Reviews for Aliens Vs Predator


One of my favourites

RadiatorFanboy | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all RadiatorFanboy's reviews »

I think one of saddest things about this game was how quickly the multi-player population died as this was a fun online and was balanced except when you are a Xenonomorph in the pyramid map where you could do the charge tail attack from a wall with no charge time that knocks Marines down and does the most damage to predators which was my only quarrel. The Marine campaign has tension and surprisingly likeable characters considering they are SPACE MARINES and was the second best campaign/ species. The Predator's campaign was not greatly in-depth as there is not a lot of material to work on, it's just go and claim honour stop the serpents from escaping, the weapons you get are true to the series and fun, stalking humans and listening in is always entertaining as well. You can use a recording to lure marines out of their patrols for the kill The Alien's campaign is the best in my opinion as it is fast paced paced, gruesome and rewarding play-style with fairly tight controls which is as close as it gets to becoming a Xenomorph. A very good game that did not get the recognition it deserved.



captainstark | June 18, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

The human campaign is good, the aliens sneak up on you, the atmosphere is dark. Sadly the aliens and predator campaign doesn't match up to the humans, predators being the worst, at least with aliens you can crawl on walls. The multiplayer is dead.