Reviews for Batman Arkham Origins


Not the best story ending in my opinion, but still a good game

phoenixwarrior0 | June 1, 2015 | See all phoenixwarrior0's reviews »

The first thing to remember, this game was not made by the people who made the others. People were probably expecting innovation like the first game or maybe a origin story and disappointed as that wasn't the case. But as this was made by a different company, if they had tried something so bold they may have really messed up which is why I think they made it similar to City. Dozens of games are really well-received and have little difference to there other games in their series, why should this be treated differently? I must admit, I didn't like the last part of the story, but that is just a opinion. The game once again has the same combat system and is open-world. It may be a prequel but it doesn't actually matter if you play the other two first, so there's no need to worry about that!


Bugman: Arkham Origins

Obsessor | May 14, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Compared to two previous Batman titles, Arkham City, and Arkham Asylum, Origins lacks polish. It is still good old(or rather new)Batman, but it has bugs in places where previous installments had none. Being accustomed to very high quality of its predecessors, Arkham Origins was some of a let down for me. Apart from the bugs that will become apparent when you play, Arkham Origins has much shorter story than previous games. You will be able to complete it in about 5 to 6 hours. Considering size of the world you can roam free... It's puzzling at best. Now to good things. I already mentioned one - size of Gotham City we are given to roam. At least twice the size of the area known from Arkham City. Graphics seem improved since the last game too. Voice acting is again superb(I didn't like Batman's voice in Arkham Asylum, he improved a lot in my opinion). And of course music! Music is superb. Combat, gadgets, moving around the city, Riddler puzzles, and so on... Again beautiful. Great new feature - Transportation to various districts of the city by Batwing. Arkham Origins is ceraintly a game worth playing. Title that stands out among other AAA games. But I give it rather low rating, because of the bugs and very short story. In comparison to previous Batman games... It is a step back(at least in these two aspects).


a dissapointing game to a very good series

babliki22 | April 11, 2015 | See all babliki22's reviews »

I want to start things off by saying that I love the arkham series. As someone that doesn't know that much about batman I loved the franchise (and can't wait for the new entry). therefore when I heard that there will be a video game about the origin i was excited to know where it all began. but when i actually played the game i was disappointed by the city that was supposed to be very interactive. gameplay wise, the shock gauntlets make everything a bit easier in combat and makes it lose its uniqueness. the game isnt all that bad though, the story is good the voice acting is fantastic and the boss battles are great (with a little rage in there, dark souls fans). In short, i liked the game and yet it really missed some features like the creepy feel arkham city had in some moment. great for people who are more interested in story and are willing to settle for the true batman excpirience gamplay wise.


I was worried, but it's not bad at all.

jonathanrflores | Feb. 18, 2015 | See all jonathanrflores's reviews »

When Arkham Origins first game out, I was worried. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were perfect in my mind. Origins was going to be a little bit different. It was a different developer... The voice actors were different... And I'm afraid of things that are different. But when I played through it, I had a good solid amount of fun. Gameplay is nearly identical to the previous two titles. Once again, you've got your Batman combat and then your stealth sequences. Graphics are similar in terms of quality. The Heads-Up Display is different-looking... it uses a different font (it's a really boring font, too), but I didn't mind that too much. Once again, there The presentation is very good. The voice actors this time around, though different than the previous cast still did very well, so listening to the story unfold is just as fun as before. The story itself is written pretty well too. If you've never played any of the games, then I'm not sure I would recommend starting with this one. I actually enjoyed the fact that I played Arkham Asylum first and then played Arkham Origins as a prequel. If you played Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and you enjoyed those games, then Arkham Origins is not a bad choice at all. It's the same fun, solid gameplay used to tell a decent Batman story. I think Arkham Origins didn't do so well critically because it was the third. I think a lot of people wanted something different, something innovative to change the gameplay or something like that. But at this point, I can't take away points just because the gameplay isn't changing. At this point, the gameplay has been pretty much established - we're just using the gameplay to try out new stories and have fun in new settings; I can dig it. Note: I highly recommend using a controller for this game. Using a keyboard feels clunky to me.


The best one

andreacdc98 | Feb. 10, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins is another great game of the series. It takes place in Gotham and its story is what leads into the other 2 games that were release before this, making this a prequel. The map is really big and very well made, with great details. The graphics are exceptionally good and the gameplay is one of the bests I've played. The only thing bad of it in my opinion, is that it gets really repetitive after a while, you always have to do the same thing to beat the levels, but beside that it is great. I recommend this to the players of the other 2 games from the series and of course, to the lovers of Batman comics, who will love the story behind it and also the gameplay, making the game more enjoyable to all the kinds of people out there! Great work from the developers.


Still enjoyable, but not the best out of the three.

kingmanp | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all kingmanp's reviews »

I still think this is a great game, but for some reason the controls felt a bit less fluid when I played this game. I noticed it almost right of the bat... no pun intended. Otherwise it's still an enjoyable game. No noticeable bugs on my playthrough, but I wasn't interested in completing all the challenges in the game mainly due to the feel of the controls. I definitely enjoyed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City more than this. Hopefully the next one will bring it back up to that level.


Another good installment

K_ralz | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all K_ralz's reviews »

While not as strong as the previous titles because of some bugs and overall lack of innovation, it's still a good game and a worthy recommendation to any fan of the previous two games. The story is really good, and the gameplay is still fun. The graphics are really pretty and the atmosphere is fantastic. Multiplayer feels like a bit of an afterthought though, and was really unnecessary in my opinion.


Good but not as the other 2

Freeze256 | Dec. 4, 2014 | See all Freeze256's reviews »

I preordered this one for the dlc deathstroke character.It was disapointing when i saw i couldnt use his sword or gun but that doesnt mean the game is bad.This one shows a young batman thats still learning to fight and become the hero we know.The story is pretty interesting with some plot twists here and there but i wouldnt say its better than the other 2.However the side missions are more enjoyable and it looks like the developers really spent their time on them.I didnt find the plot very long and the characters are very interesting with amazing boss battles.Something else that was very enjoyable was the multiplayer, i dont know if its just me but i spent more time playing that.You can play as eaither banes thugs or jokers or play as the heroes batmanor robin.Its an amazing 3 v 2 v 3 experience thats ballanced.Its a great game definatley worth checking out.


A worthy addition to the Arkham series

vipe_1 | Dec. 2, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

While many of you may have heard that Origins is a step back, or just a lesser brother to Arkham Asylum or City, I will contend that the game is on the level as it's Rocksteady counterparts. Everything you know and love about the other two games are here. Combat is just as good, with a few new additions. The Arkham world looks and sounds great, with plenty of territory to explore and side missions to complete. I personally did not notice any significant bugs or decrease in quality from a performance perspective compared to the preceding games. Also, the new voice actors for this game (notably Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker) do a fine job with Batman and the Joker, with both sounding reasonable as replacements for Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Overall, the game could be characterized as being the "same" as the others, but considering the Arkham series are the best superhero based games made, how could that be a bad thing? If you enjoy the Rocksteady Batman games, you should enjoy Arkham Origins just as well. It admirably provides a nice story set before Asylum that is worth a look.


You off all people should know... there is plenty wrong with me

Pit_52 | Nov. 26, 2014 | See all Pit_52's reviews »

Arkham origins is sadly like Joker... there is plenty wrong with that title... But it's still batman game in arkham series, so in my opinion worth playing. This game offers still solid gameplay, even larger freedom, a bit larger world then Arkham city and unique dark atmosphere wich is even darker then previous games. But Origins is not bug free game... It must be mentioned, that this part of arkham has no support at all, there never was any patch that can fix really painful bugs of that game, you can simply stuck because quests will not show up for example and you cannot proceed with the story. But no one says you will get that bug, it doesn't touch everyone, but in my opinion people should know what can happen. It's common issue for a lot of players and probably the worst. Without it game would be really awesome, it's not Rocksteady level (Arkham Asylum and City), but it has this spark in game code, this really good atmosphere and it's worth to try at least.


Short Main Story

Dansyuqri | Nov. 22, 2014 | See all Dansyuqri's reviews »

The mechanics of the game are similar to the first 2 games. Story line will get you on a hook and take you for a ride because there are just so many villains you're opposing this time round. However, I was a bit upset when I managed to finish the main story in just under a couple of hours. Maybe I was too caught up in the main story to enjoy the game as a whole. Still a good buy!


More Batman Goodness

Sigilaikin | Nov. 16, 2014 | See all Sigilaikin's reviews »

Honestly, if you played Arkam City then this will be very familiar. It as the same fluid combat, and interesting villains. If you liked the other 2 Batman games this is a no brainer.


Played all 3...A worthy edition

Anarion25 | Nov. 13, 2014 | See all Anarion25's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins is a worthy edition to the Batman gaming catalog. I was put off buying this game originally due to the negative reviews I was reading. I bought it on special and have been very surprised how much I'm enjoying it. It hasn't got lots of new features but when the features aren't broken why would you add more or different ones? The story is solid and very enjoyable. I'd rate this game as good if not better than Arkham City. Mainly because I enjoy the side missions so much more.


A Good. But Not Great Batman

psquali4 | Nov. 10, 2014 | See all psquali4's reviews »

Playing as Batman in the Arkham universe is always so much fun. Even though Arkham Orgins is made by WB Montreal, they still pull off awesome combat we all love and has been borrowed by many other games. The combat is not as polished as a Rocksteady game, but the combat is still better than any other game that has borrowed it. Troy Baker does a excellent job as Mark Hamils Joker and even though its not the same Batman Voice from Kevin Conroy that I love, Roger Craig Smith does a excellent job as well. I also really liked the story and to get a glimpse at a younger Batman I really enjoyed. I couldn't recommend it more. Multiplayer was kinda Meh! If combat was a little better and if the glitches didn't keeping popping up. It would be perfect in my opinion.


A very good origin game.

heerox328 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins is an incredibly fun and entertaining experience. If you loved Asylum and City, you'll enjoy this game. While it's not made by Rocksteady, WB Montreal took the award-winning formula and gave us an environment twice the size of Arkham City. Batman is younger, rougher, and a lot more reckless. The game takes place during Christmas Eve, lending to a nice yet eerie environment with plenty of snow and thugs to clobber. The story, itself, is very well done and has some surprising twists and epic boss fights. Overall, WB Montreal polished the free flow combat system, significantly upgraded detective mode, and further refined bringing the Batman experience to its fullest. If you are a Batman fan or just love the Arkham games, this is definitely worth the money. It will be a nice substitute until Arkham Knight releases in June of 2015. Highly recommended.


Very similar to Arkham City, but with improved combat.

Xbob42 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all Xbob42's reviews »

I expect this to be a rather contentious review. A lot of folks have loved to hate on this game since its launch because of how similar it is to Arkham City, which was a fantastic game. The Christmas setting feels a bit contrived and they make excuses for why there's so few civilians, but I think the game is great. While it never reaches the height of the Deathstroke fight fairly early on, the combat, I feel, is markedly improved over the previous Arkham games. I found myself playing all of the challenge rooms simply because I enjoyed the act of fighting so much in the title. The flow of combat is extremely smooth and some of Batman's new arsenal really make you feel powerful once you've got a big combo going, such as the shock gloves. Sure, the story's not as great, but personally that's not why I come to these games, to me they're a weird mix of brawler/rhythm game, where timing is absolutely everything, and if you're just kind of mashing buttons you're losing out on a lot of the fun value. The graphics look great maxed out, although the game has always had some slight hiccups with performance on standard machines, and the sound design is as good as ever. When Batman knees someone in the face, the sound design REALLY sells the impact. If you're here for great combat, I heartily recommend this. If you're here for a game that's going to top previous Arkham storylines... I'm afraid you'll have to lower your expectations. The game is totally worthy of a purchase, but know what you're getting into.


Very much like Arkham City, but with a new twist

cappincrunch | Oct. 30, 2014 | See all cappincrunch's reviews »

Players of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City will know exactly what to do. Whether that's good or bad is really up to you. To me, it was good, because I'm not so great at these games. The first change I saw were the boss fights. Trial and error is the name of the game. You're given a series of quick time events to defeat your opponents. I cringe at quick time events, but a quick fail will let you get to it and bosses become easy to learn. It's Batman so you know what you're getting into. So now you know if this game is for you or not. They've incorporated an online multiplayer mode that will quickly die off if it isn't dead already. Coop would have been preferred, so there goes my perfect score.


Not the best Arkham game, but still decent

charger1016 | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all charger1016's reviews »

I didn't expect this game to be good, but it was a pleasant surprise. It had some bug issues, but most of that is fixed now. If you liked the previous 2 games, than you will enjoy this one aswell.


Not worth the price of admission.

RiVenoX | Oct. 12, 2014 | See all RiVenoX's reviews »

I genuinely didn't like this game. It's nearly identical gameplay to Arkham City, with very minor changes. I experienced several game-halting bugs that may have been patched at this point, but they were so widely experienced they never should have happened. I gave up halfway through. The voice acting and cinematics were great, but everything in between was just underwhelming.


A nice Prequel

fcblahm21 | Oct. 10, 2014 | See all fcblahm21's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins is not really different to Arkham City but its still fun to play Batman and play with his tools.Graphics is still awesome. Gameplay is the same but in my eyes a bit better and work very well. One of the best thing is the sound. Nice Voices ( also in german). All in all its not a must have but its very nice to play it


Better Than Expected

tedesco75 | Sept. 18, 2014 | See all tedesco75's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is my least favorite so far in the Arkham series of games. That does not mean that it is a bad game though by any stretch of the imagination. It is much less of an evolution than was seen between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City but that does not mean there were tweaks to the formula. The mechanics are practically the same as the first two Arkham games. Though you now have a glue grenade instead of an ice grenade and you also sport some shock gloves which make large encounters a breeze (I personally chose to use them sparingly). Batman is a bit younger and wearing bulkier armor so it felt like he was a bit slower but that was the only major difference I have noticed. The graphics are largely untouched, though they have been improved and refined a bit from Arkham City. Batmans cape still looks great and the weather and physics are all lovely other than an occasional bug or clip through the environment. The storyline is good, probably less nonsensical than the previous instalment if you ask me. But because there is such a little change from the mechanics this game suffers a bit from a feel of "been there, done that" but it is not so bad that I would recommend against it. The rouges gallery is a bit less well-known this time around and consists of mostly second-tier villains but the boss battles themselves are much better than in Asylum or Origins. My main problem with this game is the lack of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker. Though the stand-ins do well enough while keeping the spirit without completely copying the previous mentioned actors, something is still missing. When it's all said and done I have to recommend this game if you are a fan of the previous two. Just don't expect any major evolution from Arkham City, Arkham Knight will have that. This is just a tasty morsel to tide you over until then.


My favorite so far

Dilltickler | Sept. 14, 2014 | See all Dilltickler's reviews »

People have seemed to dislike the developer change from this series. I loved it, I think it kept the games fresh and changed the story telling enough to make it entertaining for yet another amazing batman game. The combat was still as flawless as ever and the story was better in my opinion. There are many more main characters trying to kill you and twists in this game than any other game I have ever played. If i could have as amazing an experience with every game I would die a happy man. 99/100


The best in the series

ShottySniper | Aug. 31, 2014 | See all ShottySniper's reviews »

I have played all Batman Arkham games, and I sadly lost interest with Arkham City and was not looking forward to Origins, as I wanted that more Asylum feel. And what I was given, was exactly that. Batman Arkham Origins is a solid game in the series, and may just be the best one yet. Though lacking in some sense of story in the beginning, the game picks up after a few missions and becomes thrilling to see Batman discover the biggest threat to him in his history. The game features an open world much like City but has a much broader feel, and thankfully, no more ridiculous side missions (Catwoman in City) And with the addition of Deadpool, there is no denying this game is worth buying and for anyone nerdy about Batman or just comics in general, the origin tale is hard to miss.


Same visuals, Same gameplay only New & Different Story Elements.

khawaja07 | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is the Prequel to the critically acclaimed first entry in the series. Batman is new to the crime scene in the city and meets whole new villains on the way. This game is the starting point of a vintage rivalry between him and the Joker which already span 2 more games. Just like Arkham City, Arkham Origins features the same gameplay mechanics and combat. it starts to get somewhat repetitive but still seems enjoyable and the Open World aspect also returns.You get some new gadgets to play, Riddler returns with new types of his strange riddles, new type of enemies to punch & take down and a lot more things to do! Arkham Origins for the first time, introduces a Multiplayer component to the series. Graphics are also not too much upgraded from the last title as it came only after a year from Arkham City's Release. So, yea due to this, it has same texture and character model assets. However it does features somewhat more visual options than Arkham City to play with which is really good. The whole city still looks very pretty and gorgeous as you traverse through it. The Voice overs have always been the best when it comes to the Arkham games and this title is no different. Arkham Origins is mostly a Rehash of the previous title But with a lot more new story elements added to the game however it doesn't run too long and is considerable shorter than Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Its greatly optimized for the PC as it has pretty modest system requirements. I recommend buying it when its on a sale or when its cheap in price otherwise only buy it if you're an avid Batman fan!


a pleasant surprise

Aramose | July 30, 2014 | See all Aramose's reviews »

After months of reading reviews on websites,steam and various forums, I saw origins on GMG and decided to finally dive into it after finally finishing Arkham City. ( I have too many games and most of them I don't finish when I first get them) So I went in with an open mind thinking could it really be that much worse than AC? Much to my surprise after finishing the main story this morning I must say it was pretty awesome. So if you have played Arkham Asylum and City I highly recommend this title in the series. I actually found that it flowed better after a slow start but once it starts moving the story along I found it better than both previous titles. The gameplay is almost identical and the option to fast travel certainly speeds things along. It took me about 12 hrs to finish the main story which is about the same time it took me to finish AC. But I must say I enjoyed this title much more because it seemed to flow better with the story. Now I am off to play the DLC. So in closing it is not perfect but I found it well worth sticking it out and finishing it, the boss fights alone are worth your time. And watching the story unfold I feel you will be pleasantly surprised as much as I was.


A satisfying experience

rasky_music | July 29, 2014 | See all rasky_music's reviews »

Batman Arkham City is one of my favorite games and I was afraid this game wouldn't be able to live up to its predecessor. It certainly did exceed my expectations and is an enjoyable journey throughout. I have some gripes with the game, like the starting sequence. The intro feels forced and the game holding your hand through it doesn't make it any better. But once you get out of the forced intro sequence you'll find yourself enjoying the game much more, or at least I did. The combat doesn't feel as receptive as AC, but it certainly is good. The boss battles are very enjoyable and satisfying.


It awesome

roman9441 | July 28, 2014 | See all roman9441's reviews »

I love the new graphic of this game it improve a lot over the first one. I'm just try it a few minute and i would said that i love it so much will play it more later as i bought 3 batman together because the developer delivery the 3 awesome batman. So it will take a lot of my time to finish it all. This one is improve a lot in gameplay and graphic i would recommend it to all of my friend who like superhero games


A solid entry in a fantastic series.

PrimalHunter779 | July 26, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is the third installment in the Batman: Arkham series of video games; it serves as a prequel to both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and provides an insight into the early days of Batman's career. This is the first game in the series I have played extensively, despite owning the other two titles. This game follows Batman/Bruce Wayne on Christmas Eve in Gotham City; the villain Black Mask places a significant bounty on your head, meaning the best and brightest villains flock to Gotham on Christmas Eve to take down Batman. I thought this was a great way to provide diversity in the villains you'll encounter, each with their own characteristics and different fighting styles; Bane, Copperhead, the Joker, Deadshot, Mad Hatter, Deathstroke, Electrocutioner and the Penguin are all villains that Batman will encounter in one way or another. The voice acting and motion capture of these characters is absolutely brilliant, and it was very enjoyable to face off against them. This game is a sprawling open world brawler; Batman has a number of tools and gadgets to navigate the vast environments such as grappling hooks, glue grenades, smoke grenades and batarangs, all of which come in useful in a variety of ways. You can glide across the cityscape uninterrupted; this is one of the best features of the game, as the player is allowed to navigate the world as you choose without limitation. Gameplay in Arkham Origins consists of engaging in fist fights with goons, sneaking around areas, solving puzzles and gliding around Gotham. Like previous entries in the series, Arkham Origins uses the freeflow combat system; as Batman, you can fly around a punch up whilst delivering hits and countering attacks. Different enemies require different fighting styles and techniques, and the enemy diversity as well as the range of tools means the fights are always entertaining and challenging. The stealth sections are equally entertaining, as you can use your tools and the environment to eliminate enemies undetected. You'll also come across challenging puzzles within the game, such as bypassing traps and blocked areas as well as solving puzzles left by Enigma. Video and sound design in this game is also very good. Excellent attention to detail in combination with a highly appealing graphics engine, this game looks absolutely stunning on high settings. Voice acting and sound design is also fantastic, and feels like a highly authentic Batman experience. This game was very enjoyable due to its highly polished gameplay and compelling story. Without spoilers, the scenes concerning the Joker and his early meetings with Batman provide a unique take on the story that I found extremely interesting and riveting for the game. If you enjoy action packed brawlers in an open world setting, I highly recommend this game. Loads of replay value and excellent value for money, Batman: Arkham Origins is an epic game for fans of Batman and action games in general. 9 / 10


The Dark Knight Begins

LordAristocrat | July 26, 2014 | See all LordAristocrat's reviews »

The third part of Batman's adventures looks like a big DLC for Arkham City. Nevertheless Arkham Origins brings something new in Arkham series and that's why in any reason you shouldn't pass this game by. The best game's side is storyline. Bruce Wayne has been protecting Gotham for two years. In Christmas night the most dangerous villain of the city - Black Mask hires 8 assassins for killing Bats. Arkham Origins shows us epic battles, unexpectable plot twists and first appearance of greatest comix villain - Joker. Without any doubts I can say, that this is the best storyline of Arkham series! Graphic. It's similar to the graphic level of Arkham City. But I'd like to distinguish the snowy Gotham which looks brilliant. Gameplay. The new part of gameplay is using Batwing - an ability to move faster on Gothams streets. Like in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood you must 'grab tower' and than use it like a fast point of moving. There is also one interesting thing - Batman's electric gloves - irreplaceable weapon against big number of enemies. So we have another one interesting game about favourite superhero. For true Batman fans must have!!!


My Favorite Game so far

cocoawolf29 | July 25, 2014 | See all cocoawolf29's reviews »

I will admit that it's my favorite because I have a weakness for interactions between Joker and Batman, but it really was a fabulous game. It greatly resembled Arkham City with the fighting style and gadgets, but some of the glitches were smoothed out, resulting in a fighting style that felt smoother and quicker. Some of the fights were repetitive of Arkham City, but others were original and satisfyingly challenging. There were similar puzzles to the other games as well, with new, more unfamiliar side quests. The new detective mode was a fun and interesting way to view any crime scenes discovered, and the few new gadgets that they added to the utility belt became indispensable during the game, especially during predator mode and the challenge maps. The plot is what set the game above the others for me. Arkham Origins is the origins of Batman, and this left the door open for the player to view Batman's meeting of many of his classic villains first hand. The story and characters made up for any monotonous fights and glitches, and it was wonderful to play another game as the Caped Crusader. It went well beyond my expectations.


The worst of the 3 batman games

Sharkiller | July 23, 2014 | See all Sharkiller's reviews »

To begin describing this game I start saying it's the one I liked less of the three instalments of Batman. It has not come to meet my expectations. The game is fine, it's exactly like the second instalment, innovation almost nil. The duration is around 10 hours without side quests. Dubbing is the best of the game and say the actions of some characters like the Joker or Bane. What I liked least was the duration of the game. Best fighting game are against bosses, much better than the first and second delivery, the fight against Deathstroke and Bane are simply spectacular. Therefore totally recommend the game. This is the only Batman game I couldn't finish the game 100% because the Anarchy tags was really boring and you can only find all using a guide. The same for the Riddler quest. They are everywhere and super repetitive and boring, nothing like the previous ones.


Good Batman

AceKaiser | July 2, 2014 | See all AceKaiser's reviews »

great game the only thing different about this game is the map. It's bigger than the Arkham City map and I like that. The story is amazing don't listen to people say negative things about it. I mean it is a prequel to the batman series. There are some bugs with the controls but if you ignore that then the game is great.


"Batman: Arkham Origins", A Good Game For Fans

Azrael360 | June 17, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

While previous games in the Arkham series can be recommended to anyone because of their quality, stories and gameplay, this one I would recommend for people who really enjoyed "Batman: Arkham City". Why?, because it's very similar to that game and it doesn't improve or try anything really different. Although it's still a great game to play for any Batman fan, after playing Arkham City this game feels more limited and repetitive. Some glitches and bugs have been patched, but not entirely, but playing with a younger Bruce in this prequel story in the series will keep you interested until the end. After all, it's Batman we're talking about!


So Far a Great Game

ob9410 | June 16, 2014 | See all ob9410's reviews »

I've had this game for a while but only just started 3 days ago. It is not as good as the other most likely because this is set in the past = not as many villains etc. The open world has been fun bashing thugs skulls and collecting well collectibles. One thing that annoyed me is some of the puzzles and one of which I'm not sure was a puzzle but it was just so hard it felt like one, once you beat Deathstroke and you have to use the remote grappling hook! It took me 1 hour to figure it out. That's as far as I've gotten but as I said it's great so far.


don't listen to all the hate.

whambam87 | June 15, 2014 | See all whambam87's reviews »

For a long time I wasn't going to buy this game as i had heard a lot of negative feedback about it but after seeing footage of Arkham knight i figured I needed to complete this before that game came out. Luckily this was in the sale at the same time. This game is great much better than anticipated, it may not be as good as the original two games but it is still a rather good and enjoyable game and this is from only playing it for a few hours so far. If you have the opportunity to grab it when it is cheap don't hesitate you wont regret it.


Copy&Pase is not enough to make a good Batman game

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | See all Gosen's reviews »

Huge disappointment. Everything we saw in previous game is here, but without soul to embrace it with such a joy. Voice actors has changed, plot is not interesting and game is boring as hell if we have enough Arkham City. There is no atmosphere here, just a solid game. I would stick with first two games and wait for 4th, which is made again by Remedy and even old voice actors are back. Personally I treat it like an average spin-off.


Another great Batman Game

snakeoo | June 14, 2014 | See all snakeoo's reviews »

Even though this game is not as good as the first two in the series, it is still a great game with excellent story. I found that the extra activities did not hold much weight to them unlike the previous games which had excellent worth playing extra activities.


If you liked Arkham City..

Flashi3q | June 11, 2014 | See all Flashi3q's reviews »

...You're going to love Arkham Origins. The graphics and the lightning itself is made much better than before. The map is bigger, it's split to two seperate districts, and you can access most of the places. The new villians, the assassins, hunting Batman, are designed pretty well. So, if you liked playing City, you will like this one as well. Of course, you may say that it's just a huge DLC to AC, like some people say. The only thing im not satisfied about, is the fact that there's not my favourite characters from the comics, the Scarecrow.


The Good, the Bad and the not-so-ugly

bull21 | June 9, 2014 | See all bull21's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins is a good game. Far from being flawless, it has it's fair share of cons but it is still a solid game. One of the biggest problems is the fact that it feels like Arkham City v2 with more gadgets and better enemies. That being said, the biggest problem with the game is serious lack of any innovation in regards to gameplay. Still, playing the game is quite fun. Freeflow is amazing and various gadgets only add diversity into gameplay style. Graphics-wise, the game looks great. Soundtrack is amazing as well as voice acting. Good optimization makes it playable even on older computers. All in all, B:AO is a good game. Though it doesn't offer too much in the terms of novelties, it is still a fun and enjoyable play.


Batman: Arkham City 2

bull21 | June 8, 2014 | See all bull21's reviews »

While Batman Arkham Origins is a good game, it is still unfortunately far from Arkham Asylum level of goodness. The biggest and, probably, only problem with the game is that it offers little as far as gameplay innovations go. While many will find that to be a problem, most important parts of gameplay mechanics are still functioning well - including Freeflow, which really shines in Origins. Furthermore, with the addition of various new gimmicks (although there aren't that many new gadgets), Origins gains more in strength and is a quite entertaining experience. Regarding other, more technical related stuff - I'd say that while Origins certainly won't be hailed as something ground breaking, it still offers plenty in terms of pretty good graphics, great soundtrack and AMAZING voice acting. Mark Hamill might be gone, but that does not necessarily mean that the Joker is! Batman's VA is beautifully done and so is that of many other characters. Is B:AO worth your time and money? Yes. As I've already mentioned, the game itself does not bring a lot of new things to the table but it is good enough to last for at least one play-through with (possibly) as much as 20+ hours of playing. Next to a great SP it also offers a pretty good (and interesting) MP that one should at least try.


Great Graphics and good story line

Harrison72386 | May 20, 2014 | See all Harrison72386's reviews »

This game has amazing graphics and a good story I didn't think I was going to like it at all but I got it as a gift with my video card so I figured I would try it out, turns out it is a great game and looks amazing


Fairly Good not Rocksteady that's for sure though

HaonofRemlu | May 18, 2014 | See all HaonofRemlu's reviews »

In all fairness, it is a pretty good game, however, it has a lot of bugs that are "fixed". I fought Killer Croc and it was like he wasn't even there, literally. Gliding makes Batman twitch about a little sometimes. I did enjoy the story, and the approach to fitting the game to Arkham Asylum


Good But Not Great

13th | May 15, 2014 | See all 13th's reviews »

This is the weakest out of the Arkham series to date in my opinion. Don't get me wrong this is still a great game that any Batman fan should try and experience. It takes everything from Arkham City that made it great, but also fails to add anything new to it at the same time. I'm not saying you shouldn't play this as it is a excellent game in it's own right, but after the fantastic game that was Arkham City, this game is a tiny letdown. But it is still worth your time I feel and you should give it a chance and while you play it, pretend Asylum and City don't exist


Don't be tempted.

thealbertjen | May 2, 2014 | See all thealbertjen's reviews »

I feel like this game was the result of a rather unfortunate series of events. Rocksteady made an excellent Batman game, Arkham Asylum. WB tasked them to make a sequel, Arkham City, which ended up turning out way better than the first. WB saw how well that went and decided to put out another Batman game, but not by Rocksteady. Instead they tasked an in house development studio and it really shows. Nothing in Batman: Arkham Origins will live up to the previous games. The combat doesn't feel as refined. Traversing the city feels samey at best, frustrating at worst (there are places you can't go, or buildings you can't grapple to/from for no particular reason). Even the game world itself is just a retread of the city from Arkham City. The story feels half-baked, detailing his initial years as the Dark Knight. All that being said, I am a huge fan of Troy Baker's Joker, and he steals the show entirely whenever he's on screen. All in all, if you want to play a Batman game, play Arkham City, not this knockoff. Or you can wait until Rocksteady puts out Arkham Knight.



bangincrazy | May 2, 2014 | See all bangincrazy's reviews »

If you are a bad of Batman and loved the previous games, you will enjoy this one as well. I have played the first two: both on xbox 360 and pc. Both games are a blast and so much better than any previous Batman game. Origins is no different. The city is huge, bigger than before. The villains are classic.


Good beginning

mcofdiablo | April 30, 2014 | See all mcofdiablo's reviews »

It would always be hard to make another Batman game after such a successful one as Batman Arkham City. It was a masterpiece in every aspect. Arkham Origins takes every good thing out of Arkham City: fighting mechanics, graphics, favourite characters; but unfortunately it adds almost nothing new. Fighting is slightly better just because now it's possible to knock down an enemy who is lying on the ground, graphics are slightly better but the system requirements are higher as well. The story in Arkham Origins is clearly about origins of characters. It should be interesting to follow the way Bruce Wayne became Batman we know, but for me personally it was more interesting to follow of everyone's favourite Joker. Such a shame they showed him and advertised so much in trailers. It could have been a pleasant surprise. All in all, not a bad game. It's only problem is that developers played too safely and didn't add anything their own.


I really love this game

johansdr | April 30, 2014 | See all johansdr's reviews »

You must know that this game wasn't released by Rocksteady (Batman Arkham Asylum and City) but have the essence of the last two games. First, you're a younger Bruce Wayne that is trying to fight against the crime in a city surrounded by criminal while there are 8 expert assassins trying to kill you. Is a nice game, and it have a great story. If you are a true fan of Batman and his Arkham series you must buy this. About the graphics, they are a bit better than Arkham City and the fight style is very similar so if you have played the last two games, you won't have any problems playing this.


Great prequel

schroff | April 29, 2014 | See all schroff's reviews »

I really enjoyed this game - 50 hours on Steam! The pacing of the story is good so you don't feel bored in between, the boss fights are good enough, and his new default suit also looks good, in fact this suit is my favourite out of the 4 Arkham games (incl. Knight) in terms of looks. The map is huge of course as it is Arkham City + a new South Gotham. The combat is slightly different compared to the previous games and you're more likely to get hit by thugs but you will adapt soon enough. If anything the new combat mechanics helped improve my skill with the free flow combat and appreciate the combat challenge maps. Predator encounters aren't all that imaginative unfortunately, except for the ones in the dlc campaign. The bugs the game is notorious for are gone so you can enjoy the game and not be bothered by launch issues. Highly recommended.


Enjoyed it quite a lot.

sabin666 | April 29, 2014 | See all sabin666's reviews »

If you like the previous batman title I would say that you are crazy of not getting this one! Some people have said that this game is bad but it is not! Though I have to say that it doesn't bring anything new to the table. The most noticeable change is the electric knuckle, but that power only makes the harder enemies easier to beat.


No bad

mcofdiablo | April 27, 2014 | See all mcofdiablo's reviews »

It would always be hard to make another Batman game after such a successful one as Batman Arkham City. It was a masterpiece in every aspect. Arkham Origins takes every good thing out of Arkham City: fighting mechanics, graphics, favourite characters; but unfortunately it adds almost nothing new. Fighting is slightly better just because now it's possible to knockdown an enemy who is lying on the ground, graphics are slightly better but the system requirements are higher as well. The story in Arkham Origins is clearly about origins of characters. It should be interesting to follow the way Bruce Wayne became Batman we know, but for me personally it was more interesting to follow of everyone's favourite Joker. Such a shame they showed him and advertised so much in trailers. It could have been a pleasant surprise. All in all, not a bad game. It's only problem is that developers played too safely and didn't add anything their own.


Decent Arkham game but could have been much more.

EDGE1812 | April 23, 2014 | See all EDGE1812's reviews »

Ah, who dosent remembers the good old days of when Rocksteady brought us Arkham Asylum and four years later WB Montreal brings us Arkham Origins.In between we have had a full blown game in Arkham City and a plethora of dlcs to fill the Batman void.So how good is Arkham Origins and does it live upto the Arkham name? Arkham Origins while not as good as Asylum or City explores the inanity in Batman life.It portrays a younger inexperienced Batman and does well as far as the story and characters are concerned but on the contrary he seems to have all the devices and skills he had in Asylum and City which were based after the events in Origins, thats serves as a slap in the face of immersion. Gameplay follows the rule of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" that means the combo system from City is back and the all the moves too.The combat is fairly solid with a few hiccups when your combobreaks for no reason apparently. Pick it up if you're a Batman fan, while not being as good as its prequel the game is merits a one time playthough if not for anything but too see the portrayal of Joker and it nails it !


Aligned with the other games of the series

sergebelanger22 | April 17, 2014 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins takes place before Arkham Asylum. If you pay attention, you can see that the villains have some physical traits different from what we are are used to. The combat is done exactly the same way as in Arkham Asylum and City. If you liked these games, you have to like this one. The gadgets are almost the same too, plus few new ones or some that have been modified. There are few side missions that you can do, however most of them do not add much to the story. The result of the mission of the Riddler is disappointing for the time that you have to put on it. Graphically, it really looks nice. The sound is good, however there are some bugs. At some place, the guy will just repeat his 2 sentences and you will not be able to press on your button to start the cinematic. You will have to exit your game and come back to fight him again. The season pass adds some challenges and a DLC mission, however this DLC is not out yet, so I cannot comment on it. For my part, the challenges are really not my favorite aspect of the game, so I cannot say that I liked them. But for the fans, it adds few hours to the game. Globally, I would recommend all the fans of Batman to play it. However, if you have played the 2 previous ones and you had enough, there are no major upgrades that will make you like it.


Batman Arkham City 2.5 ?

MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Batman Arkham Origins doesn't fix what already worked in the previous games, so Warner Bros. is playing it safe really. The last 2 Batman games were awesome, especially the first. The second one was a bit too ambitious, throwing you into the deep way too soon. Arkham Origins fortunately doesn't do this, but it doesn't hold your hand either, which is a good thing. But the city is a bit too similar to Arkham City, and yes, even though it is Christmas time, it also feels way too empty, with hardly a civilian to be found anywhere and empty cars standing on the middle of the road. Thankfully, there's plenty of content, with lots of sidequests and collectibles and a beefy storyline. Just like the other 2 games. And there's more than enough variety as far as the villains are concerned. Just like the other 2 games. And, of course, there are plenty of gadgets. ... Just like the other games... Sure, there are a few new ones but most of them work the same way as some of the gadgets found in the previous games (like the glue gun). Graphically it all looks amazing, with that dark Batman vibe dating back to Batman Returns on the SNES. The voice acting and music are also all very solid and gameplay wise it all works very well. It's just that Origins doesn't show enough innovation. It all feels and looks very similar. They should really try and expand the game for possible sequels. Give us something new, something to get excited about. Anyway, you will, once again, get plenty of content for your money by buying this. That's also not the thing that you should be worried about. The thing is, can you look past its flaws and enjoy a game that's basically Arkham City 2.5 ?


Unnecessary prequel

spycid | April 14, 2014 | See all spycid's reviews »

After playing Batman Arkham Asylum & City, gamers expectations were sky high which Batman Arkham Origins fails to meet. It's more of the same. The game offers nothing which the previous game didn't offer. Sure this game has an intriguing storyline, an unnecessary Multiplayer. Challenge Map is fine but MP is not required at all. Background music and graphics are top notch. But the game lacks content, main storyline is too short. It seems like they wanted to focus on MP more instead of SP. Anyway, it is still a must buy for all Batman fans. IMO, you should wait for the final version where season pass will be included too. This is the best deal you can get atm if you haven't bought it yet.


Not the most innovative, but the biggest!

Ryukrieger | April 14, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

It may not be the most innovative game in the franchise, but it certainly is the biggest. For a studio that didn't build the game from scratch, they made a fantastic addition to Arkham City (as a prequel), The storyline and music are still fantastic, the feelings of a young Batman can also be felt in certain moments! The combat and stealth are still smooth and fluid and still is one of the greatest style. The game fell short when it first came out with quite a lot of bugs reported. but now the game is completely playable, some people are still reporting bugs here and there, but personally, I have not encountered any bug in my later playthrough, if you want something to hold my words for, I have completed the "I Am The Night" mode, the mode where you can't die, smoothly, if that is the case, that means I have not encountered any game-breaking of annoying bugs, and I have not noticed them, either! 91 for being fantastic but not the most innovative (it is not a bad thing, so it doesn't reduce many points from me), and I also know not everyone would have the same opinion as I did. In short, the game carried on the spirit of Arkham City and made it bigger! But anyway, this is just a personal recommendation!


lots of fun

zathor1nan | April 14, 2014 | See all zathor1nan's reviews »

If you enjoyed the other Batman games you will like this game. The gameplay has the same addicting freeflow system that makes you feel like a badass and the equipment is still perfectly suited for usage in combat as well. The game has very good graphics, looking especially good in the snow (which you will see a lot of) and steam. The graphics are definetly an improvement over the last game even though some of them look the same. The plot is interesting as it takes place before arkham asylum when batman was still relatively new and the police didn't like him. This is interesting because that means batman can fight some of the less well known characters like the electrocutioner and firefly. This also means that batman doesnt know who the joker and maybe bane is. Now for the problems. The combat is pretty much exactly the same. Most of the animations are reused and look exactly the same. Apparently 50% of this game is reused stuff from arkham city which is a problem. Much of the gameplay feels the same but if you loved arkham city you will like this although you might want to take a break in between so it doesn't feel like you are playing the same game. At launch the game was extremely glitchy with some visual and game breaking bugs. Most of those have been ironed you although there are still some glitches where parts of batman clips through his cape and sometimes when trying to fly he will just spazz out.


More of the Same Which Isn't a Bad Thing

cedarson | April 14, 2014 | See all cedarson's reviews »

A lot of the reviews for this game have had one common gripe: It is more of the same. In my mind, however, that is not a bad thing. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games of all time. I actually wasn't a huge fan of Arkham City. I liked it, but it seemed to have too much going on to really get immersed in it like the first one. I think this is a good balance of the two. My biggest disappointment of the game is that this really isn't an "origin" story. I thought we would get to take part in the rise of Bruce Wayne into Batman, but it seems like the "origin" part was just slapped on an already near complete game to give it some identity over the other two. In all, you're not wasting your time if you pick this one up.


Good But Not Innovative

Daman2u | April 5, 2014 | See all Daman2u's reviews »

I went into this game with decent expectations of it being good but not great, and that is exactly what I got. The core mechanics are perfect and maintain the feel of the other Arkham games very well. the biggest issue with it was that it just did not change enough if at all. There were no new innovative idea put into place, and while that does not hurt it it simply gives you the feeling that you are not playing a whole game and that what you are actually doing, is experiencing a content update for Arkham City. The boss fights, story, and upgrades are excellent, much like the other games. there simply was not enough innovation in how all of those aspects were utilized.


Good but .....

soura1993 | Feb. 23, 2014 | See all soura1993's reviews »

Do You love the Batman story as much as I do ??? If you love the story and the characters then play Batman Arkham Origin !!! But if you are expecting new style gameplay (something new) .. then I am afraid You will not get anything new !!! Well they introduced new characters , new gadgets(new ??? I don't Think so) ,,, free flow combat ,,, but there are many flaws !!! All they need was a link which could bind the story but.........Well that's enough for negatives... now the positives .... the characters ...Deathstroke ,,, I would love it if they used that character more.... Troy Baker as joker ??? Mind blowing !!!! The boss fights are awesome !!! At last I am gonna say .. dont care about the reviews.. they are personal opinions ... Play the game and you will find out which is good and which is bad !!!!


More of the same, but more grounded

Skeride | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all Skeride's reviews »

This is a very good game. If you haven't played an Arkham game before, you'll be blown away. If you've played the others, think of this as a big mission pack. It doesn't add anything really new to the gameplay, but the quality is kept just as polished as it's ever been, and the graphics have been upgraded in predictable ways. This is the least fantastic (as in fantasy) and most down-to-earth of the Arkham games, so if you prefer the Arrow TV series to, say, Batman Returns, you'll probably find this very enjoyable. For a Batman fan or completionist, you'll get your money's worth even at full price, particularly since the online PvP mode is surprisingly fun and addictive. Everyone else may wish to wait for one of the frequent sales.



icnivadodranoel | Feb. 21, 2014 | See all icnivadodranoel's reviews »

There are some improvements: The plot is engaging. Soundtrack is good and the graphics are great. Interesting tweaks have been added The map is more extensive and dense The main character is more impulsive There is the batwing for fast travel. Combat system excited After completing the main storyline of the game, there are still many objectives to do. You still play for hours and hours and not bored


What next?

kiyd | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all kiyd's reviews »

As limited in combat style as Arkham Asylum was, it's still an utterly replayable game and one of the better Metroidvania-style offerings one can get into. Arkham City took that formula and pumped it full of Venom (though Bane plays as small a role in AC as he did in AA). There's nothing wrong with Origins for being so much like AC in terms of gameplay - in fact, for those of us who are highly proficient at AC combat, it meant dropping straight into the world and going to town on huge piles of thugs - but at times it feels a bit too straightforward, and where there are changes, there are also bugs. In particular is the Dark Knight system: people accustomed to going for 100% complete gamesaves will find this system frustrating, not because it's difficult (though one achievement in the Predator tree will have you quitting the game and rebooting your save to try it over and over), but because certain aspects of it are difficult to track until after the fact, when it's too late to fix what you could have done differently. Also, the game file doesn't actually go to 100% complete even after you beat all the game modes, an oversight that's somewhat unforgivable in this day and age, especially for a game that doesn't feel at all like it was rushed out the door. Still, there's just enough different about the game - the mini-boss fights, the humor with Alfred, a couple of new gadgets - that, in some ways, this is a game preferable to AC. Playing through the challenge maps and campaigns on this is frankly more entertaining and satisfying than AC's were (at least for Batman). And the changes in voice acting ended up working out nicely; I've been listening to Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill do these characters since the 90s, but their successors are worthy. It'll be interesting to see what the DLC has in store for it, particularly since AC's DLC was so uniformly disappointing. But really, given the plotlines of the last two games, one wonders if this is the end of the franchise or if they have something else up their sleeve that actually moves the gameplay forward again.


Loved it!

huckleberry182 | Feb. 13, 2014 | See all huckleberry182's reviews »

I know many people experienced game breaking bugs with AO. And still others felt the combat was not as good as the last two. However, I did not have either of those experiences. I really like this game. Particularly enjoyed the darker tone and the structure of the side missions. I would definitely recommend it, especially if it is cheaper than release (which it likely is by now).


A Solid, Albeit Repetitive, Entry in the Arkham Series

GamezDude | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all GamezDude's reviews »

It's time once again to dawn the black cape and return to Gotham City, only this time, we look back to when Bruce Wayne was just getting his wings. Taking place several years before the events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the player takes their place as Batman and goes about their duty to save the city of Gotham. The game, in a nutshell, feels like a reskinned version of Arkham City. Most of the buildings are reused, such as the iconic courthouse from Arkham City where you first see Two-Face. The Blackgate jailcells also look strangely identical to those in Arkham Asylum. This doesn't impede the gameplay too much, though, as you're too busy fighting criminals with beautiful combos to even notice the scenery. The graphics are on par with previous titles in the series, although it's still impressive to see the game with everything set to high. The story can feel a bit stagnant at times, as there is a lot of traveling around the city, but this is easier with the Bat-plane available once giant radio towers set up by the Riddler are taken down in each area of the map. Overall, this game isn't the best in the series, but it is definitely a good purchase for any fan of Batman.


The silver medal in the batman series.

Turfpro_29 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Turfpro_29's reviews »

If you loved Arkham City, this game is a pick up for sure. Hands down a great game. This game plays identical to Arkham city in many ways but isn’t quite as good. It feels like you are playing DLC from Arkham city it’s so damn alike. The combat system is 90% the same but why change something that is amazing and helped define the batman series of what it is, am glad they did not make major changes with it. The Origin story isn’t quite with the B list villains they have but hey it’s still something new with Batman. I recommend this to anyone who loved Arkham city to give this a solid run through.


A little disappointing

mrminecrafter1 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Let's cut to the chase shall we. The city was definitely big, but it had the San Andreas syndrome. Too much space with too little people. The story was certainly unique and cool, so credit there. The combat system is still solid and nearly identical. So in the end, Batman: Arkham Origins is not as good as the first two games but should still be enjoyable to most people. It is especially enjoyable to newcomers of the Batman series.


Not as good as City, but still very enjoyable

xgatto | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all xgatto's reviews »

When I first heard about Origins, I already thought what it would be. Just a "filler" game, another game under the Arkham series made to make some money before advancing with the series. Does this make it bad? No, not at all. Origins plays just as City, but with improvements all across the board, the only thing really lacking in Origins is depth, and relevance, and the fact that even tho they made some improvements to the fighting system, I can't help but feel is a tad bit slower than usual. Anyways, fun game, if you liked City you'll most definitely like this, but just don't expect an storyline as depth as City.


Not worth the full price

ExtraCrazyVG | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all ExtraCrazyVG's reviews »

It is a fun game, not worth 50 $ though. I had a few days of on and of enjoyment and the multiplayer is quite fun as well. Controls are a bit jerky and sometimes stealth seems to stop working. The game is ruled by repetitiveness and you seem to be doing the same missions over and over again. It does not help that you can replay the repetitive campaign on harder difficulties. Only worth the money if you find it on sale.


Similar game as arkham city but still great

masterblaster96 | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all masterblaster96's reviews »

This game is amazing and as part of the batman series it does not disappoint. After playing through Arkham asylum and Arkham city, I was left wanting more and this game is still a great entry in the series. The story is a prequel to the other games and it is fantastic to see the origins of batman and especially the joker. The story is considered to weaker than the other 2 games but still fantastic. The crime investigation is the best new addition to the game and the segments which involve recreating the actual crimes is very rewarding. Other than that the gameplay is still pretty much the same, the combat is still fantastic and it is very rewarding to get those high combos. However after you get shock gloves combat becomes much easier as you can just punch all enemies and they will not be able to defend. Great game highly recommend and still a great entry in the batman series. Many people said there were many bugs but i did not face any in my playthrough.


The Best One Yet!

Honx | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all Honx's reviews »

Coming from someone who has played Arkham Asylum multiple times through, and played a couple of hours of Arkam City, I found that Arkham Origins is the best one yet. It plays out much like a mix of the previous 2 Batman games in that it offers the whole city to explore (just like Arkham City), but at the same time there are missions in a closed environment (much like Arkham Asylum). The graphics are the best yet, especially with DirectX 11 features such as a more realistic cloak and steps engraved in thick snow. Voice over for this game is simply epic and the story is gripping! Multiplayer is a blast as well and offers a nice change of pace from the same singleplayer experience. Overall, I consider this game the best one in the series and for 16.99 Euro (on discount), it is an absolute steal!


A Continuation of Greatness

pajmode | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all pajmode's reviews »

Just as Arkham City improved upon the first game, so does Arkham Origins. Combat, music, gameplay and story have all seen a slight improvement. The gameplay seems smoother than the first two for sure. Weapons and ease of switching between them has been detailed a little more. The only qualm I have with this game is the dlc. I feel like this series has taking the use of DLC too far. Most of the best parts of this game require an extra transaction, which is always frustrating. But the base game is still worth the purchase


What is was expected to be.

rubber2006 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all rubber2006's reviews »

My expectations at least were not that high because it was not developed by Rocksteady. I exopected an Arkham City with a new story, and that is exactly what it is. The story itself is pretty cool, with some twists which should keep you entertained for the whole story. The city however feels kind of empty, where Arkham City was filled with things like the riddler trophy's, Arkham Origins just feels a bit more empty and boring. People who liked the first two Arkham games, should enjoy this one.It is not as perfect as the first two but it is at least enjoyable and should keep you entertained for about 20 hours.


Same Old Mechanism, Little Improvement. Still Enjoyable Though

rianankaa | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all rianankaa's reviews »

Being the third incarnation in the Batman Arkham series, I have a lot to expect from this game. The first game in the series, Arkham Asylum was ground-breaking. The second, Arkham City was even more. Would it not be natural to expect the third one to be even better? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Perhaps we can say that this game merely copy the gameplay from the older ones and using a new "skin" to draw the characters and the surrounding environment. The rest of the gameplay is relatively the same. Being developed by a new company (WB Games), seems that they do not take risk to present new things and plainly using what has been done perfectly in the older games. Only some "new features" such as the timed events and multiplayer part. Bottom line: expect the old Arkhams with a new skin. Still enjoyable but do not expect new things!


Not as good is still fantastic.

Shodex | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all Shodex's reviews »

Unlike Arkham Asylum and it's sequel Arkham City, the newest Arkham Origins is not made by Rocksteady. To put it bluntly, Origins is a lackluster sequel. But not a bad one. There is very little in Arkham Origins that you have not seen in the previous titles, in fact maybe nothing is new. But at the same time, there's nothing new about this ice cream I'm eating that I didn't see in previous bowls of ice cream. Now that does not make this ice cream any less delicious, nor does it make Arkham Origins any less enjoyable. Don't expect Arkham Origins to wow you with new innovations to the series like City did after Asylum. But you'll get much more of what makes the Arkham games so great, so how can you really complain? The 65 is because the sequel lacks effort, it's more of the exact same thing. Which is a habit I wish games would try to avoid. However I won't deny that it was a very fun experience.


Too much of the same - but only a "first offence"

comicnabster | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all comicnabster's reviews »

As we all know, Call of Duty comes under fire every year for being the same game over and over again. To be fair, if I like something, I logically want more of the same - but only to a certain extent. Arkham Origins delivers on that. However, it doesn't give me the feeling that I'm getting something super cool and new that the previous game didn't give me. In comparison, Arkham City was giving me the same basic formula but adding on a ton of cool stuff I didn't get in Arkham Asylum. I was also disappointed that the game had to fall back to using the Joker as the primary villain again. I love the Joker and all, but Batman's rogues gallery is enormous! Yes, Bane, Deathstroke, etc do make appearances but only as supporting villains. I can't say I wasn't hoping to take on Black Mask himself in some epic duel. Nevertheless, I love the Arkham formula enough that I did have loads of fun playing this game from start to finish. I also appreciated how I got more gadgets from the start than I did in Arkham City. The Batwing was also a welcome addition (and massive time saver). I would recommend buying this game on a <$10 sale. At full price, you might as well just play Arkham City again (and maybe its DLC). I will give WB Montreal the benefit of the doubt since this is the "first offence". But I will definitely not preorder the next Arkham game, and will wait for reviews.


The formula is there but some ingredients are missing

connlasair | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all connlasair's reviews »

Let me start off by saying that this is a solid game in its own right. The story is tight and it took me 20 hours to finish not counting challanges. The game unfolds pretty much in the same manner as Arkham Asylum and Arkham City - there is roaming around the map, some fighting, then a stealth scenario and then a detective segment. The detective segment is overhauled to be more immersive and spectacular but honestly, it does not really leave a strong impression. I found stealth missions a bit lacking, mainly because of the level design. As for the fighting - good as always. though late in the game the player obtains a gadget that's way too overpowered, taking a lot of the challange from the fights. Of course, one can just not use it, but it's still there and sometimes I even triggered it accidentaly! What truly shines and it's probably better than in Arkham City is boss fights. Every boss fight is amazing, creative and very well presented. I do have a few complaints though. For the first time in the series we have an entire city to our disposal and it feels empty. Only villains roam the streets and there is no particular reason why certain types of bad guys are in a certain part of city. In Arkham City, it was fleshed out - villains controlled parts of the town and fought for the territory. Also, the chatter is somewhat uninteresting in Arkham Origins. At some points of the game, the gameplay just felt tedious - it's hard to pinpoint why exactly but something is missing from the previous titles. Overall, there's little innovation and improvement here. Again, this is a solid game, but for an Arkham City fan it may be a dissappointment. I got Arkham Origins as a bonus to my video card. I recommend buying this game when a sale hits.


Nothing New But Good Effort

Xessive | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all Xessive's reviews »

Arkham Origins doesn't introduce anything new to the series. If you like the Arkham series then this is just a bit more to enjoy. It's tough taking the torch from Rocksteady but the new team did a decent job of maintaining the level of quality you can expect from the Batman Arkham games. There are some elements that make it clear that it's mimicking its predecessors rather than innovating. For example, while the combat has the same technical style it lacks the sense of rhythm the previous games had. It's much easier for things to become chaotic in Origins as compared to Arkham City. Overall it's a good game, undeniably, but Batman Arkham Origins doesn't set itself apart or especially great within its own franchise.


Nothing New and Some Disappointments

Lleris | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all Lleris's reviews »

To be straight up honest, you're better off with Arkham City. That game has pretty much everything this game does. In fact, Origins feels more awkward to handle in terms of controls (sneaking feels more difficult than it did in Arkham City, along with stealth takedowns) and also has its fair share of bugs (like the infamous Enigma tower one). It's not all bad - the game is at least on the playing level of its predecessors, even if it does have its own kinks and bugs. Storyline is fine and workable, nothing special. But damn, the boss fights are less than spectacular (particularly Deathstroke's fight where you just click a routine set of buttons to defeat him, zzz...) and most are pretty much a retake on boss battles from City and/or Asylum. Multiplayer is a neat add-on, but really nothing more than just to kill time. Worth playing, but isn't really what makes the game. Overall a decent game, I guess, but I feel like it was way overhyped and nothing new was really added to the game. I'm really glad I got it on sale and not full price.


Nothing Compared to Arkham City

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game is far from Arkham City, but it's still a nice edition to the series. Based on the title, you can just tell that this game is a prequel to the Arkham series. I do feel like this game isn't really worth it's price though. I think it would be worth around $29.99, but that probably won't happen for a while. Best to wait on this one I would think; unless you're just itching to play it, then by all means go ahead and buy it.


A great open world game, a slightly disappointing Batman game

bradysam | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all bradysam's reviews »

First of all, let me say that this is a great game and like the other two games in the Arkham series it will keep you coming back again and again. The controls feel tight, even though the combat rhythm feels changed from Arkham City, which is initially off putting. Again gliding around the city feels amazing as well and you feel well and truly like the Bat as you clean up Arkham street by street. The story itself is good, but again, not quite as good as Arkham Asylum or the amazing Arkham City, with some obvious plot twists and some story cliches it seems to fall back on. Luckily, all the side content is incredible, even if it seems to echo a lot of the Arkham City content and the addition of the challenge system through SP I feel really adds to the experience. The multiplayer has been an average experience for me. The team based games on offer are slightly tweaked from the norm with the addition of a third team of batman and robin. It's fun for a few games, but doesn't change up that much. It's definitely worth checking out, but it might not hold your attention for long. Overall, if you liked the previous batman games then you'll like this one. The SP will hold your attention for 10 hours for the main story, but with the side content it quite easily goes for 30 hours. The multiplayer should last you longer as well. It's an interesting take and definitely worth checking out.


Arkham Origins Will Best Your Expectations

Darlus | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all Darlus's reviews »

This game wasn't made by Rocksteady, but it was left in good hands. There is no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill voicing Batman and Joker, but you won't be disappointed. The fact of the matter is, if you enjoyed the first two games in the Arkham series, you're probably going to enjoy this one. It is very similar to Arkham City, but there is enough different and new about it to keep you interested and entertained, such as the Sock Gauntlets you obtain or the system you use to recreate, some very complex, crime scenes. There are even some improvements in the fighting mechanics. For the reviews that gave it 6's or worse because it was basically the same game as the last one, the logic just isn't there. You play these games to BE Batman, to fight crime as your favourite caped crusader, and that's exactly what you do. Every YEAR critics give the Call of Duty games 9's and 10's across the board, and, at the bare-bones, those games are all just carbon copies of one another... Lifeless clones who barely attempt to put a story together because they know you're just going to be playing the multiplayer modes anyway. And Arkham Origins even has that! Multiplayer as Batman and Robin.


Batman series never disappoint

Freako | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

This recently released game is still up for grabs. Many people want to be a part of this amazing adventure but feel it's not worth the price. Arkham origins is an great game. They have done well at correcting mistakes made in the first few batman series. The combat is fluid. You have batman punching bad guys as if they were punching bags. Loved batman from the movies. Trust me in the game you really get the atmosphere of how batman really rolls. Go man hunting on villains or play the stealthy approach it's all up to you. The super awesome voice acting just gives you the goosebumps the moment you hear the joker talking. And some of your iconic super villains. Also many say batman can't fly. Trust me, he can glide which is as good as flying. It makes going around the areas so much easier. Still i would highly recommend to buy this game when it's on sale.


A Great Beginning

DazeOfWar | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all DazeOfWar's reviews »

I sit on the edge of a building looking down on some criminals on Christmas Eve trying to learn the whereabouts of the Black Mask. These guys don’t have much of a lead but they are up to no good so first I need to drop down and do a little training on a few faces. Origins is the third game from the new Batman series but takes place before the last two. You are basically in the early years of being the bat. You’ll get to see some of the first encounters with some classic villains from the Batman stories we all love. Black Mask has put a $50 million bounty on Batman’s head and you now get the fun and excitement of dealing with all the villains who want that money. Not all is what it seems as you are soon to find out after a little progression and discovery. The games graphics look about the same as AA & AC. Which is a good thing because I love the looks of the characters and environment. I did notice the lip syncing to be off sometimes but no problems there. Voices were all great like usual and I love the music specially the darker tone Christmas stuff. Gameplay is what you expect from the last two games. Use your predator skills for silent takedowns which is always fun. Gadgets galore to use at your disposal. Like the new glue grenades to immobilize an attacker for a short time, or a gun which shoots a wire across to anchor points to be used as a zip line or tight rope. You can also use it to hook criminals to objects or each other. Many fun times with that one. Other gadgets are your typical batarangs, grappling hook, explosive gel, and some others from the previous games. There’s plenty to do in Gotham this time around with some side stories like Anarky, Deadshot and a few others. Small crimes you can solve which is now done with a cool feature were you can see a reenactment of the crime to discover what happen. A pretty cool feature and should be expanded on later down the line. Then there are the Riddler challenges again, which are just small packages you find throughout the city. Not as cool as the Riddler challenges from the previous game but it does give a little change. Now the combat is what Rocksteady had perfected in the last two games and really made it exciting and fun to get into fist fights with your enemies. It was so fluid and fast and just beautiful to pull off some amazing moves. I’m not sure what happen but WB Montreal seem to screw up the system. Counters don’t seem to work many times and the fighting just did not feel as balanced as usual. It was disappointing and aggravating at times but I still had a blast playing. Batman: Arkham Origins is a wonderful game to play and a great addition to the Batman franchise even despite its small flaws and some bugs I encountered. Like the red screen bug you get when entering the GCPD. Your screen turns red when you enter the rooftop door and then your PC restarts after like 10 seconds. An easy fix as you just have to put the game into windowed mode before entering and you can then go back full screen after that. Just be careful though because one downfall I got was after I beat the game and was almost finished with all side missions I forgot about this bug and got the red screen. When I restarted everything up again I had lost the last 7 hours of gameplay and all my completion stats. Luckily for me I had finished the game before this happened. If the little issues don’t scare you away then pick this up and enjoy the great Batman story and fun.


Still a good game, but it could've been better

youknowwho77 | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

The game's really good, if you forget about the massive bugs (more of them were fixed in the updates). The story's still good. You're a young Batman now, where he first met the Joker, and the other villians. The developers tried to freshen the game a little bit by including new gadgets, and a few gameplay mechanics, which is great, but the game still feels the same (which is great too in another way). The side quests could've been done better.(I still preffer those in Arkham City). However, the game is a good addition to the franchise, and if you played the previous games, you should deffinetely play this one too!


Fans will enjoy this latest Arkham installment!

Volzmir | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all Volzmir's reviews »

Copied from my Steam Reviews: [STORY] ✮✮✮✮✰ [GAMEPLAY] ✮✮✮✮✰ [REPLAYABILITY] ✮✮✮✮✮ [GAMEPLAY HOURS] 25+ "Batman: Arkham Origins features a large open cityscape with few changes to the core game mechanics already established by Rocksteady. Playing as Batman feels very similar as in Arkham City which makes for a easy transition into this installment. Visuals are much improved in this sequel and the voice work is noticeably top notch. Players can expect an additonal 20+ hours of gameplay to hunt achievements and complete side quests. Both Batman's upgrades and Dark Knight Challenge progress carry over into New Game+, allowing players to complete tasks they weren't able to accomplish the first time around. New Predator and Combat challenge maps add variety to the entire experience, especially for those who enjoy the gameplay of the Arkham series. Obtaining all 3 medals in every challenge map feels rewarding and justly earned. Overall, this game satisfies most Arkham fans, bringing together iconic villains such as Black Mask, Bane, and of course, the Joker, in one compelling story."


The origins of the Dark Knight narrated better than ever

kalil | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

As the title says , for my Warner Bros Montreal had an added pressure due to the proper quality of IP , because the boys have complied with this prequel, and boy, have met , I have found it a great game , of when you all have you end up wanting more , A level plot spoilers are not but it is a very well-crafted plot with unexpected twists and frantic delight plowing you over if you're a fan of lore character In terms of gameplay , we can say more of the same if , but ? that's bad? absolutely not , remains a jubable delight by mobility, planning , fighting, combos , how to investigate whether it is self-guided but is so well cast that you stay soprendido therefore fighting with bosses truth are very good , even some very epic especially with Deathstroke and firefly , Bane , etc. , as is usual there is also a smart development of character skills that allows us to exploit irlas as we go on an adventure Visually , say PC gaming is where I've been able to play with everything in Ultra is a visual delight, apart from artistic design is also excellent A sound level , also excellent, a very good soundtrack , as is also usual in the series , and a great Castilian dub While innovation sins by their absence can not say a bad thing because it keeps everything good in the previous two games and that's a level of very high quality , you may get something more like the Batmobile he had had his grace but I think that in terms of leftovers fulfilled staying true to the series To finish , this is a game that if you liked the previous two 'll love , you left a great taste as in my case and wanting more Batman , should instead not to play the other two , which so do not take for back as it is a prequel to these and therefore the echos that are told in the past , so you already know, you can still enjoy this great game that I was particularly delighted me


Could be better

Demilisz | Dec. 10, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

The game isn't bad, but the main problem is that every good aspect here comes from previous games. Combat system is still great, but is nothing more than copy-paste from AA and AC. New villains? Nice, but this time there is so many that only a few of them gets deserved attention, most of them just got beaten and disappears. The only exception is improved detective mode with investigating a crime scene - now that is something new and comes from new developer. While the plot is suppose to tell the beginning of Dark Knight we don't really feel it - Batman already knows most of the villains and is just as good in combat as he is in AA and AC (and that games take place after Arkham Origin). If playing the series in right order (Origin, then Asylum and finally City) we don't see or even feel that Dark Knight progress and is more experienced. On the contrary - we "lose" some gadgets and better Detective mode. If you are a Batman's fan and never get enough of him - buy. The rest - wait for sale.


Holds up to it's predecessors.

fable2 | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

Arkham Origins is a fantastic game. It lives upto the legacy of its predecessors and in some cases surpasses them. The first thing fans will notice is that the UI/HUD has been redone and it looks great with a new coat of paint. The game also gives you a cool rating based around what you did in combat. The combat has also had some tweaks done to it. I find it to be slightly more fast paced, the animation sets are much much better and has a greater impact. I also found counters are slightly easier to pull off. The previous titles had an annoying quirk where enemies would strike you even if you'd countered just because you got too close to the cutoff. This helps the combat feel better. Arkham Origins holds up to the previous titles nicely and while they didn't change the formula or style of the game WB did a great job to ensure the legacy of the series goes on.


Not quite Rocksteady love, but that's all right

Takeshi_K | Dec. 3, 2013 | See all Takeshi_K's reviews »

It's still goddamn Batman. The core gameplay mechanics are intact, and so it's still quite the action and adventure game. A few things has been tweaked, but only things that helps build on the game. Arguably, things that Rocksteady could implement in their next-gen Batman game. The only complaint is that the gap from City to Origins isn't as ground-breaking as the gap from Asylum to City. One might so that it's a good thing, and I am a firm believer of that. WB Montreal aren't Rocksteady, so I am all right with this minor upgrade. There is still a strong story, new gameplay mechanics to try out, and exciting new side missions to take on.


WB Doing It Right!

Roydo | Dec. 3, 2013 | See all Roydo's reviews »

under some new people this game stayed true to the franchise, like they said "we are standing on the shoulders of giants" and they did not mess up. They kept the story very interesting and told the origins very well for batman and the villains. there are surprises and many side missions to do after finished. This game graphically was nice but simple compared to arkham city it comes in second but was better than asylum imo. The boss battles for this game were very well done! and all the characters had there defined personality. though they changed voice actors both batman and joker proved to voice them very well, with batmans serious attitude to jokers more playful and childish side. the combat is the same but with tweaks that will make you happy, what i like mostly was emphasis on the story origin. this game had gorgeous cutscenes and awesome scenery plus the map is huger than arkham city. Con: you only get to fight about 4-5 assassins out of the prossibled 8 in the story, the others are side missions which was a disappointment. there are side missions but they go by very quick. the only thing after then to keep you hooked are the riddler items scattered all over the map other than that just wait for some dlc. plus the multiplayer sucks imo i saw what they were going for but it just did not work out from one sided battles to batman and robin taking grenades and bullets to the face with out being phased. the multiplayer needs a lot of work and feels like they did not put too much thought into it


Amazing Game no matter what some critics say

Vordar | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all Vordar's reviews »

Why should something that works be changed? A lot of critics say this game is not as good as the others in the series cause it doesnt bring anything new to the table. Those kind of statements always make me wonder why something has to be new to be good. This game is amazing, and even though the same old recipe with combat and gadgets reprise here that doesnt mean is bad, in fact, far from it. The story is great even though after beating the main story there is not really much else to do in Gotham, but you still have the challenges and the online mode.


Very Good

BreakingBrod | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all BreakingBrod's reviews »

As a Batman fanatic, I dived into this game with high expectations: And disapointed was I not. The portrayal of many of the characters were unbelievably realistic - From the newly met Joker's insanity to the Black Mask's mob dominance. The prequel allows you to see the villains before the times of Arkham Assylum. It was great to see how far they had come. The gameplay was pretty much identical to Asylum and City with several new gadgets to play around with. New areas of Gotham are also available, leaving plenty of map to explore. The DLC is great, playing as death stroke while mowing down hordes of enemies. The Riddler returns with yet more Riddles and trophies to discover. This game is truly a masterpiece.


Better than the reviews let on...

jkyle | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all jkyle's reviews »

It should be noted up front that the third title in the "Arkham" series that finally got the Dark Knight right is not developed by Rocksteady. Passing coding duties over to WB Montreal hasn't hurt the gameplay one iota, although some breakage of the third wall, so to speak, was inevitable. The reviews of this game are terribly off base. While it does have some problems, mostly in story and believability of the game world, I have to admit that I didn't actually notice until I read metacritic. Upon launch what I found was another unbelievably solid game set in a playable universe with all the usual Bat-villains to pound. This time up the story is a prequel, set in a World of corrupt cops who have yet to fully reckon with the Bat. Everything happens on one Winter night where the World's best assassins have been contracted by Black Mask to kill Batman. This is where the critics savage the game. While this worthwhile plot contrivance does seek to bring reason to why all these villains would be in one location in one single evening, it does expose the problems with the game design. Gotham is seemingly unpopulated, explained by warnings urging citizens to stay indoors. Previously we had the Asylum and the ridiculous (admittedly) Arkham City to construct "fake walls" as a boundary to the game. None exist here leaving us with the feeling that Gotham is populated entirely by thugs and supervillains. This had to be pointed out to me because I was too busy playing another solid action title with one of my favorite superheroes, complete with amazing gadgets and the best fighting system in third person action game history. If you ignore the faults in the story (like the fact that most thugs think the Bat is a myth despite him flying around in a Batwing and taking out various gang bosses) you are left with an amazing action title that is worth its place in the Arkham trilogy. Ignore the haters. This game is amazing as usual, and if you liked the previous titles then this should be a no-brainer.


Origins is the most refined Arkham game to date.

heerox328 | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Origins is truly an Arkham game in every right. WB Montreal should be commended for continuing the phenomenal franchise that Rocksteady started with Asylum. The game is in every way just as professional and compelling as the two previous installments. With the addition of new enemies, new gadgets, a more in-depth detective mode, multiplayer, and a more refined Batman experience, it truly is a game worth purchasing. The only criticism one could argue in regards to this game is it doesn't innovate enough. The gameplay experience is still very much identical to Asylum and City. That, of course, isn't necessarily a bad thing, but could lead to criticism from those who may have wanted more. As far as storytelling is concerned, I would personally consider it the strongest out of the franchise thus far. A raw and inexperienced Batman encountering what will become some of his most dangerous and longstanding enemies makes for a truly compelling story. In regards to the environment, it is twice the size of City, offering a whole new section of Gotham, and is littered with plenty of activities, crimes in progress, crime scenes, etc. For veterans of the Arkham games and those who are personal fans of Batman, this is definitely a buy. Even for those who may have not played Asylum or City, this game is a great intro as it isn't directly connected to the two previous installments. A truly phenomenal experience. I cannot wait for the season pass content to be available for play.


A great continuation in the Arkham Series.

shadowsxfall | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all shadowsxfall's reviews »

I have played through both Arkham games and absolutely loved them both. As a Batman fan, I felt that they really captured what it is like being the Batman. This is also shown through the extremely fun and visceral combat system. To begin, Arkham Origins is very VERY similar to Arkham City. This is not necessarily a bad thing seeing as City was easily my favorite in the series, but some might be turned off the extreme similarity. What does set it apart from the other Arkham games is its storyline. The story in Origins is very well fleshed out and provides a ton of interesting insight into many of its villains. I wish that the Assassins would have featured a larger part in the game with more character and backstory, but the main villains truly shine in this game. Another big change is the boss fights. Origins features some extremely great boss fights that can be an intense battle against some of Batman's biggest villains. The boss fights are cinematic and extremely satisfying, usually requiring quick reflexes and a firm grasp on the combat mechanics. Ultimately, Origins can be seen as more of the same. But I say that is not a bad thing at all if it is done well.


Still awesome! Don't listen to metacritic!

blckrockshtr | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all blckrockshtr's reviews »

I've played all the previous arkham games and they were all great. Origins stays true to the formula and the end product was something that I expected. Also, the PC version is every bit stable as the console, I've not encountered any issues or bugs while playing. While the game hasn't really broke any new grounds, the mechanics that were carried over from the previous games were tweaked to the finest. The combo system is responsive as ever, the range of gadgets has been expanded, and the story is still every bit engaging as the previous entries. Overall, it was a great experience to get back into the role of the cape crusader. This game proves that you don't need to reinvent the formula for a great game! Most critics out there are complaining that it's more of the same, but what's there not to like about the same good gameplay that made the first two games great?


A beautiful game, which could be somewhat more

GreatS | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all GreatS's reviews »

The Arkham-formula is one of the best there is. And Batman Arkham Origins proves that point. Origins is like the essential parts of an Arkham game. Great combat mechanics, awesome atmosphere and a main story to knock you out. Unfortunately the world you are experience it all through is quite lifeless. Ones you have finished the main story and don't want to gadder Riddler's data there is not much more to do. The lack of "in your face" details is such a disappointment, when you look back on the older games. This game is to be remembered as not a new chapter for the series, but rather an extension to the others in the series. And maybe that's what WB Montreal and Rocksteady always intended.


Lives up to previous titles

forgot2shave | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

I am a huge fan of the 2 previous titles and like many others, I was little wary that a new group was going to be developing this title. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did they uphold the good name of the Arkham series, they improved on it considerably. For starters, it is well optimized and looks sharper than the previous titles for sure. The voice actors they picked are very fitting and while I prefer Conroy, the new actor that plays batman does a damn good job. It's very nice to see Gotham without it being in a panicked, destroyed state. The world is vast and there is lots of side missions. Definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of this series.


Same Great Superhero, Just Didn't Live Up To The Hype...

Kezzz | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Kezzz's reviews »

As many others have said, it would have been difficult to overcome the benchmark that Arkham City set for Batman. I still play the game now because Rocksteady nailed the combat, story and visuals. Arkham Origins on the other hand delivers the same Batman will all love. The combat and visuals are top notch but whoever wrote the story left the plot as a whole feeling a little subdued and I suspect that (I know I will) many will forget the main story. The whole emphasis on several assassins coming to kill Batman was tame as the story mainly revolved around Bane and The Joker. A lot of the "other" assassins appear as separate side quests which could have been epic in the main plot should they have been included. Characters such as Deathstroke and the abysmal Electrocutioner fight were too short and I expected more in terms of boss battles given what we saw in City with Solomun Grundy, Clayface etc. However reviewing those points, the positives that WB games have managed to achieve is how well the game runs on PC. I do remember how poorly at launch Arkham City ran and Origins does a very good job at creating Gotham with a steady framerate especially when visual extras such as PhysX is running. My only gripe with the open world is that it felt empty. There were no other NPCs to interact with other than the thugs/police that were scattered across the map. A disappointment really when civilians running in panic or the odd populated area would have been nice to see in a rather quiet Gotham. All in all a great game to add to the Arkham franchise. Just did not live to the hype to surpass the better, Arkham City.


Great Game, but not as good as "City"

The_Cthulhu_Kid | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all The_Cthulhu_Kid's reviews »

Many things have remained essentially the same, the combat, the movement and puzzles, but the story telling seems slightly faster paced. At times it can feel like the constant brawls are a little forced but that is a matter of opinion. The new crime scene analysis is an excellent idea that is poorly carried out. You are led by the nose each time you use it and there is no way you could fail, making it basically a quick-time event with no consequences. Nevertheless the game is great fun and the joker, as always, steals the show. This time, however, he isn't voiced by Mark Hamill rather Troy Baker and he is awesome. Not a perfect game but it definitely gives me hope for the continuing series.


Batman Arkham Origins - review

balbo79 | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

Like the previous episodes, is to be considered as a succession of meetings / confrontations , like a year of comic books that takes us to visit every remote and smoky corner of Gotham City, encountering many of the most important villain faced by the knight obscure. Despite the free roaming nature of the title, the storyline by Warner is substantially linear , with a main plot from which unfold quests and optional activities , in a manner not unlike that seen in previous episodes. The capture of most of the super- criminals of Gotham City, scum of the smoky metropolis , add the classic " collectible " now permanent presence of any open world . The gameplay has been made ​​a little ' more simple and immediate , suitable now users really not accustomed to the genre being hit from behind by an enemy or fall to the ground without sense is not so difficult, especially in the advanced stages of the game , when we are met with various types of opponents but especially when we are dealing with large groups of minions. The system of automatic lock hook has been greatly improved , and now it is very unlikely that the dark knight clings where we do not want . The exploration is simplified by a quick travel system that , like so many free roaming on the scene, it allows fast access through the game map . As a prequel , the new product playful Warner Bros. fits perfectly within the narrative started four years ago by Rocksteady Studios , closing some of the open parenthesis as far back as 2009 with the start of the videogame franchise . Recommended to all .


Batman 3: Still great

cuneytarkin | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all cuneytarkin's reviews »

While "worst" in the series so far, Origins is still a great game that plays out like the Batgames we are now used to. It looks great, it's cool to see some new sides of ol' Gotham and I like the way they take story. While the game lacks some logic (grapple accelerator from the start?) it is a damn fun game to play, even though frustrating at times (yes Deadshot, I am looking at you).


Batman Origins Review

ColdHaze | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all ColdHaze's reviews »

Having played all of batman arkham origins predecessors I came into this game with high expectations. Like many others I was worried if WB Montreal would be able to treat this game how it deserves and do it justice. Things I enjoyed about the game 1.excellent story really action packed and truly feels like the other 2 games. 2.New crime scene simulator was pretty cool gave off the feeling you are actually a detective solving a real crime. 3. Boss Battles some really good boss battles to say the least. WB montreal took the safer route with origins and I felt they really respected the game they did their best to not ruin anything kept the city and the gadgets/combat system close to the same as arkham city. Only problems I found with the game were the bugs many of us encountered on all platforms, the side missions some were great and some were very lackluster felt like they were just added to keep you busy or to make up space, the combat felt slightly different with the rate enemies attack and way countering works. All that aside though I felt this game was really well done and I think it's an excellent addition to the Arkham series.


same bat mechanic, same bat game

gwynplaine | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

Let's get this out of the way first. If you compare Arkham Origins to what's come before, then it's nothing special and nothing new. It reuses a lot of the map and assets and the gameplay changes and additions are even more incremental this time around. It's more of the same, and if you haven't had enough then by all means play this one. Unlike the "rising tide" climax and buildup in Arkham Origins, the story starts off a bit slow, and then has a lot of highs and lows all over the place, like a radio signal. It definitely is the most cinematic in the series and has the most Hollywood action blockbuster kind of plot an cutscenes. The game stays true to its formula, so if you've played either of the Bat games before you know what you're getting.


Diamond in the rough

joshgilhen | Nov. 10, 2013 | See all joshgilhen's reviews »

The assertions that BAO does not innovate the series in any are correct, but that doesn't detract from the core of a good experience. It's important to remember that this will be someone's first introduction to the series, so despite the gameplay repetition and lack of new features, this is a solid title and a good entry in the series. Having completed the campaign, I can say I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to more story DLC. The multiplayer was a bit underwhelming and prepare to grind out Riddler Trophies again if you are in to achievements. Overall, it's not original, but it's a fun game not deserving of the harsh criticism it's been receiving.


Good, But Not Great

tnorwood2888 | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all tnorwood2888's reviews »

If you had the pleasure of playing the first two games in this series, this game is a solid installment that you will enjoy. Don't go in to the game hoping for anything radically different, though. The gameplay is virtually unchanged with a few minor additions. It's nice to see Gotham in all it's glory after seeing it in such a run down state during Arkham City. The combat is again tremendous fun and they have included a nice grading system to tell you how bat-like you are playing. I did find the crime scene investigations a bit too scripted and stiff, much like playing a limited CSI type game. Thankfully those investigations are fairly sparse. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone, but I believe this game would have greatly benefited having Rocksteady's continued involvement. The game holds true to the innovations and style of the prior games, but something feels slightly lacking. Still, a solid game and a good experience. Buy It. Play It. Enjoy It.



Demadizz | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Topping Arkham City would be hard to do, but they have succeeded. Arkham Origins is a masterpiece. The new voice actors were spot on, and they kept the game play the way we all came to love and enjoy. The story was fantastic, it was beyond flawless. Making a prequel to the events in Asylum and City and mastering it is not an easy feat. It was laid out perfectly and I loved the way they portrayed each faction and the way they reacted. Perfect 10 out of 10.


Almost, but not quite

MousE0910 | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all MousE0910's reviews »

The first Arkham game that is not developed by Rocksteady and the first Arkham game that is lacking a bit. Still, it is by no means a bad game! Gameplay-wise, there are only minimal changes from the past two games, but that's a good thing. Why change something that isn't broken? Unfortunately, the combat does show its lack of polish that Asylum and City had and is buggier, just a little bit past the comfort level. In the previous games, it was possible to catch a rhythm to the combat and fight flawlessly. The rhythm in Origins is "out of tune" and near impossible to catch. The story, on the other hand, is top-notch, keeping things interesting the whole time, but it feels like it's over way too quickly. With its cast, the game could surely have been much longer and complex without feeling bogged down. The playable area has been extended to a bigger part of Gotham, though half of the map is identical to Arkham City. While the new settings manages to feel somewhat fresh, or at least, not too stale, the map itself feels much more empty and busy than in Arkham City, which can be slightly jarring at times. Overall, Arkham Origins is a great successor to the series. It's not the prequel the series deserves but it's the one it needs.


strong story, but lacks growth from its predecessor.

yyrgx | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all yyrgx's reviews »

something thats always been enticing, is an origins story for batman. although we all know how and why mr wayne became batman, to capture the emotion and physicality of what it really means to put on the cowl has not been easy, but now with the third installment we finally get to experience it. the game personally lacks any growth from its previous titles as mostly the only changes are the fast travel and a smoother combat system everything more or less remains the same. it is by no means a bad thing, but i feel they could have put a little more depth into the game.


Another Good Entry into the Arkham Series

HyperCroutons | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all HyperCroutons's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is just as fun as the last two Batman Arkham games, although it could feel a bit too familiar to the other games in the series. Personally I think the story is the best of the series and gave me one other reason to continue playing through it to the end. The combat is just as fun and kinetic as the past two games, while the predator/stealth game-play is just as thrilling and rewarding too. The graphics are fantastic and looks even better with Direct X 11 or physx on. There are bugs that are more annoying than game-breaking like counters not registering or the game crashing once in a while. Some bugs are worst than others but have been mostly iron out since release. Although deja vu may set in at times while playing, it's still a fantastic Batman game and a must buy for Batman fans or if your looking for a good action-adventure game.


Batman is back...

metalos1 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all metalos1's reviews »

and he is awsome as always, but the game is so mixed to me. The atmosphere, the music, and the voice acting are masterpieces, but in the pc version there are many bugs, graphically glitchs and to much repetitive elements from the previous games. However, the WB Games Montreal made a good game, with a good story, and add some new features to it, like the revamped Detective Mode, fast travel system and the epical boss fights. Many players don't like that, Batman and Joker got new voice actors, but Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker made an excellent job. So, this is not the best game in the series, but it is good, and this is Batman.


Flawed but fun

chance1138 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all chance1138's reviews »

If you've played either Arkham game prior to this one, this will feel quite familiar. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the Arkham games are easily the best superhero games I have ever played. You can definitely feel that a new developer worked on this title, as there are several noticeable bugs in the game. None of them were game-breaking for me, and a lot of them have been addressed in a recent patch, so this isn’t too much of a concern. The control is still great, if perhaps a tad more sluggish than the previous titles. I occasionally find myself failing to counter attacks even after I clearly press the button in time, though this problem is rare. The game still very much makes you feel like you are in control of a superhero. While the game has added some new gadgets, there is nothing very special about any of the new ones, and there is even one that behaves identically to a gadget from the last game. There are Riddler trophies again this time around, but they go by a different name, and there aren’t really environmental riddles to solve, which I feel was a bit of a letdown. The trophies still sometimes require a bit of a challenge to a reach, but they feel a bit more simple than those in previous games. Another thing worth mentioning would be the boss battles. They are a bit of a mixed bag. Some of them are lengthy fights with added quick-time events, while there are others that are more of the stealth-predator types of battle. They all work pretty well, though I feel like Arkham City had more dynamic and mixed battles. I would say that the battles in this game are still preferable to the battles from the first Batman game. There is a multiplayer addition that might entice more people in, but I have not given this mode a try. Lastly, the story of this game is quite good. It takes place earlier in Batman’s career, and though he is well established as a crime-fighter, he has a bit of a mythical reputation. This is a fun addition, which also puts him at odds with the police during the run of the game. It allows us to be introduced to some fan-favorite characters for the first time in the Arkham universe, and it even sets up some things that we’ve already experienced in the later games. While I get a bit tired of seeing the Joker as Batman’s primary foe, he is used pretty well in this game. I do wish that they hadn’t given him such a big role, as we’ve already had that in two other games, but it’s still a fun story. Overall, this game is definitely worth a purchase. It’s a bit less polished than previous entries, and it doesn’t introduce any radical changes, but it’s still a solid bit of fun. If you liked the previous games, you know what to expect, and you should find yourself enjoying this one.


Be The Bat

siktirgit_115 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all siktirgit_115's reviews »

In this Batman game, in the series of the Arkham games, you get some of the most impressive Graphics I've ever witnessed. It's probably hard to imagine, but it is even beatiful on the xbox 360.. The fighting systems has been tweeked a little bit, but honestly it's hard to notice. it's way easier to get a 40 and up combo than the other Arkham games. The suit he is wearing will remind you alot of the Chris Nolan series " The Dark Knight". Every one should get this, even if you hate DC comics, Batman or just 3rd person perspective games. The story is just awesome, and it will explain why things are as they are in the other Arkham games. Get it!


Here comes the Bat.

Matt43 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all Matt43's reviews »

Many will remember how the press before leaving Batman: Arkham Asylum often " popped up " theme that this game is not a direct transcription of comics on the rails game , and served as a source of inspiration for most of the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. But the game came out , and suddenly it turned out that instead of the principle of «more dark, more realistic» it only implemented the first part of this " slogan ", and realism gave way to the right , I would even say the canonical universe of Batman. The second part of the game , Batman: Arkham City, also became a hit , especially since the real competition it just was not there - the big world , superheroes DC Universe, high-quality combat system , a fascinating story ... This project was all that the audience loved him . However, the software company still decided to move away for a while from the games of the Dark Knight and after the hit British Novels from Rocksteady Studios passed into the hands of the development of the prequel Warner Bros. Montreal, and are released Batman: Arkham Origins. Canadians earlier this part is not famous for anything remarkable . If you look at the portfolio of the Montreal studio , it can be said that they generally only deal with the creation of Batman AC for the Wii U, which will agree , somewhat alarming . Therefore, a new game was a very cautious attitude , because it was suspected that new developers will not be able to repeat the successful formula of the previous Novels . So let's let's not jump ahead and see what exactly they did it and whether you want to give Batman: Arkham Origins time. Every new game is a prequel , then it has no problem to continue the storyline worthy of the history of the previous parts. Instead, developers had to focus on how Batman has come to such a life , and why he became a storm of Gotham's crime . We get acquainted with Bruce Wayne , who dresses in his uniform and takes off to jail Blekgeyt , which broke into the unknown with very vague objectives , captured the Commissioner Loeb and threatened to kill him. Since then, and the game begins. Start out very dynamic and impressive. We understand that the Batman in Gotham really no one else knows anything. About a man dressed as a bat while walking only scary legends, shy away from it all , and the police would not mind trying to arrest him or even shoot a couple of times . Feelings of joy in the people we meet are not in sight - even ordinary citizens are trying by all means to escape from Batman, often fearing it much more than the simple and understandable masked bandits . Bruce himself is also not a role model, he is far more cruel and cynical , even angry, than in other games in the series . For him it is a matter of course to beat the opponent teeth , break legs and knock out the information under torture . Of course , he still does not kill his opponents , crippled but leaves most of them. Apparently, that then they could not physically hurt anyone . The other characters we meet in the course of the narrative, are more common , although the same Captain Gordon is still not our ally , and the delight of Batman , he also clearly does not feel. But after the entry of adrenaline we offer Gotham . At this point the game as if transfixed , and catches the eye of her shortcomings associated with the open world . If Arkham City , we wandered through the half-empty locations because it's still a prison and pedestrians on the streets would be out of place here , then we Arkham Origins in the city on Christmas Eve , and in the streets, except for the bandits, not a soul . One would assume that this is a curfew in connection with the escape from prison, but neither the police barriers , or the National Guard , too, we do not see. Just a half-dead city, which are placed at key points of the gang of criminals. Some of them face each other, and we get a mini- quest, which boils down to is that you need to come in and kill all at some point . Police on such trips for some reason not in a hurry , and for the sake of experience we will do it. Map of the city is divided into sections , each of which can be in a hurry to arrive in a special plane . The problem is that the successful flight is not the most obvious reason is needed signal from radio tower , and all of them on the orders of the chief villain Black Mask blocked Edward Nigma , so you need to first get to the tower , neutralize enemies near it , deactivate the jamming , and then you can moved to this location faster method . The solution is very strange , spanning the passage and not too justified from the point of view of the game logic . But it is still necessary to engage in such . In addition , the city is banal nothing to do. Even for fans who could find in the earlier parts of many references to the Batman universe , there is almost nothing - Hidden Object least interesting place not marked , the search for them is quite boring , and the " fun " of it is not left at all , so it feels what to do anything except through the story and " pharma" side quests for experience , there is no point . Sorry . Fights were great fun . They have become faster, more enemies , too, was more quantitatively , but qualitatively change, alas, is not added . In total, we met a couple of new enemy types , but not much of a threat they represent . By the way , the battles with the bosses , too few have put in terms of study , so that the battle with them , though colorful and turned stiff, but basically boil down to clog up the enemy pink snot . In Batman's entire arsenal available immediately , except for those things that we get as far as passing and bleeding . In this moment, by the way, the main disadvantage of the game lies . The fact that a relatively early stage of the game can be shock weapon that will incapacitate Combat virtually any opponent. And if the level is gargoyles , you can just overhang with them, and hanged in the air all opponents. For now , for some inexplicable reason, Batman does not even need to aim was standing right under it - enough so that he could reach it ... Because of these decisions is severely affected gameplay project. We have to consciously or not to apply certain tricks and stuff from the arsenal to fight to stay interesting , or play in the simulator hidden Superman , because using all available tools at levels almost no one player will be any serious competition . And the boss fights , too, would like to see a more diverse, rather than fight with a reinforced version of the ordinary opponents. It would seem that the situation could be remedied detective moments , since we can recover per second incident , slow down time and track the path of the objects after the explosions , but it turned out that all of these scenes are made in not requiring a special key proceedings and work on the same pattern. Mode is turned on , find everything you need , squandered time and found the object passed on. That's all. But quite easy and straightforward gameplay does not stop to enjoy a really good story . She , however, also lacks the depth and complexity of the previous parts , it is weaker in terms of character development and is unlikely to seriously surprised (about the course of AA , when people turn off the console , and say nothing ), but the direction at a level to monitor developments interesting , also greatly increased compared with the AU pace of narration does not give away from the game for a minute. For the first time in the series in Arkham Origins was introduced by the network mode . For him meet the guys from Splash Damage, makes the same Brink. Mode turned out quite good , but too chamber . 2 teams of 3 people fighting each other , superheroes can fight with them all. Actually, to describe and praise there is nothing - it's fun for the first dozen times, until arms openly , and not all have time to find out the maps. And then he said, I think the pall . At some level eSports multiplayer is simply not intended , and for the constant skirmishes here little space and too small teams to talk about a serious tactical game . In general, as the appendage to the company, it looks good , but no more. If you wish to play multiplayer not, after beating the game you can try to go through it again in the updated special modes , like a new game plus - there you can use all the costumes for Batman , which will open in supplements or get the players for the game achievements . As usual , do not forget , and test mode , where you may sweat even fans of the series . The visual part worked out for glory. The general concept has remained the same , so that the eye to distinguish the style of the previous games will not work. Is that the total range of games has become much darker and there was a deeper black . Was replaced by a visual display of some familiar characters , and part of the city , which are events Arkham City, in Origins visually different, while remaining recognizable . Feels like Batman's costume design itself has become more angular, but it works on its new image as well as possible . But the project is supported by new technology , the engine is well optimized , and on our Intel Core i5- 3470, 8GB of memory with a GeForce GTX 670 game gives out an impressive 180 frames per second in quiet scenes and more than 100 battles and crossing large areas with enabled on maximum settings . This, of course , a very good result (if the vertical sync in all situations counter shows the maximum 60 fps). Fans of graphics cards from NVIDIA will be a place to roam , because Arkham Origins works a lot of proprietary technologies is the company. It sold 2 modes NVIDIA PhysX - Normal work when the effects of Cloth PhysX, tissue processing , flying out from under the paper , giving realistic physical properties of the tissue , but in the High mode, connects and APEX Turbulence, providing realistic smoke, snow , fog, and other effects. Tasselyatsiya DirectX 11 allows you to cloak and other tissues Bole alive and real , display tracks in the snow in a realistic manner. In addition, activated and NVIDIA Depth-of-Field, adjusting the depth of field image , which is especially noticeable when entering a fight or Denying the enemy. For the scope and depth of the image corresponds to NVIDIA HBAO +, for realistic shadows Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows. Well and high quality antialiasing delivers NVIDIA TXAA. All this can be turned on manually , or you can simply activate a GeForce Experience, the benefit of setting there appeared immediately with the release of the game . The sound is very detailed and voluminous. The sound picture is complete , and if you have good acoustics , you can easily hear that which is around us , and to be guided by ear. Voice matched perfectly , and thanks to them in the characters that you see on the screen, you believe. It is a pity that the management let us down , but rather the behavior of the camera. Unfortunately, playing with the joystick was not as convenient as using the keyboard and mouse (because of the behavior of the camera when flying or first-person view is sometimes possible to miss something important , as the position of the camera all the time is aligned automatically.) In general, the camera - the main evil game , as it always tries to choose the most uncomfortable angle possible , which previously simply did not happen. In general, after reading all you could have the impression that Batman: Arkham Origins is not a good game . But it is - not. Unfortunately, it is in many ways inferior to their predecessors , but at the same time, it is in many ways more diverse , more interesting , more dynamic action- other games that are on the market . Especially if you are PC gamer . Therefore, all who care about the adventures of Batman and wants to play some more Dark Knight game is highly recommended for the inspection . And if you have not played in AA and AC , then you can become a joint-stock company at the opening , and certainly encourage the study of the entire trilogy of modern games of Batman .


One of the Best Games of the Year

OriginallyNamed | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all OriginallyNamed's reviews »

First of all, let me just say that I'm a really big fan of the "Batman: Arkham" franchise. That being said, I was a bit disappointed when I heard that WB Games Montreal was going to help develop it. For those who don't know, WB Montreal also developed Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, which generally got a worse rating than the original release, mostly due to unnecessary/annoying additions to the gameplay and a few technical issues. In addition, it was also announced that voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy weren't going to reprise their roles. Luckily, I found Arkham Origins to be quite good. They didn't take too many liberties with the backstory and I found that most (if not all) gameplay additions worked relatively well. The graphics, score, and voice-acting are all very well done, too. My only problem with the game was that there were a few bugs (at least in the PC release), however the majority of those were fixed within the first two weeks after launch. Overall, "Origins" is a very entertaining game and I highly recommend it.


More of the Same... is that Bad?

kpreinholm | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all kpreinholm's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins represents the latest in the "Arkham" series, and returns with all the bells and whistles we've come to expect. The combat is for the most part fluid, the stealth is rewarding and challenging, and the graphics are engrossing. Yet, this release is hampered by bugs: from flashing character glitches and inaccessible areas required for progression, to CTDs and random performance problems. The developer is aware of most of them, and is working to patch them as we speak, but this release continues the issue of major titles being released in an unpolished (or in some cases unfinished) state. The story is engaging, even if it lacks the depth of it's predecessor, and though most side quests are brief, they provide a good mix of stealth, combat, problem solving, and collection. All and all, if you enjoyed the other entires in the series, you should feel right at home in the larger map of Gotham. It is a solid sequel, and though it fails to capture the spirit and experience of it's predecessors, sometimes it is enough just to see the world from under the cowl.


very good batman game

ruttenmurf | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all ruttenmurf's reviews »

This is probably the best batman game that i have seen. Very fluent combat with very nice finishing moves. The downside is that with release it had a lot of bug which was a bit annoying and took you out of the moment a bit. Also I enjoy the new villain very much, he is almost as good as the joker. If i would suggest 1 game to buy with Christmas it is this game, very good story mode and endless replay ability. It has improved in every way since batman arkham city. I hope this review helps you to go out there and buy this game and have a lot of fun.


A Solid Addition to the Batman Franchise.

SinghAkash101 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all SinghAkash101's reviews »

If you are a fan of the the two previous Batman Arkham games, then this is the game for you. The gameplay is solid (not much has changes, combat wise) and the new take on detective mode is a welcome addition. The PC port is well made and there are many graphical options for you to tweak. Origins is far superior in terms of graphics to Arkham City, and in my experience runs at a smoother frame rate. Pros: Combat Detective mode Voice Acting/ Script Good story (stronger and less disjointed than City's) Graphics Cons: Boss battles Doesn't offer a lot of innovation Characters are sometimes used to a minimal effect In, summary this is a good game and a must own for any Batman fan.


New Features is a BOMB!

riezvi | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all riezvi's reviews »

I am quite sad when I heard the news for the new Batman game, timeline setting is years even before Arkham Asylum. But when I checked around for the game new features, it's wonderful. I am not going to talk about the combat system, sure it is not much improvement on that section but still enjoyable. You can feel and role played being a Batman with a quite unique sensation from this game. The new Detective Mode made me feel like a Batman himself. All those monologue on crime scene investigation, great technology that can rewind the crime based on evidences, wow.... I only hope that at least there is more case files for this Detective Mode. There is a lot of crime alerts around the city which occurs randomly which you can choose: handle it or just ignore it. You can fly around Gotham to reach the crime scene and teach those bad guys how it feel to face the Dark Knight. Side Missions is also great, disturb operation of Penguin, destroy stuff belongs to criminals, saving people, etc. Even though you finish the main story, you will still come back for more and more for side missions, investigation, or even just flying around the town and waiting for crime alerts. The biggest improvement here is from online mode. I played it from time to time and I personally think development team did a good job here. It is only on online mode, where you can fight Batman and Robin as a bad guy. The place where you can outsmart them, where you prove that you are better than the Dark Knight. When you get enough points, you can play as Bane or Joker for a short time. And believe me, those who play as Heroes will run away and you can feel another unique sensation of playing this game.


Great Game, let down by boss battles.

IrishFeangol | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all IrishFeangol's reviews »

As i say in the title. Its a great game. I love the game play and the story is great. However I really do need to knock off points for the boss battles. They are more repetitive than in previous games and a lot of the time its just "dodge, dodge, dodge, QuickTime event" rinse and repeat. General game play and combat feels quite rewarding and the map is quite nice to explore with some random crimes that you can stop to make it seem more alive, I would like to see civilians in the open world portion of the game however to add more diversity, instead of the entire world being occupied by villains!


Good Third Bat

GreyFox9260 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all GreyFox9260's reviews »

As its obvious, every batman geek/fan has been waiting for this game, especially me! I hadnt really actually read much into this gae before hand and so was going into it rather blind but straight from the start it was a nice surprise, the appearance of the many DC characters and the detail to each one was rather magnificent. The combat flow is what it was in arkham city and feels very smooth alone with a few new tricks now and there which is shocking 'hehe'. With the game now after the first day of story bugs being patched in most cases it is pretty flawless along with a nice multiplayer, for me I love the concept they have brought in in this game but for me, games seem to be rather full of lag and not sure if thats on my half but even still its so much fun to play. With all that said the graphics are amazing with crystal clear audio making it drag you into the game, never wanting to stop and always telling yourself to play just 5 more minutes.


Quite Amazing

gforcesa | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Probably the best Arkham game in the series,Batman Arkham Origins is a prequel to the previous games in which you take the role of Bruce Wayne(Batman) in his first steps at being the vigilante that we all love and know.What caught my eye is that the detective system that they implemented is something quite amazing for Batman's detective skills which I liked very much.In this game Blackmask has send 8 assassin's to kill the Batman for a reward.A few familiar faces have returned in this game like The Penguin and Enigma(The Riddler).Batman Arkham Origins yet again impresses with its graphical performance and big open world.Over all the story is very impressive, interesting and I recommend that you get this game because It's worth buying.


The best Prequel I have ever played

Demadizz | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Topping Arkham City would be hard to do, but they have succeeded. Arkham Origins is a masterpiece. The new voice actors were spot on, and they kept the game play the way we all came to love and enjoy. The story was fantastic, it was beyond flawless. Making a prequel to the events in Asylum and City and mastering it is not an easy feat. It was laid out perfectly and I loved the way they portrayed each faction and the way they reacted. Perfect 10 out of 10.


A Dark Night for Batman?

Bimmy_Dingus | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Bimmy_Dingus's reviews »

I bought this game with high hopes, I would rank Arkham City in my top 5 games of all time. However, straight from the off tthere was something that didn't sit right with me whilst playing Origins. The combat felt off, I noticed myself getting sucker punched alot more in Origins than I did in City, I've read reviews that seem to imply that this is because Bruce Wayne has only been Batman for 2 years, meaning that he isn't the seem fighter we have seen in Asylum and City, although, that seems like a get out of jail free card under the circumstances. The story, in my opinion, was a lot better than it had any right to be, with Troy Bakers Joker being a highlight. I was slightly disappointed to find out that there were only 4 real assassins in the game, the other 4 are side missions that can be wrapped up quickly. The new gadgets seem a bit over powered and makes me wonder, why would this Batman get rid of gloves that could punch through riot shields? All in all, this game is a disappointment, but then again, how could it not be? It's still satisfying to swoop in and stop a crime in progress, and the story is worth at least one playthrough.


Same doesn't mean bad

bascarlo | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all bascarlo's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is refreshing. Its story brings us to the roots of the masked vigilante, while also introducing us to the characters we meet later on in the timeline. While most say it's exactly the same as the previous Arkham games, that should be taken as a great thing. It seems that every new game that's dropped has to be something new and innovative and out of the blue jaw-dropping. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were both beautifully made games with a fast, fun, and fluid combat system that they bring back in this game. Just because they didn't take a gamble to add something completely brand new, doesn't make this game a game you should miss out on. This game offers next-gen graphics, especially on PC, and uses high-end modules like PhysX to deliver an outstandingly beautiful game.


A Good Addition to the series

Dave2527 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Dave2527's reviews »

The graphics are great with the Unreal engine 3 tweaked well, the DirectX 11 features are optimized, the villains are not spread thin, there are many boss fights, some unique, and some dull. There is also replay value in terms of "New game plus mode" or if you are a real hardcore fan then "I am the night mode" is for you( you get only one life, death means game over), and challenge maps with different Batman skins. Multiplayer is also worth trying, especially when playing as Batman and Robin with a friend. Overall a solid prequel.


Love for the Bat

waistcoat | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all waistcoat's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is a great additional improvement on the past Batman games in the series, the combat system is the same, but that isn't a bad point in my view, having used the same controls for the past games you can seamlessly move from game to another. The boss battles are epic, unique and grand, making you think differently every time instead of simply attack and dodge.


Great game, but little improvement over Arkham City

UnstableVoltage | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all UnstableVoltage's reviews »

OK, so I've put a couple of hours into Arkham Origins (on PC), and I decided to share my initial thoughts. I never played the original Arkham Asylum, but I've owned and completed Arkham City on the both the PS3 and the PC, put many hours into both formats and really enjoyed the game. The first thing to note, is that Arkham Origins has been developed by WB Montreal, and not Rocksteady like the first two games. A lot of people have reported a variety of bugs, from graphical glitches, crashes, failing to initialise and even some scripted events breaking to the point where they can't progress in the game. So far, I've not suffered from any of these bugs. The game has been running perfectly for me. Only one bug which stopped my progress in a side mission (which has now been fixed). I have had some performance issues. Frame drop in places (normally indoors), with some screen tearing (even with Vsync), and the occasional bit of clipping. I think it still needs some optimisation. Gameplay wise, it seems very similar. The controls are pretty much identical, all/most of the moves that Batman could preform in the previous games are still there. It's very open world, still lots of Riddler secrets to be collected, only this time there's more of a story related reason for going around collecting/destroying them, other than the Riddler just put them there for a laugh when he was bored one Friday evening. The combat system has been re-worked. It still controls in the same way that Arkham City did, only now it feels a lot slower. This made it very difficult at first to pull off the free-flow combos. Initially, I thought this was a step backwards - but after giving it some practice, I think it's a slight improvement. When Batman hits, it feels more solid with more weight behind it. Pulling off combo takedowns in the middle of free-flow becomes quite easy with some practice, and I've already been able to make more use of it than I even did in Arkham City. You can no longer accidentally knock out Riddler informants. If you do, they just stay on the ground whimpering until you clean everyone else up, then you can interrogate them - which is nice, as in City you'd often have to dodge around a lot in a fight to make sure you took them out last. The ability to counter has been tightened up quite nicely. You can't just spam the counter button and get lucky any more. You have to time it just right (and with an upgrade, a perfectly timed counter results in a 2x damage critical hit). Pulling off a counter is now more satisfying, with the ability to counter multiple targets at once, and throw thugs into one another, without breaking your combo focus. The game offers a number of challenges in four different categories (Combat / Stealth / Flight / Gadgets) - pulling off certain moves or combos in certain situations will earn you XP to level up. After each fight, XP is awarded on a grading system which takes into account the toughness of the fight, and how well you did. It's all completely transparent with a torrent of onscreen numbers to tell you how well you did. There's also a combat training mode (along with challenge maps) that can be accessed from the Batcave. Completing these and getting the medals for them results in a huge chunk of bonus XP to spend. Levelling up is pretty much the same as it was in City. You have upgrades for combat, stealth and utility (gadgets), but unlike in City where you could spend them anywhere within those categories, Origins now has a tree system, where certain upgrades have to be purchased in order. Some are also unlocked via story progression, bonus objectives, and the previously mentioned challenges. At first I didn't like this new system. But under the surface it isn't that different, and it works quite well. Moving onto gadgets, I don't know what has been kept/removed/added from the previous games. All the obvious starting ones still exist. The Baterang, Remote Baterang, Grapple hook, Cryptographic Sequencer, Batclaw, Smoke Pellets, Explosive Gel - all there so far. I know at least one new thing has been added - where you can use a remote Batclaw to attach two objects/people together. Haven't had a chance to see this yet - but there are lots of videos about it from before the release (but I digress). Origins has a nice fast travel system to get around the map, though you have to undertake certain side missions to unlock the fast travel points in each are of the city (like taking camps in Farcry 3). From what I can tell (looking at the map and where I can travel), the game area seems to be only about twice the size of Arkham City (not including inside buildings and "off map" areas). The main map consists of an area which is basically identical to Arkham City, with another chunk of land approximately the same size connected to it via a bridge. A new detective mode has been added, which allows you to analyse a crime scene, see it reconstructed virtually in the Batsuit's cowl, scrub the event backwards and forwards, follow and trace the trajectory of objects to lead to other clues. I've only had a chance to play with this once early on, and it was quite minor (mini tutorial for the mechanic), but I like it. It seems well thought out, and serves to give Batman his "World's Greatest Detective" status back. The sound and visuals of the game are both very good. Voice acting is still top notch, despite an almost entirely new cast. Scripting is also done very well (though the lip sync is very hit and miss), and the music is great as always. I'm not completely sold on the visual style yet. A lot of people have been saying it doesn't look as good as City did, and looks more like Asylum. I think the visual style has changed a lot. It doesn't have that gritty, grimy look that Arkham City had, but everything looks like it has a plastic protective film over it. Though I have to admit, the game does look good (if you can find that balance between performance and fidelity). I do have one or two little minor issues (that hopefully will get fixed). Firstly, I have no game pad, so I use mouse and keyboard. This served me very well in Arkham City. One issue is that Origins refuses to recognise any mouse button other than left, right and middle - a real pain as I have 2 thumb buttons, one of which I used to use for my grapple. Another issue is the map. In Arkham City, you could move the mouse around with the map to set waypoints (the target select is always a crosshair in the centre of the screen, and it's the map that moves). This worked well in City, and was precise with the mouse. However, in Origins you have to scroll the map with the WASD keys, which is very twitchy. Odd there's no mouse control for the map, given that the mouse wheel is still used to zoom in an out. All in all, I've really enjoyed what I have played so far. If you played and enjoyed the first two, you might want to pick this up. But don't expect to be blown away. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table. It's mostly the same as Arkham City with a new coat of paint. Luckily they seem to have kept all of the great stuff that made Arkham City so much fun to play, but there's been no real innovation to take the game to a new level, and as a result it feels more like an expansion to Arkham City than a whole new sequel. That said, there have been reports of bugs (even though so far I've been lucky enough to avoid them), and there clearly are some performance issues. So you might want to hold off until the game gets patched to make it run a little smoother, and eliminate the chances of any bugged scripted events from ruining your playthrough!


Great for a newcomer to the series!

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Batman Arkham Origins is the third in the series of Arkam games and I must confess that I have not once ever played them until now. Jumping into the game I think that the combat is very flowing and simple but you can spice it up a bit with Batman's gadgets. I am only about 6 hours into the came and have been really frustrated by a few moments. The first one is during the "Boss battle with **SPOILER** DeathStroke. I found the battle to be tedious and boring with the only way to defeat him to just counter,hit,hit counter,hit,hit for about five minutes. There are also some game breaking bugs that are not fixed, for example I was flying through the city exploring and suddenly flew up came back down and fell through the world forcing me to resort to an older save I had backed up. Overall great game and I highly recommend picking it up if you have never played the series before, but you may find it highly similar to the previous two titles if you have . Be prepared to encounter some bugs and try to backup your save!


A safe but brilliant prequel

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Don't be fooled by the title of my review I enjoyed Arkham origins most out of the series. In terms of game play its more of the same with some minor tweaks to combat, a few new enemy types and gadgets but on the whole doesn't stray too much from the established formula in the series previous games. The new interactive crime scenes are a particular step forward and i would be surprised if we don't see more of them in future batman games. The game definitely has some stand out set piece moments ( the firefly bridge scene for example ) and it was pleasant to see some of the lesser used characters from the DC universe get used like elctrocutioner , copperhead etc. From a visual standpoint the game is great, running on my GTX 680 4gb cranked up to max with only some frame drops when some of the physx kicks in ( I would imagine more to do with it not being properly optimized ). Having a younger more aggressive Batman definitely helped keep things fresh and Troy Baker definitely nailed Joker without doing a full on Mark Hamill impression. All in all there was a lot of skepticism going in to this game with no Conroy,Hamill or Rocksteady on board but WB Montreal have certainly managed to create a brilliant addition to the already sterling series.


More of the same, but I don't think that's awful

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As a huge fan of the last two games, I’ve been anxiously waiting two years for this next installment of the Arkham series. On many levels I am completely satisfied, and on many others I am somewhat disappointed. This game was made by Warner Bros. Studios, taking over the mantle from Rocksteady in the previous two. This leads to some fairly fresh ideas, but also some missed polish. However, overall, it’s “more of the same” when compared to Arkham City, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The story is along the depth of the first two games – not very deep, but compelling enough. If you liked the previous two, you are going to enjoy this one too. With that said, there’s some polish issues. Several bugs have persisted through the PC release that will hopefully be patched soon. Fights can be awkward, as it feels that fight spaces weren’t thought out as well as in the previous games. For example, there’s props (cars, ATMs, random other things) in the middle of the area that it’s really easy to get stuck on, making combos more difficult. I’ve run into numerous AI problems in predator areas. Some people have encountered bugs requiring a complete restart of their game progress, though I personally haven’t seen those (and I imagine these problems will be patched out soon). For me, this game ran far smoother and with more visual effects turned on than its predecessor, Arkham City. Nice to see some optimizations there. Overall, despite its problems, I really enjoyed this game and played it through in almost one sitting. Highly recommended!


The Winner Formula

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This game is awesome. The best part of it is the gameplay. The fights are very cool and it haves some new batman movements. The graphics are also pretty god, a little better than Arkham City. Other good thing is the boss fights (some too easy and other too hard, but very cool anyway). The only bad thing are the bugs and glitches. Another point to the multiplayer mode, pretty curious and fun. A great super hero game.


Batman Arkham City ver. 2

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Yes, Batman is back. Is it an original, no. Does it add just enough to make it worth experiencing, YES! COMBAT This is not as drastic a move as from asylum to city but you definitely get the sense that Origins is a refinement of previous iterations. The combat is identical to B:AC but adds a few more variations of enemy to tackle in new ways. This tries to add another dimension to, an already, highly gratifying combat mechanic. It certainly doesn't fail at this, but it can feel that the additions have been done just to say they have changed something. ENVIRONMENT Origins looks very similar to B:AC and, for a lot of the buildings, it has even used the assets from the previous game. However, the level designers have done a much better job this time round. The buildings in B:AC were too close together leaving very little space for the "Dive and Glide" mechanic. This has been resolved in Origins, thankfully! Because of this, although the map is 3 times bigger, it feels much easier and less tedious to move around the world. The addition of snow definitely adds to the isolated feel the game puts forward. It's Batman, alone with a city full of villians! Another necessary addition that really adds something to the game is the Batcave, and with it, the ability to fast travel. I personally rarely used this feature as there is so much to do on the way to objectives and because traversing the environment is so much better now. GRAPHICS Origins on the PC looks fantastic. It's not exactly "next-gen" but it stil lcan hold its own in the current gen. // Also, bear in mind that Rocksteady (developers of the previous 2 Batman games) haven't worked on this game and will most probably be bringing something new next year; for next-gen. // The addition of PhsyX powered by Nvidia seems wasted here. Unlike with Borderlands, there is very little use for Physics in the game and I would recommend leaving this feature off. One of the biggest let downs in terms of graphics is the facial animations. Whenever a close up of people talking occurs it can be very easy to feel pulled out of the experience. I know this seems like a minor, and for the most part it is but when a game does so much right, you concentrate on the details. Another reason it is so disappointing is because this developer haven't crafted this City from scratch, they have used a lot of assets from the previous game and therefore should have had time to refine other areas. OVERALL If you are expecting the next big jump forward for batman then you will be disappointed. However, if you want a more refined batman experience, with improved (for the most part) mechanics then you will be happy to play Origins. The Story here is what you are really playing for and it can be very intriguing and fun. Detective missions hold your hand too much and the multiplayer is a minor past time at best, but overall I think Batman fans will find enough of a game here to replay it! Completionists will definitely get their money's worth!


Not the best Arkham title, but still Incredible

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Batman: Arkham Asylum and City are among the greatest superhero games ever made, and the Arkham series being one of the most interesting cinematic gaming series in this generation. Arkham Origins is the first game to be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal rather than Rocksteady, and the announcement of new voice actors, making this initially a skeptical sign for some people. Fear not, WB Montreal did a solid job with Origins. Goods: This game's strong side is the story. The pacing is very well done and the story is very emotive, seeing Batman nearly making sacrifices to keep to his morals, seeing what his decisions are. The boss fights are also very well done, challenging, but not impossibly hard... and fun (my favorite being the Deathstroke fight). The voice acting was very well from the new voice actors, Roger Craig Smith doing a decent job as batman, sounding genuinely like a younger version of Kevin Conroy, and Troy Baker excellently portraying Joker replacing Mark Hamill's spot. Bads: The main downside for me was the lifeless city, with only thugs walking the streets. It's weird to see all the crime scenes that supposedly included innocent civilians but you never see civilians in the game... Other than that, there were few bugs in my game, though several in others'. None too annoying, hopefully a patch will be released soon. Highly recommended, solid installment to the Arkham series


Origins of The dark knight

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3rd installment of the series of arkham, chronologically situated five years before the events of Arkham Asylum where we find a much younger batman and old familiar faces (Jim Gordon, Oracle or Barb Gordon, Vicki Vale and Joker among others) in the early history of batman. The gameplay of this release is the same as Arkham City, the gadgets are similar to the previous release (the ice grenades here are sticky grenades) that have the same function and the fighting was improved by adding more movements as well as also more skills to use.. The graphics were improved, giving focus on nvidia physx effects (like the fall of the snow) and the soundtrack is composed of multiple Christmas songs re instrumentations. The story is much darker and serious games arkham others, showing us one young batman and his great nemesis joker, crazier than ever, if you're a fan of the comics you will find some easters eggs. If you liked the previous two installments of the series arkham this is a MUST BUY.


Old Gameplay, new story

spaidy | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all spaidy's reviews »

If you like any Arkham game, you won't regret buying this one. Fights, gadgets, sneaking like the dark knight, everything that made the last games good is in here. But that's it, nothing else. There is small to none improvement to the series. The only highlight in this game is probably his MASTER piece of script, it really haves some curves that you will not see come at all. It will make you force yourself to do secondary mission because otherwise you would do the main storyline in 1 day, simply because you cannot wait to see what's gonna happen next. The online will be forgotten and the game will probably not be re-played as much as the last ones.


More of the same. But that's ok

mcawesomedog | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all mcawesomedog's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins! Nothing new nor does it try to be. It stays tried and true to the formula with little tweaks that do make it interesting. If you like Arkham City you'll defiantly like this one. BUT, my only dislike is when you first go into this game you had no idea what kind of story was going to happen. This excitement kept me going, enthralled in the narrative. BUT then their it is, that one person that comes in and you realize where this story is gonna go and how its gonna end. Even though it is a lot a like the last game, that whole mystery of whats gonna next happen kept me going. But then it lost the wheel and Joker got away.


Another Great Batman Game

ehead22 | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all ehead22's reviews »

Disclaimer: This is for the single-player mode of the game. Pros: - Better pacing, great story - More challenging than previous games - Pretty game, outstanding voice acting - High replay value Cons: - Buggy (Hello there Burnley Comms Tower) - Too much QTE scenes Verdict: Buy this game. Bugs and QTEs aside, Batman Arkham Origins is definitely one of the must-buy titles this year. If you enjoyed the previous Arkham games or a newcomer to the series, this game is just fun all around. The story in AO is probably the best out of the three (and probably the darkest one yet) and people familiar with the comics will surely be satisfied with how the characters are handled in the game. WB Montreal also didn't slouch around with the voice acting department, every character delivers believable lines that make the experience more immersive. People not really familiar with the Bat should also give the game a try. The gameplay mechanics alone makes it worth your time. High replay value and a new online multiplayer mode are just icing on the cake.


Finnnnaaally, the Bat has come back to Goooothaaam!

Thomazen | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

Ever wanted to be THE BAT? Ever felt like sneaking up on your enemy in the midst of darkness and surprise your opponent? Now is your time! This is possibly THE game of the year, if you are into fighting, beat'em up and pure fun! GTA V was fun, yeah, but how about a GTA with Bat-powers? Try play Arkham Origins today, and see how difficult it can be! Will you survive your role as a playboy at day, and dark knight in the dark?


Great, but the same.

cheezmastah | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all cheezmastah's reviews »

The story is fantastic, and the graphics are awesome. I'll say that right off the bat. However, the jump in gameplay that was seen between Asylum and City isn't seen in the newest member of the family, Origins. But, that isn't an altogether bad thing, as the gameplay is still just as fun as it was in City. The biggest issue with this game is that there is a lack of innovation, but it's just as enjoyable as always. Also, the multiplayer is pretty fun.


Good Follow Up But kind of the same thing.

FrodoDaJedi | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all FrodoDaJedi's reviews »

This game offers what you would expect from the third installment of a blockbuster game. Basically the same mechanics and play style of the other two games, with just a few tweaks added. Overall what any die hard Arkham fan will love, but not a great buy for someone looking for something new and fresh. The story is really the best part of this game.


So far it is AMAZING!

willat60fps | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all willat60fps's reviews »

I am already 47% done with the game and it is simply amazing. It has a great story and the fight has been redone to a near perfection. I run it on a GTX 660 at max settings at 60 fps and it runs perfectly so it is a beautiful looking game but does not take much resources so if you are looking to buy this game, don't wait any longer!


A Decent Return for the Bat

CoillyZ | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

All of the reviewers of this game are handing out low scores left and right. This is not a bad game by any means. This game isn't as good as Arkham City, but it is still better than Arkham Asylum. There are a good variety of villains, a decent amount of upgrades, and there is a new combat rating system. The graphics are still great and I had a blast with this game. The multiplayer is fun too, but there is only one mode, so it got boring fast. If you are a Batman fan, or just a fan of video games in general, this is for you.


Great game

monahanj1 | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all monahanj1's reviews »

This game is getting a lot of crap for being "more of the same", but not only is that not a bad thing, it's not really true. It's true that the game doesn't make massive strides over City like City did over Asylum, but that's mostly because City basically perfected the core combat and predator mechanics, and if you try to mess with that you're likely to do a lot more harm than good. Regardless, this game introduces several new gadgets (which are much better than the ones they're replacing from AC, imo), an entire new portion of the city to explore, an entire new game mechanic in case files, and several more subtle differences, mostly in the way of leveling up and in-game achievements/challenges. The game has a much more Nolan-verse feel to it than the previous two titles, which I personally enjoyed. This younger, angrier, more aggressive Batman is loads more interesting than the ones we see in AA and AC, as are the main villains. There are several twists throughout that help to keep it from getting stale or predictable, and it does an excellent job of being an actual origin story and showing you how Batman's relationships are established and developed, as they pertain to both friends and enemies. The only problems I really have with this game right now are that it's a bit buggy at the moment, but I'm sure that'll get fixed fairly quickly, and that I kind of felt that some of the villains were underutilized. They brought out some really cool villains that really could've provided some interesting interactions, but they rarely served as more than intermittent boss fights to progress the story. Granted most of the boss fights were awesome, I still can't help but feel there was a little too much quantity and not enough actual fleshing out of the villains. I will say, though, that they all did seem to have their purpose within the story. I'll also add that the multiplayer is surprisingly fun. I didn't have high hopes for it when I first heard they were adding it in, but it's actually really well done. It's most fun when you're playing as one of the heroes or super-villains (duh), but it's still fun when you're just playing as a lowly gang member.


A strong third instalment in the Batman series

DeathRowMax | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all DeathRowMax's reviews »

For anyone who played the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Origins probably won't bear any surprises. Its gameplay remains mostly unchanged, and the plot and dialogue aren't as surprising or organic as the previous two games in the series. It doesn't disappoint visually, though, feeling fairly close to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy in its often blockbuster-like feel. Although glitches often ruin the immersion, when the game runs smoothly you can lose yourself in it for hours. The combat system is especially slick, building upon what Rocksteady had created, and the detective mode is an exciting innovation which I'm sure will be picked up in future games. Once melee combat has been mastered, it's incredibly satisfying to pick off enemies and doesn't feel as scripted as many other games. Overall, this game is good if you know what to expect: not breath-taking novelty but a solid game which doesn't fail in continuing Rocksteady's powerful innovations.


A buggy, yet fulfilling Batman simulator

MoizMansoorV | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all MoizMansoorV's reviews »

Aside from the small performance problems, and the massive game-breaking Burnley tower bug, the game is pretty polished (thanks to the great base laid by Rocksteady, no doubt!) and fun to play. The shock gloves are a great addition to the combat, but it seems the combat's been made artificially harder by slowing down Batman's response time. In any case, Arkham Origins is still a pretty good Batman game, just not a "worthy" counterpart to the likes of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.


Really nice !!

maxvassal | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all maxvassal's reviews »

The game is not as good as Arkham City, it just bring less news than the first. But anyway, I do not know if it was really possible to further improve the almost perfect concept of the serie ? Note that there is a considerable effort on the size of the map (more than 2 times AC), the addition of a headquarters, "the batcave" and the ability to quickly reach a point of the map, Super Villains are more charismatic and less easily overcome than in previous games. Anyway, let's be honest, this game is pretty great!


Glitchy but Good

TabulateNewt8 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all TabulateNewt8's reviews »

When it was announced that WB Games Montreal would be taking over the Arkham franchise from series veterans Rocksteady there was an outcry from fans. They were worried that the new developer would ruin the franchise. Thankfully I can report that they haven't. The same incredible freeflow combat system from the other two games is here, as are the predator stealth sections. The grappling and gliding throughout the city introduced in Arkham City has returned. This time the map is massive, with the whole of Arkham City as the top island and a brand new island linked by a bridge at the bottom of the map. There is a new Batwing fast travel system for getting around quickly. The boss fights are inspired and fun. Essentially, if you liked Asylum or City then you'll like Arkham Origins. However the game has many glitches that could detract from your enjoyment of the game. Multiple times when I got to an objective marker and a cutscene was triggered the screen went black and refused to do anything. I had to close the game and reopen it to make it work. Once this made me have to redo a very difficult boss fight. This definitely wasn't enough to ruin the game but it certainly irritated me many times. In conclusion Arkham Origins is not as polished as it's predecessors but if you can get over it's flaws there is a huge amount of fun to be had here.


Great game

Stebsis | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

I gave Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City full 100 score here because I think they're not just great superhero and Batman games, but great action and stealth games with good stories and character on their own right and it's all not just supported by the fact that it's about a character a lot of people like, Batman. Arkham Origins is really good game, but it lacks a bit of that same wonder AA gave with its fluid combat and fun stealth, and AC that improved the concept with its open world and great cast of villains. Arkham Origins pits you against Black Mask who hires 8 assassins to take you down, these include iconic villains like Deadshot and Bane from previous games. Other 6 are new villains in Arkham series such as Deathstroke and Firefly. Riddler also returns to give you series of things to find around in the world and puzzles to solve, though they're just not as well done as in AC, majority of them are quite boring actually. There're also couple of surprises and really fun confrontations with other iconic Batman villains. You once again play as Batman, of course, but a bit earlier in his career. He's not quite as experienced and I think this is reflected quite nicely in the story as he feels a bit rougher around the edges and at time just brutal. Though gameplay wise he does play about exactly the same as in the other two games. Story offers few surprises but overall feels a bit stale. The great freeflow combat returns and it's as fun as ever. Batman almost like dances amongst the bad guys as you beat them with your fists with really satisfying punch sounds, or throw batarangs and use other gadgets in the middle of combat like electric gloves that you need to charge up and they give a real boost to your attacks. Stealth is also big aspect once again, Batman can't take bullets and you don't go just against Black Mask's guys, but also Gotham City's police. These guys pack firepower and snipers on rooftops and they will gun you down if you don't play it stealthly at times. The open world map is now a bit bigger and you can freely glide around it with your bat-cape, though one part of the city is the same as in Arkham City so the actually new places feel fewer. Overall I really loved this game save for a bit blander world and story. It's more of the same as Arkham City was but I don't think that's a bad thing. There's plenty of new stuff like some gadgets and great cast of classic Batman villains that stand out. If you liked previous games I bet you will like this one, but I just hope with next Batman game(if they're just going to make it) Warner Brothers or Rocksteady, whichever is doing it, tries a bit bigger leap.


Same Game but still fun

cinnamontoast3 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all cinnamontoast3's reviews »

The game is basically the same as the first two, which is good if you liked those games. The boss fights are very fun and enjoyable but the city itself is pretty lifeless compared to arkham city. Also the fighting on the harder difficulty is more of a counter war it goes punch, counter, counter punch, counter; it is more countering then actually punching in this game which can get very annoying. But over all the game is very good nothing ground breaking but nothing really bad



deathglider | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all deathglider's reviews »

Got this game earlier and got it for a damn good bit cheaper than Steam. The game itself is amazing, the GFx are highly detailed and really lifelike, the combat system is reminiscent of the older games. Even though its the newer game it still carry's the same style as the older games in the series. The story so far is very enthralling and once i start playing i just can stop. Overall i highly recommend this game to everyone who is a fan of the Batman games or those who want a beautiful and highly detailed game with an amazing storyline.


Great game, minor flaws

espail68 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all espail68's reviews »

This game has been nothing but a delight...for the most part. There have been a few glitches within the game that have made a few missions impossible to progress through, but this will most likely be patched up sometime soon in the near future. Other than that, the game runs well. The combat feels more dynamic this time around with a greater variety of enemies to fight, the collectibles in this game make me feel more inclined to grab them (arkham city didn't give me this sort of feeling). This game we would a perfect score on my part if it wasn't for the few glitches i have encountered thus far, a must play if you're a fan of the series.


Familiar but Great!

Trollfaceyomama | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

A very familiar game but one that still manages to build on one of the greatest games ever made. Arkham Origins may not add to much to the mechanics department but what it does add works. The story is fantastic and maybe the best of the series. The graphics aren't groundbreaking but they are still very beautiful. The gameplay is tight and riveting. Everything just comes together. If you had any fun with the other games in the series, you do not want to miss this incredible game.


Bat is back

theaigle | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all theaigle's reviews »

Excellent. Absolutely incredible. Anyone who has played Arkham Asylum and City will have a sense of familiarity with this prequel, but at the same time, it seems like a glorified expansion of Arkham City. The gadgets are improved. The boss battles are without a doubt better than before. Any fan of Batman will irrevocably find this game as satisfying as it is entertaining. The Bat is back.


Don't fix what isn't broken

arksun | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all arksun's reviews »

Batman: Arkham City was considered an incremental upgrade to Arkham Asylum in every way. The same cannot be said about Arkham Origins, However, this is more because of how Arkham City had made perfected all the elements of an enjoyable, story driven Batman game as it was. Arkham Origins feels more like Arkham City 2.5 than a full out new game. The gadgets are either entirely the same, or an old gadget with a new splash of paint on. Sidequests have the same overall structure and even feel very similar to the quests of Arkham City in the manner they have been constructed. In terms of new content, the detective portions have been fully fleshed out and been made to feel like proper forensic hide-and-seek games, looking for new clues as you piece together what happened at each crime scene. Some of the villains barely get any screen time, whereas other (albeit more familiar) villains get entire monologues to belt out. Ultimately, if you enjoyed Arkham City and couldn't get enough of it, this game will more than satisfy your appetite for a new-yet-familiar game in the same vein. For newcomers, this is also a very meaty game with plenty of content to keep you coming back for more.


Best entry in the series so far.

Scorpy | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

I played through all of the story and a few side missions. WB Games Montreal have definitely proved they can tango with the big boys, as Origins blows City out of the water. It takes everything Arkham City did, turns it up to 11, then adds more. The atmosphere is spot-on, from the christmas-themed score to the christmas decorations, the pedestrian dialogue and so on. What felt like an empty, abandoned city in Arkham City now feels like a sleepy Christmas Eve town, with trouble lurking around every corner. The story is great, much more cinematic than Arkham City. The voice acting is fantastic, the combat is just as good as it has ever been, and the missions are satisfying and fun. My only gripe with this game is an issue I have with the series in general. The stealth and predator-challenges leave a lot to be desired. Especially when compared to the top notch combat system, those bits definitely feel tedious and boring. But that is such a minor complaint. I'm glad WB Games Montreal decides to take a less campy and more serious approach to the series. No more dude-undies, fake abs or ridiculously pointy ears. Batman is all business in this installment, making it the best in the series by far, and definitely a worthy entry in the series.



Simao20 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

Another fantastic game in the arkham universe game series. People were a little nervous knowing that WB Montreal took over Rocksteady for the prequel game but lets just say they did a solid job and exceeded expectations. The gameplay is your typical Arkham gameplay with counter, cape swipe and your attack. The graphics are great , especially if you're capable of adding the dx11 eye candy in th egame. The new detective vision system is fantastic. You replay in your mind as Batman how a crime scene unfolded and you can slowdown and rewind to see every bit of detail to try to figure out how something happened. The story is good too, its Christmas Eve and the Black Mask has sent out 8 assassins to take out the Batman with a bounty on his head. Some of the Batman mythos has changed a bit but ultimately its fine . Its a great experience, wonderful atmosphere and well worth buying.


The best Batman game

mahon | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Origins is the game we've all been waiting for. We all loved the previous Batman games, didn't we? Well, I did. They were some of the best action games and best representations of the CD universe I've seen. Now the game, which is a prequel for the previous two games, is finally available and it looks better. No, it looks awesome. It plays better, with all the experience from making the previous games used to Arkham Origins' advantage. What we get an excellent action game with incredible visuals, great sound and gameplay which literally keeps you playing on and on. Waste no more time and get this one!