Reviews for Atlantis 3: The New World


Very good

Bolo | July 27, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

This is an enjoyable game for anyone who enjoys Cryo's approach to adventure games. Johan Robson writes interesting mythical characters and the puzzles are very well balanced in terms of challenge versus solvability. It is a fairly tough game but I completed it with my partner without once looking at a walkthrough - although there were a few really tough puzzles that either of us playing on our own might not have solved. The graphics are as atmospheric as in the first two Atlantis games, with even more detailed character models. The soundtrack is not quite up to Pierre Estève's stellar work, but very good in its own right. Two things detracted from my enjoyment. First, the individual story segments are quite disconnected. Second, two entire sections of this downloadable version seem to lack voiceovers. This last point is a particularly serious drawback - in my view it makes this an incomplete version.