct. 20, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

The First Templar is a really underrated game. Actually I would probably never play it, if it wasn't in a bundle. I decided to give it a try, and I spent good 8-10 hours playing it. Even though the graphic and sounds are pretty lame, compared to AAA titles the gameplay seems really fun. Fighting and gameplay mechanics are easy to get into, but give suprisingly big amounts of fun. You play as 3 different characters during the game, so it isn't as boring as you may have thought. Also, I like the game historical setting, it has much in common with AC series, but it shows the conflict from slightly different perspective. If you are looking for fun, easy and quite short game to complete, The First Templar will be a really good choice.


Not so bad for a budget game.

sergebelanger22 | June 27, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

In the First Templar, you will play as Celian, a Templar who wants to recover the Holy Grail. He will be helped throughout the game by 2 people. However, you will never be 3 in the game. When one character will come into the story, the other will leave, until he comes back and then the other one leaves. That makes it interesting since you can control each of them, so it varies the gameplay a little bit since their skills are not necessarily the same. Right at the beginning, you will observe that the graphics date. There is no physics at all. For example, the plants and trees do not move even if it seems to wind. There are very often collision bugs. If you follow a wall, it may happen that the other side or the frame of the wall will be seen. The sound is poor. The sound level is unequal. Sometimes the characters will talk very quietly and some other times they will talk normally. There are a lot of scripted events that occur through the game and very often, the sound will not be appropriate for the move that your character performed. For example, cutting the throat of an opponent will more sound like if you had broke his neck. However, there are also strengths to this game. The story is great, there are several items to collect: chests that will give you more clothing, chests that give you special ability for the level, gravestone that explains you the story, etc... However, they are often shiny objects of indicators that give you big clues on where the items are. So, that removes a bit of the fun factor for searching the hidden stuff. The story is straightforward, you will be on a rail from the start to the end. Some paths will only be unlocked after you did specific actions. However, if you want to unlock everything, you will have to take different paths and them come back to the main point. If you look enough for the hidden stuff, you may miss 5-6 items throughout the game, but not more. That will take you around 12 hours to complete the game, which is pretty decent. However, there is no replay value at all, except at the end where you have a decision to make. If you want to see the different one, you just have to replay the last level and you will be done with the game. Controls are very easy to get used to. Within 30 minutes, you will master them. The game is also fairly easy, I recommend you to play at the hardest difficulty since at normal, I died maybe 1 or 2 times and it was during the puzzles. Speaking of the them, they are very easy to understand but may be tricky to get through since the collision detection is not so good. You will gain XP by doing main and secondary objectives which you can then spend in a skill tree for each of the characters that you control. Do not expect something very complicated, but it does it. However, some of the actions that you will unlock will probably never be used by you. I used mostly the same combos and they worked well though the entire game, even in the boss fights. For sure, you can't compare this to Assassin's Creed, however if you like games that are not complicated, contain action and a good story and you are able to deal with poor graphics and sound, you will be pleased with it. However, if you expect crazy graphics, forget it. The First Templar sure worths a rental for a weekend.


Worth a go!

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I really think this game has been unfairly scored by many people. The fact is that at its current price (and you can pick it up for under a fiver in most places now) it represents exceptional value and entertainment. The graphics and animation some people have whined about arent exactly going to win any major awards but niether are they going to make you cringe and complain unless you are one of those people who just HAS to have the prettiest looking games and couldn't care less about gameplay. So lets just move on from that and say that TFT is pure hack 'n' slash clothed in a good story with an extremely high standard of voice acting. It's a shame that it has flaws that stop it being successful as a full-price release -and here they are: Anyone buying this game solely because they want a co-op game forget it; the co-op is just a minor diversion from what is essentially a single player game. The character skill progression system doesnt offer much variety in the way you play the game, most people will just boost health then proceed to mash away at the left mouse buton in most combat situations and its entirely possible to win the game on the normal setting by taking the health upgrades and just clicking away. The game is completely linear but I'm really not a person who cares overmuch for non-linear anyway - I believe you can have just as much fun when you know which direction you are headed as when you are distracted by random choice. There's nothing wrong with the way stealth works in the game other than a major exploit/bug issue in that since the game will always restart you at the nearest "checkpoint" to which you died you can just run right through the biggest stealth level with every npc on the map chasing you and if you dont die till one of the last save points the game will restart you there with full health -oops. SO-O not sounding too good so far? Nope, but the storyline and the voice acting are engaging enough to lift this otherwise mediocre game well out of the mire and into Completing it Several Times and Getting All the Costumes Achievements Etc Status. The samey combat CAN be played about with if you take the time to get to grips with all those new moves you bought from the skill tree but didnt bother to use on your first playthrough because you didnt need to, the stealth section will work well enough if you play it as it's meant to be played, the combat is broken up by fairly simple logic puzzles where you switch between control of two characters, and the Templar's Chronicle that you collect throughout the game is interesting and based on real historical evidence. So for all its flaws I'm giving this a solid seven for the simple fact that I enjoyed it anyway, played it to the end, and will play it to the end again on hard mode. How many games DONT keep you engaged enough that you can say you finished them (and maybe more than once)? I suspect most.


Boring game

Cavalieroscuro | May 21, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

The First Templar is a hack and slash game, but a very poor one. Outdated graphic, boring gameplay with a few useless upgrades, bad characters. The story otherwise is interesting, but the gameplay is too oring to complete the experience. If you like action games, search for other titles, because this one will not give you satistafction at all.


Decent Game

rslancer | May 15, 2013 | See all rslancer's reviews »

Could be worse or better. Personally prefer Dragon Age if I was to play a RPG. Interesting setting and idea of a second companion person. Would be nicer if the AI on the companion could be better but then again that's like every game. Kinda cool to have a co-op mode but I don't know anyone else who plays this game so its just me and myself.. Maybe It will be better and more exciting with a friend? Worth a try at least when its on sale!


Similar to Assassin's Creed ... but not as good

ccccp | May 15, 2013 | See all ccccp's reviews »

Take the Assassin's Creed Franchise. Replace Ezio by a French Knight from the Order of the Templars. The action takes place in oriental world in 13th century. Our hero has to fight ennemies (Saracens, traitors, Inquisition forces) to overrun a big scale plot. The trouble is, graphics and action are not as good as in the AC games, but they do the job. Anyway, our hero is not alone : you can control his alter ego, a lady. Or a friend can join you in an online coop or on the same computer. That's quite fun, fights are quite messy. The game is 15 hours long.


Starts off well but goes down here quickly

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I was enjoying the game for the first five to six hours, some useful combos, settings and for a game that isn't high proflie it had a surprisely good story. It's not really an RPG game but more of a simple hack and slash game. It was fun for a while however, it is now just frustrating due to forced stealth sections which are very hard. If you fail towards the end you have to start from the very beginning! Overall not a bad game, but no RPG here, combos became limited, basically a button masher and not fully thought through as a user experience, which is a shame because I like the style and story, graphically quite nice as well although not fully optimised.