Reviews for Criminal Minds


Incompetent FBI agents.

BaloogyMcBoy | June 20, 2014 | See all BaloogyMcBoy's reviews »

As a fan of the show and point and clicks, this game left me disappointed. Each tiny puzzle made the agents seem incompetent. Why has Hotch misplaced his briefcase? Why can't I find a blank tape in a police office for interrogation? Every small task makes me feel like I'm barely surviving the job. Further, the puzzles are often poor and feel disconnected from the game. They're either way too simple, or impossible to understand the reasoning behind (Why do I have to cut BOTH ends of a wire to defuse a bomb??) If you're just looking to play a by the numbers hidden object puzzle game and don't mind the character assassination poisoning the delightful Criminal Minds, then I'd still recommend you find another game since this is both short and swings from too simple, to too incomprehensible.


Criminal Minds - good fun title

catherinejane | June 20, 2013 | See all catherinejane's reviews »

As a fan of the tv show AND hidden object games, this title appeals. The main object is to find items to progress the story, point and click adventure style, which involves hidden object games, which are well designed, everything is clear rather than the usual murky backdrops, and there are some scrambled words to decipher before working out what to find. You can always get a hint, the hint option takes a minute to refill but there is no time limit on anything so its pretty relaxing. The story is quite interesting as well, case 1 took around 5 hours to get through and then there is a 2nd case as well. No voice acting but that's fine for this sort of game. Looking forward to more of this type of game.


Loved it!

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

Another good hidden-object game from Legacy Interactive based on a tv series. It is definitely worth playing (i'm not a tv series fan but I loved the puzzles and the plot). After the main story you will have to solve one more case. For me it's one of the best hidden-object games i've ever played. The graphics may not be up to date, it may not add anything new for the genre, but it's a game that i ate up on one breath.