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Build the Eiffel Tower !

darkyhbk | July 15, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Monument Builders Eiffel Tower is a decent city builder strategy game in which your main objective is to gather materials in order to build the famous Eiffel Tower. The atmosphere throughout the game is truly Parisian, from the architecture to the music played throughout the game. The mechanics should be familiar if you ever played a city builder before. You'll have a large number of scenarios, which become more and more complex, and your objective for each one is usually to supply a number of resources for the construction of the monument. To do that you need to harvest basic resources, such as stone, gold and wood, build and upgrade certain buildings in order to work the basic resources into more complex final products, for instance metal beams or scaffolds. Workers need to build every little piece of something, even the construction of a road is done piece by piece and takes time, this certainly adding to the game's realism. You'll have fun providing materials and when you're done, you'll feel that you have really helped build the famous Parisian monument, which is, of course, brilliant.