Reviews for Demon's Souls


A refreshing challenge

Elfangorax | Oct. 8, 2013 | See all Elfangorax's reviews »

In spite of its infamy, Demon's Souls is not an inherently difficult game. It is, however, a challenging one. I think it is the game's recognition of this distinction that makes the player grind their teeth through to the end. Do not misunderstand me: you will die many, many times. But there rarely, if ever, comes a point where a level or a boss feels as though it has an unfair advantage. Much of the forumla to surviving Demon's Souls is in anticipating the many dangers lying in wait -- where the enemies reside; how they move; how many of a particular attack it will take to slay them. This is all very reminiscent of the NES era, and it is testament to From Software's skill that they have managed to take such an aged approach to gameplay and make it feel fresh. I cannot recommend Demon's Souls enough. The sequel, Dark Souls, is certainly an improvement, but that makes this game no less worthy of your attention.



captainstark | July 26, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

This game is the predecessor to Dark Souls and is equally unforgiving. If you liked Dark Souls you should definitely check this game out. It is even harder but the story is just as great and the graphics and game play is nice.