Reviews for Gravi [Playfire]


A fun puzzle game.

darkyhbk | July 11, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Gravi is a 2D puzzle game in which you control a ball surrounded by a gravitational field, guiding it through corridors, up platforms and past traps. It is good fun if you're into this sort of game. Gravi starts off pretty easy, but the challenge gradually builds up and you'll end up having quite a few problems when progressing further into the game. The traps become more intricate and numerous, moving platforms require perfect timing and reflexes and a step wrong spells death. Oh yes, I died hundreds of times in this game (in fact, this information is shown on your HUD, just to make you aware). While it does get pretty much trial and error later on, it does not get the fun out of the game. The ability to shoot the ball where you point, then use gravity to move it forward is fun, and the levels are well designed, giving you a both entertaining and challenging time.


More platformer than puzzle - but still quite nice game

waluigi | July 7, 2013 | See all waluigi's reviews »

It is not the second Braid or Adventures of Shuggy. The "puzzle - element" is not so strong as it is in two previously mentioned games. But still it is worth to try this one. Why? Well, the gameplay require a lot of reflex, especially in narrow corridors with spikes and other, classic for platformers "attractions". After first levels, this game became quite hard. But not frustrating - and that is something, especially for people who like classic platformers. In opposite of many indie games, this one has quite nice and esthetic graphic design. Maybe it doesn't have too big variety (after all, we are still playing in some variations of metal corridors), but it really does not bother. The really low system requirements were nice surprise for me - even netbook users can play in this game without troubles. The music and the sounds are acceptable – there is nothing stunning, but they also don't bother, and are not irritating even after a couple of levels. I would be really nice if most of the „medium-quality” indie games could look like this one. There is no tray of innovation, but everything is good performed and balanced. It is working fine even on old computers, the control is easy to learn, and the creator of this game has avoided the glitches and bugs. Quite nice platformer, worth to try.