Reviews for DmC: Devil May Cry


The reboot that doesn't live up to critics

Valoo321 | Dec. 23, 2015 | See all Valoo321's reviews »

I don't think this game deserved all the hate that came out for it when it was first previewed and released. I think since time has passed now people are able to see what the game is for, rather than what they expected it to be. The new Dante has a new attitude that fits with his style, and I find the humor to be on point. The combat is just as good as any of the previous games, and the ability to switch quickly and easily between the different weapons to add in the combos makes it more fluid. The only thing I didn't particularly like about it is the Devil's Trigger and the change they made. When initiating Devil's Trigger, it launches Dante and all the nearby enemies into the air. The feels like it eliminates the power of the Devil's Trigger, and makes it more difficult to be able to eliminate the enemies when you're struggling. Overall, I highly recommend this game. I like the different abilities you gain as well as the unfolding story. The gameplay is tight and feels great, as well.


A "comfort" game, amazingly well done

SonicSlayer | Oct. 27, 2015 | See all SonicSlayer's reviews »

You know how a lot of people have certain comfort foods that make 'em feel good, comfortable and nice? Well, this game is just like that. Having played every ounce of God of War I could get, this game brings back many fond memories while creating a lot of its own. God of War had really fun combat; maybe just mainly mashing buttons worked, but timing hits and executing combos worked a lot better. Not to mention all the variety in weapons and the satisfying upgrades you could earn. DmC: Devil May Cry takes that improves it even more: it has SUCH a wide array of weapons available (you get your twin pistols and a plain sword to start off, but soon you unlock sets of 'angel' and 'demon' weaponry, both of which serve different and satisfying roles in combat). The gameplay is terrific fun and you will have a blast. I have not played any Devil May Cry games before, but I had no trouble understanding the story, and it actually feels pretty above-average; not something you'd write home about, but it does add to the game more than it takes away. The graphics are really tie in well with the whole theme of the game, as well as the history of Dante. I am running everything maxed out easily on my R9 280X. And it looks glorious. All in all, definitely get this game if you want sheer unbridled fun smashing up hordes of enemies, killing them with amazingly satisfying combos.



kawarii1 | July 22, 2015 | See all kawarii1's reviews »

I started playing this game wanting to hate it. That being said, so far, I don't. While this game tried very, very hard to be edgy and it resulted in a very forced main character (Dante), the rest of the game itself is actually an enjoyable experience. The art style captures a lot of the personality of the game world, and the world itself is detailed and looks great at max settings. The production values of the game's cinematics remind me of some trashy films, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. Finally, the combat is alright. The environments are detailed, but are still significantly huge enough to have battles with extreme amounts of enemies (but not as many as the last game). The combat is noticeably less fluid, with a lot of hidden complexity taken out, but for the standards of a hack and slash, its not bad. Ninja theory needs to stop trying to make "cool" happen. Its not going to happen. But in the end, this game is decent.


Horrible characters, terrific game

sycomantis1991 | May 14, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

I'm one of many that didn't like and still doesn't like Dante becoming Robert Pattinson. It just doesn't sit right with me. The rest of the characters are brutally cliche as well. No one introduced in the game is interesting, at least no one resembling human, and the voice acting is subpar at best on top of it all. What this game nailed is action and aesthetic. The controls are smooth, perhaps the smoothest they've ever been. The Angel and Devil grapple things (I forget their name) add a bit of depth to the gameplay, as does the myriad of weapons. It's great fun that never gets old. The boss battles are also fun. They mix Zelda-style problem solving with DMC hack and slash action, and for the most part, they're the coolest characters you'll meet. The world is also a glowing example of beautiful chaos. It's a world literally being ripped apart as you move forward in it, but it's still artistically impressive enough to stop and admire. It also makes for some great platforming and decent puzzles. Overall, if you can get past the terrible characters and are just in it for the visual;s and gameplay, you'll find plenty to like with DmC. Though I am hopiong for a return to form in the inevitable follow-up.


The Reboot, the goods and the bads

Urb4n_Kn1ght | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all Urb4n_Kn1ght's reviews »

So I have this game on console so this is going to be a review based around my experience with the console version, minus some details such as graphical fidelity and lag because in all honesty, that is based around the console's power not the game itself, that being said here is how I feel with the new Devil May Cry. Pros: With this reboot we see a more emotional character as opposed to the previous installments, you can see how his attitude and emotions change throughout the game and throughout scenes keeping the story more memorable then the last, this being said I should note that I am also a fan of previous DMC installments, besides the sad excuse of DMC2. While I do miss the old Dante and how his character was, the character he is now gives him more personality, lets you understand him more; hating him or liking him as you will, leaving a memorable character all the still even if you were not a fan of the game too much; where as if you were to look at the old DMC installments and did not like the character or the game all too well, that throws off the memorability of the story or character all the still. Along with the change in character and the overall story change, we see as well a change in combat, keeping things such as combos via timed inputs there; and devil trigger, you feel a change in the combat, it feels more fluid and more solid, no quick changes or glitches, such as found in DMC3(which introduced something left out in this one which is the style moves :c ) and then we have the soundtrack which is a mix of EDM and metal depending on the scene in which you are playing in, take this as you will but I personally like listening to these genres, so tis a pro. I should note that I will not refer to the graphic quality because as stated, was played on console so it may differ from what is scene on PC, but I will at least note that it was a rather enjoyable quality on console, so a pc that can run it well will most likely get you a much nicer display then that of a 360 or a ps3 and etc. Cons: for me the cons are really just minute things, such as difficulty scaling and conceptual aspects within the story, such as one scene involving Vergil which I will not go into because spoilers, but I personally just find it disturbing, but overlookable since it shows how his character works. So cons are No lock on, which makes getting off certain combos extremely difficult, or sorting out a group of enemies so you can combo one to oblivion and back, the difficulty of the game for the most part (or lack there of), and how the combo gauge mechanic works; making it too easy to get to something such as SSS with nothing but Rebellion. All this being said I feel this is a rather good game, not the height of the franchise but still something worth money and you should spend the time playing, and you do not need to have played the other DMCs in order to get the story of this one or to understand this one at all, where as the original series the pathway of the story goes (if I remember correctly in terms of story) 3 1 2 4. Game on -Urb4n_Kn1ght


Dante's new looks makes it even better!

akassassinn1 | Nov. 27, 2014 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

Dante is back with a new hairdo that everybody is complaining about ,(I love it btw) and I adore Ninja Theory's take on the game overall , the demon Mundas wants the Sons of Sparda dead and he's the most powerful demon in existence , and he's also the reason of the current failures of humanity and it's ways, not to mention he's responsible for killing both of Dante's parents. The game has 20 missions and multiple difficulty modes , and the level's feel great as they are diverse and offer more dynamism and versatility , though it is linear , you can unlock new weapons and skills by performing well in combat and getting good score in it's ranking system , by mixing up moves and combos without getting hit, you fight different enemies that have great AI and try to kill you in many fashions ,some of them are armored ,some can fly and some charge up at you like Bulls. Boss fights are the most awesome of all , memorable and action packed though they're about remembering patterns and repetition . Dante's arsenal consists of 2 angelic weapons and 2 demonic weapons, demon ones are about heavy and slow attacks and angelic ones are about fast slashes , in addition to the pistols or shogun you cam mix them up for awesome results . the game looks Fantastic as you rush through the normal world and it suddenly turns into Limbo , Dante's animations are sick as ever , and gruesome combat finishes are amazing, the game also offers great soundtracks and great voice acting. overall this game is one of my greatest experiences of all time !


Slashing demons with style

KingTed | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Devil May Cry is back with a new look and it's amazingly good. I was worried when I heard that Ninja Theory was developing that reboot. But fortunately, Capcom sent a few developers to help. The result is a great Beat'em all game with solid gameplay (And a a few new mechanics that deserve to be in the next game, reboot or not). Changing weapon during combos has never been that natural and fluid before. Furthermore, the UI is a lot better than in previous game. And on PC, the game runs at 60 fps! The game also has a great Art Direction (Especially the backgrounds) and a awesome Sound Design. Noisa and Combichrist offer excellent songs that match perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. And to hear the voice over screams "SAVAGE!!" and other rank during the fights just fills one's heart with sadistic glee... Story wise, DmC is no Shakespeare but it does a better job than the original games. The story is a mix between DMC1 and 3. It has nice dialogs and it's well told (The opposite of the former games...). DmC is a great game that deserves better attention.


Amazing Hack And Slash

ImUnslanderable | Oct. 30, 2014 | See all ImUnslanderable's reviews »

I know this is kind of late, but I just wanna give my opinion. I have seen reviews saying this game isn't worth full price and I really don't understand why, this game has the basic hack and slash mechanics but it has a VERY good combo system that rewards you with points if you are good, it's all about mastering combos. And it actually has a REALLY good story, it's not just tacked on. The difficulties in this game have a perfect gap. This is the best hack and slash game I have ever played, yes I think it's better than God Of War IMO. Definitely worth full price if you want to buy it


Excellent game

GhostPeople17 | Oct. 29, 2014 | See all GhostPeople17's reviews »

It is an interesting revamp of the original Devil May Cry. I love the original series to death but this game has its own unique strengths. Plot is more modern and urban, less so fantasy.


Don't judge a book by it's cover

Valentine109 | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all Valentine109's reviews »

This is actually a very enjoyable game with a beautiful aesthetic, excellent combat and a kicking sound track. Dante may have be re-designed, but make no mistake, he's as vicious as ever, and it is your loss for missing out on this. Just give it a chance, and you won't be disappointed.


Moving on

vincentconley | Sept. 28, 2014 | See all vincentconley's reviews »

I was that guy. The fanboy from playing the original DMC in my two bedroom apartment many many years ago. The first DMC for the PlayStation 2 was designed to be resident evil 4. So far they got away from the story that RE4 was scraped and DMC was given its own game. Moving on to the reboot. The game is amazing and has a taken a once great franchise and reinvented itself for the next generation. Lots of reviewers talk about how its either completely different or not even close to the DMC franchise, that it makes you wonder if they have even played the original games. Back in the day static screens were about as good as it was going to get. Then true 3d environments began to get better and better hence DMC2 and 3. However still nothing greater could top the technical aspects of DMC4 for the at the time next gen consoles. The new DMC migrated from B movie to A movie with this reboot. Dante is still Dante with an updated look that even I don't fully appreciate. The game the weapons the environments are top notch on many levels. The fighting system is very familiar to what was the first DMC. But now we have all the added weapons and this makes it even more fun to play in my opinion. Variety has been pushed into combat. The new story is more forthcoming and clean than that of the old story. I would recommend this game to fanboys and newcomers alike.


Just as good as any Devil May Cry game

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

DMC is a revamp of the Devil May Cry series and does a amazing job. A lot of people complain that DMC "isn't" a Devil May Cry but don't let that bother you. If you hack n slash and killing demons, you'll definitely enjoy this. The story dives a bit deeper into dante's past than the previous games and gives him a more "human" view on things. There is a vast variety enemies available to kill and the bosses are extremely enjoyable. Each boss fight forces you to use the tools you unlocked for your demon blade and make you learn to combo them. The only drawback I have to the game is that the game is a bit "too short" in my opinion. But it makes up with DLC content, vergil's fall and Bloodly Palace, which is actually free. If you enjoy hack n slash, then you'll definitely like DMC even if you are a die hard Devil May Cry fan.


Different design, same levels of fun

darkyhbk | June 19, 2014 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

After DMC 4, Capcom decided to try a different approach to their series, so they scrapped all anime design and introduced a whole new Dante. At first, it doesn't seem a very inspired move, but the game is a very good one indeed. The level environments are varied and some are very nicely designed- you'll get some very artsy renditions of limbo. Some of the monsters look pretty cool as well, as do Dante's moves. The music is great, the sound effects likewise, and the voice acting is surprisingly solid: Dante sounds different, but his cocky tone is still there, generating some really funny one liners. While the combat is entertaining, the quality, diversity and ease of executing various moves is not as great as it previously was in Devil May Cry 4. The story is predictable, but entertaining nevertheless, and it should take you around 15 hours to fully complete it, which is quite decent. In a nutshell, get this game, even if you're afraid that the new style won't suit it.


As good as the old ones

Eyeless42 | June 9, 2014 | See all Eyeless42's reviews »

The fighting mechanics are as good as always and that's pretty much all you need to know. The graphics are colorful and well done and the stages offer variety. The story is fun to follow. Still, the best part of any Devil May Cry is beating endless waves of enemies and this game delivers in that respect. You'll get used to the new Dante. I was skeptical at first but he grew on me.


One of the best games I've ever played

insane11 | June 5, 2014 | See all insane11's reviews »

I've never been a big DMC fan before, I've only played DMC4 for a little, but didin't like it as much as that game. Anyway, this piece of art work is my favourite hack and slash game! The music the moves the combos all fit together and makes a totally badass and awesome game, which makes me play the whole story over and over again. Also It's a reboot of DMC so if you are new in this world, you didn't really miss anything from the previous games. There is a DLC that you are able to play as Dante's brother - Virgil and with his powers, skills and combos and it's really awesome. It's a must buy!


Not a Great Devil May Cry Game, but an Excellent Action Game.

Darkrai64 | May 29, 2014 | See all Darkrai64's reviews »

The biggest problem with this game is it is called Devil May Cry. There was a lot of hate surrounding this game because of that fact. However, if it is considered its own series, then it is a great game. The soundtrack is all around good, but I especially like the battle themes with regular enemies. The graphics are very impressive and the level design is solid. The storyline is based upon how the demons take control in which the demons are controlling the humans through the news and other various means. The gameplay is great and is easy to pick up. The only problem I have with the gameplay is how some enemies require either heaven or hell weapons to be used on them in order to kill them. This limits the player on how they can perform their combos. Otherwise, the gameplay is fun. There is quite a bit of replayability here, with seven difficulty levels, the blood palace, and a few other game modes.


Good Game, Terrible Devil May Cry

RandomHobo2 | May 15, 2014 | See all RandomHobo2's reviews »

This is a game that has received much hate, but has done a lot to receive it. Viewed as a reboot of the fantastic series, DmC: Devil May Cry was made to appeal to newcomers, as well as hardcore fans. One of the issues with this game is that it's too rewarding and not challenging enough. DMC has always been difficult and very rewarding. It's main goal has always been to throw challenging enemies in your face, then make you feel good about beating them and performing complex combos. It's not a welcoming series, but it shouldn't be. It hands out SSS ranks like candy, and makes you feel good about accomplishing the simplest of tasks. Even the harder difficulties are pretty easy. Any difficulty in this game is artificial. You should not be required to hit red enemies with the red weapons. What a terrible idea. It limits your combos, but that doesn't matter, as you'll still get an S rank. New Dante is terrible and so is the story. Now, for the good things about the game. It's very fun. The ability to switch between multiple weapon is a great addition, one that should have been included in DMC4. Mid air combos are great in this game, and are really fun to pull off. Because it's built as a game for casual players, it's not as intense or stressful, which is actually a double edged sword. Because of this, I feel as if I can play the game for longer without taking a break. This game was built for replayability and has secret missions and Bloody Palace, a horde mode, like the other DMCs. Overall, this game can be enjoyed by everyone, however your enjoy varies based on how you feel about previous Devil May Cry games. This game is torn in between being a new Devil May Cry and being something completely different. I would have enjoyed this game much more if it were a new IP or if it had different characters, but still took place inside the other DMC universe. I recommend MGR: Revengeance, Killer is Dead, Devil May Cry 3, and Bayonetta to those who have yet to play them.


An amazing Action Adventure

Rolalas | April 5, 2014 | See all Rolalas's reviews »

This new Devil May Cry game is a wonderful breath if fresh air for the series after it put itself in a corner after the second game. Ninja Theory did a wonderful job of re-imagining this popular series. I found the new version of Dante to written much better and to be easier to relate to. I found the game-play to be the greatest part of the game as the combat flowed smoothly from enemy to enemy and from combo to combo, but after playing the story for a while I found it to get repetitive. Overall: great action game with a good story get Virgil's downfall as well if you get the chance.


excellent reboot .... Dante is different, but well done

icnivadodranoel | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all icnivadodranoel's reviews »

Excellent level design. Good replayability. Game well optimized. The soundtrack is amazing. The game features many difficulties, for everyone Shallow storyline, even if for an action game is not a problem. Gameplay is well done, but it adds nothing Compared to other titles. Primary mission ends in 12 hours, I personally appreciate values ​​less than 20 hours but for some players Could be a few. I recommend a controller to play There are unfortunately few bosses.


Ninja Theory delivers yet again!!

MechaYakuza | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all MechaYakuza's reviews »

Developer Ninja Theory has a special place in my heart after the two amazing story driven action games they made with master mo-cap actor Andy Serkis, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Journey to the West. I had played each Devil May Cry title but they had never really wowed me the way they had others during the PS2 era. So going into this as a Ninja Theory fan and not a Devil May Cry fan definitely gave me different expectations than some players. I wanted an amazing story with amazing mo-caped cutscenes, and I wanted fun combat and platforming. They delivered in spades in all areas. While I can't say if DmC lives up to the legacy of Dantes earlier adventures, I can say that I personally found this latest outing to be far more enjoyable than the last four games. No frustrating puzzles, the world didn't feel strangely empty and the story was far more compelling. Just a really fun (and darkly funny) cinematic action game.


A fantastic game

Raazak | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all Raazak's reviews »

Ok, I'm a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series, and I was a little disappointed when I found out that they changed the main character, but... This game is fantastic. The soundtrack is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, the art-style is phenomenal (the guys at Ninja Theory know what they're doing) and the storyline is decent. It's an underrated game, one of the best hack'n'slash on PC. The port is really good, but I'd honestly recommend a controller for this.


A refined experience

Leofwine | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all Leofwine's reviews »

The devil seldom cries. Although, this time tears will be shed. Not because of horrendous gameplay nor terrible story, but because of impeccable artistic design. Coupled with slick combat and an energetic soundtrack, we've got something worthwhile. Developer Ninja Theory's forte has always been design. Whether it's character design or environmental design they excel at what they do. They utilize colour and imaginative concepts with a passion that shows in the final product. Thanks to their trademark artistic design they have revived a stale and pale franchise. DmC feels vibrant, flowing and fresh. The gameplay is smooth and refined. While also keeping the unique aspects from the previous iterations. Everything you've come to expect from a DmC game is present here. To put it simple, get in there and devastate your enemies with ruthless combos in style. As a side note the soundtrack deserves a special mention. It suits the setting and complements the action, contributing to the game's unique style and tone. Sadly, not everything is fine and dandy. The story is simple and it won't leave a lasting impression. Despite the lightweight and predictable plot, it's enough to keep you going. Also, protagonist Dante will definitely keep you smiling throughout the journey with his banter. Clearly there are some faults and there's always room for improvement, but DmC offers an enjoyable ride. Long time fans and newcomers alike, rejoice, because this is an action game for all of you. Take a break from reality and delve into this demonic, twisted yet beautiful universe.


Spectacular hack n slash

codename4711 | Jan. 22, 2014 | See all codename4711's reviews »

As someone who isn't particularly fond of Hack n Slash games, this one is a blast! The difficulty curve feels just right, and you feel so cool! I was a fan of previous DMC games, and I wholeheartedly don't understand the hate. Besides new Dante, its not only just like the other ones, I like it more than 2 and 4! Definitely an excellent purchase, and a great port!


Underrated; One of the better games in the series

TomWeise62305 | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all TomWeise62305's reviews »

While I've played every game in the Devil May Cry series, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a hardcore fan. I enjoy 3rd person hack n' slashes but I never been particularly skilled at them. Maybe it's because of this that I can enjoy the game so much while the diehards trash it to hell and back (no pun intended). The visuals are fantastic as well as level design. The platforming manages to be enjoyable which is unusual for this type of game. The combat for the most part is typical DMC where you mix melee and guns to form spectacular combos. The devil bringer functionality from DMC4 is carried over though not called the same thing. The new Dante doesn't bother me at all, in fact I may like the new design more. The game is very well optimized as well with no framerate cap so 120hz users can rejoice. The game is all around fast and fluid which is surprising given that it targeted 30fps on consoles. My main gripes with the gameplay are the lack of a lock on button and separating your melee weapons to two separate buttons. The game is maybe a bit too easy, but you can obviously increase difficulty. I honestly don't get what makes people hate on this game so much. It's easily better than DMC4 and DMC2. I'd arguably say it's better than the original DMC. Only DMC3 I would say is definitively better than this entry.


One of the best hack n' slash games for me

Sharptap | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

Initially i had doubts about this game. Devil May Cry is my favorite video game series and when i saw the first trailer i thought the game would be bad.How wrong i was. This game is excellent in every way. The gameplay is smooth and the controls are great (even on a keyboard). The soundtrack is enjoyable and the story is kinda amusing and entertaining even though it as almost nothing to do with the old story. If you like hack n' slash you should buy this game immediately . If you don't like hack n' slash , buy this game , because you will start liking it.


Undeserved hate

Myzery | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Myzery's reviews »

It's a solid game. The level design is great, and the overall aesthetic is well done. If you're a mega fan of the past DMC games, then yes this will be a let down to you. Though that let down should be in the games name only. It's a top notch action game love it or hate it. I will say that the Bosses are WEAKSAUCE though. Never have bosses just disappointed me like that.


A really enjoyable game

gforcesa | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I loved this game and every second of it.The graphics were good and some levels are very well done.I'm a big fan of the other DmC games and i thought that this one was gonna be bad, but no this game was really good.If you have played the previous games you know what is going to happen at the end.No spoilers don't worry.The soundtrack was really good and i felt like a badass when fighting every monster.If you're a big fan of Devil May Cry do not miss this one.


Take your foot of the brakes and put it on the gas.

klanus | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all klanus's reviews »

This game has tons of combos , wicked weapons and the best kinda music that would make a non rock/metal person bump his head to. First playthrough and I look forward to the rest. Story was straight forward and well executed enough to follow with logic. The skins are cool the controls are comfortably done. I dropped 10 hours in this thing and I can't get enough of it. There are witty jokes you'd laugh at. Plain old Dante. He may look different but the same personality that we all love from the old games.


Fantastic Game

34243 | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all 34243's reviews »

This game is pretty polarizing among fans. The older DmC players will probably dislike it due to its smaller skill trees and lesser number of weapons and for the most part it's understandable. However it is a fantastic introduction to the DmC series for everyone else. Combat is smooth and flows fluidly. The game looks amazing and the PC port is fantastic. The story is not terrible. It does 3rd person spectacle combat correctly. Highly Recommended.


Great game, for fans and nonfans alike.

tystheguy | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all tystheguy's reviews »

As a fan of the original DMC, this game should have come off as a steaming pile of sh--. However, this game is amazing. It's not the DMC you remember. But it's over the top action, demons, swords and guns, and hilarious. It's a great, fresh, take on the series, and the gameplay itself is great. If you're looking for a modern DMC, and aren't gonna whine about the story or the new Dante, then get this game. I'm serious. Do it. Now.


Finally a great DMC game.

SzyMan1993 | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all SzyMan1993's reviews »

After playing Devil May Cry 4 i was a little dissapointed, due to the change of the main hero. It's true you play later as Dante, but it's just a replay of the stages visited by Nero (with the same bosses). This game shows the begging of our beloved hero. Maybe the story isn't so amazing, but it balances well with the action offered during playtime. Totaly a must have for anyone who heard about Devil May Cry


Devil's got softer?

bauwan | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all bauwan's reviews »

It's hard to decide what to think about this game. First of all, after playing it, I totally didn't mind new Dante's look, I even liked it. It has the typical feel for DMC series, it's really intense, throwing hordes of enemies in your face, but... it's just too easy. My first playthrough on "Hard" was piece of cake. It's not like Devil May Cry 3, where normal difficulty was really challenging. But apart of that, it's still a great game with good graphics (I loved the style) and totally brilliant soundtrack. Must play for everyone who liked any previous DMC or just like to slash hordes of ugly monsters.


Fresh rework of the DMC series

IamLincoln | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all IamLincoln's reviews »

I love how they combined the best of the DMC series into a fresh, energetic hack n' slash. Combat is really smooth and the story captures your interest quite fast. Only thing that kinda bugged me was that they have a new weapon switch system, and as a DMC veteran it was hard for me to adjust.


Don't listen to haters!

djeepy | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all djeepy's reviews »

Do not listen to the haters! This game deserve your attention, the combat system is really rewarding, story is above average et the soundtrack kicks butts! If you liked the other games in the serie you feel right at home! Ok Dante's hair are not white, but really does it matter? If it does you should consider another form of entertainement.


This Game Will Fill Your Backlog With LIGHT!!!!

ScorchingDragon | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all ScorchingDragon's reviews »

DmC Devil May Cry is the newest installment in the DMC series and also a reboot. This game is easily one of the best games I've ever played with it's beautifully stylish gameplay (you could say it the gameplay is the true graphical quality of the game), actually engaging and intense story (so rare for games like this!) and great sounds. The gameplay is fast and fluid, replacing the somewhat sluggish combat of previous games. The story is amazing, which is something completely unexpected from a game like this. As a hackn'slash game story is one of the least important aspects in the genre but this game defies expectations. It has some genuinely intense and dark moment unlike in any other game I've seen. Not explosions and gore but things like *slight spoiler* shooting a baby. The voice acting is great and Dante is a pretty interesting, cool and badass character. And he isn't an stereotype dancing emo like the internet haters keep saying, he's more of a funny psycho along with his brother Vergil. To put it short, if you like hackn'slashes get it. If you don't, get it anyway (I personally hate games like this and I think this is one of the best games I've ever played, so yeah.). If you like the old DMC games then get it too to see a a wonderful exapmle of a series evolution. If you LOVED the old DMC games then.... don't get it. This game (like the wildly hated FFXIII) are despised by fans of the old games for a reason: it's completely different. They're both fantastic games but so different from the old ones that it's bound to alienate the fans. It's like making making a Harry Potter movie and branding it as a Star Wars sequel. Harry Potter is great, Star Wars is great but making one a sequel of the other is so alienating and game changing that it's bound to be deeply hated by some and for very good reason. But either way this is a fantastic game that most, if not all, should enjoy.


Best game in series.

Lasiu2 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

DMC: Devil May Cry is for me the best game in whole series. I think that it is even the hardest game. Ok it has 7 levels of difficulty. Buy c'mon its really hard on first level. The only level i didnt play is the one with Dante dying in one hit and enemies are normal. (Btw in DMC 4 it was much easier :o) For me graphic is pretty. I was so suprised when i saw this whole scenery moving, changing etc. It was best thing in this game!. Soundtrack is pretty cool. I prefered this one from DMC 4. Also i have to recommend this game because of wave of enemies. They were really well planed. I liked it.Weapons where cool too. I think someone who play this game will chose his 2 favourite weapons and use them. I really liked demonic fists and angel's shurikens ^^. The only minus i saw was thats u cant play this game on all difficulty levels. Maybe you'll be able to do that if make a lot of breaks. I just want to say that plot isnt as interesting as it should be to play it 7 times. I can strongly recommend this game for everyone who likes action games and hard challenge. Good graphic, cool souundtrack, pro monsters waves and weapons. You have to play this game!


An Actual Hack n Slash that entertains you

nitronl | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all nitronl's reviews »

Hi. I bought this game full that it is on sale, I would defo recommend people buying if you like it. It's done by the makers of the PS3 release game Heavenly sword and Enslaved.. I loved those games. Enslaved was a bit underrated in my opinion. The game's mechanics are not that difficult to master. What i mean is.. youre not learning combo's. The commands are really fluid. What you want youre charracter to do, he will... Not just a simple button masher. Gives you a real feeling like you're a real badass demonhunter. Dante Got Swagger. I wish there would be more DLC. for a bit of a cheaper price. Virgil's Downfall is too expensive in my opinion.. Come on I bought the game already, Give me all the persk without all the $$$ signs.


Yes, The devil May CRY!!

anazqwe | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all anazqwe's reviews »

Devil may cry! its pretty similar to the previous one in terms of gameplay but with more features, new monsters, environments and many others.. Too bad for once now the character doesn't quite have the badass look anymore.. Not bad but not badass enough! I'd still recommend this game though! Get it when its on sale!


The kind of fun you wont forget!

photochrisj87 | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all photochrisj87's reviews »

This is a reboot of the Devil may Cry series as told from a different studio. This game brings us Dante, a young half demon half angel who is out to defeat Mundus, a corporate demon who runs the world on greed and debt. This game does have some undertones that oozes from the real world such as the 1% people, corporate greed, anonymous, and evil corporations that only look out for themselves. The visuals are very pretty, glitches are nonexistent, the choice for music is amazing (from the band Combichrist), and the story is what you'd expect from a Devil May Cry series. The gameplay is amazing and you can quickly become addicted to the combat system. My only complaint is that some levels can really drag on.


Back to the roots

xghosts | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all xghosts's reviews »

I was scared by this reboot at first. But I have toadmit that DMC is an awesome game and one of th ebest Beat Them Up available at the time. Beautiful, easy to play but hard to master, DMC is a must buy if you like action games


A fun hack and slash game! Reboot of a epic series

wdp1024 | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all wdp1024's reviews »

DmC: Devil May Cry is a action, hack and slash game made by Ninja Theory, the company that created the PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. DmC is a reboot of a series that started on the PS2. When this game was 1st shown there was strong backlash and controversy since they changed Dante, the main character into a "emo guy". Now I've only played the original 3 DMC's in the HD collection and I can confirm that his personality is very different. But once you accept that this is a reboot and ninja theory want's to take this series into a new direction it's actually pretty fun! The game consists of platforming, waves of different types of demons and crazy boss fights. All the action takes place in limbo which exists between the human and demon worlds. The graphics are great and each location is cool. The combat initially consists of using Dante's sword and guns but as the game progresses he gets more weapons which some of them are more effective against some types of enemies than others. The soundtrack has lots of heavy-metal which fits the tone of the game and really gets you pumped. DmC is a good game if you can accept that it's not trying to be like the old games but rather it's ninja theory's vision for the franchise.


Great Gameplay!

iamkyo90 | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

This game at first I thought it was going to be like the other DMC. I'm not a fan of the series, and only played through 3 play 2, and did not seem a big deal, but very complex in some ways and with many areas for improvement. But I loved this game. The dynamics of the fights, variety of weapons, combos, extras, it is extremely replayable. I played it myself and 3 times in different ways and not get tired. The optimization also very well run, and amazing soundtrack gives you even more comfortable to play. A decent hack n 'slash that has nothing to envy to their predecessors.


A Successful Reboot

Sark4458 | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Sark4458's reviews »

Despite the large amount of criticism this game drew for altering the image of the main character, Ninja Theory was able to create a very well done game. Still in line with its predecessors DMC is a hack and slash game with fast pacing. With the levels being broken into chapters you find yourself being pushed forwards at a constant pace, encountering a boss every couple of chapters. Game play can be broken down into Combat and Platforming. Combat comprises most of the game and it is very fluid and fun. Being able to switch weapons on the fly lets you create some interesting combo chains. That being said the game feels like it was designed for use with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. Platforming is thankfully limited and when it occurs it is not a hindrance. Graphically DMC is not the most intense of all games, but still eye catching. Most systems should be able to get a decent looking game out of it, even if on the lower settings. Overall I would definitely recommend DMC if your looking for a decent hack and slash game.


A great DMC game!!

Carsus | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all Carsus's reviews »

Its a shame that so many people dislike this game because of the main character redesign. The combat is the best of the series so far, the soundtrack is great and really fits the mood of the game especially in the combat. The frame rate on PC is a solid 60 which makes the gameplay feel really smooth, the story is nothing too special though is much more coherent than the previous games in the series. This game is definitely worth a look if your a fan of the DMC series or other action games like ninja gaiden, I think a sequel would be well deserved and i would be interested to see were they take the series now.


Excellent action game and reboot

ryanclive | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all ryanclive's reviews »

For the record, I've played and finished the Devil May Cry games, and I've enjoyed all of them. When "DmC" came out, most of the complaint stemmed from Dante's new look, which I personally find irrelevant. DmC is a fantastic game all throughout. The action is fast paced, and keeps on giving. In lieu of puzzle-based mechanics, the game focuses more on platforming, while still maintaining the combat prowess of its predecessors which keeps you on your toes. I personally felt that the challenge has been toned down a bit, but frankly it's for the best. The combat mechanics is no less complex than the old DMC games, and it's still as fun to pull off wild combos from ground to air. The game ensures this by giving you a healthy supply of uglies to pummel, as well as tactical boss fights that highlight every couple or three stages. The writing and story is more grounded this time, delivered by superb voice acting. I personally enjoyed the reboot's take on Dante's underworldly connections. Vergil is also given a better role and involvement, which makes the whole story easier to absorb. Game has good replay value, too, and has new game+ which makes succeeding playthroughs much enjoyable. DmC is one of my personal favorites for this year.


This Devil can make you Cry

da_killa_ | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all da_killa_'s reviews »

DmC shows the reboot of the classical Devil May Cry series which first originated on the PS1. You play as the classical hero Dante and who carries some of the traits he was known for in the previous installments. The character of Dante depicts that of a "cool" guy rather the 'smart' Dante. The shift in character shows that this is not the old Dante, but a new one which is reborn. New characters are introduced and some are brought back such as Mundus and obviously Dante's twin brother Vergil. The plot of the story feels different to the classical DMC but nevertheless this does not disappoint you. The core mechanics of the game have changed into the true 'hack and slash' where you point your attacks where you please rather than relying on a Lock-on system employed in the older series. You still use the simple shoot, attack, special attack and jump buttons like normal though with the lack of a lock-on system combos are utilised differently. Instead of flicking your joysticks/keyboard buttons while holding the lock on, you now just input your button commands while changing it up between both your angelic and demonic weapons. This sort of gameplay felt smooth and transitions between attacks could be changed and utilised to create stronger and better combos. At times throughout my missions, I felt the need of a lock-on was preferred. Evade is much simpler to implement now as it is just a simple button as compared to DMC4, or Dante's Trickster style in previous DMC games. The visuals of the game looked sub par, though that may have been the desired effect of the game as it looked more like it was meant to be a cartoon rather than focusing on realism. My pure instinct tells me that DMC4 had better visuals and better looks than DmC. Despite the game lacking in that field, I felt that some of the gameplay felt good and the compatability of a game controller further enhanced my experience in DmC. Overall, this was a solid game which I had enjoyed and pretty sure that many would so too if not for the lack of support from their original fanbase.



DanteNero13 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all DanteNero13's reviews »

I'm a big fan of the DMC series and was a tad annoyed when they rebooted the series but i enjoyed the new Dantes attitude and style in this game and i hope many more games in the series follow xD


A fun game worth your time!

xXObyzouthXx | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all xXObyzouthXx's reviews »

This devil May Cry is a great game. The fighting is fun and faced paced and the upgrades makes you actually feel more powerful with the different combos and moves you could perform. The story flows well and gets you interested in playing the game further. The graphics are nice and aren't too demanding. I can max the game out at native resolution with a gt650m and i7. Pick this game up if it ever goes on sale.


This game is very good

tomdoughnut | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

It is a real pity that many DMC fans are boycotting this game because of Dante's new look, and the drop in frame-rate from 60 to 30 fps. Personally, I love this game! The gameplay, artwork, & soundtrack are all first class. The drop in frame-rate has not really affected the gameplay at all-it still feels perfectly smooth and responsive to me. For the first time, we have a DMC with a coherent plot. The story is very well written and the voice acting is first class. As for Dante, I prefer the new version. I felt that the old one looked like a camp magician or Broadway dance choreographer. Overall, I love the job that Ninja Theory have done. I hope that they are commissioned for the follow up. In the future, I would like to see a prequel where you play as Dante's father; either as DLC, or a standalone game.


Dante Changed?

simodeso | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Yes. It's a reboot, of the Ninja Theory guys and in my opinion they made a very nice job. Someone may find this "change" not very good, maybe because they were very linked with the old Dante... Well i think it is funny ( they are a lot of joke about the old Dante) Well but only the character doesn't make the game right? Aaand.. this game is pretty awesome! I enjoy a lot playing, all the funny jokes, super combos with a lot of weapons! I think it deserve your money, it's an AAA game, you will enjoy it, Trust me.


Awesome Reboot

Xflasher | July 2, 2013 | See all Xflasher's reviews »

After having played the whole game, I can safely say that it is awesome. I haven't played the previous Devil May Crys but this has made me want to play them as well! Awesome art style/graphics and smooth gameplay! A must buy if you are into spectacle fighting/ action games!


2nd best DMC game

waynehwc | July 2, 2013 | See all waynehwc's reviews »

i believe DMC 3 was best then this game is second, this game is a report and is set in a diffrent story to the other dmc series


Nice reboot

lok0812 | June 29, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This reboot breaths new life to the franchise with a fresh story from the DmC series. The game style remains the same as your hack and slash your way through each stages. Throughout the missions there are hidden stuff for the player to discovered and unlocked. Currency in the form of souls are obtainable throughout the stages for the players to buy items, unlock new abilities, and upgrade a perk. Multi difficulty from the original DmC games are back, except not as punishing and doable even as a casual player. Storyline is pretty nice with this new reboot using the same characters in a different story. Must get for all DmC fans or hack and slash fans. Only downside is the game is pretty short, only around 7-8 hours on first playthrough and the only replayability is the difficulty modes provided once you beat the previous difficulty.


Do not judge by the look of Dante, the game is very good

kalil | June 27, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

I think I was one of the first to complain of Dante with his new look and if the first time I saw it, I found a mess, a big mistake, this game maintains the line of the old Devil May Cry (but still do not like the look of the new Dante at the end means that you end up accepting) the movements of all Japanese games (Capcom) are somewhat crude, but can jump 5 meters are locked in a rock, this does not change but do not look at that, we to the interesting, the battles are very entertaining with simple puzzles that allow you to continue fighting and solving the vicissitude advance. Many variety of combos (although I only used 8 or 9) there is fun to mix all this action, varied enemies, both in form and skill, so the bosses movements represent a good challenge, so add another point, the scenarios are well crafted from the human, to the infernal, voices and text in Spanish, with very interesting story make this game fun and a good investment, let's not overlook and go judging only by the first picture, the game is much more and deserves a good grade



captainstark | June 22, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

This game is a great remake of the DmC series, the graphics are great is the music is great. The combos are well made, get this if you like the DMC series.


Best reboot of one of the most popular & fan favorite franchise

spycid | June 21, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

DmC does justice to one of the most cherished, prized and loved fan-favorite series of all time. The game is absolutely terrific and enjoyable for every hack n slash lovers. It might be easier than the original one, but there are Dante Must Die, Heaven or Hell, Hell or Hell mode for a reason. Must play for all Devil May Cry and hack n slash fans.