Reviews for Defcon: Everybody Dies


Cold War simulator

Zaggeta | May 13, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

GTA and Postal have nothing on the violent chaos that can ensue at the hands of leaders of nuclear capable countries. DEFCON is one of those niche strategy games that spawn a cult-like loyalty and shadowy esports scene and after playing, I can see why. There is something quite cathartic about setting up the defensive and offensive capabilities of your nation, scaling up your military forces, facing the threat of a nuclear capable fleet by your coast and then nuking Moscow. The aesthetic is perfect for the style of the game and anyone who complains about the graphics doesn't really understand the point of the game. It takes some getting used to - but this is the only option for those wishing to experience the fear and macabre joy of the Cold War.


Simple to play, fun with friends.

SeanBeanDies | July 14, 2014 | See all SeanBeanDies's reviews »

Defcon is a very simple RTS that is at it's best when played with a group of friends. The game revolves around a ever increasing defcon level, when you have a group of friends playing tension rises as the level increases, as each level it does, more weapons are unlocked for use against each other, once the defcon reaches the highest level, nukes are available for use. The games simple and easy to learn gameplay and UI make it great for getting a group of people who aren't pros at gaming together to play a bit of RTS together, however there are also problems, such as the game ending quickly sometimes when played aggressively. Another problem with the game is that due to it's simple nature, it can become boring once you've played a number of games, lessening re-playability. The game loses most of it's fun factor when you play it on your own, so I cannot recommend it to people who don't have friends who also own the game and can play with you. Overall Defcon is a fun little RTS that's easy to get into but lacks depth, if you an get it on sale and convince your friends to buy it with you, I recommend doing it for a few hours of fun.


So simple its amazing.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

A first glance DEFCON may look like a nintendo 64 game or even worse. But behind its simple graphics DEFCON is a crazy fun game that will have you and your gaming friends laughing and playing for many hours. DEFCON is a very small game at 64 megabytes and rumors say that if you delete the sound files you can get the game to 2-5 megabytes! The game has realistic sounds of children crying and alerts when a nuke fires. Gameplay is loads of fun and there is nothing more exciting than watching a mass of your nukes smash into your foe's large cities killing millions. For only $15 it is worth its price.DEFCON also has a message in the end, in nuclear war no ones wins its just who survives.


So 80s...

Quillan | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all Quillan's reviews »

This little, neat strategy game has the real "80s" charme, like a sort-of Wargame film game. The path to total annihilation is quite fast, with the global crisys quickly escalade from DEFCON 5 to 1, from normal relations to full scale nuclear war and retaliation. Obtain the win isn't simple, the AI is quite smart (and also you can play against other human adversaries to extend the fun), things to deploy and use aren't many, but are enough to ammass millions of casualties to achieve the final win over the enemy. Graphic is quite "simple" but gives back the Cold-war like atmosfere, sound is functional. Final notice: it has also Linux version.


More than you can see

Demilisz | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

DEFCON can be approached by two ways. One if a good RTS game with very simple yet effective graphic where you can plunge the world into nuclear war without consequences. And you have fun, a lot of fun. The second way - a game about nuclear war. About what will happen when someone push the red button. Where towns are nothing more than tiny drops, nuclear warheads are like fireworks that explode brightly and fade away and death of millions of people are just statistic. And then, when player think about what is happening, DEFCON can bring more emotions than any other game on the market. At the end, someone wins, but in reality everyone lose.


Good and Unique RTS Game

iiilker99 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all iiilker99's reviews »

This is a good , real time strategy game. Every player selects a region (yes , region NOT country) and starts building nukes , airbases and fleets. Of course, there could be land units in this game but it is confusing enough. Also this game is moddable. You can find mods at its website and forums. Graphics are not so bad for me.They are really stylish and optimized for this game. Musics are awesome, because they're exciting. Overall, this game is a must buy for strategy fans.


Don't Get Even, Get MAD

minigand | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all minigand's reviews »

This game is perhaps one of the best strategy games I have played recently. The main thing that makes this game so rewarding is that it has done away with all of the complexities of other strategy games and left just the strategic core. Personally, I would recommend this game to anyone who is ready to take a break from "higher profile" title like Starcraft or a Total War game. In general, Introversion has mastered the strategy game, and you will find that Defcon is no exception.


Short review

09williamsad | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all 09williamsad's reviews »

A real time strategy focused around gaining points through destroying cities with nuclear missiles, adds a horror of war feel through its music and displaying the civilian death count when a city is hit, a truly unique game.


Cynical but interesting.

zhack075 | July 22, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Yup, this game as an interesting sense of humor. It makes you dive into those terrible moments of the cold war, the fear of a nuclear armageddon. As soon as Defcon 1 is engaged there's no rules, you have to be sure that your defense will work and to inflict your enemy as many casualties as you can. We're not talking about military casualties but civilian. You kill people by millions and the more you kill the closer you get from victory. But this game is really clever and requires a lot of tactics. The graphic style is really simple but really great as it contributes to the atmosphere. It's not the kind of game I play during hours but it is cool.


WarGames the game

UberGeekGamer | July 15, 2013 | See all UberGeekGamer's reviews »

As a geek one of my favorite movies is WarGames where a hacker breaks into a military computer and starts playing a game of global thermal nuclear war with a advanced AI computer that the computer later trys to make real. Well DEFCON is that game. The game was a really simple premise pick a side at the start and progress through the defcon levels setting up for when defcon 1 is reached and nuclear fallout begins. Defcon 5 is were players start setting up radar, bases, silos, airfields, and the naval fleet. Defcon 4 the radar starts to work. At Defcon 3 players can't build anymore but by then they should be trying to explore a little with the navy and find out the best places to attack when Defcon 1 is reached and players can finally deploy nukes. Single player Defcon gets really old fast but playing multiplayer can be really fun as players can make alliances with friends and attack their enemies together or turn on one another in the midst of conflict. Multiplayer also has some great alternatives to play like Office mode where the game is played in real time so it can take 6+ hours to finish and also if the player need to hide the game from the boss they just need to press Esc and the game is minimized and a word document is opened. Speed mode is what is sounds like as the game can finish in under 30 minutes and Diplomacy mode is where all players are on the same team and can see everything until one breaks off and attacks. Graphics are minimal but really stylish in bringing a real life WarGame game. Sound is really simple and subtle that is makes you feel like the player isn't really playing game but playing real nuclear war. Overall the game is really good and worth every penny.


Historical Lashout

Crookster30 | July 7, 2013 | See all Crookster30's reviews »

This really gives you the feel of being an American officer working in the war rooms in the cold war. It can get infuriating at times and a bit repetitive but the logic behind it is great. it can be confusing however, give it time and you'll understand and appreciate the game more.