Reviews for Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition


Fun for a short time but starts to quickly become repetitive

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 16, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

I like the idea behind the game, a group of people sitting together at a table to play a fantasy roleplaying game, with the GM creating the encounters, and the players interacting with each other. You can choose different people with unique passive bonuses to play the game, choose a class for each of them, and buy new things for the house and table that can provide other passive bonuses. When you get into a fight you can act as the GM and decide on the what opponents and the number of opponents that you will be fighting as the players. Many of the classes need to be unlocked by completing events in the game, and if you want to use one you will need to create them again at level one while leaving an old character at the tavern. Each class only has four abilities to level up so there is not a lot of options per class. Dice are rolled when travelling through dungeons to see if battles happen or items are found but are not used in battles. The game does not have many different music tracks. The game is lengthy but you will find yourself fighting a lot of the same battles, it starts to become somewhat grindy, you hear the same music, and there is not as much talking among the players as I would have liked. Easily accessible but offers little variety.



AJ1AJ | June 10, 2015 | See all AJ1AJ's reviews »

This is a nice game where you have to defeat enemies and travel the map to gain money and level your characters. I have never played a game like this before and it is pretty exciting. When you get enough money you can get room upgrades and table items. Each of the characters can also hold items which can give boosts to them making them stronger in battle. Luck is rested on the chance of a several numbered die. The die is rolled when travelling and when sleeping not in a town to determine whether you will get attacked. What I find fun is that each location has its own minimum level and its own monsters and missions. The battles allow players moves to be used in a turned based style and it is probably the best RPG I will ever play. This game I think of as a must.


Perfect Game for DnD Fans.

FURHAM | May 13, 2015 | See all FURHAM's reviews »

This is the perfect game for DnD fans out there. It provides the same experience of Role Playing and Turn-Based strategy as DnD. It's fun and very strategic based when reaching the tougher bosses. The variety of enemies and the huge amount of places to travel just add upon the layer of role playing. I would recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of DnD or just any fun indie games.


A great sendup of tabeltop RPGs and a great game by itself

Lorddyran | Sept. 25, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

When I was a kid, my older brother used to play D&D, but I never got to join in. I would watch him be a dungeonmaster and imagine myself in his shoes; I would see his friends playing the party through the dungeon and imagine myself in the hero roles. It seemed impossibly glamorous to a young kid with stars in his eyes. As I got old enough to actually do these things, I had a few occasions in real life, but the reality of it always fell a little short of those wonderful imaginings - especially since I had to choose player or dungeonmaster, and then I had to deal with all those other inconvenient players. With this game, though, I get to play both roles - the DM and the players - and it almost approaches what I wanted all those years ago. Add in the fact that the story is well-written and the amusing pokes at D&D culture, and you have yourself a rare gem of a game.


Awesome and fun game.

Suppression555 | Sept. 23, 2014 | See all Suppression555's reviews »

I really loved the game. It took me 20 hours to complete, which includes a restart after some hours when I had unlocked more interesting characters than the starting lineup. I'll have to go back and finish it with the ones I missed in the future. The game was a lot of fun, and definitely worth the asking price. It made me smile many times, what with all those wacky references to other games and developers. I bought the Deluxe edition to support the developers as much as I could, as I had researched the game prior to buying it, and I'm glad I did. The extra gold you start with is nice (but doesn't provide any sort of advantage other than when you get a full lineup but let's face it, it doesn't matter). If you're on the fence, then just go ahead and spend the 10 euro or whatever the price is in your region. It's a fun throwback to the golden ages of gaming, and it's just well done through and through. I doubt very much you'll regret it. Don't worry about the ingame cash shop. I never used it, and NEVER had a reason to. You earn redicilous amounts of gold in this game just doing the main quest line, and the extra gold you can buy for real money is so useless, I'm puzzled why they added it at all.


Dungeon and Dragons has never looked better.

StupidMarioBros | July 3, 2014 | See all StupidMarioBros's reviews »

This is one of the strangest ideas for a video ive seen this year. If anyone proposed the idea of a pixelated game of dungeons and dragons brought to life in a rpg form where you control how many enemies are in it, I would probably walk away slowly and report you to a mental hospital, but this game executes it so well that I'm in love with this game. Not only is the game have VEEEEEEERY extensive content to enjoy, but has a unique idea where you can customize the actual room you're in and shift from the real world to the D and D world. I reccomend for RPG lovers, or people who actually play D&D. Good game.


Witty and entertaining

smajor92 | Jan. 15, 2014 | See all smajor92's reviews »

This is a great indie rpg to not be missed, it brings together pop culture references, fun combat, interesting and unique story and a realistic feeling game of D&D. If you love turn based RPG's then I seriously recommend this to you!


DnD sort of Experience

drakso | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

A small treat for all the DnD fans out there, and for all the common folks out there, its a simulation of an RPG board game basically. You roll dice for pretty much everything, access to everything can be found at the dungeon master and there are even 5 seats witch your characters are sitting in trough out the game. The art style and music are very well suited for the game. You might want to give it a chance because once you get a handle of it you are gonna spend a lot of time enjoying your self. The game also has many gaming references and a nice sense of humor. For that price its really an awesome experience.


Best game I have possibly ever played!

friendbear | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all friendbear's reviews »

This game is absolutly amazing. if you are a HUGE RPG game, you would totally want to get this. And when you get this, you wont regret your descision on getting it. The graphics are amazing, the sound and music in the game is cool too. I have enjoyed this game very very much. And now that its out on mobile, I can play it anywhere! I love this game! However, there is only one con to this. You must space out your time on this. You cant play 100 hours all at the same time. If you are to do that, it would ruin the whole game for you. 100/100!


Fun Game for RPG Fans.

big2dot | July 28, 2013 | See all big2dot's reviews »

Let me start by saying that I never played any D&D back in the day so I went into this game being a fan of a different type of RPG. As such I can't speak for it's D&D merits but I can say that it is a fun RPG that will provide much more enjoyment than the asking price might suggest. The game lets you tailor fights to fit your needs. You select from different types of enemies and you can select the number of each you fight which grants you greater challenge and greater reward. As you complete certain quests you unlock new playable races and classes which have unique abilities and passives, you earn gold that can be spent on items and upgrades to your game masters room which alters your stats in the field. The game can turn to a bit of a grind at times but nothing too bad. If you think the game sounds like fun to you then more than likely you'll like it and should give it a shot


Cute and Fun but not much Replay Value

rolliejoe | July 18, 2013 | See all rolliejoe's reviews »

I had a blast with this game the first time through, even made me laugh a few times. Definitely worth a play through, but after you've completed the game there isn't much incentive to go through it again. I got my $10 worth though, so I'm happy.


Great game

scorp200 | July 11, 2013 | See all scorp200's reviews »

I bought it for my android device, and I had fun for hours. Unlike other turn base RPG The game lets you set up your own battles and quests. Which gives a refreshing gameplay. It uses waiting time for upgrading and such but it does not interfere with the game, while waiting you can still kill as many monsters as you want and level up. This game is recommended to anyone who like RPG and turn base games.


Not expected

wire306 | July 5, 2013 | See all wire306's reviews »

I bought this game on a whim and found it to be quite enjoyable, being a big fan of dungeons and dragons I found it to be very enjoyable. The 2D graphics and art style just add to the atmosphere and it is a generally well rounded game!


An RPG worth some time

crazyone547 | July 2, 2013 | See all crazyone547's reviews »

Heroes of Pen and Paper or KOPP for short, is a game that's a throwback to the original RPG styled games, say final fantasy or something like that. Not only that but it's also a game which has it's roots a long the lines of DnD. The games similar in a way that very much goes from just being an average RPG to auctually being more of a tribute while also having a bit of a parody going. It's what you would expect from a turnbased RPG except that your both the Dungeon Master and the players, however this only means that you can control how many monsters you are fighting at a time which in itself is fine. Now it is a turnbased RPG however the difference is, you have to choose both class but also person to play in the game, each person is like a character too however they give a passive bonus for themselves. In the end KOPP is like DnD if it were ever to be written into a game formula that adopts the tabletop game with lot's of different nods and tributes to various video games and pop cultures throughout it's length, so are you ready to jump in and be the party that shall save KOPP? Including having a large number of ideas in it that seems pretty good for the genre. However it can grow a bit stale since most of the game is based around killing things and grinding gold.


This game has no right being this fantastic!

Azure_Fang | July 1, 2013 | See all Azure_Fang's reviews »

Simply put, you take control of a casual pen and paper gaming table, building the players, setting battle difficulty on the fly, and even buying snacks, decorations or even new Game Masters to give your players bonuses during the game. Any pen and paper player will identify with the table banter and "purposefully lazy" descriptive style, while any player will find a cultural, gaming, or life reference to get a laugh or two out of. unlocks in one playthrough carry over to subsequent runs, giving more player creation options, or even alleviate the "gold crunch" felt in many games with per run features. Definitely worth face price, and a "you can't pass this up" if on sale.



captainstark | June 30, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

A fun little rpg that will keep you entertained for hours, buy this if you are a fan of rpg games as this is a must have rpg. Graphics are charming and story is great.


Hmm, better then I expected.

drafek | June 24, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game is better then I expected, The gameplay is fun,and easy to learn. The concept is really good! THe graphics are good, for a 2D game that is. The audio is good, could be better but it's good. The story isn't interested, I had expected more.


An RPG within an RPG!

ctp94wakko | June 24, 2013 | See all ctp94wakko's reviews »

Well this is awkward, but oh so GOOD! When was the last time you got to play and RPG whose characters within that RPG are themselves playing an RPG. A strange concept, but executed beautifully. Knights of Pen & Paper takes you on a journey that reminds you of the good old gaming days. The combat system is that of any old school RPG turn based game, but that's a good thing. The beauty in this game comes from the variety in customization. The ability to customize what your characters level up in is great. The ability to decorate your hub (home base) with furniture that actually enhances your characters is a well thought idea, and simply having the option to play as a nerd, the pizza guy, a wolf-like creature or even an alien is superb. You can have up to five characters to play with and when given enough coin you can even choose who your quest giver is. Who wouldn't love to have Master Splinter as their mentor?! The art style is simple, but effective, and for what this game is and brings to the player, I cannot argue with the asking price for it is a small, but very bright gem that shines more than others. Definitely a worth try, hopefully a buy!


Brings Back Fond Memories!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

The charm of this pixel adventure won me over fast. While it is a brilliant idea to stage it like a theatre with the party sitting at the table with the dungeon master, the role-playing reminds of the good ole days.



caspica | June 22, 2013 | See all caspica's reviews »

Knights of Pen and Paper is an old school game with humour about a group of persons playing character's in a game of DnD. With its pixelated graphics this game will charm you to death. Gameplay-wise there's nothing to complain about. Actually I was surprised by how fun it actually is. Basically, it has all the ingredients for a fantastic RPG. I would recommend this to anyone interested in DnD or DnD-esque games. At last we finally have another DnD-inspired game. Sadly there have been too few of these lately. Knights of Pen and Paper do know, however, how to reinvigorate a genre and hopefully entice other studios to make their renditions of other tabletop RPGs.