Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV


Great game but seems a little dated now

wildster30 | June 11, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

Well GTA 4 is easily one of the best free roam games ever made. The story is great, the gameplay is fun and the graphics were good at the time. However that seems to be the main issue with it now, the fact that they were good 'for the time'. As I didn't experience GTA in its prime I went in with a slightly disappointed view as I found the graphics to be lacking compared to other games, the gameplay was fun but there were also quite a few glitches and the story was still great but wasn't interesting enough to keep me playing with all the issues I had found. However with that said it is still a fun game, just don't expect to think of it as an amazing masterpiece that will be the best thing ever, as it no longer seems like that. The multiplayer is great if you are with friends as you can literally do what you want, making up your own rules in the party mode or free roam game types, as well as the preset game modes such as race, which are all good fun. Overall it is a good game, and well worth trying if you haven't already, just don't expect to be blown away by a game that is now nearly 4 years old.