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taytothief | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all taytothief's reviews »

Oddplanet is a homage to Limbo and the Oddworld games. And it does it fantastically. It's another indie platformer, but that's fine with me because I enjoy them a lot. I think it looks stunning. The puzzles are good too, not too easy, and the story, while a little odd, is still fantastic enough to cause wonderment. I loved Limbo, and while I'm getting a little tired of all the Limbo clones, Oddplanet is definitely not a bad addition to them. If you liked Limbo, you WILL like Oddplanet, and I highly recommend it.


Great experience

Cavalieroscuro | June 24, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you loved Limbo, Oddplanet is a must. The gameplay is pretty much the same (so the artistic style is), with the difference that the little girl that you control will share her feelings with the player. The music side is pretty good, with a nice soundtrack and atmospheric sounds. The price is very low, so give it a try.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

OddPlanet is a side-scrolling game regarding exploration and puzzle determination. you'll guide a lone girl through the hostile environments of associate degree alien planet and facilitate her survive. It is powerfully centered on intelligent puzzles and also the highest quality of art. The puzzles area unit difficult for the casual gamer and refreshing for the hardcore gamer. The developers created a living world for you to explore and admire. As you play, the protagonist lost during this world can act with it and share her feelings regarding it with the player.


Unique graphics style

drafek | June 21, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

OddPlanet does have a interested graphics style, it's inspired by Limbo and Oddworld, eventhough I only played Limbo I can say that it is similar. The story is a little weird but also interested. The game does have some nice effects.