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Adam94 | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

If you're a Call of Duty follower like I am myself; you would have got this game. If you didn't, get it now, there are still people playing and its still a good story to play. This game made the Cold War period, anything but cold. Explosions, missile crises and greatness. This is like any other CoD game, something we like, something we know, something we either love or hate. Like Marmite, or dogs. Why it was good, for me: - The period of history is interesting, with a fictional twist, the game was made - The return of Zombies! Scaring everyone cr*pless - The online, familiar but again, like a reliable old car, still delivers Why is was not so great - Graphics, if you're interested were poor, so much smoothing, no texture - If you were expecting something different, it disappointed To sum up people; the game was good for those who played and enjoyed CoDs of past time, its still good to play through the story, but it can only really be enjoyed once. Peace Out.



ysk1985 | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all ysk1985's reviews »

This game is alright, there were heaps of people to play with when it first came out, but now everyone has moved onto black ops 2 and there isn't as much people as there use to be. This is a nice competitor for Battlefield 3, but I like battlefield 3 slightly better. The graphics is great but it feels the same as the previous Call of Duty game: Modern Warfare 2. The single campaign is enjoyable but there is no reason to play it more than once.