Reviews for The King of Fighters XIII


Great game and great fun with friends

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game is really fun playing against friends. My friends and I have spent hours upon end playing this game and haven't got bored yet. A majority of this game is played in teams of 3 in elimination style matches, so there isn't any hectic ridiculous combos with 3 character like MvsC3. Story mode is interesting, but there isn't any voice acting (my biggest flaw with the game) and the dialogue disappears to soon. If you aren't a fast reader, you won't know what is going on in the story mode. It was a terrible thing for the developers to do. But the rest of the game is solid. Arcade mode has different endings, and you can choose your own teams of 3 in arcade. Best thing to do is play arcade mode with 3 friends and each person picking their own fighter. You can change who goes first, second and third after each match so you all can take turns. And you are only allowed to play with your selected fighter, idk, it's the way me and my friends play arcade. You have to reach 2,500,000 points by stage 6 to get to the last boss too. The game offers many game modes such as survival, time trail, and challenge mode. You can customize character's colors too. And there are 30+ characters to choose from, with just about all of them being good. Even the bigger guys are quick enough to be effective. It's just a good buy if you are into fighting games. It's my personal favorite fighting game this generation. Highly recommended espically now that it's very cheap!