Reviews for Tropico 4


Pretty boring game, maybe not for me

Murderbot735 | July 29, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

I really like the concept of city-builders, and especially the concept of being a dictator. But I have never played a good city-builder (I haven't bought Citites: Skylines yet), and this one is just boring for me. There's a fair amount of buildings to build, political decisions to make, but I never liked how my city looked. I really don't know why, because it isn't bad. I just guess it's not for me. It's probably worth it if you don't for some unexplainable reason get bored by it, but to me nothing of it felt engaging in any way. It didn't really have a soul.


Tropico 3 Version 2

Zaggeta | May 8, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

This game didn't need to happen. It is effectively Tropico 3 with a few addons. The addons of importance are as follows: Ministries, Character progression, a few extra buildings, a slight UI change. This could have easily been a DLC. There's not enough changes to even constitute an expansion. If you don't have Tropico 3 and for some reason don't want Tropico 5, then just get this. If you have any of the others, however, don't waste your money.


Yet another Tropico and that's why this game is good

smilzoboboz | March 17, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

Yet another Tropico, with updated graphics, and that's why this game is good. If you already own Tropico 3 you can skip this review and I suggest you not to buy this game, because unless you're a die-hard fan of the Tropico series you won't feel the purchase was worth anything. That said, this game is marvelous. Unlike almost every city-builder game out there, your goal is not to build a successful city/country but to do anything you can to rule on it and keep doing it surviving elections, coup d'etat, riots, etc. Graphic is really good, music feels like Buena Vista Social Club (which means awesome), actual game mechanics and enjoyment are flawless. What this game lacks (and I can't really say exactly why) is longevity, after 3 cities I felt like I had no reasons to build the 4th one... still I'd like to recommend this game to almost everyone.


Tropico 3.5

CyberSh3ff | Jan. 13, 2015 | See all CyberSh3ff's reviews »

This game could have easily just been a DLC add on for Tropic 3 because not much new was brought to the table. There's definitely an improvement in the graphics and some aspects of the gameplay, but I feel that there wasn't enough new about it to condone being it's own game. I wouldn't go out of the way to buy this if you already own Tropico 3, I'd recommend if you want to play it then you wait for it to go on sale! Having said that, it's still incredibly fun to play and be President on.


Could have been a DLC pack

drakso | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

If you don't know what a Tropico game is, its a Dictator simulator game. A dictator declares an island independent. That dictator is you and you must do whatever it takes to stay on top. It is a very good strategy game with some micro management. Tropico 4 has nice graphics and music, and it does its job very well. But the difference between Tropico 3 and 4 is very small. You could say that it is DLC small. The games are both great but if you played tropico 3 and want something new and exiting in this sequel I don't think that you will find it.


Doesn't add much to the series

LSD | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all LSD's reviews »

I played quite a bit of Tropico 3, and compared to it, 4 doesn't seem like much of an improvement. In fact, it feels more like an expansion than a full game. The added features and improvements can be counted on one hand (in fact, they're all listed under "key features"). Sadly, for each improvement comes a new issue. The game still uses the same engine (and the same buildings), but somehow both runs and looks worse than its predecessor. The View Distance is improved, but small building details have been totally removed to compensate. The game no longer slows to a crawl as your population booms, but instead runs rather poorly throughout, no matter the number of people on your island. The handful of new options and buildings are nice, but rather poorly implemented, while old bugs still exist. If you've played a lot of 3 (and its expansion), 4 isn't much of an improvement. Otherwise, i'd highly recommend the game.


Be a president.

hateah | July 29, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

That;s one of the most fun strategy games which have been made. You can customize your character which is the first thing you start with and lets not forget the awesome catchy melody. You can choose what to build,where to build it, you can trade and also the great female narrator which you can hear in the game. You can customize your city and with one word - you are the president of your island. You can control it and do whatever u want with it. They'll even call you president hehe. You'll feel like a king there.


Very enjoyable city builder

darkyhbk | June 19, 2014 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

As the first game in the series that I played, I enjoyed it a lot and even got addicted to it. It's based on solid, simple city building mechanics that are easy to get but hard to master. And on every mission, you get a lot of choices: what kind of dictatorship will you practise, which foreign power will you support, will you focus on industry or tourism, etc. The scenarios are very funny at times, however, there's 20 of them, and each takes a few hours to complete, since you always have to start from scratch, so it might get a bit boring in the latter half. However, I strongly reccommend Tropico 4 to all strategy games fans, and even those who just want to try something new, which can be equally challenging and relaxing.


Nice Little City-Builder

Armed_Psycho | May 1, 2014 | See all Armed_Psycho's reviews »

This game series is a great way to start out playing city builders. Gifting you with the powers of a glorious, or not so glorious, dictator and allowing you to puppet the lives of your citizens is a wonderful to grab someone's attention. However, while this version of the game is enjoyable, not much has improved from the third entry. While things like cabinet members and such are fun to tweak with, it still leaves much to desire. Even so, I would still recommend this game to any fan of city-builders


Brilliant successor to Tropico 3

Funtaine | April 27, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

Did you love Tropico 3? Are you new to the Tropico series but you like city builders or political games? If you can answer yes to one of those (or both) this is a game for you! Tropico 4 is a big improvement on Tropico 3. The gameplay has been adjusted, there are more buildings and a brand new story to play through! Oh, and did I mention all the wonderful DLC which can add many hours of gameplay? Buying Tropico 4 will give you a lot of enjoyable hours, where you manage your island paradise (or dystopia, if you're into that). Like Tropico 3, the soundtrack is a bit repetitive, but so what! You can always just turn it off and listen to your own music. It barely detracts from the game and it'll only be a problem if you despise latin american music. Highly recommended!


Fun dictatorship simulation

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Tropico 4 stays true to the franchise and does what you would expect a sequel to do: keep what's good and add some new great ideas. Being the dictator of a small island you will need to control your people to build a prosperous civilization. I loved the way you can build up your character from different perks and backgrounds and even though its not new, I loved the edict system as well that you use for getting some advantage in a specific field (sometimes at the expanse of others). There is a bit of number-crunching involved - if you are strictly against thinking about your yearly budget and figure out how much you should spend prepare to run out of money a few times (which will also decrease your popularity with other factions). Tropico 4 is a very light toned and humorous simulation, but under the surface it hides a lot of depth and will keep you entertained for a long time once you get the hang of it.


Call me El Presidente

kactus | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all kactus's reviews »

I was a huge fan of tropico 3 and thought it was wonderful, but I didn't realise just how many things they could actually improve on to make tropico 4. AI has improved and the scenarios and quests move things along and help keep things interesting, even the humour strikes that balance to keep it entertaining but not overbearing. One of my all time favorite games and I have spend in excess of 110 hours on it already. Highly recommended


Surprisingly entertaining

Thoosa | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all Thoosa's reviews »

I got this game as a gift. So... I do not really like simulations and city building games, so I was not really into trying it any time soon, until one rainy night I decided to install it after I had a really bad raid in WoW. And I have to say, it is deeply satisfying to watch over the world of the tropical island and to be a little bit of a... well, dictator :) I think the graphics could have been better, but it still looks kinda good in a matter of speaking. I think I am gone spend a really long time with this game :)


Overpriced but definitely great

Ithuraen | Oct. 7, 2013 | See all Ithuraen's reviews »

The fourth Tropico is hard to rate, personally, as I bought it very cheap I'm tempted to rate it rather high. Certain caveats to that though are as a full-priced title, it doesn't differentiate itself enough from Tropico 3. Much of 3 is left-over and honestly at first glance I'd find it almost impossible to tell apart. At a bargain price though, I'd accept Tropico 4 as a stellar expansion to 3. The campaign follows on from 3, though for all Tropico games it is hard to feel a sense of progression: every time you start a new mission, you'll find yourself in the same place as the last, a palace, a dock, several farms and logistics buildings. The only difference is how many homes you have, starting cash and mission objectives. Of course the objectives are what keep you playing (outside of a sandbox mode) and these are varied enough to have kept my interest in nearly 80% of the campaign. At the 16th or 17th mission my interest started to wane, but I can't fault the 40 hours of gameplay those previous 15 missions provided. I like to think of the last 3 or 4 missions as extra content for the die-hards, and this game will keep you entertained for quite a while. The gameplay itself is almost identical to Tropico 3, if you're unaware of what that is, it's a city-building game set in the 50s on various fictional Caribbean islands. You start by either choosing a historical, fictional or custom avatar as your dictator, and the depth of customisation is very nice here: You can be anything from a ruthless capitalist, rising to power from a hotel tycoon empire, who is also an alcoholic, to a priest, appointed by the pope to lead your island to glory. Really it just adds little bonuses and penalties to how the game plays out, and you'll want to mix this up as you play to change the game in subtle ways. If you stick to one character though, your bonuses increase with use, so it's nice to have that option if you find a nice combo. After choosing an avatar you start your island off in usually a poor state: a meagre corn crop to feed your citizens and only a few buildings to house them. Luckily you either have a modest amount of cash to start building something which produces raw resources for sale, a tourist haven, or some kind of industry for high-cost/high-yield cash. Usually you'll be having some ratio of the three as your game progresses, and the game's learning curve is gentle enough you'll be able to make enough money to pass by with just selling raw resources, easing yourself into industry slowly without too much penalty, tourism however seems either an on/off thing: Either the island is good for it (and makes money) or isn't (and doesn't) Missions and objectives crop up as you play and complete them, they add spice to what would otherwise be a repetitive task, often at later stages of the game asking things of you that you would normally shy away from early game, and ramping up the difficulty either with time limits, money sanctions, or rebels threatening your buildings/people/own life. I would still say the game is a bit too easy on you, the only mission I lost was where I encountered a bug (the only one I found as well) where a rebel attack happened as a volcano erupted, causing my soldiers to flee the volcano, but not the rebels. When the volcano ended, the soldiers returned to their posts and calmly watched the rebels level my palace. The autosave happens often enough that it only set me back 5 minutes of play time. Otherwise you'll probably only lose a mission due to poor economic planning, or more likely, just not paying attention to you funds and going deep into debt. I can't rate it too badly due to that though, the game is accessible, and if you love city-building (or even mildly enjoy it) I can recommend Tropico 4. If you never played 3, then 4 is a great game to pick up without losing any storyline or gameplay features. If you have owned/played Tropico 3, try to find 4 cheaply otherwise you may question why you spent so much on a stand-alone expansion.


The ultimate Sim

rjb789 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is, as I said in the title, the ultimate sim of all time, or it certainly is in my honest opinion. Everything in this game is designed to give you full control and make you feel like the powerful dictator that you play as in the core campaign game that you play through during the game. You can do pretty much whatever you feel like doing in this game as you are left to you own devices. The graphics are very detailed in this game and all of the environments look great as do the buildings and other models. The sound is also brilliant and the music perfectly fits the moods of the game. This is a must buy for Simulator fans!


Quite a bit of fun

Crymson84 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Crymson84's reviews »

f you already own the previous title in the series, note that Tropico 4 is not sufficiently different from Tropico 3 to justify its purchase at anything but a sale price. If you're looking simply for more content, then Tropico 4 might satisfy you. If you're looking for a substantially more evolved experience, then you'll come away disappointed. Newcomers to the series, however, will find this one of the best city-building games currently on the martket.


An excellent game

TheOneRedDevil | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all TheOneRedDevil's reviews »

Somewhere in Paradise is where you will find Tropico 4, the very light hearted, humorous city builder game brings a fresh perspective to an already excellent franchise. The number of challenges and sandbox mode available will keep you playing the game for days to come.


Best in the series - muy bien (very good)

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

This has got to be one of the most involving city building games to date. Take on the role of El Presidente, beloved president of many tropical islands. I especially like the role natural hazards play in the game, whereby you could have an amazing town, that's almost first world ready, but then a tornado or earthquake will destroy it, leaving tarnishes of the original city. It really is inspiring, and has caused me to take up playing Tropico 3 again!


Simple, fun, and funny!

FhexSans | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all FhexSans's reviews »

Tropico 4 is a game I thought I'd end up picking up and not finding very spectacular, but for some reason something about this game has been drawn in like a fish. One of the strangest appeals of the game is its lovable cast of characters and its story, two things you wouldn't really think a city simulator would be very good at. But yet, your advisors and the other characters in the game somehow find their way to be actually quite enjoyable to have as opposed to games like SimCity 4 and Civilization V where your advisors aren't much more than pictures. The story, too, somehow resonates quite well with the game, with its comical takes on the Cold War, politics, bureaucracy, and the like. It makes the story actually quite enjoyable to go through. The gameplay is a bit simple and easy to pick up, although some of its finer points are a bit difficult to pick up on. That said, it's not very challenging, but there's always room for improvement no matter how long you've been playing. The music fits with the world, but it does get tiring listening to the same song over and over again with no way to add custom tracks to the playlist. It's not the best graphically in the market, but it's still pretty to look at. That said, there's some things that kind of get on my nerves about the game. For one, it seems like the game does become a bit too easy after a while once you have a lot of imports or decent tourism and sometimes you'll find yourself not even knowing what to spend all your money on because you have so much of it. Disasters become a bit tiresome, especially tsunamis after the tenth millionth time, and later in the game they do very little to hurt your island. Indeed, in the late game, there's really not much challenge. Also, even though you're supposed to be the dictator and you have a lot of very fun options like executing people in the streets and forcing conscription on your denizens, you don't really have much of a use for them much of the time simply because your citizens rarely ever become that unhappy to the point where you need to use them. I only found use in using them when I purposely try to keep down my citizens for the fun of it or during the storyline when I needed to. Otherwise, I absolutely loved this game and I would wholeheartedly recommend this game to pretty much anyone.


Good Game for everyone

Mikklo | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all Mikklo's reviews »

The game Tropico 4 is a very good game, why? I will tell you. The gameplay is very good and easy to learn. Many problem with ´economic-strategy-games` is that there is too many problems to solve and they are very complicated for example SimCity but that problem is not a problem in Tropico 4. Tropico is an easier version of SC but with so much more to do and the gameplay will never end because you have so much to do, not just take care of the city but be friendly to the big states, USSR and US. Everything you do in the game will always be brought to you with humor. If you want to do something else, you can play in sandbox mode or buy one or more DLC packs. The graphics isn't the best but that isn't anything someone cares about. If you want to try a ´town-building` game Tropico 4 is the game for you. If you are a professional dictator this can be you chance to do everything you want to do again.


Fun Casual City Builder

CommunistBatman | July 31, 2013 | See all CommunistBatman's reviews »

Unlike the Sim City series, this game has some light 'missions' which help keep you busy and make the import/export aspect of the game more complex than creating an abundance of resources. It also contains a really interesting local and global political system which force you to balance your decisions, suffer the consequences or oppress local parties that disagree. Being able to micromanage your citizens in some ways and use them as a gauge any potential issue with areas in your city is also a very cool aspect :) The largest complaint; the road building, is apparently a hangup with the series (this is my first Tropico). Because the road building is not locked to a grid or 8 directional system, you can run into issues where the roads get a bit wonky when you try to connect them down the road. It also means that efficiently using your space requires a little more micromanaging of your construction than in other city builders.


Amazing game

Snook | July 29, 2013 | See all Snook's reviews »

It is Tropico 3+A huge rework The game is obviously different, this is no rip off remake of Tropico 3 with a new title, it actually adds allot of new and amazing features


Cuando Cuando Cuando

jcyuen7 | June 5, 2013 | See all jcyuen7's reviews »

As far as city building games go, Tropico 4 should rank as one of the best. Whether you decide to be a self-made man or a dictator born into royalty, you as El Presidente take center stage in pleasing the Tropicans and supplying them with the means to become a thriving metropolis. While there are some annoyances (Free Housing. What do you mean you're homeless), the humor and the depth of the game make this worth it.


One island, One rule, One El Presedante !

Crookster30 | May 31, 2013 | See all Crookster30's reviews »

This game is the best city builder and extends what you can do on Tropico 3. The buildings may be the same however it is the new things that substitute this, you can now have a ministry and control you island like a real dictator would. You really have to think of what you need to do In order to please your subjects by making decisions for proposals set by faction representatives. The new natural disasters really add to the game play because they're unexpected and means you always have to have some money ready. They're your people, if you don't like someone, arrest them, or better yet have your military execute them in the street - all of this, you can observe in the comfort of your own home.


Easy to play economic strategy game

Shav | May 29, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

Tropico series is known for two things - humour, and easy to get into mechanics. Both things can also be found in latest game in the series - Tropico 4. I've spent a good couple of hours playing the story mode, while expanding my islands. There are a lot of buildings to build, and edicts to issue, but what is even better - the missions and relations with foreign countries and some social groups is what makes this game. Also, if you will finish the career mode, you can play in sandbox mode, or buy one of many DLC's. I really recommend getting the one called Modern Times, as it adds a lot of new stuff. If you never played any economic simulators / strategy games, but you want to try them, then Tropico 4 is a great starter.


One hell of a city builder

noname010 | May 26, 2013 | See all noname010's reviews »

Tropico is back better than ever. The humor in this game is just superb, you will find yourself reading all of the text boxes and actually enjoying it. That is something that rarely happens to me in games. And the city building in this game rivals such as simcity. Its just a fun and awesome experience that will get you hooked for days. There is some issues tho. As for example you can get negative ratings from factions when you have done nothing to wrong them. There are also some glitches and bugs, but nothing game breaking. Overall the issues does not hurt the game that much, it is still very much worth your time.


Improves the formula of the predecessor

Infiltrator | May 20, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

There is no doubt that for the first couple of hours this game does look like Tropico 3, but once the game gets going you start to see a whole new level to the game that just blows away Tropico 3. Though do miss certain radio DJs, the new features more than make up for it. For example the new disasters are features you will definitely want to leave turned on, they are just so cool. The fire station is not just eye candy, you actually need it, especially when the volcano erupts. Its never as bad as it sounds but looks pretty awesome in the game. The new features appear to work well and are best described as a nice think layer of coolness that lays over Tropico 3, taking Tropico 4 to a whole new level. I always thought Tropico 3 lacked the buildings to make it an island holiday resort, well there are lots to choose from now. I also thought the islands where a little small in Tropico 3, they are huge now. There is so much more to Tropico 4 than many here have made out, it is pretty clear to me that the reviews claiming it looks like Tropico 3 are from people who have not played it for more than 2 hours. When I get the chance I'll make a Youtube video of the game and prove my point to you all. In the mean time, this is worth getting even if you own Tropico 3 and Absolute power, trust me, its cool :)



cy25 | May 18, 2013 | See all cy25's reviews »

Tropico was never the deepest strategy game around, but it was one of the most fun, and the humour returns as strong as ever. Radio broadcasts poke fun at your decisions while cruel caricatures pop up with their requests for specific buildings, more exports or just a sackful of cash. These requests now appear as floating exclamation mark icons that can be clicked, then accepted or dismissed as you see fit. You can go out of your way to placate every faction, balancing out your capitalist excess with concessions to the environmentalists and placating the intellectuals while pandering to the religious, but the game is always happy to plunge your ratings for murky reasons, forcing you to spin more plates ever faster.