Reviews for SimCity Amusement Park Pack (EU)


A decent addition for fans of the game

Cakefish | June 5, 2013 | See all Cakefish's reviews »

This a decent enough addition for SimCity, adding a theme park plot for use in any city in the main game. Just like the rest of the buildings in the game, the theme park has a great aesthetic style and is nicely animated. This content is clearly aimed for cities specialising in tourism. It is very customisable and you can lay out your theme park any way you see fit. Reminds me of the Theme Park World games in a lot of ways and those titles were always enjoyable. Whether it adds enough content to justify the price depends on whether you have a city (or cities) that specialise in tourism and how much you enjoy the core gameplay of SImCity. In the same way as the main game, there definitely is fun and enjoyment to be had from the addictive nature of setting up your own theme park anyway you like and customising it to no end!


It is worth the money.

Gwildor | June 4, 2013 | See all Gwildor's reviews »

I enjoyed spending five hours playing SimCity with this new DLC installed. It does bring more to the game, especially if you enjoy playing the game with a focus on tourism. Is it worth the money I would say so. Considering how much time goes into playing and the amount of fun that I have, ten bucks is not bad at all. I do recommend this DLC, and if you go on to buy it, you will not be disappointed!