Reviews for Need for Speed Rivals (NA)


Hey, Need for Speed, but with issues!

ctp94wakko | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all ctp94wakko's reviews »

Need for Speed Rivals is a great racing game when it comes down to the racing mechanics, the realism, the art direction and the raw sound of the engines, but that doesn't make it a perfect game. The biggest issue with Need for Speed Rivals is that the tutorials are everywhere and the game treats the player like he/she has never raced before. If that is not enough, how about the loading screens and the cinematics that never stop. Before you even get to race, first you have to wait for mintues on end while the cinematics, which you cannot skip, play out. To restate my previous claims, the art style, the sound, and the driving mechanics are near perfect and a pleasure to experience once you get to racing, but the problem(s) occur even before you get to the better parts of the game.