Reviews for BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest


Not crucial, but good add-on

Verlyn | March 24, 2015 | See all Verlyn's reviews »

This pack is an add-on to your base game. It gives you some weapons, weapon upgrades, items, Silver Eagles and lock picks. I don't think you need this add-on to fully enjoy the game, but it certainly doesn't hurt the early experience of the game. I found that I could open locked doors which I would have had to go back if I didn't have these lock picks. So, it saved me a bit of walking time. While it does make the game easier, as long as you set it on a hard difficulty, this will not ruin your game experience. Plus, if you are a completionist, getting this add-on will help a lot with that.


Not really needed

vipe_1 | Dec. 11, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest is an add-on DLC that basically gives you weapons, items, and other gear to use in the campaign of the game. When it comes down to it, this content is perfectly useable, but not really needed. The game isn't easy, but hardly requires this much stuff to compete early on. Money is fairly easy to come by, and I honestly spent little time dwelling on what "gear" I used. This content could be useful on 1999 mode, but cheapens the challenge and players of that mode will probably already be proficient enough at the game to not need it. This pack is really only for newcomers to FPS type games, or those wanting a much easier path to the finish.


Meets Every Expectation

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | See all Dimber's reviews »

It's exactly what it looks like. Perfect. Wonderful. If you get it, you'll know what you're getting. That's it, yanno?



Dimbark | July 21, 2013 | See all Dimbark's reviews »

I don't get why everybody is giving this a less than 100. It is exactly what it says it is. You get the full product; everything it offers is not a lie. Seriously, it's all it needs to be--it is all that it says. Read the description of this, you know what it is. What, do you think it's lying or something? Because it isn't. Get it if you want it and you'll be 100% satisfied. It meets every expectation.


Really not required unless you need help with 1999 mode

Scorpy | July 6, 2013 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

My first playthrough of the game was on Hard, and I still had an abundance of resources. The additional guns is very welcome (since the base game had little to no variety in weapon choice), but it's hard to justify the $5 price tag for this one. If you really need help with 1999 mode, you could maybe give this a try, but chances are if you need help this badly then the extra firepower won't help very much, especially in late game.


Make the early part of the game easier

onewinged90 | July 5, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

I pre-ordered the game before it was released and received all the benefits this DLC could offer. The extra cash and lockpick helped a bunch, the unique gear could assist you with tough fights. Is it worth paying the extra buck to have the edge early in the game, well it's all up to you. Get it on sale instead.


Big on presentation but lacking in memorable story

Jonot86 | July 4, 2013 | See all Jonot86's reviews »

I like the Bioshock, not love unless you are talking about the first one. They put a big budget on marketing and advertising which made the release a big deal. I do wish they put more money and emphasis on the combat as it feels intense but it felt overall a basic shooter with two weapons in each hand. The magic was great but it felt like it just adds to the fighting and you can't overall dominate your opponents with it. The storyline had the potential to be great but without a good/bad ending it like the others, it felt like it was missing something and made you think way too much. I do like games with a complicated storyline but this one felt like they had it all mapped out but to make it a bit interesting they would take chunks of it and make you find "recordings" to fill in the gaps. The game is fairly decent but don't expect to finish the game with the same point as the first one with a lasting and memorable experience.


Not really worth paying for unless you are going for 1999 mode

vsg28 | July 3, 2013 | See all vsg28's reviews »

The title pretty much says it all in my opinion- the game on any difficulty mode other than the 1999 mode showers you with coin. The lockpicks can be good early on, but if you do not find places to use them then you will just end up with a bunch of unused picks anyway!


An Okay, Optional Purchase

TheTHing2010 | July 2, 2013 | See all TheTHing2010's reviews »

I would recommend this DLC for those who want to play through the game at a faster pace instead of exploring every nook and cranny for items; lockpicks, silver eagles, etc., it is for those who have beaten it and want 1999 mode to be much easier, or for those who are fans of the game and have the money to spare.


Well worth it

clewis09 | July 1, 2013 | See all clewis09's reviews »

For only 3.99, this definitely helped me throughout the game enough to make it worthwhile. Whilst this might seem like a waste, the lock picks especially helped me throughout my playthrough. The gear as well is also very useful at the start of the game but isn't as useful near the latter stages of the game, the reason why I'm only giving it 80.


Helping but noth that useful

zhack075 | June 27, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Those objects are helpful but you can play the game without them. They are not the best gear items you can find in the game but it's true that money and lockpick are helping at the beginning of the game. You can buy it to ehance your game experience but this isn't really useful actually.


Good pack for starters.

tusccar | June 27, 2013 | See all tusccar's reviews »

If this were my first time playing through Bioshock then I would have passed this pack up. I dont like getting an advantage and normally play through the first time the way it was meant to be played. Playing through the second time, I would recommend this. The guns are obviously the main draw to this pack, and dont get me wrong, they are awesome. But the other main draw are the lockpicks. they are very scarce early on and I would have loved to have some for early secrets. Overall though I say that this is worth the five dollars, however you might be better off getting the season pass even though this is not included.


Good Upgrade

DocNuka | June 26, 2013 | See all DocNuka's reviews »

For only 5 bucks, this is a pretty damn good deal. The multiple lock picks help a ton when dealing with safes that require multiple lockpicks. The weapons they chose to get new upgrades are awesome, as the China Broom looks awesome and one-hit kills many enemies at close range. The sniper rifle is even more deadly, as it excels at picking off enemies. Extra! Extra! is one of the most useful, giving you silver eagles whenever you pick up a voxophone, a steady source of revenue. If you have a spare five bucks, this is a great buy for Bioshock Infinite lovers.


It's alright

captainstark | June 26, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

These weapons and bonuses are alright and nice to use, but they are not essential to enjoy the game. Get this only to support the developers but don't expect much, also you would have most of these already if you pre purchased


Unnecessary but helpfull

Genericllama | June 26, 2013 | See all Genericllama's reviews »

This DLC lets you start with 500 extra in-game coins and 5 lockpicks which can really make a huge diffrence. The weapons are also very strong and help you through some oft he harder earlier missions. I wouldn't recommend this DLC unless you have a few bucks laying around, however you'd be better off getting the season pass. I wish they would have added some new vigors.