Reviews for Return to Mysterious Island 2 [Playfire]


Good sequel to a terrific original game.

houiew | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all houiew's reviews »

Play time ~ 20 hours The game plays much like the first one, except with much less item combining. The first game I believe is better. It seemed to have a fresh feel, whereas this sequel seems to be very similar to the first in terms of setting, atmosphere, appearance and types of puzzles. Notably, some of the puzzle mechanics are borrowed from previous Kheops titles. However, it steps away from the original game to introduce puzzles in which you play as the monkey, which is pretty nice. I believe the fun in the first game of item combining is mostly taken away from the second game, with a few exceptions. Overall, still a very excellent game that deserves a play-through. Again, those seeking a vivid storyline should seek elsewhere, but there is solid puzzling here. Great graphics and sound also are nice to have.



Bolo | July 27, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

This is an enjoyable game for any fans of the first. Many of the nonsense aspects of the first game have been relieved with some better explanation. You also get the chance to see the island from a whole new perspective -- that of Jep, Mina's companion monkey. Jep plays an important role in this game. There are some very unexpected twists in the plot, but the freedom to be able to solve puzzles by combining multiple inventory items and the chance to get bonuses for creativity are just some of the good points. The minigames seemed more like wastes of time, but there is an option to connect the game to your iPhone to play the minigames on the go. Though the game has subtitles, there are many sound puzzles throughout the game that require you to replicate musical tones. If you fail enough, the game will give you an option to do these puzzles on easy which shows you the color-coded notes on a musical staff to replicate, which makes it easier for those who are tone deaf or have hearing difficulties.