Reviews for Hitman: Absolution - Professional Edition (NA)


Regret preordering

comicnabster | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all comicnabster's reviews »

It was only $33.74 USD, so I figured, I loved the previous games, why not! Turned out to be a mistake. It's not a terrible game in its own right, but it feels more like a dumbed down Splinter Cell than a Hitman game. It's as if IO Interactive totally misunderstood what made Blood Money a great game. There's a genuine effort to preserve the core elements somewhat. You can hide bodies, wear disguises, and trigger "accidents" for your targets. However, the hateful Instinct system and the disappointing level design means that all these parts fail to come together in the way that defined the previous games. The Instinct system honestly needs to go. I know that disguises should not be foolproof, but the suspicion meters are excessively sensitive, to the point that it tends to be easier to just hide around a corner and KO/kill enemies silently one-by-one. I like doing that in Splinter Cell. Not in Hitman, where silent assassin means hiding in plain sight, harming no one but key targets. It's technically possible to do that in Absolution, but not with the broken disguise system. The level designer for this game needs to be fired. The sandbox nature that defined Hitman levels is completely gone here. The lack of save-anywhere areas (those "checkpoints" DO NOT COUNT because they DO NOT SAVE THE COMPLETE STATE) discourages experimentation. The limited selection of routes often means the developers make the accident choices way too obvious. Tip for you, IO - go back to Blood Money and play the Curtains Down and Flatline missions. Those missions were highly replayable for two very important reasons. No Hitman plot has ever been memorable. That's fine - I play the game for the kill, not the story. But in Absolution, the story is given high priority to drive the ways the levels play out, and it starts becoming rather annoying. Simply put, the characters are terrible and so is the dialogue. If there's one place IO has succeeded with this game, it's with the "PC ness". The game is superbly optimized, as are all recent Square Enix titles. The graphics look great without being particularly demanding. The controls are fluid and tight, much improved over previous games. It's a well made game engine that went to waste on a bad game. If IO were to remake one of the older games using the Absolution engine, I'd easily pay $30 or more for that. But Absolution itself is hard to recommend for Hitman fans. Fans of Splinter Cell Conviction (my least favourite game in that series) may enjoy it, though!


Worth It

dmcdermott524 | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all dmcdermott524's reviews »

By no means a perfect game but they did a lot of things right. I enjoyed every bit of this game. Pretty decent amount of reply value since you can play the game in different ways (stealthy, aggressive, etc.). I would definitely recommend.


Underrated and overlooked

ogmonicker | June 19, 2013 | See all ogmonicker's reviews »

Despite its departure from other Hitman games, this title stands on its own as a tricky stealth game. It has its flaws, and fans of the series may be disappointed with the different mechanics introduced, but I would still recommend this game to anyone. It's a surprise so many people disregarded the game, it should've definitely garnered more praise.


Great Buy

mrbroskislape | June 17, 2013 | See all mrbroskislape's reviews »

I really enjoyed this game. It was well built, everything reacts appropriately according to the difficulty level and overall it was very fun to play. Re-play value is there as well because of the different play styles available.