Reviews for Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Purchase


My impression of Open Beta

Technocus | June 10, 2013 | See all Technocus's reviews »

I pre-purchased the game and this was one of my favorite strategy games. I'm playing the CoH 2 from the first day of open-beta. First game was a milestone to the strategy game genre, and this is another one. Game has significant changes on game play and leveling stuff. I liked the idea of commanders (which once just skill points and cannot be changed) now, as you leveled-up you can unlock new commanders and new abilities. Graphics are better, game play is better, units are better... If you like strategy genre you should play this game before you die! :)


Judging by the Beta

tusccar | June 10, 2013 | See all tusccar's reviews »

Some games you expect to be exactly like their predecessors and some set out to do the exact opposite and go above and beyond to create a new experience for the player. Playing the beta was just not what I imagined the game would be like, it was even better. Never having been huge fan of RTS games, I've found it hard to play strategy games. That changed when I played red orchestra. This game harkens me back to my childhood of playing Red Alert. This game has exceeded the expectations that Red Alert had set. This is a game that everyone must play. It was not without its bugs, however it was a beta. There were very few bugs and fewer than some of the games that are currently already out. This was obviously a labor of love and hard work from these developers and should be treated so. If you have any interest in RTS games or think that this looks good, do yourself a favor and get it. It may suck the hours out of the day but you will not regret the time you spent leading your men into battle