Reviews for Tropico 4: Vigilante


The prisoners don't like you so much, Presidente...

TimothyD | May 31, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

This DLC could best be described as Robin Hood and Zorro meets Tropico. The new mission, as all the other DLC missions are, is hilarious and well-written. The new prison camp is a good addition to the game, especially for the presidentes that don't tend to keep their populace very happy. At least you can get some cash crop money out of your prisoners now. The new trait, Alter Ego is particularly good to keep tourism up. Of course, the graphics continue to be the exact same, seeing as the DLC does not affect them. The new models are well designed are generally flawless. The soundtrack remains superb. An all-around good buy, especially for those that particularly enjoy being a masked avenger type.