Reviews for Journey to the Center of the Moon


One of the most innovative and best modern day adventure games

houiew | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all houiew's reviews »

Play Time ~13 hours Return to Mysterious Island "wet my appetite" for Kheops games. I thought it would be hard to beat, but Voyage really is even a better game and longer too, and that is saying A LOT, considering how much I enjoyed Return to Mysterious Island. This game has a wide assortment of puzzles (inventory, logic, environmental, and some "sort of timed" ones - no fear on the last type, they are easy) and so many different adventurers will enjoy the game, especially because many of the puzzles can be solved in different ways; for example the store can be used to buy items if you hate chemistry puzzles. Notably, some puzzles put in a new twist I never saw in other adventure games. I won't spoil it, so I won't list them. Great graphics (not surprising since it is Kheops who developed it), superb audio (so many ambient sounds in this game and voice acting is top notch and the music extremely well done and very suitable to the atmosphere). The story is minimal, so for story fanatics, this may not be your cup of tea. The game also breaks new ground on immersion. When I played the game I felt like I was on the moon and trying to adapt to my surroundings, learning about the environment and culture/language of its inhabitants - creatures and plants alike. The game is well suitable for all ages in my opinion, and I highly recommend it to everyone.


A puzzle game you might want to try out

domenthechief | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

The game is loosely based on the works of renowned sci-fi author Jules Verne and tells the the story of Michel Arden, a scientist who is travelling to the moon in giant shell that was shot out of a giant cannon. Arden awakes before he reaches his final destination only to find that his two travel companions have both died in mysterious circumstances. As expected, Arden vows to discover just what happened on the journey - odd enough his only witness to the crime was a ckicken - and along the way discovers the secrets of an ancient Lunar civilization. Now how about that, huh? The main story is quite interesting and I was really in to it. I really wanted to know what happened and I enjoyed the game quite a bit. And what's the best - the major focus of the game is puzzle solving! And the puzzles are quite hard to solve and unfortunately time consuming as well. Arden, the main charatcer, is forced to rely on his wits to survive, and has to use the items around him to solve the puzzles. The gameplay was interesting and I enjoyed it almost as much as the story, but the graphics are really bad. All in all I think the game is pretty neat, puzzle gamers really ought to try it out and the price is far from being expensive.


Point and click adventure inspired by Verne

michalmichal | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

I am a fan of adventure games and have read some books by Jules Verne as a kid, so I wanted to check if the Journey to the Center of the Moon was any good. And what I found was that it's a decent point and click adventure game with interesting locations and an alien race of Selenites. In fact interactions with Selenites seem to be the focal point of the game, at least for me. You get to learn about their civilization and culture, learn their language and get to know them better. Although the game is not a faithful representation of Verne's work, it captures the feel of his works and has enough references to please a fan of Verne's books.