Reviews for GRID


Codemasters at best!

Furrek | Aug. 31, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I first time played GRID I knew one thing - I love racing games from Codemasters. It's really enjoyable racing simulator and probably will be loved by everyone who enjoys even a little bit this genre. So, we have great and realistic graphics, driving feel even more realistic and damage done to car when you bump with someone/something looks really nice. It's also much better than DIRT game. Online option works great and to be honest, it's probably one of most fun racing game you can play online. Well, at least that my opinion. If you want something great from racing games - get Grid.


My favourite racing simulator

kauppinensb | June 10, 2015 | See all kauppinensb's reviews »

This game is my favourite racing simulator. Without assistances you have perfect feel on car handling. There is many kind of sports cars events and competitions including Le Mans, mini formulas, modern cars, older cars, drifting etc. Graphics are mostly good (my opinion little too much blur, but it can be removed from .ini -location). There is much variation and many differend locations. Variation, visuals and realistic feel keeps you with game. I've owned game for years but I still play this usually. We have had many memorable evenings with my friends and THIS game. Variation is also only bad thing that I can find with GRID. There is sometimes feeling that there is no sense to travel always to other side of the world instead of competiting much with same locations or events. It is not very bad thing still;) If Richard Burns Rally is the best rally game, GRID is the best racing game.


Sexy game, a lot of depth, wobbly controls

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Even after two more games in the series, this game still looks amazing and runs smoothly. The environments are gorgeous, the weather effects are pristine, and the speed feels real intense. I do have a major issue however. It may just be me, but I can't seem to get used to the controls. My first issue is that, at least on a controller, you push forward on the analog stick to accelerate. It makes turning more finnicky, and the cars in general feel extremely awkward and I have yet to get used to it. If you can though, it's a great game in every other regard.


GRID is great.

Waruqo | Oct. 8, 2014 | See all Waruqo's reviews »

Grid is difficult. Exceptionally difficult. Even for a seasoned racing gamer such as myself. Needless to say, you will need some time to adjust to the challenge. Motion blurring is set to default, and I am still unsure what makes the game look better or more realistic. I have personally turned it off. GRID's general visual appearance seems to be hazy to begin with (from dust, smoke, etc), and this cannot be changed. Winning races or achieving podium finishes is desirable, but not mandatory, as you will still earn money for yourself and the team. The replay/flashback system works well and allows you to correct some of your driving mistakes per race. Personalizing your cars' colors, numbers, and patterns is limited but very nice. Sponsor decals placement is also fun and interesting to look at, as real brands are used. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade your car parts. All you are allowed to do is purchase and sell cars, new or used. Some cars handle horribly, even if they are very expensive. GRID has some voice acting, and all I have heard was excellent. Depending on the person's origin, even their accent will be different and localized. Your team's employee and teammate will often relay important and informative radio messages to you. Damage received from driving is of great detail for all cars participating in the race. The damage incurred to the tracks are also vivid and lively, including tires, barricades, and railings. Even if you cannot get a podium finish at any race, you are allowed to retry it any time, for as many times as you would like. Although GRID is supposed to be more arcade style than a simulation, the way the cars and tracks feel surpass my expectations greatly. All competitions are challenging, requiring much effort from the player in order to win. As you go higher up the license levels, the difficulty becomes even more strenuous, if that was even possible. The difficulty makes the game so frustrating, that you will not bare to play for more than about two hours at a time. Because of the steep difficulty, winning gives you the experience of true accomplishment. Skill developing in this game is masterful and rewarding. Every single race is tense and exciting, every single time you try. There is a limited amount of tracks with alternative routes, but racing in them never gets boring. The rivalries you will develop between other drivers is a lot of fun. Scouting for and hiring teammates is also extremely interesting. If you hire a highly skilled teammate, he will be your biggest rival and toughest opponent in most races. Sometimes, your teammates become real nuisances, as they bang, scrape, and tip your car off the track. The Drift races are my absolute favorites. They are extremely fun, and are full of non-stop action at every turn. The game seems to have crashing issues during saving times and quitting times. As far as the starting grid goes, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. There are no qualification steps at all, and it seems that the starting grid is determined at random, which makes it rather silly, unrealistic, and as if you were excluded from a part of the competition. The career mode is somewhat incomplete if you expect GRID to be a total simulation. There are truly no means of securing your own earned starting grid position, nor are you able to tweak your cars. Once you win all events, become the number one driver in the world, and your team becomes the number one team in the world, the game presents you with a prestige opportunity to race against a famous driver from a famous team. This particular race is one-on-one and the difficulty setting is adjusted to Extreme and you are only allowed to flashback one single time. This makes the race close to impossible. The cars, tracks, physics, effects, sounds, and environments are beautiful. There is a lot of excitement and fun to be had with GRID. In the end, this is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played in terms of difficulty. The lack of preliminary race steps, qualification laps, vehicle tweaking, and customization leaves a lot of detail to be desired. There is a lot to love in GRID, but there is also enough frustration.


Great driving game.

lunarsilkdragon | April 11, 2014 | See all lunarsilkdragon's reviews »

There isn't really that much to say about this game other than that it is one of the best driving experiences I've had in a videogame. The feel of the cars, meaning the weight, the handling and speed, are perfect. The driving in itself is not overly arcadey and not too much simulator-like, but a perfect mix of both. You can also decide a lot for yourself how much of an arcadey feeling you want since there are numerous driving-assist settings. The only thing I can complain about is that I would prefer if there was some sort of customization system for the cars. It would be fun to customize the look and performance of the cars, but I guess that's not the biggest thing that makes a racing game good.


A great racing game

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

GRID was the first racing game I got on PC that I really enjoyed. It strikes a nice balance between an arcade racer and a realistic driving game, with a half decent physics engine, car damage and a range of cars across a variety of categories. The sound effects are good, with lots of screeching of tyres and crunching of car bodies as the metal crumples on impact. The graphics for the courses and cars are decent, showing a nice amount of detail which helps with the damage engine. The damage engine itself adds a lot to the game, not only in how the cars looks, as they lose wing-mirrors, windows and even doors as they get banged about, but more importantly in how they drive. Depending how the damage is done, where the car is it, and how hard, it can have a variety of results from only being able to steer in one direction after losing a wheel, to sluggish performance if the engine has taken a battering. There are enough camera angles to keep most racers happy I would imagine, whether it be a floating camera behind the car, as though you're on the bonnet or actually inside the car all of which can greatly change the driving experience. The main campaign is similar to other racing games, where you pick races, win money so you can buy better cars and enter better races, but you can also race for other companies, meaning you can drive some of the 'nicer' cars early on in the game despite not owning them, it's a nice feature because it means players shouldn't feel like they have to grind for hours to get anything worth driving. One of the more unique features of GRID if its 'flashback' system, where you can rewind a small amount of time if you crash. This is a fantastic feature, especially for some of the longer races where you may have been in the lead all race, then on the 2nd to last corner you muck up making it all pointless, being able to rewind and have another go is great. It can also be used for when you want to set that perfect lap and you don't get a corner quite right, the number of flashbacks you have vary depending on the difficult setting you're playing. If you like racing games then you'll like GRID, it's not a driving simulator but nor is it a completely arcade style racer. One of the only downsides for me is the lack of local multiplayer which would have been great so I could play with my brother when we got our xbox 360 controllers, but it's a small negative for what otherwise is a great game :)


Solid Racer

Pr1mus | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all Pr1mus's reviews »

Grid is a solid, focused racing game that straddles the line between simulation depth and arcade fun. 6 years after it's release the game still looks good and will run extremely well on any decent gaming PC which is key for a good experience in a racing game. A good variety of events, cars and customization is available. The game is definitely more linear than a Gran Turismo but it also does away will all the boring and slow beginner events these types of games normally put you through when first starting. Of course it does not hold a candle to its successor Grid 2 visually but i find the driving model vastly superior and the progression more interesting and less restrictive. Absolutely worth it for the price.


Probably one of greatest driving games

SzyMan1993 | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all SzyMan1993's reviews »

This game has everything what a racing game fan needs. Good graphics, an amazing driving system, customizing and a lot more. Even after GRiD 2 came out i still stick to this game, due to a bigger selection of cars. The visual form does not dissapoint and can bring a lot of fun for anyone who wants to drive a car for a small and decent price.


The closest thing top perfection

Pvtmini | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all Pvtmini's reviews »

In all my many years of gaming, I have never ever been captivated by any game, like I was with Racedriver: GRID. Back in 2007 (when it was released), the graphics were out-of-this-world, and to this day they still look amazing! The cars in the game, are equally amazing, and can be set up for whatever playstyle you prefer, be it hardcore simulation, or a more arcade-ish feel. And even if you somewhere in the heat of battle should make a mistake, the nifty "flashback" function, allows you to rewind time and study what you did wrong. Then, at a time of your choosing, you may then start the race again (like, 10 seconds before you crashed), and this time clear that corner without crashing. THAT is a VERY usefull thing when you want to learn how to corner properly! :D Apart from that, the damage physics of the game still rival some of todays top titles (not going to name them), if not surpass them all together. Every little bumb you make in your car, leaves a dent and a scratch. And if you're unlucky (or have the hardest difficulty enabled!) that little bumb may have huuuuge consequenses. And don't even think about slacking. The AI is ferocious and will not give you an quarter (unless they are on easy. In which case they are... well... easy). They will gladly loose a wing to get you 3 spots back. And they do it. All in all, this is the perfect combination of hardcore simulation, childfriendly arcade-style racing, and beautiful graphics and physics engine. If you ask me, there is no better racing game out there. Defo a must have, for all would-be racers! Sincerely Pvtmini


It never stops being fun!

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all lowsuperasder's reviews »

In this game I found the perfect balance between arcade and simulator driving: the physics are very realistic, the player can feel the car well (though the handling of each car doesn't vary much) and it is a good game to learn proper cornering, since even if we fail, the Flashback can take us back in time to a point from where we can go again, and slow down a bit more, and the many levels of difficulty allow a wide spectrum of possibilities and learining new moves. The graphical side is also nice, the terrain details and shadows look very good, not to mention the cars which look just amazing. The singleplayer career lets the player drive cool cars for other teams, meaning that even in the very beginning we can experiment with the best wheels available, making the first steps more fun. The only thing Racedriver Grid is missing is some cool soundtrack, in my opinion even if the game focuses on realistic events, it could give a more dynamic aura.


A great, realistic racing game!

mattpatterson | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all mattpatterson's reviews »

Most racing games these days forget the fundamentals of being a racing game. Whether it's just out of control driving where it is not realistic what so ever, there is no car damage, or there is too much driving assistance automatically set to the game. This game provides a proper racing challenge and can deem to be very difficult at times. I love the way you can choose your name and they say it throughout the game! Little things like that is what keeps this game at the top. It's also said this is better than Grid 2 so keep that in mind when purchasing!


Race, crash, destroy and have fun

Jimmysil | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Jimmysil's reviews »

Great racing game, and even now (5 years after it was released) it still has something to offer. I was kinda dissapointed with GRID 2, because I think that this first Grid is better. This is still an amazing driving simulation with good destruction model, and it's on sale for such a low price, that you just have to buy it.


One of the best

Asrafil | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Asrafil's reviews »

If you like racing you can't go wrong with this game. Grid has it all and with the introduction of the flashback feature that lets you go back some moments before a crash solves those frustrating moments of racing games where you were 1st during 90% of a race and you lost it because you crashed in the last lap.


Alright enough

ColeYote | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all ColeYote's reviews »

I play a lot of racing games, and this is pretty middle of the pack. I like Codemasters' racing engine, there's a decent variety in types of racing, but what I find my main issue with it is that the track and car selection feels a little limited when compared to games like Forza and Gran Turismo. It was one of the first racing games to implement a rewind system, though, and I *really* like having rewind systems in games these days. So it has that going for it. It's also one of the few racing games I've played that has proper endurance racing in it. Y'know, time limit instead of a set distance. And Le Mans style racing, including Le Mans itself. Overall, decent game, now that it's nice 'n cheap I'd say go ahead and get it.


Realistic so be careful!

ccroatian | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all ccroatian's reviews »

Grid has an excellent gameplay mechanic wich introduced the rolling back time effect wich of corse is basic for the most of the gamers to correct their driving and achieve a win. It is not the most difficult driving game but it is challanging in a good way. Unfortunately the multiplayer is almost dead a while ago. Almost because you can still play it whit the help of GameRanger.


Tired of arcade racing game?

simodeso | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Well try this then! It's very realistic so there is the middle between totally crash and you hit a wall at 300 km/h and you don't have even a scratch. It's very funny to play, it's pretty old so no server online anymore but don't worry single player it's very funny. In some parts the realistic part can get you mad, you can destroy your car very easily, so if you run out of patience very quickly, don't buy this awesome game!


Grid, well done!

ncorbin | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all ncorbin's reviews »

This is the perfetc blend between sim and arcade, I play this both with a xbox pad and my g27 and it works well on both, this is MUCH better than grid 2 which imo is a huge waste of money. If you haven't got this you must give it a try the cars feel great, the cockpit view is fantastic and the graphics and sounds are just as good as the latest release of racing games. It sticks to a ladder system much like the old toca games, work you way up, buy more cars, get into harder races. I felt the drift series was the only poor part in this it wasn't simulation drifting nor was it arcade it was just......unique but besides that 1 and only flaw this is a fantastic game for every kind of racer to enjoy!


Best blend between sim and arcade

darkyhbk | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

GRID is a fantastic blend between a racing sim and an arcade, with much to offer for both sets of fans. It offers a lengthy campaign, with a great number of racing modes, licensed circuits all over the world and a great number of cars, ranging from drift vehicles to high powered, high speed ones. All this selection is great and it plays fantastically well, with a fully customizable driving experience (assists, racing lane, etc) . It was also the Codemasters game which introduced the rewinds, making it possible to rewind a few seconds back in order to correct a mistake you've made, the number of these rewinds depending on your difficulty setting. Also, the possibility to establish a racing crew in campaign mode, recruit drivers and complete racing objectives is fun, addictive and rewarding. Everything from skill charts to win leaderboards is there, allowing you to make the best possible decision. In a nutshell, GRID is a fantastic, lengthy and very complete experience in the world of cars,offering enough variety for everyone, as well as a great control experience, making it both accessible for newcomers and challenging for hardcore racing fans.


Really Amazing!

Thebestfootball | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Thebestfootball's reviews »

The physics are great, The AI tries to finesse their turning when in close proximity to you or others, giving a small amount of intelligence to them. They don't want to be hit! People say there needs to be a 'speed limit' so one doesn't go flying into walls? These cars are equipped with both standard brakes and an emergency brake, and the ability to NOT floor the gas at all times. Try it. Once you ease up on the throttle a little and practice your braking, it gets easy to dominate the simple circuit, but fret not, raising the difficulty will provide plenty of new challenges. This is the street version of DiRT 2, and when people say it should be "like dirt", they should take note that it is by the same publisher and pretty much a clone of DiRT2's engine with a fresh set of textures and no truck/buggy racing. What this game gives up in diversity of vehicle class, it makes up for with beautiful, fun tracks, and rewarding, precision driving.


Most difficult racing game ever

spycid | July 5, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

If you want the Dark Souls of racing game then get the game GRID which will punish you to cross the finish line. Completing a race would give you a sense of relief and achievement. A must play game for all hardcore racing game fans for it's torturing gameplay and rewarding moments.


Great but a little bit too realistic.

drafek | July 4, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

GRID is a racing game, the game itself is pretty fun, the graphics are amazing, the replay function is really good. The sound also is really good. Sadly the servers aren't online anymore, you could find a way to play LAN or online but you'll have to put some time in it. The realistic part is good but you'll get destroyed too often, I couldn't finish some maps, I just did get destroyed because I did get pushed to the side. Eventhough that I would recommend picking it up.


My #1 racing game

dabro90 | July 4, 2013 | See all dabro90's reviews »

Since Test Drive Unlimited and Need For Speed: Porsche, there were numerous racing games I have tried, none of them managed to gain my attention for long. GRID brings to the table great features (time rewind is something, that once you use it, you will wonder, how it was never overused in racing games before), great graphics with outstanding replay system and obviously - flawless gameplay. I had never had so much fun playing racing game! It does require a pad to enjoy properly, but if you have one of those, the experience is immense. It is something you will remember for long time, especially once you finish a 24hrs Monaco race :). The game is still outstanding production that deserves attention and will surely make many more face smile. It sure will make mine.


At last a solid game for arcade racers.

sergebelanger22 | June 27, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

Pros: - Good diversity or races (touring, prototype, drift, endurance, le Mans, Tuners, Touge...). - Good diversity or tracks. - At least 30 hours of game play for the career mode. - Flashbacks (up to 5-6 flashbacks). - Pro Mode (no restart race nor flashback available). - Sponsors are available for additional money. - Good graphics. - Good first start for the serie. - Very fun. Cons: - Inconsistent difficulty (teammates will be your thougher ennemy). - Not a lot of cars (42 in total). - Teammates are totally stupid. They will hit you if you're in front of them. - Not much to do with the money (no parts for the cars). - Poor sound effect (from the interior view at least). - Was not able to play with the 360 steering wheel. Only the controller. Finally, it's a good arcade race game. It has a lot of variety in races which makes the game very fun. Not redundant as other racers can be. If you can find this game somewhere, it is a must buy, at any price.


great game

nbmjhk6 | June 16, 2013 | See all nbmjhk6's reviews »

Definitely an arcade racer but it is a lot of fun. The damage model is cool and the AI can mess up. The graphics are nice and the menu's are easy to navigate. Anyone who has liked the dirt series or any other arcade or even sim racing games should have a lot of fun with Grid.


Beautiful and drifty...

Supraballs | June 10, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

I love this arcade style of racers. With the market saturated with plenty of racing games featuring real cars, what makes this one stand out? I'd say presentation. It's got a great arcade feel to it, it feels fast, but it takes some skill to hit your drifts and turns right. I wouldn't say there are any other gimmicks to it besides that. Play this thing from the driver's POV because it was really optimized to include that feature and it feels really good when you're playing. That's a feature currently removed from Grid 2 and I'm telling you, you get to see a real experience and true difference because of it. Fun game and if you enjoyed any of the Dirt games, you would enjoy this too.


GRID. The Game That Is One of The Best.

crispy52 | June 7, 2013 | See all crispy52's reviews »

Alongside the old Test Driver games and Burnout, we had GRID. A new game designed by the masters at racing over at Codemasters. Coming from the perspective of a hardcore racing fan, this game is generally nothing short of amazing. I have played about 12 hours of this game and am still nowhere even close to completing. It is full of content just like any racing game should, and with the same design as something such as Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, with a little twist. The game comes packed with the skill needed to manage the equality between gas and brakes in order to turn sharply and execute finesse driving. It does take some time to get use to, and a drift (with the ABS and all that jazz turned off) is quite complicated to complete but once you have done so, you feel very rewarded. Graphic wise, the game looks amazing. Even with some of the current games out there, Codemasters pulls it away with astonishing graphics continuously in all of their racing games. This title is nothing short of a 10/10 graphic wise. Even the details that emit as you crash, the time they put into it to make it somewhat physics based is all astonishing and fun to look at. Sounds are quite good as well. Nothing like hearing the sweet crunch of running into a barrier or another car. That is here. Ramming full on into a barrier by accident or spinning out and being hit by other drivers, either way you can both feel and hear the crunch and almost feel for the driver even though you are just behind a controller/keyboard. Career mode is nice, although i didn't like having to race in top of the line cars at the very beginning of the career in order to create your own team. Though it was still rather fun to manage my own racing team considering i am a hardcore fan and i would love to actually do that in person. The cockpit cam could be a little more detailed, but nonetheless it is still amazing and puts you right into the game. The sounds from the pit are even nicely done in a way that they become muffled which is what should happen. A crash generally feels and sounds rough as well. Although customization is at a low, the game is still rather nice and enjoyable. Unlike GRID 2, this game has a cockpit view and everything is still executed nicely. 91/100. -9 points for lack of customization.


Nice no more

LoudeRZz | June 3, 2013 | See all LoudeRZz's reviews »

Before i bought this game i had a lot of excpetation, and when i played i was kind of dissapointed, well .. the graphics are awesome, the cars and their design are great but its too hard to control the cars and its too significant and its ruin the playfulness and its not so fun as many other racing games. What do I mean when im saying that its too hard to control the cars ? when you turn right or left the car turns 180 degrees more than you thought it will and you're losing yourself in the middle of the race. Second thing is the car emitting so much smoke that you cant see your car or the road .. For Summary, its a nice game, it has a potential but its not so fun because of the thing that i said .. maybe you will like it, i hope for you, Enjoy !


Awesome driving game

triforce228 | June 3, 2013 | See all triforce228's reviews »

Grid is one of my favorite games and a great race game. I really love the fact you can drive the 24hrs of LeMans in 24 hrs.


Solid Fun

p3nguin_pris0n | June 1, 2013 | See all p3nguin_pris0n's reviews »

I love racing games; but I mainly love arcade racing games, which nearly prevented me from picking up Grid. I decided to take a chance, and luckily, Grid nails the feel of an arcade racer while incorporating the style of a simulation. Driving the cars is an absolute joy in Grid. Each car has a unique feel, so each race is initially challenging. Once around the track, however, and driving each car will feel second nature. This really helps with how fun the game is, as there's no one car that handles better than any other; variety is the spice of life and so on. I've seen complaints about the lack of cars and tracks; I don't think it's an issue. Sure, there aren't that many cars, but it doesn't detract from how straightforward of a racing game Grid is: pick a car and race; no gimmicks, nothing fancy. This is why I love Grid. I can just jump in and race. If you're on the fence about Grid, I say take the plunge. It's a joy to drive the cars, it's a no-frills racing game, and it's just plain fun.



shushyaz | June 1, 2013 | See all shushyaz's reviews »

This game proved to be tons of fun with my friends and I. Since it was developed by CodeMasters it played alot like DiRT and adjusting to the games mechanics was a breeze. The fast paced racing and action was exactly what I was looking for!


One of the better racing games

f33tmonkey | May 31, 2013 | See all f33tmonkey's reviews »

I'm your average racing game fan. I've played various racing style games, from the NFS series to the GT series, and GRID feels like a nice cross between those two. Not too hardcore where the slightest skid means losing the game and not too arcadey where you can ram into cars and walls with abandon and get first place. Graphics wise, it still holds up in 2013, even with the new release of GRID 2. I'd say it's even better than some recent racing games. As for gameplay, it has your typical career mode, a training mode, and multiplayer mode. Career mode lets you manage your own racing team. The only downside is that you are limited to whatever cars they hand you - no customizing options where you can tweak your cars. Overall, great racing game. You can't go wrong adding this title to your library.


A good game

kalil | May 30, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

In terms of gameplay, GRID is a good game, I do not deny. The car control is fluid, are the usual options but are well established, the mechanics and test types are fine. The graphics, sound and technology also are fine, perfectly fulfilling expectations. The criticism comes, however, from the lack of content and innovation. Not because there are few tournaments to run, but because there are few circuits. And that means you run over and over again on the same, which also are not too varied each level or gameplay nor aesthetics. Which just making the races more and more tedious. Furthermore, it should be noted that the multiplayer servers and are disabled, so you can not play in MP.



Bolo | May 30, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

The game is a good mixture of arcade and sim style racing, closer to the arcadey style.It works perfectly with a pc keyboard. The physics engine is a thing of beauty and that's before we get to the fact that GRiD has the best drifting of any racing game I know. With a bit of practice and a racing heart anybody can put the car exactly where they want it, slide it juuust enough to get through the corner, down two gears and ftang it down the next straight every time. Perfect racing lines are attainable as are mammoth drifts that if you're anything like me will have you laughing maniacally when you get to the sweet spot on the learning curve. If you like racing you need GRiD