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Eight years old but still an excellent game!

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I love the Call of Duty series and I have played every single one of them and Call of Duty 2 plays very well, kudos to strict quality assurance from the developers, with tight combat and varied challenges that are always engaging, despite the overused WWII FPS theme (at the time but not anymore). For those of you who've played Brothers-in-Arms, you would notice familiar scenarios and squad-based tactics involving house and bunker clearing, with the occasional heroic moments. These "flip-the-odds" moments are well scripted into the game, and I especially appreciate the sniping part in the Silo mission, as well as signalling for arti strikes, and I think you would too. Also, there's a scenario where you have to chase a tank that's running from you and your sticky bomb, I'm serious. The tank missions, though brief, provide a good break from the running, crawling and jumping. Like the first game, you get to shoot stuff with a few cool gun fixtures, such as the Flak 88 and AA gun, but I feel it would be nice to be able to use more variety of such stationary weapons, as a sequel feature. Nevertheless, the soundscape is as immersive as ever, bringing WWII to life, and the visuals still look good today in 2013 even though it's dated, because the game just feels timeless. A masterpiece yet again. Highly recommended