Reviews for Tropico 4: Plantador


Wear a sombrero and run a plantation

mahon | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Tropico 4: Plantador is another one in the series of small additions to the latest Tropico game. They don't introduce revolutionary changes to the game and you can easily play the game without them and not suffer the feeling of missing something important. But if, just like me, you like to keep your games complete, you should get this pack. As you might expect from this DLC, you will find several small additions inside, all linked to the main subject: plantations. So you have a new sombrero for your character, new trait which makes agricultural strategy a better option, some new buildings and decorations. There's also a new mission, focused on developing new businesses, and starting with plantations alone. Good for players who are getting bored with the base game already.