Reviews for Millennium: A New Hope [Playfire]



Bolo | July 29, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

Milennium: A New Hope is an indie old school JRPG made with RPG maker and in the style of the old 2D Nintendo and Sega RPGS. It is also an episode, so the game ends rather abruptly. If you are looking for current graphics, can't stand a story without a real ending, or don't like phased/turn based combat, you'll want to drop 2 stars off of this rating, and look elsewhere. If you are someone who likes these kinds of games, then you should know that Milennium is actually a very pretty game, as far as RPG maker games go. A lot of effort has been pored into the 2D graphics. The gameplay is the highlight of this game if you can make it through the first 3 hours or so. At the beginning you start with 1 character and not a lot of options. The game, however, does a great job of offering you lots to do and a ton of combat options as it advances. Skill orbs, shrines, and side quests can be found if you explore each corner of the map. There are a number of character bonuses you can also buy as you go along. I enjoyed every minute of the 17 hours or so of the game, and never felt bored.