Reviews for Ghost Whisperer


Mediocre game, but worth a try.

Liverpool1971 | June 12, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

For starters the graphics are average, there are no voiceovers and the gameplay is a little outdated. There are 2 gameplay modes: Casual and Expert. The items and objects are very hard to find, and hint system doesn't help much. But on the other side the puzzles are fun and can be skipped. When you finish the first episode of "Forgotten Toys", the episode called "A Brush With Death" will be unlocked. It’s as long as the first part. Some thing are rather illogical – for example you have to find plug for the computer from the antique shop, and [spoiler] you can find it on the floor in the hospital. Why?! But the story itself is quite good. I enjoy “who done that” kind of plot.