Reviews for The Darkness II


So fun

ysk1985 | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all ysk1985's reviews »

This game does so much right. It feels like a combination of neo noir and fantasy. The narrator has such a sexy voice while he narrates the game, almost like he's reading a comic book! which is what the developers intended. You can play this game without having played the first one, as there is a summary in the beginning of the game, but I found it much more enjoyable having gone though the story of the character in the first game. The game is greatly enjoyable as you have a combination of powers and guns, which you can buy and improve more on as you progress through the game. The co op is fun when you have four people, each playing as a different character, as you each use your powers together, and is an entirely different story from the single player campaign, so get your friends!