Reviews for Bet On Soldier


Fun Game

wire306 | July 5, 2013 | See all wire306's reviews »

I genuinely enjoyed this game, having been bought up during the time 3D graphics were first introduced it really bought me back to the the feeling of a game being based on fun and story over graphics and particle effects. I would say this game is very similar to red faction when it comes to game style and vehicles etc and is a fun game to last you a small while. The multi-player isn't the best however the single player campaign definitely stands up for the game.


Bet on Who?

ctp94wakko | July 4, 2013 | See all ctp94wakko's reviews »

Bet on Soldier may deter gamers by its outdated graphics, but don't leave just yet! Bet on Soldier (B.O.S) takes gamers back to a time where graphics weren't everything and fun gameplay was all that mattered. Gamers who have played older shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom will feel right at home. While the graphics are outdated, they compliment the play style that Bet on Soldier aims for. The sounds of the game match the graphics ,which again, work for what the game has to offer. But what about the biggest part of Bet on Soldier, the shooting? The gameplay/shooting mechanics are a blast from the past and players will rejoice in the simple mechanics of point and shoot with the objective of killing anything that moves. For what it is, Bet on Soldier is an average game that reminds players that not all shooters have to be intense and complex. Definitely worth a try, just don't expect a shooter like the modern military shooters of today.