Reviews for Batman: Arkham Asylum - Platinum


Fantastic gameplay

DanoJS | July 2, 2013 | See all DanoJS's reviews »

The story will keep you interested and the voice acting is fantastic. The fighting gameplay is where the game really shines. Throwing punches at inmates is very fluid and the animations are perfect. The combos work really well and it feels very realistic. After you have finished the game there are a host of time trial missions where you can attempt to beat friends' scores to reach the top of the leaderboard. Villians, such as the Joker and Poison Ivy are portrayed very well. Batman's gadgets are very fun to use and add a tactical aspect to the game, such as the grapnel gun which allows you to stalk enemies from atop gargoyles before making your attack. You need to carefully plan out your assault beforehand otherwise you are going to find the game very difficult. The boss battles are fun but many are based around the same tactics (wait, punch, wait, punch, wait, punch, win). If you are a fan of superhero games then this is a must have!