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Not as good as Sands of Time

AkiMatti | May 7, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I had a chance to play this game not long ago. I was really looking forward to it, too, since this game always looked so cool. I'd loved Sands of Time, so this could be good also, or that was the thought. But this game was a disappointment. The controls weren't as responsive or precise as I hoped and neither was the combat worthy of my attention. I even played this with a decent gamepad but it didn't help any. It didn't take long to notice how hard it was to enjoy this game for not having as good controls as a platform would need. There just seemed to be some kind of lag between the button presses and the actions. Anyway, whatever it was, this game left a bad impression in me. YMMV.


Shadow of the Colossus-esque

icole8 | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all icole8's reviews »

It's not your typical third-person shooter - this iteration of Prince of Persia is surprisingly rather devoid of enemies, despite you starting out by fighting several 'generic' henchmen, as it were. No, this game is one that focuses more on the story, and like I've implied earlier, it resembles Shadow of the Colossus - you travel across breathtaking landscapes, collecting light seeds and your only battles are against 'bosses', which in this game are the servants of Ahriman. Elika and the Prince's back-and-forth snarking is a joy to watch too, and it's a shame that Ubisoft chose not to create an actual sequel to this game, the DS game aside - it would have been a breath of fresh air for this series.


An enjoyable but tedious game

Wowoet | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all Wowoet's reviews »

A decent game that's worth picking up especially for those who enjoyed the Sands of Time trilogy. The characters are well voiced and likable coupled with a decent story, though I find the trilogy is much better. The gameplay is very easy though so don't expect a challenge. Major focus is on platforming collecting light shards in order to unlock the next area. Collecting all is optional but a certain amount is required to move the story by unlocking areas. Enemies are sparse and are mostly 1 on 1 and can simply be defeated easily by pushing them at the boundary of the area. The game later adds variety in combat through quick-time events and also by giving enemies a 'shield' that you must use specific action (grab or magic atk) to dispel it before you can damage enemies. There are 'powers' to be gotten but they're merely used to access different areas which are necessary to complete the story, not in combat. Overall, it's enjoyable enough with its platforming, gorgeous environment, and characters. However, it can be tedious trying to collect enough light shards just to get on with the story.


Prince of Persia is back!

domenthechief | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

The new Prince of Persia features new storyline full of interesting puzzles and epic adventures. It also introduces us to a new Prince, who is - mind you - in reality far from being an actual prince, who joins up with Elika (AI-controlled sidekick with awesome magical powers) to save the world in this absolutely wonderful game made by Ubisoft in 2008. But I have to warn you, my fellow Prince of Persia fans, this game is far from being the same as its predecessors and if you're expecting a new "Sands of Time" game, you're in a bit of a surprise, which could make you feel very disappointed. Gameplay is very dynamic and precise, although it might get a bit repetitive towards the end of the 8-hours long singleplayer storyline. But fear not, if you love games with amazing fighting styles, beautiful animations and above average art style and more than descent voice acting this won't bother you. The graphics are nice. At first I was quite disappointed upon such cartoonish looks, but I got used to them very fast and soon started to enjoy them. In my opinion this game is worth the 9.99$ price. I bought it because I find myself to be a huge Prince of Persia fan and I wasn't disappointed - right on the contrary. The game has a nice story, a bit cheesy and predictable, but nice and well-written, gameplay is fun and fighting animations are spectacular. I enjoyed playing the game and I think every player who loves to play action-adventure games would too.