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Acitivision Does MP Justice Again

Sciazs | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

As far as details go, the PS3 is showing its age however the quality is still passable for a game of this day and age. Given the PC requirements, this is an outstanding performance on the PS3 with no issues with FPS at all (LAN cable fiber connection of over 60mbps). Lets start with Single Player: This again isn't the core of any CoD game post Modern Warfare 1 however it still holds it own. It is gripping and interesting enough to keep the gamer playing to the end. Trivially easy for the most part and challenging in some. Now for the Multiplayer. This is the bread and butter of every CoD game and needless to say, it has been done justice by Infinity Ward yet again. The perks are awesome without feeling too overpowered. Great game play, fast-paced and just a treat to game in after a hard day's work. Highly recommended on the PS3 as there seems to be a lot less issues in comparison to its PC counterpart.