Reviews for Global Ops: Commando Libya


A solid game that could've been much better.

domenthechief | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

The story starts on Janurai 21, 1968, when a bomber carrying four atom bombs on board crashes in the Arctic Sea. The search party successfully locates the wreckage and three bombs, but the fourth it missing... Later on the story jumps to the present day, when a Russian Mafia Boss gets an atom bomb out of nowhere and tries to sell it to a Libyan dictator. This represents a threat to the USA, since this "notorious Libyan dictator" might want to use the atom bomb against them as punishment for the involvement in the Libyan conflict. First of all, the story seems okay, but unfortunately it's not very well executed in this third-person shooter game. All you need to do is pursuit the evil terrorist around the globe, from Greenland to North Africa, and kill 'em. Some missions are interesting, but not unique. We've all seen the helicopter boss battles before, "being chased by the tank you have to run away from" scenes and things like that, but at the end of the day those missions are filled with action and you might enjoy them. From time to time you will also go on some stealth missions and hot pursuits in vehicles. The game features large amounts of weapons and vehicles, so that's kind of a good thing. You always have plenty of options and the game never gets boring. The game promises hours of gameplay fun (you can play the game alone or with friends) as it offers more than 9 player levels and 3 different online Multiplayer modes. But the community is pretty much dead, not many people still play the game so multiplayer might not be so entertaining unless you want to fight versus bots with horrible AI. The best thing the game offers are the amazing graphics thanks to the technology of Unreal 3. You will be able to fight in realistic and exotic settings from Greenland to Libya. Personally, I kind of enjoyed the game, but there's a lot of better third-person shooters out there. I suggest waiting for this game to go on a sale and buying it then, since it's quite expensive at this moment. Recommended for all people who loved Spec Ops: The Line.