Reviews for Uplink


An oldie, but a goodie

Robilud | July 29, 2014 | See all Robilud's reviews »

I got this game one time when it was discounted so I picked it up out of curiosity... boy am I glad I did that! It's a hacking "simulator" which makes it super easy to be a 1337 h4x0r that is hacking for fun and profit. You are always racing against the clock and the feeling of paranoia never lets up. The game starts of being open ended with you taking jobs from strangers on the Uplinks BBS, but after a while you receive a disturbing email from a fellow Uplink agent... If you like the movie "Wargames" or "Hackers" do not miss this thrilling title!


Ages with dignity

mahon | July 24, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Just because this game doesn't rely on flashy graphics, monumental 3d surround sound and all the state of the art decorations, it remains as good as it was in its youth. It's a hacking game, but not a simulation. It has little in common with real hacking even if it refers to some hacking concepts and makes you perform some actions related to hacking. But it's just a game, a thrilling race with time, as the latter is chasing you all the time. But after you get familiar with the game, you will be surprised how an almost blank screen with just some text and a few icons can keep you excited and unable to quit the game for much longer than you would expect. If you would like to play a hacker, don't look any further. There are very few alternatives which can compete with this game.


Pretty interesting game

the_waren | July 21, 2013 | See all the_waren's reviews »

Uplink offers a very interesting experience to the gaming experience. It can be called a Grand Theft Auto but with computer hacking approach. The game offers missions (stealing money, etc), room to increase your own computer to improve your hacking skills, and hours of endless fun. The game does offer some tedious, repetitive play-time but makes up for it with unique gameplay and a beautiful sound track... Really a true must have...of the Indie game genre.


A true classic in hacking simulators

F4T4LV0iD | July 20, 2013 | See all F4T4LV0iD's reviews »

I remember when this first came out and I got my hands on it right from Introversion's website, with all the promises of a hacking simulator I salivated at the possibilities. This game has aged beautifully and it's still as fun as the first day I ever played it. You start out as a lowly freelance hacker, and take on jobs you obtain from a job board website that range in difficulty. These range from logging into fileservers and fetching valuable data, to bringing down entire networks with virus'. There's a bunch of handy software and hardware to purchase in the game which make your efforts a lot more simple and headache-free, such as a trace-tracker which lets you know how close a network is to tracing you, which if that happens, expect a possible game over in the near future unless if you nuke your gateway so you have no incriminating evidence. The learning curve at first can be a little tricky, but soon enough you'll be a pro and all the actions and missions will almost come to you like second nature, as you roll in some serious cash to further your upgrades. Although there are side jobs to take and even a storyline mission at some point you can take on, you get the freedom to do as you wish. If you want to hack a bank and move someone's bank account to your own, go right ahead! Though be warned, the security on a bank server is pretty tight! I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes simulator games as a whole, or wants a safe and totally legal outlet for hacking in the form of a game. Two thumbs up!