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Neat although not very innovative

mahon | July 31, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Spoids is an indie tower defense game. A very cheap one and surprisingly nicely looking for something that cheap. It looks a bit retro, but you surely noticed that it's a kind of a trend among indie game developers, many of whom believe that in the old days flashy graphics didn't distract from the real essence of games, well, because... there was no flashy graphics. Spoids follows this trend and could easily be one of Amiga or early 16 bit PC games. There's nothing surprising in the gameplay for a tower defense veteran - waves of enemies are incoming, you place your defenses and try to survive. The thing which sets it apart from other similar games is good voice acting accompanying you throughout your missions. Along with the neat and clean graphics it's one of the things you would not expect from such an affordable game. So if you want to try a tower defense game but are unsure if you are going to like the genre, it's a chance to check it cheaply.