Reviews for Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition


One of the best

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 17, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

Deus Ex is easily one of the best games that I have l played. The gameplay was excellent, giving you multiple ways to get through the environment depending on the items and skills that you have. You might sneak through vents, pick locks, find passwords from computers and notes, hack doors and turrets, or try for a more brute force approach to your problems. Weapons could be customized in different ways and as you played through the game you had options in what kind of powers you wanted to be able to use. Deus Ex also does a good job creating an interesting world, characters, and plot. It was one of the earlier games that could make you care about some of the people that you might end up fighting, enemies might turn out to be allies and friendly coworkers that used to greet you can be told that you are a threat. The game makes it possible to take a more stealthy or nonlethal approach to most situations and character interactions with you changing based on whether or not you are killing people, knocking them out, or avoiding them and getting to know some of the people you end up fighting gives you incentive to look for the alternate paths and approaches available to you. The visuals are certainly outdated but there have been mods created that can improve the look of the game.


I miss this kind of games.

Furrek | Sept. 10, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

You know, maybe you even remember. Lately we don't have much games with mixed genres, which would allow you to play YOUR WAY, from begin to the end. Sure, we had Human Revolution but in my opinion, original Deus Ex is the best. Even tho this game is already 15 years, don't have fancy graphics anymore but the story, music, different levels: with either calm walking around or filled with tons of enemies, amazing climate and more fun than most of today's games. You will be surprised how solid this game is. Classic games never dies and Deus Ex surely is this kind of game. Doesn't matter if you are not fan of old games - this is a must play and if you ever want to call yourself a gamer - you better play it before. Even players who picked up this game after so many years are really surprised and pleased how good it is.


One of the best games ever made.

gamma_rad | June 10, 2015 | See all gamma_rad's reviews »

Deus Ex could possibly be one of the best game made. a marvelous Cyberpunk RPG shooter full of conspiracy, stealth and plots. Strong plot, good dialogue, amazing level-design with dozens of ways to get around to your objectives to the point where even after 20+ playthroughs I still find new things and new ways around the map. The game has aged but there are several mods out there aimed at helping update the game visuals slightly. Gameplay is different compared to modern games which might prove a challenge at first, but its worth it. This game is trully loved by many people, as evident by the fact people are still releasing mods to this 15, almost 16, year old game. A true must-have for any self-respecting gamer and Cyberpunk fan.


The second coming

exopimus | June 2, 2015 | See all exopimus's reviews »

Except the graphical engine, every part of this game is ahead of it's time, ahead of OUR time, even 15 years after release. It might be the only game I've played where multiple playstyles are viable AND challenging throughout the entirety of the playthrough. It is rife with mythology and social commentary without being preachy and it offers plenty of questions and dilemmas with no right answers, only right to you. Characters will react to and judge you based not only on what you've accomplished, but how. The story is truly exceptional and proceeds in a linear manner, but that does not mean that you will get out of it what I did, nor will you experience it the same way twice in all likelihood. I can say, without qualifiers, that if you can look past the facade of an ancient engine, you owe it to yourself to experience this game at least once. Required playing.


A True Gaming Classic

NShep53 | April 20, 2015 | See all NShep53's reviews »

Just played it for the first time this year (2015) and I loved it. After playing it, I plan to play the rest of the series. Yes the graphics haven't aged well. But besides that, this game gives you so much freedom even compared to games of today. Plus the story is one of the most interesting in gaming history. You play as JC Denton, an agent for UNATCO, a high level enforcement branch of the U.S. Government. You start off on Liberty Island and away you go. This game is one whole big conspiracy. If you like cyberpunk games, The X-Files, or the movie Blade Runner, this game is right up your alley. In my opinion, get a graphics mod (like New Vision) and play Deus Ex if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.


It is a true gaming masterpiece

mateidanut | March 4, 2015 | See all mateidanut's reviews »

I'm not saying the game doesn't have its flaws: the graphics are really bad without a visual mod, you can get one-shoted by most stuff form beginning to end and half of your playtime will be retrying again and again. However, these downsides do not make the game lose anything. Compared to the games of today, Deus Ex is extremely different, in the sense that it doesn't take you easy. From the first level you are thrown right into the fray. That is not to say that the game has no tutorial, in fact it has a really good one, it just means that they don't give you too many directions. You are supposed to figure out the levels yourself and they give you a wide array of tools to do so. You can hack computers, pick locks or bypass terminals. Personally, the first and only time I played it, for every level I basically had to first kill all the bad guys and THEN figure out what to do. I guess the game becomes more fun when you know the levels and you actually KNOW what option you have. I think the story/atmosphere is the greatest part about the game. That is the reason I kept playing and playing. It deals with a lot of subjects like the Illuminati, and other secret organizations and it poses a lot of questions about liberty of thought, the value of human life and the advancement of artificial intelligence. The sound is great. Mostly atmospheric stuff, but the main theme is the best I ever heard. It really captures the feel of all the game has to offer. This is a must-buy not because it is the most fun game ever, but because it is one of those games that stand the test of time.


A great game any year.

Xgoesrawr | Feb. 20, 2015 | See all Xgoesrawr's reviews »

I have just completed Deus Ex for the first time and I have to say that this is one of the best games I've ever played. The graphics have not aged well but the story and soundtrack being really good will make up for that. As for the combat I felt that melee was very strong. The guns and crossbows early on were not so fun because there is an aiming system in this game where you have to lock onto an enemy by looking at them for a few seconds before you can actually hit them however after a few upgrades this becomes pretty much instant. If you enjoy stealth shooters you'll enjoy this.


Man-Machine Hybrid. RPG-Shooter Hybrid

KingTed | Feb. 17, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Deus Ex took everyone by surprise back in the days. Warren Spector's mixture of FPS and RPG set in a cyberpunk world filled with mystery, noire atmosphere and conspiracy was one of the most important game ever made. The graphics haven't aged well, same thing for the gameplay (Oh god I hate when I miss my target in a FPS because of my shooting stats!) but it remains a fantastic experience with strong story and level-design.


A classic RPG. One of the very best

usmanwah | Dec. 10, 2014 | See all usmanwah's reviews »

'Deus Ex' is easily amongst the top five RPG games I've ever played. Ancient PC and backwards-compatibility *cough* is a match made in heaven. I'm a bit late to the party but glad I ended this absolute classic. Coming to the game, the environments were expansive, open, involved a lot of running around and backtracking. This was in contrast to Human Revolution which proved to be fairly linear in comparison. Voice-overs were monotonous and emotionless. But I didn't mind it too much as it suits the entire grim cyberpunk-themed setting of the game. HR was no different in this regard either. Mission structures were very well done. Lots of alternative routes to complete objectives. Many games have a broken system but Deus Ex was flexible enough to cater to both playing styles. I liked how you could go full stealth, all guns blazing or settle with a mixture of the two. Exploration rewarded bonus points which were redeemable in the form of skill upgrades. It was virtually impossible to fully upgrade all skills early in the game so my protagonist never felt over-powered at any point. My main gripe was with the augmentations. Apart from a few augs, I never really found any utility for the others and I tried a variety of playing styles. The story was excellent! It was rich but not too convoluted or branched-out as is the norm in RPGs these days. The plot was focused and almost all side missions had relevance to the main storyline. And the story characters were largely interesting, in a peculiar sort of way. Some observations about its prequel, Human Revolution. I like how it stuck to its roots and also fixed many of the original's shortcomings. Hacking, for instance, was a much improved feature and augs were better utilized. In terms of similarities, playing style was appointed at the very start. You get to choose between a knife (if you like hand-to-hand combat) or a crossbow (if long-range is your preferred method). Some unforeseen choices determine the fate of your friends and allies. Boss fights were, again, laughably easy. And not to forget, multiple endings right at the final juncture. I loved this game. Had the option to apply mods to improve the textures and lighting but I chose to play it in its original glory. Even after more than a decade, this game not only holds but has also aged very well.


Every time you mention it, someone will reinstall it

MrYod | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all MrYod's reviews »

Well, the meme "every time you mention it, someone will reinstall it" exists because there's none who likes it that played it less than infinite times and really every time this game was mentioned some fan replied: "now I will reinstall it". The reason of this is because it has an intriguing story and an awesome level design that allows you to achieve your goals in so many ways that even after the tenth time you play it you will find something new, maybe you will find after several times that it wasn't necessary to kill a certain NPC and that you will find him later. The story is about a world conspiracy (as shown just from the intro) in a cyberpunk world and the gameplay is a first person RPG with stealth; as I sayd early the story and the level design are great, the gameplay is FPS-like with skills that affect the aim and the damage of the weapons and skills and nano augmentations that affect the interaction with the world. It has however some little problems, for example you can't move a dead or stunned NPC if you don't pick up every item he has in his inventory and some nano augmentations seem to be completely useless. With the GOTY there's the multiplayer which is useless per se, but it allows to use mods and some of them are quite good, like Zodiac or Malkavian Mod. So: play the game and after that play the mods.


My sight is augmented.

Obsessor | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

First I saw a guy in a winter coat strolling through nighttime New York in sunglasses... I thought "Really? Those people(the developers)are mad..." Then my jaw dropped at the level of the story. Political intrigues, questions about where human race is going. The story is deep, and I recommend playing the game for it. Don't sneer at graphics or terrible main menu music. Just play it and you'll be amazed by Deus Ex's depth. A must play classic.


One of the great old classics

Lorddyran | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

It didn't look amazing when it came out, and it can't hold a candle to games now, graphically, but everything else about this game is top-notch. The writing is great. The gameplay is great. The audio design, even, is worthy of note. It's all too common today to find an FPS with RPG elements, but this is an RPG with FPS elements. You can shoot your way through, but the game comes alive when you think your way through. You can solve every problem in a multitude of different ways - if you want, you could get through the entire game without killing a single person. You don't have to, but how often do you get the choice? The new Deus Ex: Human Revolution is great, but the classic Deus Ex is a beast you don't see anymore. It was clearly crafted with love and care.


Oldie But A Goodie

DBOT187 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

It's amazing to think that even though this game came out so long ago it still stands up today as a solid and fantastic RPG FPS shooter. For those of you living under a rock and have never heard of it, its a role playing shooter that allows you to upgrade your character and allows you to play the game your way (stealth or all in) A fantastic story, and if you can forgive the graphics due to their age (the mouths not moving when talking is a classic) what you will find is a timeless RPG shooter that is like no other. There are mods available too if you wish to make it look a little better.


Deserving of all the hype

Jericho417 | July 31, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

In one word: Amazing. This game drags you in to a fascinating world. The story was great, the characters fit so very well with it. You get the option to play the non-lethal route from the very start. You can use tranquilizer darts or just blow everyone up. Your call. You can stealth your way through, hacking past obstacles. Alternatively, you can just go in guns blazing and slaughtering everyone. The game is pretty old, but the graphics still work for me. They kept it simple, without trying to be one of those games that tries to push graphics to the max. As result, it ages well. I really can't recommend this game enough. It's one of my all-time favorites. I've replayed it over a dozen times and still intend to play it again.


One of the best PC games ever

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made, and for good reason. There are so many ways to play and reach your objective, giving the game extreme re-playability. The RPG elements are done very well, allowing you to customize JC Denton in whatever way you want, to suit your certain playstyle. The graphics certainly haven't aged well, but given that this game was released more than a decade ago, that's to be expected. The music, however, is fantastic, contributing to the great atmosphere of Deus Ex. Both first person shooter and RPG elements are well balanced, combining in the perfect way.


Still is, and always will be, a classic

crazyrabbits23 | June 14, 2014 | See all crazyrabbits23's reviews »

There is a reason why people commonly use phrases like "every time you mention it, someone reinstalls the game" and "best game of all time" when it comes to this game - the hype is justified for a reason. Released in 2000, Deus Ex has stood the test of time thanks to its innovative gameplay concepts, engrossing storyline and well-written characters, both major and minor. The game puts you into the shoes of JC Denton, a government operative who is thrust into a world of violence, politics and intrigue while struggling to figure out who to trust. The game combines elements of an FPS with an RPG-style management and upgrade system, well-written and developed characters and a variety of interesting locales to create an experience that is still unmatched. Whether you're searching through the streets of New York to take down a generator, investigating a conspiracy in a high-rise office building in Hong Kong or trying to stop a missile launch in the middle of the desert, the game throws a variety of situations at the player in the context of a major global conspiracy. One thing I've always enjoyed about the story, and which keeps me coming back time and time again to replay it, is the range of possible solutions (and responses) to various problems faced in the game world. You can do things that seem counterintuitive or even absurd, and the game will recognize and praise/admonish you for your actions. Want to kill that nosy reporter, despite the fact that no one has asked you to? The game recognizes it. Want to skip the first mission by throwing a gas grenade at the front door of UNATCO HQ? The NPC's remark on it. Wait too long to talk to an NPC? They may have different introductory dialogue based on when you visit them. Likewise, the characters are very well-written, and have actions that extend beyond conversations with the player and into e-mails, newspapers and books found around the game world. All this material is optional, and players can skip it as they so choose. The combat and NPC reaction to damage can come off as a bit "stiff" to modern audiences, but the movement and reaction system in general still holds up quite well, with enemies and NPC's reacting to damage and running away if they are hurt, stopping to reload and changing their firing position or chasing after the player during combat. If there's anything I can criticize this game for (and that's very hard to do), the GOTY does introduce a couple of musical/ambient sound bugs that can lead to multiple pieces of music playing in the same level. Besides that, though, this is still the same tried-and-true Deus Ex experience - you'll play it for the deep characters and storyline, and stay for the different gameplay approaches and solutions (not to mention all of the mods and total conversions!). Deus Ex is a classic, and it's a game I'm honored to have both in my physical and Steam library.


Showing its age in graphics, holds it own in experience!

radenthefridge | March 25, 2014 | See all radenthefridge's reviews »

This is a wonderful game with a great story and RPG elements. Despite its age, this game was far ahead of its time. Each scenario has so many ways to go about it, and how many games, even today, let you break down doors? They have a health bar and everything! The hardest part is trying to assign upgrade points when you don't know what lies ahead, but isn't that part of the fun too?


A masterpiece.

TETfromLondon | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

This game made waves when it was made back almost one and a half decades ago, and it still holds up today. While the graphics haven't aged at all well, and the gameplay is clunky, the game is still surprisingly accessible for anyone playing now. I went in planning to speed run it, and ended up so enthralled that I devoted over 40 hours to my first playthrough. The game has excellent choices that it forces you to make (although a few more of these with slightly more impact would be appreciated) and the first level does an excellent job of pulling you in. The stealth mechanic is still very much working, and it's impressive how much depth there is to the world, and how many secrets there are in it. It's also worth noting that neither the augmentations nor the skills are overly complex, so those who are put off by overuse of RPG mechanics will be OK with this game, but they are complex enough that RPG fans will enjoy them too. This game is a masterpiece and is so cheap now that there is no reason not to get it.


Still the best in 2014

dgaml | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all dgaml's reviews »

Deus Ex is more than just a game; it is an experience, a cult following and a revolutionary leader in the realm of immersive gameplay. I stumbled upon Deus Ex in an old PC Gamer magazine and from the moment I landed in tutorial level, my senses were flooded with awe, and my brain kept whispering "this is awesome". During my 18th run through of the game, nothing has changed. Deus Ex allows you to play as if it were the life of JC Denton you were controlling, as he struggles against the opposition using his training, wits and judgement to aid him in the quest for... well... whatever you decide. The gameplay is beautifully crafted, and allows you to take control, immerse yourself and completely forget that you are using a mouse and keyboard to control polygons on a screen. From controls, to shortcuts, to graphical overlay, the developers have made it easy to see through the eyes of JC Denton, thus enhancing the experience that you are actually in the game, living the life of JC, running from your enemies, making his decisions and dealing with his regrets. Graphics are dated even during its day, and I will admit that voice acting can be a bit cheesy at times, and sound effects are occasionally cartoonish. But these simple elements, did not stop me and many others from giving this game a perfect 100 out of 100. The musical score deserves a whole new paragraph. Alexander Brandon, Dan Gardopée, Michiel van den Bos and Reeves Gabrels have created multiple masterpieces within the game. I have never before (and even today) truly appreciated how much power music has to complement the ambiance of a game. But Deus Ex has managed to make something that most other games consider a napkin into one of the table's centerpieces. OVERALL: You see me rambling about something when I really love it or hate it... Deus Ex is in the former category. Purchase this game, lock yourself in your room with adequate sustenance and play, play, play!


All time classic

Mscigniew | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Forget about the graphics,game is old,focus and the story and gameplay.Deus Ex was the first game that actually made me feel like my actions and decisions really shape the story,its more than a game,its an experience.Thanks to the fantastic,multiple lvl up choices,plus implants you can make your character in whatever you want to.Theres huge arsenal of weapons,enemies aint stupid dummies,they react to your game style.The atmosphere and climate of this game is one of a kind,for me DE 1 is still best part of the series.


Simply the best

GearHead | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all GearHead's reviews »

While Deus Ex may be dated as far as graphics, the gameplay and writing surpasses that of most modern FPS/RPG hybrids. The game is initially complicated, but don't let this deter you from playing as you'll soon find yourself caught up in one of the most complicated and interesting stories in existence. Many games with such great stories are known to be short, but that is not the case with Deus Ex. Once I was done with the story I found that I had played for a solid 38 hours, with every second being exciting and memorable, and the fun doesn't end there. Every playthrough is unique, as you are not only given a number of decisions that strongly impact story, but also the ability to kill any character you encounter, which further tailors the story to how you play. When you hear people say that you can navigate the game in any way your heart desires, they mean it. You control what weapons you use (both melee and ranged), have access to a variety of skills, and augmentations (which are comparable to passive tonics in Bioshock 1 & 2). By the end of the game your character will be entirely customized to your play style which makes the game all the more enjoyable. Deus Ex is one of my all-time favorites because of it's incredible gameplay and it's fascinating story. It is very worth its full price, and if you encounter it on sale, you simply must buy it so you can experience one of the absolute best games in existence.


Great classic PC experience.

TurboMotionZ | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all TurboMotionZ's reviews »

This is not your average classic FPS. This is a mix between a First Person Shooter and a Steal Based Action game. It gives you full control over the way you want to play. For example if you want to run and gun and finish the mission as fast as possible you are given the ability to do so. However it is more difficult to survive. If you want to be stealthy, you are given all the tools to succeed using this strategy. The game is linear like most games but the choice to approach every situation in any way you like is a nice change. Overall this is a great game and I would recomend it.


Arguably the most legendary PC game of all time

Gmen | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Many gamers bang on about this being the greatest PC game of all time. I challenge that notion and I’ll tell you upfront that it isn’t. The game is good, but it isn’t great. First off the graphics are quite bad (even in its day this was true) with low resolution textures plastered all over the show. The character models aren’t much to look at either. The animation isn't the best, and the AI is usually half-asleep, and as a result the combat isn’t particularly engaging. The sound isn’t particularly good, although the music is, having that synth feel to it which is typical of games that used the .UMX format at the time. The game in its original form hasn’t aged particularly well at all. Where Deus Ex redeems itself is in its gameplay. The game was very much inspired by the likes of System Shock 2, and is a hybrid FPS/RPG title which allows you to upgrade your character’s abilities, has a classic inventory system, and many weapons and gadgets that can be deployed by the player to make life somewhat easier. There’s also plenty of voiced dialogue in the game to bring some life to characters, and missions can be approached in several ways, making it a less linear affair than most run of the mill shooters. With high resolution packs that will improve its looks and not to mention many other mods that will provide endless hours of replayability, this is a sure buy, make no mistake. If you ever wanted to be an augmented super spy, this is the original spy thriller game.


One of the best

Glyndwr | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Glyndwr's reviews »

I still remember the excitement playing the demo of this game and then getting the game itself. This is an excellent RPG, the gameplay is well balanced, the storyline is interesting and takes in many locations, it offers much of what we now come to expect with choices affecting what happens and how other characters respond. It does the cyberpunk setting very well which makes everything seem to have that little bit more importance as the story and setting make playing the game seem worthwhile. Graphically it was weak when it came out and much more so now but this is a game that provides much of what is lacking from glitzier modern titles.



FlamingDbag | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all FlamingDbag's reviews »

I'm not going to lie, in this day and age you are probably going to need visual mods to appreciate it more ("Deus Ex for Modern Systems", New Vision) but besides that it still holds up very well. Except the whole extremely poor accuracy thing at the start of the game, but it makes it more encouraging to play the game smarter then simply going guns blazing. Even though you can do that anyway. And trust me you'll grow to understand/accept it regardless. Anyway story is extremely interesting, there is a lot of branching in both story and gameplay: You can go tactically violent or extremely stealthy, lethal or non-lethal, you have a variety of highly RPG style skills and a variety of cool and useful augmentation powers, your actions and choices have impact on the story, morality is a huge factor to the story, ect. If you have not yet played it I strongly urge you to do so. I like playing this with BioMod, imo it basically improves the gameplay in sensible ways.


Defining the hybrid game.

berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all berthor's reviews »

RPG, stealth action, shooter. Which one is it, is it all three? It's whatever you want! With numerous solutions to every problem, catering to how you want to play the game if not to the very way you think, you will have utter freedom in resolving the issue at hand. Is it that auto-turret over there that's bothering you? Go around it into a vent and laugh as you casually crawl along. How about you toss an emp grenade at it and then blast the guards that show up to see what happened? Maybe you could make it over to that terminal over there and hack it, take the turret down, or at least the camera that activates it. Develop your character not only with nano-augmentations, but with his basic skills and understandings. Maybe you focus on your skill with rifles and your agent can't swim too well... maybe he loves pistols but doesn't know the first thing about proper use of hand grenades. Like being able to stab people really hard? We've got an augment for that. Would you like an emp shield to be invisible to bots, cams, and triplasers, or would you like active camouflage to fool all those foot soldiers? Sure you'll control it like an FPS, but how are you going to play it? I'm not even going to talk about the perfect story, lest I accidentally spoil it.


Meet your FPS God!

Veniu | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all Veniu's reviews »

Its true. Deus Ex is like a God among all the FPS games. Why? Because it offers you freedom in the way you play. Want to sneak it? No problem. Destroy everything? Easy. How about hacking? Can be done. This game brought us an amazing experience, story and characters. You have skills, which are supposed to make you a better killing machine, hacking pro, lockpicking thief, meele commando, a sniper.... And so on. Its true! Acts like an RPG! But skills were'nt enough. Its 2052 right? We need... Augmentations. Half machine, half man. A cyborg. But wihout AI. You're still a human. A better human? There's alot of "augs" in Deus Ex. From augmentations giving you ultra strength, to augmentations that act like a... Flashlight. Seriously. World, graphics and characters. Immensive story. Have I mentioned most of the locations are based on the real blueprints? And the graphics not were, but are amazing to me! Because it doesn't matter what the graphics are (until they're really, really bad and pointy) the whole experience matters. Its amazing! The game is for everyone, from newbies starting at easy, to ultra-pro hardcores in Realistic mode. You WILL need to sneak in that mode. 1-2 (sometimes 3) hits (with a pistol...) and you're dead. How nice. How challenging. But once you'll make it, it gives you an amazing piece of satisfaction! You just can't describe this game using words. The way they've connected an RPG with FPS game is pure amazing and creates totally new and awesome expierience, in an amazingly realistic world. You just need to play it to see why it's so great. Have I mentioned the multiplayer? Yes. It has multiplayer and dozens of mods, MP gamemodes. Enough said. My question is, have you bought your copy yet?


It might be a bit old today, but the universe is worth a look

zonzon | July 29, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

Let's be honest, in 2013, the game looks ugly. But if you look at what the game is offering, you could see one of the best, if not the best, cyberpunk game universe. The storyline is great, with a twist occuring in the first half of the game, that I won't be spoiling. Unfortunately, the game gets a bit repetitive in the combats, so it might stop you from finishing the game.


Awesome Game

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | See all Dimber's reviews »

This really is an awesome game. The gameplay is tight, the stealth and combat are both even and fun, and the story is amazing. It's very deep and philosophical, and it's considered one of the greatest and deepest PC games of all time. The only bad thing about it is that, even for the time, the graphics were and are incredibly bad. Nonetheless, it's a worthwhile game to play.


This isn't a just a game; it's an experience.

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

Deus Ex is one of those games that seem way ahead of its time. I have played through this game at least 3 times just to see the myriad ways I could have accomplished my goals, as well trying different augmentations and weapons for each playthrough. The dialogue is also well written, especially certain conversations with J.C, the main character, and other NPCs, (even if some of the voice-acting is a little off centre). If you have not played this game, get it. It is an experience you will not regret.


Blown away.

Kradath | July 15, 2013 | See all Kradath's reviews »

I have to admit that I am quite the latecomer to this game and just played it recently. The more it hit me how extremely good this game still is despite its age and despite never having played it before. The story is just gripping from the get go and the gameplay is top notch. If you're on the fence and not sure whether such an old game can still be fun: get it, it's totally worth it and I really consider it the best PC game available. Highest recommendation.


If You Haven't Played It, Then You Should

Dimbark | July 13, 2013 | See all Dimbark's reviews »

You know, it's funny, a game like this can't even exist today. This game is so deep and complex, that a modern game with modern graphics and a modern budget would not be able to accomplish half of what was done in Deus Ex. This game is one to be remembered; it's probably the deepest PC game that was ever made. This game takes place in a dark future where governments are basically collapsed and conspiracy is the norm. You play as JC Denton, an augmented agent at an anti-terrorist organization to retrieve a supplement called Ambrosia from the National Secessionist Forces, or the NSF, to give it to the people and cure the big disease of the century, the Gray Death. The narrative for this game is very well done, and the title of the game itself, referencing 'deus ex machina,' also works in relevance to its plot. The gameplay is a mix between stealthing and murdering. You can solve any problem in any environment with any character build, unlike System Shock 2, which most people don't finish because if you sink all of your points in one specific build, then you won't be able to pass when you should've had another build. The graphics for this game are horrible. It's like it was all made out of cardboard, because both the player and NPCs look incredibly ugly and low-resolution. This is, of course, because of the size of the levels, and you can't make a deep game like this without having a low polygon rate to run at. But nonetheless, the gameplay is solid and fun. This is a game that everybody should have played, and if you haven't played it, go out and buy it. It's a game that deserves to be played, at the least, and it offers so many good choices and three different endings, all of them making it a worthwhile experience.


Best games of our generation

gurujust1n | July 9, 2013 | See all gurujust1n's reviews »

The title says it all. This game is one of the first games I actually spent years playing over and over. This game seems it has also introduced a lot mechanics and instances still used in games today.


Aged, but still very good

mutsuriini | July 7, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Deus Ex is undoubtedly one of the classic games which tried to elevate the FPS genre to new heights by adding adventure and RPG elements. The game has a decent cyberpunk storyline set in an atmospheric near-future dystopian Earth, excellent gameplay mechanics, as well as good graphics for the time; and if you spend a couple of minutes googling for the additions made by a dedicated modder community - some picks mentioned below by other reviewers - , even the graphics aged relatively well. The core of the experience is that the player always feels making meaningful choices and does not feel at all artificially constrained by a linear design. Sure, there are only a limited number of choices, but whether it is about deciding how to take out a bunch of terrorists occupying a building (options ranging from non-violent stealthy ones to attack the front door armed with heavy weaponry) or about picking a new skill or augmentation, there is always something which helps you in having your own experience and playing in the style you prefer. The story itself is engaging if not fully original to everyone with some knowledge of dystopian/cyberpunk settings. There is plenty of information on the historical and philosophical background in in-game notes, though if you just want to enjoy the action, you are free not to bother with these too much. Character interaction is somewhere between an average FPS and an RPG game: you do not have any teammates and there are few really memorable characters, but you got to interact with them occasionally either through the game's dialogues or during gameplay sequences. The game does not lack some of the usual stealth shooter problems though ranging from an unrealistically narrow and short visual range of enemies to occasional strange AI behavior, yet these are mainly minor issues. FPS players might find the skill system a bit strange first as it is not enough to get big guns, you must have the proper skill level for the weapon class to use it properly. It is not really hard to get to a decent level and augment upgrades can be found at various locations, though, providing a sense of development. Overall it is a classic game every sci-fi or FPS fan should give a try - most of them would be more than pleased.


Game for every kind of FPS fan

Phan7om | July 3, 2013 | See all Phan7om's reviews »

This game appeals to almost every FPS fan by having multiple ways to get to your objective. There are 4 ways to play this game, all with their Pros and Cons. Stealth-Lethal, Stealth-Non-lethal, Run-and-gun-Lethal and Run-and-gun-non-lethal. The lean over a wall mechanic is simple but extremely useful for Stealth gameplay and checking how many hostiles there are to either engage or sneak by. It also has 2 ways to dispatch enemies: Non-lethal or Lethal. With this mechanic soldiers and NPCs will have different reactions towards you. Some of it may also affect your gameplay from having the Armory in the game giving you different ammo to use or your first partner's disposition towards you. Although what keeps this game from deserving a perfect is the bugs that uncommonly occur in the game and the limited options settings in the Vanilla launcher. Overall, a must buy for any PC gamer to add into their ultimate collection


An Absolutely Amazing Game!

Tabbo7 | June 25, 2013 | See all Tabbo7's reviews »

I love this game more than any game I have ever played to be very honest. This game just has so much charm and personality it stood out from the rest then and it still stands out from the rest now. It is a FPS/RPG hybrid and by far one of the best I have played the gameplay mechanics haven't aged negatively at all in fact they are still really great. The graphics are pretty dated I admit but as everyone already knows graphics do not make a game "fun" and this is probably the most fun I have had in a game and the most fun I will have in a game for decades to come. I recommend this to EVERYONE.


Excellent classic

lok0812 | June 25, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

While Deus Ex HR was a very impressive game, this classic hit still probably tops it. Anything you could have thought of doing in HR is in this classic gems. The player still get to choose rather if he wants tot tackle his object in lethal or non lethal mean. The storyline, music, and gameplay are all top notch, this is by far one of the best game even though it has been more than a decade and it have aged a lot. The game already have plenty of mods throughout its time, named Hi-Texture mod and community made content mods. Must get if anyone looking for a good storyline game with action but don't mind the outdated graphics.


One of the Greatest Games of All Time

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

This game was amazing when it came out and is still amazing today. Even if you're new to the Deus Ex series. The story is amazing and there are so many options in every situation. You are very free. I remember smashing my an agent from my own side on his head and hiding his body so I could get into the restricted area in peace. And then I put his body inside the restricted area and locked it. There's an amazing variety of mods for after you're finished the game and for when you're still beating the game.


Great Game

roadman | June 7, 2013 | See all roadman's reviews »

It's a little bumpy to get into if you're used to hi res games, but this is a great game one you get into it. There is a lot of player choice, and the atmosphere is great.Many weapons, items, and ways to customize your main character, J.C. Denton. There are many ways to move around each level's environment, be it stealthily or Gung-ho. You could put tons of hours in this game and not be near the end game. It's still good and playable since its release in the 90's.There are many side quests to get into. The atmosphere is awesome, and it's truly immersive to hack into a computer and uncover emails, that reveals fraud, theft,etc. between two people or a whole group/company or industry.


Fun game!

darklyfallen | June 5, 2013 | See all darklyfallen's reviews »

Although it hasn't aged the best, Deus Ex is a fun action stealth FPS hybrid thing. Somewhat different ways of playing, depending on your choice of augments and style. There were a whole bunch of small touches that added to the game. The weapons were interesting, althought the Dragon sword was a bit overpowered (that + stealth = pretty much instakill most enemies). Speaking of enemies, they have pretty decent AI, and the boss battles (or boss choices) are good. The music is fun and the plot, although a typical conspiracy-type deal, had enough twists and turns to keep things fresh. Definitely worth a play, for gaming history as well as being geniunely great.


Legend of a Game!

McDoenerKing | June 1, 2013 | See all McDoenerKing's reviews »

This game was one of the best in its time and still is a pretty great game! The atmosphere and the story this game provides is totally awesome but it is not easy to get into. If you loved Deus Ex: HR, you must play this title. If you play this title, grab the new renderer and textures! It will make this game look much much better. If you have finished the main game already, you can start playing one of the two full conversion mods for Deus Ex. They are great too and very polished.