Reviews for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes


The best TB 4x fantasy strategy game!

Asmo2 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all Asmo2's reviews »

Elemental War of magic is a first game on the series, second Fallen Enchantress was a good game, but thrid game Fallen Enchantress Legendary Hereos is just briliant! If you like 4x strategy games like civilizationn and turn based like Final Fantasy Tactics, this game is for you!

Many great mods make almost perfect game. Play with Children of Storm and Wizards and Demons for more new events, items, spells, champions, monsters, units and much more!

As a fan TBS games this one is my favorite... i just love FE LH :P


A fantasy turn based classic in the making

Vinken | July 5, 2013 | See all Vinken's reviews »

The third installment of the Elemental/Fallen Enchantress series has become the best one, by far. The first Element wasn't good at all, Fallen Enchantress then took me by surprise as a great fantasy kingdom builder, with a lot of rough edges. Most of those edges have been improved or removed completely in this third installment, Legendary Heroes. The random maps are a lot more diverse, the heroes level system has improved, the monsters are more diverse, the AI is better (still kind of weak on the lower settings, but you can go up quite a few levels that are more capableof giving you a challenge), the turn based battles have become fun and interesting, and it looks great now. I would like to give special mention to the possibility to design your own factions and units, because this is VERY detailed, allthough it is absolutely optional, since there are more then enough factions and units in the original game. Also, check out the mods for this in the coming years, there is a lot of potential in this one. In 50+ hours of gametime, this game crashed exactly once, so no problems with bugs as far as i am concerned.

Fans of the earlier Heroes of Might&Magic, Age of Wonders or Kings Bounty, should give this game a real chance. I know i have fallen in love with the amount of detail and options this game gives me.


Improves on the last game!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Legendary Heroes is a significant set of improvements to Fallen Enchantress, and anyone keen on the original should pick it up. All elements of the game have been improved, but still many are imperfect. The graphics engine which underpins the game is remarkable. There has been significant work to 'balance' various aspects, but there is more that could be done. I have played for a few hundred hours, and there are still interesting surprises to be found.

I recommend it to TBS fans especially. Makes a good change from Civ or similar. I don't think it can be given a 100, as it still has some rough edges and occasional bugs.