Reviews for Tropico 3: Gold Edition


El Presidente!

noobboy191 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

This game is a great management game set in the middle of the cold war, with you as the president/ dictator of your very own island. If you ever played simcity you will now just what to expect, but the quick summary of this game would be that you are tasked with making your people of tropico happy, dealing with rebellion, managing productive industry, and all that lies in between. A very fun game well worth the price.


Long Live Presidente!

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

I played the original Tropico, and while it was a fun game, I found it to be sometimes quite frustrating with the A.I and the people not doing as they are told. For the most part, Tropico 3 manages to fix those issues. In addition, the goals I need in order to keep the people satisfied are also expanded and explained properly, allowing me to keep the population happy, and allowing my population to be productive, as well as being able to continuously vote for me during the elections. The myriads ways I can expand my empire is also fun, from making Tropico into a Industrial empire, or even making it into the best tourist destination, as well as issuing edicts to keep the population satisfied, it is fun to be Presidente of Tropico.


Great game!

drafek | June 17, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

The basic of the game is to place things, and keep your people happy. The happiness of the person depends on some things. Examples: A priest wouldn't be happy if you haven't build a church. A Communist would be happy if the food is good quality. And people who want to go to school want that you build for example a grade school. The game does have alot of features. The dlc also does add a new storyline aswell as some new buildings. The sound is great, and the controls are done pretty well too.


This is madness, Presidente!

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

Tropico has finally received a modern reboot worth it's namesake. It was worth the wait. The campaign is full, and lasts across multiple islands, giving off the true island-empire feel as you move from island to island, completing your missions. These missions are fun and varied from setting up and island to grow fruit for a food conglomerate, to building a tourist destination on a rebelling island. The avatar creation is unique and one of a kind, making you feel as if you are there in person. You customize everything from clothes down to how they came to power. These decisions influence what kind of leader your presidente is. The city construction is in semi-Simcity style, using ploppable buildings and roads you draw by hand. It makes for an atmosphere of accomplishment as you gaze upon your sprawling island metropolis. The graphics are superb and colorful from the jungle surroundings to the buildings that practically drip neon lead paint. The world is colorful, and accompanied by the salsa-island soundtrack and humorous comments from your radio announcer. It makes for a regal display worthy of a tropical art museum. The art and soundscapes combine perfectly. The perfect (and well patched) gameplay with such a grand art and sound style, combined in this particular package with DLC, makes for a must-have for any gamer with a heavy hand for management and city building.