Reviews for Deus Ex: Invisible War


An undervalued Deus Ex title.

Tibs212 | Sept. 21, 2015 | See all Tibs212's reviews »

First off I'm a Deus Ex fan, I've played all the titles around release, including this which was a pre-order (at the time). The original Deus Ex was an instant classic, with even the first level raising the bar for games even today by so many levels. In reality how can any game live up to that standard today, let alone back then? So let's break it down piece by piece: The combat it Deus Ex was workable but not all that great, the combat in Deus Ex IW is improved to a decent standard back then (although now it's a little dated); the stealth in Deus Ex was diverse it'd allow you to discover locations you'd otherwise not, the stealth in Deus Ex IW is improved by adding more security features in certain areas of the games you'll have to overcome; the RPG elements in Deus Ex are everywhere, from skills to augments you could make your character (JC Denton/Bionicman) your own, these elements are lacking in Deus Ex IW as now you've only got your augments, a feature lacking even in the modern Deus Ex games; now lastly the story which in Deus Ex is near damn perfect with you able to change it in several regards either by in game choices with dialogue or by your actions in ways you may not expect (SPOILER you can kill major plot characters which may have had a vital role in the story /SPOILER), in Deus Ex IW the story is lacking with you not able to change as much, a feature which is also lacking in the modern games. Both games allow you to chose your own path, and play how you want, with things lacking in either literation; you have to decide on what's more important, graphics or features. Everything that's lacking here is also lacking in the newer games; so if you're the kind of person who doesn't like this then you shouldn't like the newer ones either. The same should also be true in the opposite, if you like the newer games then you'll like this. What the first game did is near damn impossible to live up to, and hasn't been reached since. Don't hate on this game as in reality it was and is a great undervalued Deus Ex title.


Good game, not necessarily Deus Ex good

howard195 | April 17, 2015 | See all howard195's reviews »

I enjoyed this game but it definitely gave you less choices than the original. In the original, you had more choices with your bio mods, more story choices, etc. Also, it wasn't quite as hard as the first. The first you had to pick what to put ability points towards: swimming, lock picking, weapon proficiency, etc. This game just kind of gives it to you right at the start. I ended up leveling up my invisibility bio mod. Due to this, I basically sneaked past the last couple areas, and bosses. It achieved my goal but wasn't quite as satisfying. In the end, I chose to become one with the JC Denton AI from the first game. Basically, we made everyone on Earth mindless robots. Oops.


Man Machine Interface

KingTed | Feb. 18, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

After the success of Deus Ex, the developers tried to make it happen once more with a sequel. While it keeps a lot of the original's charm, thanks to its strange cyberpunk world where holographic strippers meet mysterious augmentation-addicted cult, the game is not quite as good as the first game. The game looks good (For its time) but the gameplay has been streamlined too much with dull choices (Like the "one and only ammo" mechanic). The level-design is not that good either. The story is still pretty pleasant but it could have been better. Not a bad game at all but disappointing nonetheless.


Not bad. But not good either.

Obsessor | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

In terms of advantages - the story to be sure. Biomods are made in a nice way. Also weapon upgrades are done in a proper way. Apart from that? It's a bad console port. Graphics was outdated even for it's time of release. Textures are in low resolution. Inventory is designed to be navigated with a pad. For a mouse+keyboard user, accustomed to PC style gaming it might be inconvenient. On top of it - ridiculous bugs. I consider myself a fan of first Deus Ex(and Human Revolution). Playing Invisible War was a tiresome endeavour. The only thing that kept me going, and that make the majority of my rating, was the story.


Better than the first in some respects, not as good in others

Gmen | April 6, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Invisible War looks better graphically than the first Deus Ex, seeing as it uses Unreal Engine 2.0 instead of the Unreal Engine 1. But one of the gripes I have with it is that it is too dark at times to even make out characters, a bit like Doom 3 was unnecessarily dark, which constantly has me scrambling for the brightness settings. The levels are divided into separate sectors with loading screens for each of them. This is typical of the Unreal Engine, but honestly, it’s worse than it ever was with the first game. Sectors are too small and this takes away from the immersion when you have to go through yet another loading phase within 5 minutes. The animation and physics weren’t up to scratch even upon release, and certainly don’t hold up today. The same problems that plagued Thief Deadly Shadows are present here too, and this is no surprise since they both came out of Ion Storm. This just feels too much like it has been dumbed down for the console version, rather than an actual improvement over its prequel. On the plus side, I'm going to say that the combat is a bit better here though. This is about the weakest in the series. If you’re looking for a good Deus Ex game, rather try the first one, or better yet, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Some parts better, some parts worse

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | See all radenthefridge's reviews »

The RPG elements were really stripped down (or streamlined, depending on your view) and tried to focus more on the action. I was very engaged by the story and setting, and the gameplay itself wasn't too bad. I'm doing my best to prevent spoilers for any who haven't played, but I'd recommend the original just for story's sake!


Its Alright, But It Isn't Much Of An Inprovement Overall.

combodombie | March 5, 2014 | See all combodombie's reviews »

Deus Ex is one of the most acclaimed stealth games of all time, yet it's sequel leaves a lot to be desired. It's graphics and sound hold up much better than the first game, but this game abandons the stealth elements for a mostly clunky and generic FPS. Wait until it goes on sale and get it then.


A decent sequel that sticks with the same Deus Ex feel

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Deus Ex:Invisible War sets you as Alex Denton, a young student at Tarsus who is biomoded and very elite. You make many choices in this game and each has its own reprocusions. If you kill a trader later in the game his friends may not be too happy and instead of helping you they will turn on you and you must survive. The graphics have a futuristic feel along with the environment. The game does this very well with great lighting but some objects in the world could have looked better. The physics are very sand boxy and can be fun whilst in a fire fight but the objects and bodies in the game react poorly like they are weightless. The weapons and biomods are very fun and add a cool RPG element to Invisible War. You can modify you weapons with 10 mods including silencers, glass destabliizers, and EMP shots. There are around 15 skills that you can get from biomods. Most are pretty basic but cool skills like Hacking, Health Regeneration, and Environmental Danger Resistance are avaliable. With all the open world choices and fun gameplay comes the bog down of A.I. The NPCs play a major role in the game due to the fact that they let you make choices and give you quests. The sad part is that these A.I. are almost brain dead. You can throw bodies at them and they will stand there like nothing happened. The A.I. can also glitch and get stuck in walls and other various bugs can occur. Speaking of bugs I got a game stopping bug that reverted my save to the start of an area and TOOK EVERY SINGLE THING from my inventory. This is just ludacris, seeing as this was AFTER I had patched. While I wanted to love Deus Ex:Invisible War as much as the original the A.I. and bugs held me back. If you are willing to risk your time and want a open and rewarding Shooter try out, Deus Ex:Invisible War. Pros+ RPG elements, Tons of Choices, Weapon Mods, Graphics, Futuristic Setting done right Cons- Loading Screens, A.I., Game ending Glitches + Bugs, Shorter than the first


Did not met the Expectations

Mscigniew | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Invisible War is a second tittle in Deus Ex series,sadly it didn't rise the weight of first Deus Ex.Character development is simplified compared to the first game,which is a flaw...enemies aren't as challenging as well. The strong part of the game is its story,not as great but good and kept me in front of the monitor.Graphics...hmmm for some reason,even that their newer than the first game didn't stand their ground against the time.To summarize Invisible war is decent just not as good as the first Deus Ex,although if you enjoyed first game you might somewhat like it.


Solid and good game

Verdungo | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all Verdungo's reviews »

There is more action than RPG style gameplay, but still the story is really nice and I got alot of fun with this title. Biggest problem for me was the console style inventory, but it get to used to it. Graphics still looks nice, it's aged but doesn't scary. Game is short and dynamic, so it's good for intense play in weekend. Could be better, could have different title than DX, but at all it's a good game. I've finished it few times and still got fun with nice gameplay and story.


Good, but not great.

crankafoo | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all crankafoo's reviews »

It falls a little flat in the areas the first game excelled in, but it's still a lot of fun and intriguing to play. It is an older game, so don't expect the most advanced graphics to date, but it's acceptable for the most part and good for anyone looking for a retro PC game. The gameplay is solid and I personally found it better than the first, but the story falls flat from the original. You'll still find yourself interested to see what happens, but it's not as compelling as the amazing first game. There's a lot of ways to play, so you can play the game with stealth and easily switch from being in the shadows to go guns blazing. Anyone who has played Deus Ex and Deus Ex: HR who finds themself wanting more Deus Ex, you should pick this up.


Sadly not a improval, but a total different game

MalcolmR | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all MalcolmR's reviews »

The first Deus Ex blew my mind on many occasions. It was a huge piece of game-slash-sandbox, set in a distopian scifi-world. For a game this old, this was the PC game that influenced me the most. Sadly, the second game in the series was not so great at all. Instead of a continuation of all the remarkable features the first installment offered, Deus Ex - Invisible War was just something with the same name, but totally different gameplay. I am not saying this is a bad game, but the expectations were to high. In my opinion: If they didn't call it "Deus Ex", the game would have been better received by the audience - and by me.


Different but Great!

Thebestfootball | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Thebestfootball's reviews »

Although not completely the perfect sequel that we hardcore fans were hoping for, this is still one of the most enjoyable titles that you will ever play. Any game bearing the Deus Ex name is going to be indisputably brilliant, and Invisible War is yet another masterpiece from gaming iconic Warren Spector. In my opinion the original Deus Ex is arguable the greatest game ever made, and those who do not play this sequel are missing out on what is the continuation of a truly outstanding franchise.


A Disappointment

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | See all Dimber's reviews »

Just finished Deus Ex! Wow, that was incredible! Sadly, the sequel will be a disappointment. On its own, it isn't half bad and plays kinda well, but compared to the original, it's not that good. If you haven't played any other Deus Ex game, then you'd be entertained by this one.


A wonderful game if you love claustrophobia

Eskimoseb9 | July 12, 2013 | See all Eskimoseb9's reviews »

I loved Deus Ex, so I bought Invisible War because I couldn't believe all the negative reviews it had gotten. I was so disappointed to find that it is inferior in nearly every way to the original. Obviously, the graphics are superior to DX1, but aren't anything special even for the time. The reason for this is the game was designed around the Xbox's architecture, and this posed a problem for the entire game. Remember the first time you encounter enemies in DX1? You're on the huge Liberty Island. one of the greatest opening levels to a game ever. This time however, the game starts you on a bloody basketball court. Level design in this game is completely inferior to both the other DX games, and I genuinely felt claustrophobic on occasions, which has never happened to me before. The game play is much more dumbed down compared to the first game, giving you much less room to make your own path through a level, purely down to the Xbox's memory limitations (and down forget the tell-tale radial menu. No well designed PC game should have one.) The only area I think Invisible War contends with the original is in the story. The game is much shorter than the other game, taking about 15 hours to beat, another strike against it. The story however does diverge, and allows you to make much more significant story choices than the first game did. This contributes somewhat to its replay value, since you can play the game again with an entirely different story path, but it still does not make up in any way for the lazy game play I wish this game had simply not been a DX game, it would stand on its own feet much better than as a member of the DX franchise. I seriously recommend you steer clear of this game if you want to keep your opinion of Deus Ex intact.


Not awesome as Deus Ex, but a great game nevertheless!

mutsuriini | July 7, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Deus Ex: Invisible war is not exactly a bad game. If you compare it to Deus Ex 1, Invisible war comes short, but anyway, most second parts of a series do. Having read a lot of bad things about Invisible War I finally decided to play it anyway out of curiosity and love for the first part. And I must admit that I am glad. It may not be as deep as the first part was, but the game still carries a message. The gameplay is not bad, there are so questionable things about the game (e.g. you go back to desktop any time you load a new level just to wait for the new level to load and still see a load screen). My advice is: if you liked deus ex 1 you will probably not like Invisible War as much, but you will still play a good game and it is a must play for a Deus Ex fan.


Continuation to the GOTY

lok0812 | June 25, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

The sequel to one of the greatest GOTY, the original Deus Ex. Gameplay remains the same as the player tackle objectives in an open world through lethal or non lethal means. Sound wise it is pretty good and the storyline nice even though it is not as great as the original. This time the game really wants to emphasized the player as a super human weapon through technology so it concentrated more into actions and more skills/perks to upgrade your character that are similar to Deus Ex: HR. Even though it is not as great as the original, this one is pretty solid on its own and a must get for anyone who enjoy the Deus Ex series.


Should be much better.

Matis221 | June 20, 2013 | See all Matis221's reviews »

After playing Deus Ex I expected something just as magnificent but this game isn't so good. An interface in that game is not intuitive. You still have a much freedom in going through levels but it will not gave you so much fun. Of course the storyline is very good but in not so good technological and visual frame.


great gameplay

KellinCore | June 18, 2013 | See all KellinCore's reviews »

I think a game with great story, with a very good design of scenarios, not the best graphics but has color brightness and everything a little simpler


could be better.

drafek | June 17, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

The game is done pretty well, gameplay is nice, story is done pretty well and is interested. The thing is it's a sequel not that this is always bad but I felt that the game could be alot better. Ofcourse I aren't talking about the graphics or anything here. The newest deus ex is better ofc it took a while to make. Still this game isn't bad, I recommend playing it before dues ex human revolution.


Not awesome as Deus Ex, but a great game nevertheless!

Stezizi | June 14, 2013 | See all Stezizi's reviews »

Invisible War is not a masterpiece like its predecessor, but it is a worthy successor, proving to be a fun and exciting, but at the same time deep, nice and above all very varied. This game provides nice locations, fun missions, and some challengeing puzzles. Recommended to lovers of scifi and stealth-rpg.


A sequel to one of the greatest video games in history

Shav | May 29, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

Original Deus Ex was something more then a video game, it's story and gameplay mechanics were truely innovative. Even today, it is one of the best titles ever. A sequel to Deus Ex - Invisible War features another cyberneticely improved hero - Alex Denton, who is drawn into the conflict between powerful corporations and terroristic organizations. There are many RPG elements, for example expanding your hero abilities, gaining new levels and equipment, mixed with the shooter genre and FPP view. Like the first game, you can play each mission whatever way you like - either sneaky getting past the enemies, or exterminating them with your firearms and stuff. It is not as good as an original Deus Ex, or the Human Revolution, but it offers a nice addition to the story of these games.