Reviews for XCOM: Enemy Unknown (NA)


A very good game and entry point.

Strictnyne | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all Strictnyne's reviews »

I've never played the previous incantations of the series but have played lots of RTS games. This is definitely one of the top notch RTSs I've played. The story seems well thought out and the gameplay is very fun. This reminds me alot of the shadowrun series gameplay-wise. Overall I highly recommend the game.


X-Com returns!

midgetjacks | Oct. 5, 2014 | See all midgetjacks's reviews »

When 2K announced an update to X-Com, skepticism ran high. Here was a beloved franchise in a genre that had fallen out of style, being rebooted for a modern audience. Luckily it worked, and ended up being one of the best of the year. Sure, there are some things I miss from the old games. The high rate of casualties was always fun, you never knew when a mission would go bad, and then really bad. At the same time, they kept that feeling here, when one of your favorites goes down, and you rush to save them, and then it just gets a whole lot bloodier. And it controls much better than expected, to the point where I prefer to play it with a controller. Then you have the upgrade trees, which all feel pretty solid. Leveling up soldiers brings a choice at each level, allowing soldiers to be specialized in different things. All in all, a worthy successor to the X-Com name.


Best RTS

yngdr | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

X Com- Enemy Unknown is one of the best RTS squad-based games around, from the action in moves, to the command interface, all feel well done and draw you into the game. The HQ is a bit off having to excavate and spend resources to get upgrades, however the control and layout of the base is handled perfectly. the cut-scenes could have been a bit better but I don't hold it too much against them. It is a very good buy and if you can grab it on sale its a very good deal.


Great Reboot

Jericho417 | July 30, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

The return of X-Com was very welcome. I played the original games when I was a kid and there's just enough nostalgia and updates. You can customize your squad, through upgrades and appearance. You can change their names, as well. You design and place structures in your base and research your finds to get better gear. The combat is very well done. The graphics and aesthetics are beautiful. The mechanics are fleshed out and work. Took me about 35 hours to beat it and I never found the encounters boring.


A Great and Difficult Game

fortunateandy | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all fortunateandy's reviews »

It has been a long time since I played a tactical game like XCOM and the game was great. The tension between and in mission is quite exhilarating if you like to emotionally invest in your troops. There is some quirkiness to the game that could annoy you to no end but for the most part the game is quite free of bugs (on my occasion). I do admit most of the missions become a bit stale as there aren't that many maps but you can buy the expansions to somewhat alleviate that, but only if they're at a cheaper price than they are now.


Worthy of bearing the X-COM name.

jurassicutility | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all jurassicutility's reviews »

Overall, I've been quite pleased with the game. I loved the original X-COM to death, but I feel that both games are good for different reasons. The reboot is missing quite a few of the original game's features, but I think what they were going for was to minimize a lot of the boring micromanagement you ended up doing in the original game and tighten up tactical combat (which was the best part of the original game anyways). I think the smaller squadsize of the new game actually works to make fights more tactical. In the original, soldiers were basically disposable pawns, and the lack of any range limitation meant that sniping tactics were WAY too effective. In the new game you're actually forced to use squad tactics if you want to survive a fight with the aliens. There are some gripes I do have about the new game though. The lack of randomized levels is regrettable. There are only about 15 distinct level maps, and after a few hours of play you will find that you've already seen about all of the unique maps, and know exactly where the good cover and likely alien spawns are. There are also no Base Defense missions. I can actually understand why they did away with the randomized levels, but WHY NO BASE DEFENSE FIRAXIS?! It was such an important part of the original game's flow! It's supposed to be when you have to face the consequences of how you planned - or didn't plan - your base layout. Besides that though, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a very good game. I'd recommend it anyone who was a fan of the original and is willing to approach it with an open mind.


A modern telling of an all-time classic

taigatsu | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

Countless devotees have clamored for years a worthy follow up to the classic XCOM franchise, and skepticism was high that this remake would follow through on its lofty promises. Fortunately, Firaxis has succeeded in developing a game that does justice to the original, while making its own mark on the brand. Much of the core gameplay remains intact, and is still as addicting as ever. The broader, strategic overlay provides a general direction for your progress, and feeds into the bulk of the game, the turn based strategic battles. It's easy to jump in, planning to only play for a short period, only to realize that you've spent several hours, repeatedly saying 'just one more UFO' or 'just one more upgrade at the base'. Turn based strategy can be a remarkably obtuse genre at times, and XCOM needs to be commended for how well it has handled modernizing the genre. The granularity of deciding every single aspect of your operation and combat has been reduced in favor of streamlining several aspects. This shouldn't be mistaken for dumbing down the game, however. Instead, it makes for a sleeker, more accessible game where your options are always more apparent but no less meaningful. Combat remains the highlight, as ever. Taking your troops through the ranks and seeing them develop new skills helps fuel a sense of progression, and finally fielding an arsenal that allows you to turn the tables on the alien invaders is incredibly satisfying. The difference in classes allows one to adjust playstyles as they go. Even a seemingly simple milk run can turn into a gripping battle royale when a simple bad decision makes things go lop-sided, while a cleanly executed operation provides an immense feeling of empowerment. Many said it couldn't be done, or that turn based strategy could no longer be made relevant. XCOM proves them all wrong, and shows that some things are classic for a reason.


A great update to a classic

gamerely | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all gamerely's reviews »

But not a perfect update to the classic. If you're a fan of turned based tactical combat, base building, and economy management this game is for you. The original Xcom is a classic and this game took a lot of steps to replicate it's greatness, but it isn't the old Xcom. The difficulty for the game can be absolutely brutal, almost to an unfair degree. Which has kept me from doing multiple replays out of absolute frustration. I haven't tried the multiplayer but I've seen very interesting things from it although it can be frustrating with people min maxing their teams. Those are the only flaws I can think of, it is a fantastic game and I highly recommend it.


Wonderful Turn-Base

Armed_Psycho | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all Armed_Psycho's reviews »

As someone who has never played the previous XCOM games, I had no immediate need to buy this game and ended up picking this up as an extra during the Bioshock deal. This game is amazing. The game stresses thinking before moving as you cannot reset your character once they move. Weapons and armor are constantly being studied and upgraded due to the alien tech, leading to a constant stream of new toys for your squads. Finally, you can customize you troops to give them a personal feel. My teams often consist of political figures, movie and game characters, and, of course, Mr. T.


Hard yet satisfying

toasterflakes | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all toasterflakes's reviews »

this game is difficult but don't let that discourage you. after sometime of playing about 10+hr i find this game a great buy. its difficult and punishing. you really need to think out your plans and remember when each character can use their skills (i looking at you rocket man). in this game i say stick to your decisions as much as you can to be most realistic, but as a warning when things goes wrong they go wrong fast. you could have a whole team at one moment and half of them are wiped out the next moment, but same for the enemies. overall i recommend this game. its hard, but the god type challenging that most games these days lack


Good Luck, Commander

KalGoran | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all KalGoran's reviews »

XCOM Enemy Unknown, the reboot of the classic XCOM franchise, is the multi-layered cake of strategy games, and to continue my silly cake analogy, it is absolutely delicious. The most obvious layer is the squad command--you control squads of 4-6 soldiers in a variety of mission types against various aliens, using each classes strengths and abilities to create the most effect counter-extraterrestrial force you can. It won't be easy though--aliens outnumber, and while the races you initially face are relatively simple and weak, they grow increasingly devious and powerful with time, forcing you to react accordingly. Because if you don't, your soldiers will die. And they aren't coming back. Even if they're only wounded, you lose them for several in game days, which may mean your best assault trooper is in the hospital with your best heavy when a terror mission strikes (you'll have to experience those for yourself). Since you can name and customize your soldiers, in addition to leveling them up, any casualties you take hurt. Above that, is a metagame of research, development, and base building--if you don't chose where to focus your money and resources, you won't be prepared when the going gets tough, because you can't do everything. You don't have the resources, and you definitely don't have the time. Chose wisely, or you risk failure in your missions, no matter how good your field strategy. And failure has consequences, because panic is spreading across the globe, and for every mission you fail--or every country you neglect in favor of another--will further creep towards chaos, and ultimately drop their support of XCOM. Lose too many countries, and you lose the game. It's a wonderful balancing act that is very satisfying to get right. Especially because of how often you may get it wrong.


Punishing yet rewarding

upandatom786 | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all upandatom786's reviews »

Few games have perfected the feedback loop of role-playing like XCOM has. Every time you start to tire of a gameplay element, they introduce something new to play with, ensuring you never get bored. Add that to gameplay that makes isometric strategy gaming accessible, even to this rookie, and you have the foundation for a great game. The stylized visuals aren't great, but they're more than serviceable, especially at higher settings. The story is relatively rote for the most part, although it hits a few unexpected beats. No, the main draw here is the gameplay, and the constant incentives for playing well.


Best Recent Tactical Game

untitled36 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all untitled36's reviews »

Some of my all time favorite games are Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, and Fire Emblem. So I'm a tactical RPG fanatic. I also played the original X-Com back in the day. All that to say, I may be biased on several levels, but this is a great game. Everything is a choice, and those choices really matter. Time, money, and Alien Artifacts all limit your ability to research everything. It's a game where your decisions really matter. Something as simple as naming your squaddies after friends or family members is a nice touch as well. You get attached to your A List squad, and seeing one of them fall in battle, or even be wounded, really makes you feel the loss both in-game and emotionally. The game's not perfect, though. It has the same basic maps and the same basic mission goals most levels. Each level is enjoyable, but it does begin to feel repetitive towards the end of the game.


Awesome Game

dodger05 | Dec. 8, 2013 | See all dodger05's reviews »

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a truly amazing game. I don't play a lot of strategy games, but this one was extremely fun. The actual missions and strategy you think about are a ton of fun, and after every mission, you research and build things to upgrade your squad and base. The soldiers in your squad will rank up after a mission or two, and unlock new abilities that can be of great use. The progression and story is great as well. As your soldiers get more powerful so will the enemies making it constantly a challenge. The story is good, you need to complete things in missions to do certain research to advance in the story line. It is a really amazing game that I highly recommend.


An excellent reinvention of the original.

Grimhound | Nov. 27, 2013 | See all Grimhound's reviews »

X-COM: Enemy Unknown is an interesting game. The developers successfully proved the viability of a genre that some considered defunct and effectively saved the X-COM franchise from an inglorious demise. It is, all in all, a well made product on its own, worthy of being played. While the game itself is a very fun experience, there are some things which soured my enjoyment of it a bit. It is content light compared to its predecessor, something which the recently released Enemy Within expansion seems to alleviate from what I've read about it. The game also has some bugs which can be game-breaking or infuriating, which sort of kills the experience of the autosave-only Ironman mode. For example, the shot calculator can give you a false percentage on your chance to hit an enemy, or a one-tile-wide path can close in front of you, locking you out of the final room of the game. Bring Archangel Armor and a Hover S.H.I.V. with you for that one. I do recommend this game, though. For even with its bugs and issues, it's an example of something I would really like to see more of.


One of the best strategy games of 2013

bopcrane99 | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all bopcrane99's reviews »

You will not regret playing X-com: EU - The game does a delightful job of sucking you in to the X-com universe while also updating and rejuvenating a classic franchise. The game initially makes you and your soldiers feel severely outnumbered and under-geared, but the rise up from this into a squad of alien-smashing Bad-A's is a fantastic ride that any strategy game fan should take it upon themselves to try. If you're on the fence about getting this game - Don't be!! you will not regret it.


Great game

Akamai27 | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all Akamai27's reviews »

I loved the original X-Com games and when I heard they were doing a new one I was both excited and scared. What we got was different but still really great. The different directions in which you can take your research path and council missions are fun. I really enjoy the cover system and ability tree as your soldiers level up. My problem I had was when in a multi level building and having to rotate my camera around to get the cursor to be on the bottom or top floor. Otherwise I've logged in over 60 hours and feel this game is well worth the purchase if you enjoy strategy games.


From a non-strategy gamer

syclonix | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all syclonix's reviews »

I'm pretty bad at strategy games, I absolutely hate Real Time Strategy games, but I'll check out turn-based strategy games every once in a while because at least they let me take my sweet time to think about my moves. Despite, my newness to strategy games and the X-COM series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an absolute pleasure to play! I am having so much fun with the individual turn-based missions as well as the meta-game of managing your base operations and over-arching strategy. I started playing in Classic mode because that's what old school X-COM players recommended. It was really really intense! Actually too intense for my personal preference so I switched over to Normal mode with all the Second Wave options enabled and now I'm having a blast playing! It's still tense, but also easy enough to remain enjoyable. My only (very) minor gripe about the game is that it doesn't give you much direction in the way of what research paths to take. There is no research tree you can look at (unless you cheat and go online) so often times you're just guessing what to research next without knowing what the research will produce and whether or not it will be beneficial to you. But then again, perhaps this was the point to make the game feel more desperate and chaotic. Ultimately, this means you could very well put yourself at a disadvantage you're unable to recover from later on in the game. Again, a very, very minor gripe. Overall XCOM is a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone, even non-strategy gamers, it's a good game to get your feet wet with.


Series Renewed

CappinCanuck | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

XCom Enemy Unknown is a great re-make. Graphical update and new mechanics over the old. The story is a little more involved and the base layout, now underground, provides some freshness. Overall though, not much has changed. The research path is linear and the maps are limited so you'll learn them both pretty fast. The base building is also largely unimportant. There's really only path to go to reach the end goals so there's not that much variety or real strategy. Later on, once unlocking some of the late equipment, you'll be dreading the slow march across the screen trying to find out who's left that you need to effortlessly kill. Overall though? What a fantastic XCom game. Some gripes but the story, the missions, the fun, equipping fights and skirmishes, are all still there. A must for any XCom fan. And a should play for anyone interested in the genre.


I lost hours to this game

bjuicy85 | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all bjuicy85's reviews »

This game is really something I have wanted to play in awhile. I have owned this game roughly when it was released and I really enjoy the game. The reason I'm not giving it a higher rating is because sadly there are quite a few bugs that just break the game immersion at times. Warning: The game is good, that is why I'm rating it highly. These cons are warning about the game that can be very frustrating. Cons: 1. Height issues, height matters in this game and it can mess with your camera positioning and even miss click on a movement tile. I have lost a few good men and women because of this. 2. Aliens can shoot you at the weirdest angle. I don't know if this is a bug or just how they did it. 3. Accents, there is no accents. They are from Germany, Japan, and Africa and they all speak English in an American accent... 4. Aliens reactions... When ever YOU run into an alien or when THEY run into you. They get to react and move. Kind of cheap especially when your troop run into three of them and they into better cover and you are left there watching your soldier die...


Worthy Addition To The Series

Pangamini | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all Pangamini's reviews »

We see remake's of games constantly, and most of the time they turn out bad. However, when a good one come's along, its pretty damn good. Xcom Enemy Unknown takes everything about the original game that made it great, and pack's it into a great package, even improving on some things throughout. The graphics of the game are a great refresher to the series, sharp and detailed, to modern industry standards. The gameplay, as in the original is split between managing things on a global scale, as well as sending your team in on ground missions as well. Let me tell you, it does both of these things very well and keep's it fun throughout the whole game. The ground mission mechanics are well laid out, smooth, not too complicated, and of course, fun. The world management mechanic's are great, and it's a nice break out of the ground missions to manage your base, research, etc. But make no mistake, managing thing's put's plenty of pressure on you as well. One of the great things about this game is you start to feel a connection to your soldier's after you name them after all your friends, you really try not to lose them, which keeps you very immersed and engaged in the experience. Difficulty levels are great, they ramp up fast, but are very fun in the process, this is a hard game, expect to lose at times. The story is fairly well made, some of the cutscenes can get repetitive though. Of course, no game is without its flaws. The tech tree's aren't as massive as you would expect from Xcom, would be nice to see some improvement there. It could definitely do with some more class's as well. It also has it's fair share of bugs, however they aren't too prevalent. So to summarize, great game, great graphics, great gameplay and keep's things interesting with the story. Definitely a worthy edition to the series, and I highly recommend this game to anyone who has played the original game's or wanted to but got turned off by the graphic's etc.


Not for me, but not a bad game

LightningMelon | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all LightningMelon's reviews »

I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with strategy games. I really like some and really hate others. XCOM turned out to not really be for me, but that's more because of my short attention span, honestly. It's an incredibly well-made game, with a great presentation, slick controls, and a great mixture of long-term strategy and short-term tactics. The random numbers do always seem against you, sometimes to an aggravating level, but if you like this sort of game, it's absolutely worth checking out!


A new take on a great game

CyberspyXD | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all CyberspyXD's reviews »

XCOM does not try to be what it is not and that's a good thing. Its unique and not just a copy of the old game with updated graphics. It improves and refines the classic XCOM systems and formulas to make the game more streamlined for new comers and more manageable too. You don't need to bring as many soldiers because they are not expendable anymore something Classic X-COM fans might not like this though. You care about your troops and will feel the pain if they die and that's something a strategy game has never done before for me. The game has a good difficulty level and the fun really goes up at classic ironman. Though some bugs can cause your soldiers to die unfairly or teleport aliens across the map (When you go into a alien supply ship and are faced with every single enemy on the map aiming down at you, you wont be happy). Overall great game and a must have for any strategy lover.


XCom is Back

Improv | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all Improv's reviews »

XCom Enemy Unknown is a deep, complex, and incredibly difficult tactial game that will challenge and entertain you. Fireaxis' excellent design and thought process not only captured what made the original so great but produced a game of the year contender in a year filled with quality titles. Fireaxis Games will be in safe hands with Jake Solomon (lead designer) once Sid Meier retires. I recommend this title to anyone interested in strategy/action games.


Great game with flaws

Cytokinesis | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all Cytokinesis's reviews »

Rather than reiterate what everyone else is saying about how good it is I want to focus on the flaws and how most of them will be solved with the upcoming expansion. The biggest flaw was lack of maps. After 5 or 6 playthroughs you knew every map inside and out. The research was pretty 'meh' and linear. You really weren't provided with any SIGNIFICANT choices about what to research next and laboratories as a base improvement were pretty worthless, especially compared to workshops. The aliens "popped in" and only a few ever patrolled around the map before discovering their group which promoted ultra passive play. That was it. Both of those problems can be solved with the new expansion coming out and if they are this would be easily one of the greatest tactical strategy games of all time.


Fantastic game with few faults

efirmage | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all efirmage's reviews »

XCom review: I haven’t played any of the previous X-Com games, so I have nothing to say about this game as a follow-up or reboot. What I can say is that this is what I would consider the perfect mix cf strategy and action. While other games simply jump through the usual tropes that signify a game, this is a game that is actually fun to play. Other reviews can give you a breakdown of the basics of the game, so I’ll point out some things that I liked and what I didn’t. Pros -Excellent character customization options -Great voice acting -Fun soundtrack and atmospheric sound design -Good level design -Good sense of pacing and progression -Varied degrees of difficulty -Excellent “Hardcore” mode, highly recommend playing once through and then playing on this -Intuitive controls -Solid graphics -Decent variation of gameplay between managing your funds, base, and going on missions Cons -Aliens don’t discover you, so there is no incentive to play more aggressively -No randomly generated levels. I understand this, but maybe a “holodeck” mode for training could provide this -Imbalanced countries, not all of them really have great bonuses -Limited classes, limited tech trees -No cloud sync! (Steam) I can’t recommend this game highly enough. It has it’s flaws, but I was totally surprised with the level of depth this game has. I’m looking forward to picking up the expansion.


Best Turn Based Strategy Ever?

Sneaktastic | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all Sneaktastic's reviews »

Xcom Enemy Unknown is a remake of the classic Xcom. While i never got the opportunity to play the classic version, I did get a chance to play the remake Xcom Enemy Unknown and let me tell you it is AMAZING. With all of the game developers out there now copying call of duty, making their games fast paced, and easy. Xcom defies recent game development and returns us to a state where losing is fun, and it really is. If you want to be treated like an adult and experience a fun tough game play this.


Classic challenge

xxfallacyxx | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all xxfallacyxx's reviews »

Something about X-Com: EU brought out something from my younger days in gaming. I'll be honest, it was challenging. Playing Iron Man mode stomped me down several times, often without mercy. A single failure crippling the future of my own game, and the enemy would not give me reprieve. Time to start over, again and again. Despite that, I was hooked. Single player story kept me enthralled like few modern games do, night after night coming back for more until I had victory. Absolutely worth every penny, even if it's still at near original retail pricing. Take that as a hint of how great the game is. Quick note, the game would have got a straight one hundred were the multiplayer mode not prone to so many issues, inhibiting any kind of enjoyment from online play.


Worth a try for anyone who enjoys a strategy game

Alpha7 | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all Alpha7's reviews »

Having played the original X-Com games I was very excited to hear there were going to be coming out with a new game re-envisioning X-Com. Even with out having played the old X-Com games I would be instantly drawn into this new one and wanting more. The management of the base, structures, soldiers, research and manufacturing in the geoscape lets you play a huge management roll with out getting into too much micromanagement like the old ones did. The battlescape gives you that release and the opportunity to take the fight to the enemy and finally enjoy (hopefully) killing them. The biggest drawbacks of the games are the constant bugs most of which they have fixed but not all yet almost a year later. The panic system in the game is horrible and takes a lot a way from it. Luckily their are mods that remove the absolutely ridiculous panic system and make it a little more realistic and manageable on the harder difficulties. Overall worth a try especially if you catch it on sale... and if you are not willing to fork over all that cash the original is usually only a couple $ and worth a play if you can get past the horrible graphics.


Great Reboot of an amazing classic

PicusB | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all PicusB's reviews »

If you were a strategy game fan in the mid-90s it's likely you heard of X - Com Enemy Unknown. It was a brutal, challenging game, with real consequences where your actions could lead to the demise of your soldiers or your carelessness could be the end of civilians. This remake is true to the original in many ways, but brings modern touches. Other than the obvious visual differences, it brings smoother (perhaps more intuitive movement) into the game play, better sound effects and a nice storyline although the overall objective remains the same: save earth from the mysterious aliens threatening our way of life. The game has two parts, the strategic base-building and UFO intercepting main map and the tactical battles that will reward your infantry with experience upgrades and alien loot (including the aliens themselves once you have the technology and facilities for it). Both parts of the game are well balanced and enjoyable, and they can both get hectic in the late game as you struggle to save the planet. Your research and base building in the main map mode which advances in real time when not paused, servers primarily to allow you take down larger alien craft, expand your coverage of the planet and most importantly upgrade your soldiers so they can get the job done with minimal casualties. This game is a must if you are a fan of the original, a fan of sci-fi games, or just a fan of great strategy games.


Good but hard

poik12 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all poik12's reviews »

That first line pretty much sums up my XCom experience. This is strategy gaming at its finest, but also at it's most frustrating. It has all of the components of a regular turn based strategy game, but with the permadeath of your troops, and the sometimes insane difficulty level (even on easy) this game is not for your casual gamer, with an extremely good AI and devilishly hard missions. To succeed in this game, be prepared to invest hours leveling up your soldiers on various missions before taking on the story ones. That being said, it's still incredibly enjoyable to play. Just remember to save often.


Worth every penny

flawlesslogic | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all flawlesslogic's reviews »

XCOM Enemy Unknown was my first step into the XCOM universe and boy was it a good step. I have always enjoyed turn based strategy games growing up but XCOM brings something new to the table with the global management system in between each battle. Making the decision to protect one country over another resulting in rises of panic across the globe, to researching new weapons for your team can leads to a fun experience where your mistakes now can cost you later. The combat in XCOM can be infuriating at times due to its random number generator but in the end adds to the suspense of the battle. You could be standing right next to the enemy with a 95% chance of hitting them at point blank range and miss only to have your soldier die the next turn never to return. This chance of failure forces you to plan ahead to position your soldier so they will have backup should they fail. The added fact that a soldier may panic due to heavy attacks had me sitting on the edge of my seat as my soldier ran out of cover and into a fight he shouldn't be in. I lost a few men early on in the game and after that I began to play extra careful to prevent any more deaths in battle. My main complaint with XCOM is the pacing. You can basicly play at your own pace by avoiding certain tasks. By doing this you are effictively cheating the game racking up resources and growing stronger while preventing your enemy from doing the same. This can lead to some over powered soldiers allowing you to be a little more reckless. The game tries to balance this out with events raising panic levels but overall I don't feel like it does a good job. Despite that main gripe XCOM is well worth playing and with the update coming out soon is worth spending your money on.


A Great Reboot of a Fantastic Series

8loganex8 | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all 8loganex8's reviews »

While I have yet to get around to actually finishing the game I can say that this is a near perfect way to bring back the old franchise. The game play starts of easy and helps to bring new players into the game but as the missions progress the difficulty ramps up. If you were a fan of the originals you may not like all the changes that have been made, but if you can look past that you'll see a fantastic game and be reminded of the classics.


Turn based strategy goodness.

enjoyslongwalks | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all enjoyslongwalks's reviews »

Not a lot of turn based strategy games out there, even that being said this is one of the best. This is no grand strategy game with militaries, economies or policies to control, but that's part of what makes it so great. You control at most 6 individual soldiers, each with their own abilities and talents, depending on what class they are and what perks you choose for them. The depth comes in with those class/perk choices, how you set up your team and how you develop your tech. It's a really solid game and would definitely recommend to those that like strategy games such as Full Spectrum Warrior. My only knock against it is how unforgiving the game quickly becomes if you are not careful about your choices. There are also some negligble bugs that kind of irked me.


Fun and addicting

ncisprobie | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all ncisprobie's reviews »

I am by no means a professional writer or game critic. The score Im giving this game is based majorly on the amount of time I played it…. A lot. For the most part, I play single player games for the story. I am not saying that the story here was ground breaking, it was ok for what it was. But the oh boy ,was the gameplay fun. Think a simplistic (by which I mean easy to just pick up and play) turn based strategy game where you command a team. But when youre not out doing a mission, you are doing resource management. You are improving your HQ facilities to get better gear. This is a game that had me hooked for hours on end. I would literally take x-com breaks from studying and work to play “just one mission” but I would end up playing for an hour or two.


You will fall in-love with your squad

tv_ | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all tv_'s reviews »

The game gets challenging when you stop relying on save games to make sure your squad is always alive and when you really need to focus on upgrades and positioning. You may get this game with your The Bureau purchase, but I'll safely say its well worth whatever the price is listed. Probably my favorite turn-based strategy out their that isn't painfully long and boring. The kill/death animations make you say "ohhhhhhhhhhh". The only downside to it is some environment issues and some camera positioning at times.


Levels can be very challenging.

OmittingCoder | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

I picked this game up during a sale and I think it is pretty fun even though I haven't played the original. In this game when you aim at someone you have a certain percentage to hit them, it is oh so frustrating when you keep missing with 70% chances. Pretty realistic in that aspect though. I like it.


Xcom = Great Game

skyline5gtr | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all skyline5gtr's reviews »

I have spent so much time playing this game. Even if you are new to Turnbased or not there is something for everyone in Xcom and lets just say the difficultly is very hard at higher levels.The game is kinda of on rails as you dont get to choose a whole lot of what you do through out the campaign, you are presented with choices for each mission. You can choose different paths v but in the end its all the same, depending what guys are still alive will effect our play through


XCOM Turn based Strategy

silentblacksnak | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all silentblacksnak's reviews »

XCOM enemy unknown is not an easy game at all! Or I just suck at this turn based strategy game in particular. I played it on easy and had some difficulty. The game is about 20-28 hours long for just beating it. The campaign is interesting you are the humans keeping control of earth from being taken over from aliens. Throughout the game you encounter many battles that can happen in most known countries such as china, japan, India, united states, etc. The story is short if you actually piece it together since there are only 3 story missions and a tutorial mission. However to get to the story mission takes a long time. Throughout the game you will lose members of your army but its okay there’s a nice hire button! Overall this game was fun and different since you control your small army (4-6 guys depending on unlocks) and every time you encounter an alien you have a percentage of the shot hitting. What makes the % better is altitude compared to foe, distance, etc. Let’s just say I’ve had a 94% hit chance miss and a 22% hit chance hit. Overall this a great turn based strategy game that is very simple to play but hard to master, its unique because most strategy games require lots of thinking and knowledge. Since all XCOM games are different this is a good one for people who haven’t play any games of the series, like myself. The ability to research upgrades for armor, weapons, and much more makes the game entertaining from start to finish. I will get the next XCOM game but will not get it right away because it will be different. Well if you were to pay 20 bucks for the game or pre-order the next game on steam or greenmangaming for pc (you get all xcom games and spec ops the line), I’d recommend that, however the $40 it currently is wouldn’t be enough for everyone, because not everyone will like the game. Scoring time! I get XCOM: Enemy Unknown a 7.5/10 it’s a great game and very challenging!


Fun Game

Mikenator1881 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Mikenator1881's reviews »

Really good game, for a turn based game feels very well paced the action is quick if you want it and you can also be surgical. The games story feels rewarding aswell. Overall a good game for the price


A Good Introduction to the Genre

Dimber | July 29, 2013 | See all Dimber's reviews »

If you never really got into strategy games, like me, XCOM here is a very good introduction to the genre. It makes the controls seems smooth, effective, and intuitive, unlike some other strategy games which could be more turning off to a genre. It's a very exciting and fun game, and very absorbing.


Excellent Remake

tonydufa | July 28, 2013 | See all tonydufa's reviews »

I've played the original X-COM and while this isn't it.... it comes very close to recreating the feel of the original - while keeping what's great and trying to get rid of what isn't. XCOM has done an excellent job of speeding up game play (no inventory, unable to switch weapons, hints where the last aliens are located, etc..) while still retaining the tactical/ tension of the original. I believe this was done to appeals to today's gamers, and while I was skeptical at first, I've come to love the formula (I do wish it still had a solider inventory though.) Research and exploration are still critical parts of the game and you'll have no problem wasting hours trying to find the best combination of weapons, skills and tech to each alien species and mission type. While you *can* play the game on easy, (and probably should if you've never played a similar game before) XCOM is absolutely unforgiving on higher difficulty levels. If you're looking for a real challenge where mistakes aren't going to be forgiven - you've found it. XCOM is based on Unreal Engine 3 tech (it's kinda old now) it looks beautiful and runs very well on older hardware. Highly recommend.



ryzuku | July 23, 2013 | See all ryzuku's reviews »

If your are familiar with the original then this game has some similarities. They both use turn based combat. It still has the base building but limits you to the one base. I like the class system and leveling up features. However there's pretty much only two ways to build the classes and they still aren't all that different. I do not like the limit to the characters you can bring. The four at the beginning just seem way too small but you can upgrade this to six which is alright. The beginning battles feel a lot easier than the originals in which I was much more anxious and worried about my troops and their ability to survive. I do like how they made engineering and research in this game. It is more intuitive and you can see your progress and advancement easier. All in all this game is pretty good and there aren't too many turn based tactics games to play.


Don't hesist on this one.

logicbomb | July 20, 2013 | See all logicbomb's reviews »

This was my first X-com game, I had heard great things about the first X-com games and was excited to try this one out. Boy was I happy. This is one of my favorite games in 2012 and will last you a good 20 hours on normal. The nice thing about X-com is you can keep going and get stronger and build up your force before completing the game.


Great game

ruler8696 | July 19, 2013 | See all ruler8696's reviews »

I'm not usually a strategy game fanatic, but this is an exception. The gameplay is engaging, graphics are awesome (they are cartoon-ish) but later in the game it gets even more intense when the levels get more tough and the enemies get a lot tougher and your troops dwindle. Anyway all in all, very good game.


Thought provoking strategy game

azninja30 | July 19, 2013 | See all azninja30's reviews »

Xcom enemy unknown is a very addicting strategy game that has you calculating your every move with a hardcore characteristic that has you trying your best in keeping your squadmates alive cause if you do not they are gone forever.


An amazing tribute to the original series

Tyndles | July 17, 2013 | See all Tyndles's reviews »

The original XCOM was a brutal experience and this game has the potential to be no different. It thankfully offers difficulty levels so those not used to the difficulty that is XCOM can enjoy this amazing game and great atmosphere without being too frustrated (and it can get frustrating.) It's a beautiful game that makes you feel like the world really is about to end, with well acted voiceovers from your squad and commander, the only thing that is really lacking in this game is the story. It's there, but there is so much focus on base building and randomizing aspects of the actual progression that it's barebones. There are aliens, and you have to stop them. But if you like strategy games, and like them HARD, than this game is going to make you very happy, and possibly pull your hair out. But good luck!


Excellent Game

Robutron | July 14, 2013 | See all Robutron's reviews »

Very few games that I've played have been able to deliver the "feel" that XCOM:EU has. The game features both single player and a 1v1 multilayer mode. Compared to the single player game, the multilayer is unfortunately not very noteworthy so my review is only single player inclusive. Moving on then. Your choices and actions have deep consequences both in and out of battle. Accidentally put your Colonel in a position to get killed? RIP character that you've used on nearly every mission. Ignore an abduction site mission or respond in the wrong region? Panic levels rise and regions will potentially withdraw support. There can be little room for error, especially at higher difficulties. The gameplay is very refined, if somewhat frustrating at times due to the occasional bug or seemingly unfair AI. Every so often my game would "lock-up" on my turn, preventing me from making any move and forcing me to exit the game and reload my save. I didn't find this to be an issue, however, because the auto-save feature (which must be manually enabled, I might add) allowed me to load an auto-save on the same turn that I bugged out. Although it might not be quite as expansive as the previous games, the amount of progression and customization is astounding and highly volatile. And last but not least: the story. The story in X:EU is easily the most engaging and immersive that I have experienced in any game to date. Although it might not be the most impressive in terms of writing, it did not fail to hold my interest for the entirety of the campaign. If you're looking for a solid single player strategy game with a good story, lots of progression, and challenging gameplay, give XCOM:Enemy Unknown a try.


Strategy against the Unknown

cdygreen | July 6, 2013 | See all cdygreen's reviews »

I am a complete newcomer when it comes to the X-COM franchise; however, I am not when it comes to Firaxis. As a long-time fan of the 4X genre, I was a bit surprised when this little gem came across as a turn-based game with rpg-like elements. From the gameplay, to the options and customization, I found this game to be full of options within each battle. The "panic" meter across the world map creates for great atmosphere as the aliens try to take over Earth. My only complaint is that there are some framerate issues. I'm running on a 7970 and an i7 and at times felt choppy.


New to XCOM & New to turn based strategies, but I love it!

NightFox45 | July 6, 2013 | See all NightFox45's reviews »

I had never played the older XCOM games and wasn't very into turn based games. After hearing many many god things about Enemy Unknown I decided to jump on it. Having purchased it from Green Man Gaming, I received my Steam Key and then registered it to my account. Once in the game I instantly fell in love with Enemy Unknown and the XCOM atmosphere. Every action you take is a risk of the lives of your men. It is easily my game of the year for 2012! I must recommend!


Welcome to the situation room Commander.

IcemanO11 | July 5, 2013 | See all IcemanO11's reviews »

XCOM is back. For those who don't know, this is a modern day reimagining of XCOM UFO Defense, an old legendary dos game where you control a team of specialized soldiers from all countries of the globe to fight an alien presence. The gameplay mechanics are turn based, but this makes it no less tense or fast paced. Controlling your research to come up with the right tech to support your soldiers, building the right analogues of alien tech to combat that Muton, and making sure your fleet of interceptors have the right weaponry to take out that battleship are all examples of how deep this game can get. There's definitely room for improvement, mainly in the soldier customization. But the sense of investment in your soldiers, which can be lost at any time, makes this a gem worth your time.


Hello, Commander.

FLD | July 4, 2013 | See all FLD's reviews »

XCOM is the most fun I've had with a game in years. I've sunk around 50 hours into it in the first month alone and I'm well past 100 by now. The base-building aspect of the game is fairly straightforward and overall not very deep. But the turn-based tactical combat is where this game really shines. It's just so much fun, I can't get enough of it. Playing this in Ironman mode on Classic difficulty is one of the most challenging and satisfying gaming experience ever. Carelessly moved into new territory? That soldier that's been with you since the beginning just got killed! Ended your turn in half-cover while in combat with three enemies? Nope, kiss that sniper goodbye. It can sound frustrating (and it sometimes is) but that's XCOM, baby. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a mission well-executed with no casualties. Some say the campaign has little replay value, but personally I can't get enough of it. Best strategy game ever.


A Better Game than Most

xNorthernx | June 28, 2013 | See all xNorthernx's reviews »

I've never played the originals though I've heard from friends that they were awesome. The moment I picked this game up, I had a feeling it would be really fun... and boy, did it give me a run for my money. I'm about 16 hours in and the war is still raging, I'm a newbie to the game and I already lost a few countries. Each fight gives you a sense of progression though the world map doesn't show it as much. Your squad gets stronger, gets more equipment, and becomes the execution team that you will need later. I've yet to try the ironman mode but I want to finish my first game before going to do anything else. If you are reading reviews to find out if you want to buy this title, I would say just get it! Its well worth the money!


A good take on a classic

Phibius | June 28, 2013 | See all Phibius's reviews »

It's a good take on an awesome classic. Some things are missing, like the ability to change orders when an enemy is sighted, which makes the game harder and encourages camping and advancing slowly, but otherwise not so bad. The rest is almost faithful to the classic, with the base expansions made in 2D by layers underground just like the classic. Research and guns are built and bought the same way, by killing aliens or stunning them to make research, trying not to damage material to bring more in. All in all, a very good Sci-fi tactical rpg.


Best Strategy Game In Ages- Holds up to its predecessors

xLordBelialx | June 21, 2013 | See all xLordBelialx's reviews »

XCOM definitely holds up to its predecessor. All the attributes that made the series famous: its difficulty, customization/in-depth planning, and mission variety are all here. Although it is different to see a turn-based game nowadays, the enjoyment you will get isn't detracted from at all. During combat sequences the camera will zoom in and make you feel part of your team's struggle. The decisions you make throughout the game will impact you and the world as the months progress against the alien invasion. I would not recommend playing this game on Impossible as it is just that, and almost no one has even come close to beating it. The game can be very unfair at times, and even following guides you will have trouble completing it on hard, especially if you are playing on ironman mode ( no reloading at checkpoints/auto saves every turn). If you are a masochist like me however, you will enjoy the game for the challenge, and spend countless hours attempting to find the best possible scenarios to win. I highly recommend XCOM, however the DLCS are not worth your money. They only add around an hour or two of content and does not add to the overall enjoyment. If they ever offer a package deal where they are next to free it may be worth it though.


One of the World's Greatest Strategy Titles

Dark217 | June 14, 2013 | See all Dark217's reviews »

The successor to what many know as the greatest PC game of all time, 2K and Jake Solomon don't disappoint with an amazing strategy game that is full of depth and complexity beneath a layer of relative simplicity. Every decision you make has consequences that can be given more meaning by the Ironman mode that disable your ability to save (with the game auto saving after every action you make). This means there is no turning back, and when your soldiers die or an interceptor gets shot down, they are gone for good. Along with the action cameras, this all adds a level of intensity to the game that almost doesn't make it feel like it is turn based. Although some may be turned off by turn based games, the turn system works well in XCOM's favor as it makes sure that every action you make has meaning. The RPG elements with the leveling system and class system also add much more depth and variety to the game, especially with the squad based combat that allows for many varying combinations of classes to tackle the battlefield the way you want to. XCOM can be devilishly hard, with even many of the developers having a hard time beating the so-called "Impossible" difficulty (which is very, very difficult). For lovers of strategy games or anyone that loves a good challenge, this game is not just a good buy, but a must buy. (Even Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame liked it, which gives it many bonus points as he almost never likes a game).