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A great reboot of a series

Exostenza | May 24, 2013 | See all Exostenza's reviews »

This game has a lot going for it and the first thing I would like to say is that the people complaining about to man QTEs is that I don't like QTEs and do not think this game suffers from the amount that most people are complaining about over the internet. The game has a solid story line and takes you into the world unlike like most games today which is really nice. The game progresses fairly linear in terms of leveling up and upgrading your guns, so there is not much freedom there although there is the freedom to go back and fourth between areas to finish challenges and get all the items, relics etc... in a region. Some of the regions are small, but some are quite big and you never feel like the game is too restricting, One thing that really makes this game stand out is that I normally hate to go around getting every little thing and accomplishing every little task, but for some reason this game compels me to do it - this adds a good amount of game play time which is very good in this day of very short AAA games. The game play mechanics are fluid and solid, even if jumping around is sort of strange some times, it does for the most part play very well. I like how it has different sensitivities for looking around and aiming - a great feature. There is not much variance to types of weapons but they evolve throughout the game making them very different in each step and Laura's abilities slowly get better and better giving the a slight RPGish feeling which most people like. Another area that needs to be talked about is how good of a PC version this is. The graphics are absolutely fantastic considering this console era we are stuck in at the moment - you can see Crystal Dynamics really put effort into the PC graphics which makes this game one of the best looking games to date and it runs very well on my AMD 7970 sticking to 60fps most of the time and rarely dropping (I have an i7 3770k @ 4.4ghz). Even though, you can tell this is a well optimized game. . The major drawback is that the tombs are all extremely small and super easy to figure out which kind of goes against the idea of the previous games and the name of the game, but the whole experience makes up for it in my opinion. This is a great game and no one will regret purchasing it at any price who likes these types of games and at the time of writing this review it 66 percent off which is a super crazy deal as this game is worth every single penny plus GMG always has a 20 percent off voucher which make the game dirt cheap. How you couldn't pick up this game I have no idea. I was weary to buy the game and ended up buying it, albeit at a nice discount, and do not regret it for a second. But this game - you will love it!


You're a Croft.

SnowQueen | May 24, 2013 | See all SnowQueen's reviews »

Get use to that saying because you'll be hearing it a lot. Lara has a firm place in my gaming heart, she's someone I always wanted to be when I was a little girl. Big boobies and all. So I was very excited when I heard they were making a new game. Was I disappointed like some fans were, no, I can't say I was at all. Strait from the get go poor Lara is put through the ringer, We already seen from the trailer that lovely moment she falls and gets a re-barb through the side for her trouble. Is that the worst of it, 'fraid not. The poor girl gets battered and bruised through the entire game. we see a insecure girl with a golden heart become the Lara croft we all love and admire albeit with a few scratches to go. The games view over all is stunning, the lighting in points of the game is very well done showing the love the creators put into the island. Lara herself is a stunning creature we see slowly change through the entire game (Her looks that is). As for her hair, well if you have a PC that can handle it you can for sure see the difference with the option on and I would strongly recommend it. Game play wise the bow is you're friend if you want to play through without getting caught, but otherwise the range of weapons is good, on the harder difficulty ammo is a bit harder to come by but that's to be expected. The story flows well, bringing you and Lara into a world you never thought existed and forcing Lara to think back and see things in a different light. I would whole heartedly recommend this game if you're a fan of the old/young Lady and would recommend the game to people who like exploration puzzles and story oriantainted game play. It took me about 12hs to complete but that was with a 70-80% complete ratio. I do hope we see you again Miss Croft, a spot of tea would be lovely with you.


An old tomb reopened....and the result is superb!

cheesyfishface | May 24, 2013 | See all cheesyfishface's reviews »

I've never been a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise (but I did enjoy Tomb Raider 2 on PSOne) and having seen footage of Lara's 'rebirth' I decided to grab this one, seeing as it was dubbed to play more like the Uncharted series than the rest of the series. And for the most part I am happy with this game, it looks stunning, the reinvention of Lara is better and The game looks fantastic, if you have a higher enough graphics card that's an AMD you can set it so you can see the individual hairs on Lara's head. The scenery it fantastic with some stunning vistas with the wind and rain pouring down. Gameplay is much what you'd expect, you must navigate your way through the environment by running, jumping (A LOT of jumping) and using your (once you've collected it) climbing axe. The game is hub based with you returning to the same areas to go through paths that you couldn't before, this leads to a lot of backtracking that can sometimes ruin the pace. The largest problem with this game is the excessive QTE's (Quick Time Events) were you have to repeatedly smash a button (usually F) until the game lets you live. The final issue is that the final boss battle isn't really set up as that and I beat it thinking it was actually a mini-boss. Needless to say this is a fine entry into the Tomb Raider franchise and hopefully there will be others based off this new Lara, the multi-player is hit and miss but I can let that go as I was more interested in the story.


Tomb Raider reborn

lok0812 | May 24, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This reboot allows the Tomb Raider series to redeemed themselves. Even though it is not the same as the old Tomb Raider games where you are an experienced adventurer wielding dual pistols and laying waste to your foes this installment provides the alternate combat and view of the game. This time you are Lara before she became the adventurer in Tomb Raider, she is fragile and inexperience to killing even the wild animal. You are alone and your goal is to learn and survive in this wilderness. Combat you are given a bow at first which can be use for stealth kill and takedown. You will be also given with firearms that you can use. Similar to Deus Ex: HR or DIshonored, you are rewarded with stealthy maneuver. In addition, the game have several collectibles, puzzles, and tombs within the game for you to sidetrack. Downside to this is the multiplayer section, the population of this aspect is very low most likely due to the fact not many people expect much from this and it do not seem to provide any different from other types of multiplayer shooter. Would have been nice to have this spent resources to buffer up the single player experiences or add in more tombs to explore to further the playability. Regardless, if even if you are just an action adventure type gamer and not a Tomb Raider fan, this game is a must get. The hours of fun, story and actions will feel unique since this is a different approach from the traditional Tomb Raider and done right.


Tomb Raider Remake

lagendofdoom | May 24, 2013 | See all lagendofdoom's reviews »

Most of the times remakes aren't done well, that can't be said about Tomb Raider actually I would call Tomb Raider a success. The game is simply amazing. After many years since we heard of about Tomb Raider ( the last one was Underworld which was great ), we are given the origin of the legendary Lara Croft and how everything began. You will play the young gentle Lara Croft at the age of twenties, in search of Yamatai a myth. Lara isn't alone of course she has a crew of friends along the way, and of course something happens and all of you are stucked at unknown island, and to make things worse you aren't alone in the island. You shall experience how Lara becomes the legend that everyone know and love, you shall witness how Lara will starve,suffer,hunt for the first time and her first kill in which you will remember for a long time. The most amazing thing is how Lara's character develops from a fragile innocent woman to a strong and dangerous survivor. The gameplay will remind you of Uncharted in first impression but it isn't Uncharted, Tomb Raider is mostly exploration and development rather than shoting and killing. there will be quick time events at first but later on there will be less of them, You will have an opportunity to be stealthy or just shot everything on sight while be on cover and always watch you back for diffrent enemies. the graphic is simply beautiful and gorgeous, and if you have a hair fetish then be sure to put TressFx on. The enviroment will make you stop and just watch at how beautiful it is. I've never witnessed any technical problems nor bugs, even the AI are smarter and sometimes might suprise you at higher difficulty. In the end whenever you are a Tomb Raider fan or and action\adventure fan you have to try and play Tomb Raider, it is without a doubt one of the best games of 2013 and right now I consider it as a Game of the year


Lara or Croft

JZiggy1986 | May 24, 2013 | See all JZiggy1986's reviews »

I was never a big fan of the Tomb Raider series back in the day. I must admit though, I played it. But something about this duel pistol wielding, big-boobed, bad-ass woman just didn't click with me. On the other hand, my friends were drooling all over Lara Croft's pixelated body. Fast forward to 2013, and boy, have things changed, and I have come around to liking Lara actually. I like Lara, but not so much the Croft side of her, and that's where the game is leading you to rather quick. Lara Croft is this innocent and inexperienced young women on a journey, and things start going wrong pretty quickly. We all understand that humans adapt quickly when faced with adversity, but it feels a bit forced with Lara. One minute she is alone, cold, and terrified, the next she is butchering animals and wielding Kalashnikov's, and counting heads by the dozens. The developers wanted to show this Lara Craft that we haven't seen before, yet they take you to the woman we are all accustomed to back in the day. They had a great opportunity to prolong and tell a longer story of this inexperienced young women, but unfortunately, she grows up too quickly. This is the biggest flaw I saw with this game. The overall graphical and technical presentation is spot on. The game looks phenomenal on the PC, and many times, I just stood there to observe the environment. It looks stunning. Lara Croft moves and behaves like a human, and it feels very natural. The cover system is dynamic and works great. When you get to a spot that can be used for cover, Lara moves and ducks accordingly. No more "Cover Button". Works great. The AI has plenty of conversation and they generally try to stop you. Higher Difficulty levels present bigger challenges, but overall, you cant complain about the AI too much. The story is intriguing, and I felt that I needed to find out more as the game progressed. Why these tombs? Who are these men trying to stop me? What is all this paranormal activity that is going on? As Max Payne would say, "I had to push on". Weapon customization works, with several layers. Its not in depth, but works great with this game and setting. There is tombs to explore and loot, treasures around the island to find, and other bonuses to unlock. However, I didn't find myself trying to find all the stuff scattered all over the place. If something sparkled on my screen, ill run to it. That's about it. Overall, this game is highly recommended. Its a good enough story to keep you playing, and you will be awed by the visuals and audio. The campaign lasted me around 15hrs, which is a lot more than what we generally get these days. There is a multyplayer component to it, but I haven't touched it as I view this game as primarily a singleplayer experience. Lara, you captured my Heart.