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Great sequel

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game starts off right from where the first part ended. The enemy is same but the mission is different. This part had a amazing starting with you taking the action right into the mother land of the locusts. The whole was very done and really draws into the game and story! As far as i am concern the starting of game sets the tone for the remaining sequences with you driving into the motherland of the locusts with a whole army. As the counter attacks begins your team mission is differentiated from the rest of the army with your doing the major jobs (as expected). The weapons are majority the same but there are few interesting additions such as flame gun. As the game progresses the game difficulty level remains the same which is much appreciated by many gamers. Though have to say the difficulty level decreases in last couple of sequences specially the last one. But never the less it was an amazing ride till those sequences even in those last two sequences you get to ride the most dangerous weapon of the enemy and destroy all their bases. Overall this is a fantastic sequel and worth getting