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Shoot, slash, stab, rip... repeat.

Valoo321 | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all Valoo321's reviews »

The Darkness II is an enjoyable FPS based off of the comic book series of the same name. I've had some experience with the comics, but not with the original game. I got this game as apart of a 2K Games Bundle, so didn't totally know what to expect going in. By the end, however, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. It's a bloody jaunt of revenge as you play a mafia aficionado trying to get back your beloved that was taken from you. However, you have powers of The Darkness that consumes and drives you, pushing you along to continue ripping shooting and kill all the things that are placed before you. The story was very enjoyable and held plenty of comic book charm. However, it felt much too short. After getting your upgrades for The Darkness and seeing all the weapons, it was basically over. There's a few nice twists I didn't expect that kept me excited about the game all throughout, as well. Overall, it's fun and enjoyable gameplay, but I can't say that this game is a must. It's worth watching through a let's play if you're curious, but if you enjoy The Darkness franchise than I would say it's definitely worth your time.


Bloody, Gory, Humorous

SparkWave | Aug. 5, 2015 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

This game is different from all other games in it's categories. It is seemingly meant to be dark and scary, yet some things will definitely make you laugh like the little monkey demon that helps you on your path to total darkness. The controls are quite easy to figure out, as any other game. You are not limited to singular ways of killing people, but you are able to be tactical and destroy enemies in different ways. You can cause mass destruction with your demonic powers and completely destroy everything that comes in your path. The story line is very peculiar with a great setting and game play.


Come into the darkness Jackie!!!

MadDemon64 | June 20, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is an extremely enjoyable shooter. It makes you feel like a god if you know what you’re doing. It is slightly more violent than regular shooters, but then again you aren’t playing a regular guy in The Darkness 2. In The Darkness 2, you play as Jackie Estacado, a man who wields the titular Darkness, an ability that lets you do everything from reenacting the chestburster scene from Alien to throwing black holes are your enemies. You get a limited number of weapons to carry and wield, but the number of Darkness abilities you get to wield more than makes up for this. In fact the abilities might even be more fun than the guns. The story is rather decent. There are no giant plot twists or anything, but it is still solid and sets the stage for a sequel, even though it is unlikely we will ever get one. Play The Darkness 2 if you are a fan of shooters. Or want something more fun than a gray brown military shooter. Or just want to play a game that knows how to be fun and serious.


An entertaining, yet short trip into the Darkness comics

GigaPudding | June 5, 2015 | See all GigaPudding's reviews »

As many people know, Darkness game lets you experience the adventures of Jackie Estacado, the protagonist of Darkness comics. And it puts you right in the middle of the action without any delays and explaining. You get to command your dark minions and hellish powers given to you by the Darkness (which is voiced by none other than Mike Patton) to help you overcome the bad guys and save your girlfriend. Pretty straightforward but it's much more interesting than it sounds like as you get to explore your character's inner demons and past. The gameplay itself is pretty simple, you shoot stuff with various weapons but what's the main focus is the upgradable Darkness powers which make things more entertaining. The game encourages you to come up with various ways to dispose of your enemies with using Darkness and it is often required to defeat more advanced enemies. It's fun, really, but the fun lasts only for a short while unfortunately. The game is not very long and even though you get 4 mini-campaigns with different characters in addition to the main Jackie Estacado story, it's still quite short and the additional campaigns aren't all that interesting compared to the the main one. But still it's a decent game and you'll be content with it especially if you're a fan of the original comic book source material for this game.


A Bloody Good Time for Comic Book Fans

Highlander9782 | May 9, 2015 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

This is one of the bloodiest, goriest games I've played and is perfect for fans of the Darkness comic books. You play Jackie Estacado, a Mafia hitman who wields an ancient power known as the Darkness and gives him special abilities. The game lets you wield 4 tentacles at the same time, and dual wield guns. There's a nice co-op campaign called Vendettas which lets you do 4 players with friends and choose 4 unique characters with unique abilities like a Japanese man with a sword, a voodoo man, and a Scottish man with a axe who looks like Sheamus from WWE. Graphics are nice, just wish there was more content but still a great time. Definite buy if you're a fan of the comic or bloody FPS shooters.


Embrace the Dark

KingTed | April 29, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

The Darkness II is the direct sequel of the video game adaptation of the comic book of the same name. You’re Jackie Estacado, a man possessed by a malevolent entity called The Darkness which granted him supernatural power and thus the possibility to avenge himself. In the sequel, Jackie has become the head of the New York mafia and is attacked by a mysterious group called the Brotherhood. That’s where the game’s first quality lies. You see, in The Darkness we were fighting mafia goons most of the time and while the game remained challenging our character was a lot more powerful than them. In this new episode, the Brotherhood is pretty capable in the matter of fighting supernatural beings so the gameplay is even better than before. Still, the Darkness makes us feel like an unstoppable killing machine and the game is just as gore as the original. The game presentation is decent and does the job well. Just don’t expect to be amazed by the visuals.


weapons x4

sgtfoo | March 22, 2015 | See all sgtfoo's reviews »

if you're dextrous enough to manage up to 4 simultaneous ways to kill enemies, then you'll enjoy the freedom of death-dealing this game has to offer. Somehow this one took a step back from the original in style and actual darkness, but such is the way with sequels and console games, lately, but this still is a GREAT port to PC. tip: Don't start in easy mode because it doesn't deal enough enemies to really have fun with, which is where this game shines. Definitely play the first one if you want to keep up with the story. This one allows for multiple playthru chances to gather your skills points until you're unstoppable... priceless destruction at hand.


A sometimes clumsy shooter with a great story

BlockAgent | Nov. 24, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is a first-person shooter thats adds a unique element to the genre. You possess 2 demon arms that you can use in addition to your guns to defeat your enemies. Using these demons arms however is often clumsy and they are pretty inaccurate weapons. You end up just button mashing hoping that you hit something. The atmosphere and story are two areas where this game truly shines. The story takes a little bit to get going, but once it does, it grabs you and keeps you glued through the end. The atmosphere is dark and really does feel like a comic book. Everything from the level design to the characters are really memorable and I did enjoy playing this game despite the demon arms awkwardness. Worth picking up if you are looking for around 8 hours of dark entertainment,


First Person Darkness

brenker99 | Oct. 3, 2014 | See all brenker99's reviews »

Darkness 2 Combine both unholy tentacles and guns for various outcomes such as grabbing someone as a human shield while gun-blazing the others which makes the game pure fun. The campaign is a bit shirt, about 6 Hours (and i took my time) But theres a few stuff to do afterwards, such as a few "Side quests" with different characters or doing the campaign again while keeping the upgrades you had from your previous walk trough. The story is quite interesting and a bit confusing. But as you keep going you start understanding why stuff happening. Overall this game is really good. The ONLY downside is the short campaign length wich is why i give it a 80/100 insted of a 90+.


Too short.

Furrek | Sept. 18, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I look at my steam library it says I have spent 5 hours playing it - in those 5 hours I managed to beat the game. Is it much? Depends. For the people who plays the game only once and move forward, I don't think so, but for people that enjoy playing everything for 100% I think it's a good game. What really is great in The Darkness 2 are special powers. It's been long time since I found a game with really good shooting mechanics and special abilities that goes so well with it. For this reason alone I think you should get this game. Another thing is the characters - they are cool, dialogues are enjoyable and you will want to follow the story's of them. There is also litres of blood, so if you enjoy bloody games that can be ended in one sitting, The Darkness 2 is good choice.



bibboorton | Sept. 9, 2014 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is a first-person shooter where you play the role of Jackie Estacado, head of the Franchetti mafia family and wielder of “The Darkness,” an entity that lives inside of him – almost literally a voice inside his head (an annoying, whiny, screechy voice) – and gives him supernatural abilities. Jackie is attacked by a group known as The Brotherhood, who aims to forcibly take away The Darkness from him using a device known as The Siphon. The gameplay involves quad-wielding, with two hands controlling the use of guns and two appendages controlling the tentacles which stems from The Darkness. With the guns, you can hold one two-handed weapon, control one one-handed weapon with and without Iron Sights, or dual-wield two guns with both hands. With the tentacles, you can use the right tentacle for melee attacks like slashes, as well as the left tentacle for grabbing and throwing objects like spears and blades. It is very fun and surprisingly fluid. You can wreak so much destruction, and that’s why I love these kinds of video games. You also get a darkling that lovingly refers to you as a monkey to throw around and distract enemies. The game is extremely well-optimized. The gameplay is incredibly smooth once you have gotten the hang of how it plays. There are practically zero load screens aside from loading up the game, as cutscenes take the place of traditional load screens. I wish more games did this. Speaking of cut-scenes, these are very well done. They are set comic-book style, where scenes flash quickly kind of like frames in a comic. Even though most of these cutscenes are just one character talking, they are very engaging because of the cinematography. The game is presented in a cel-shaded style, and it is done very well. The environment looks stunning, even though the level design itself leaves a lot to be desired. The main game only lasts five to six hours long, but it is an absolute blast. Most levels are on the short side, however this means that the story progresses very quickly. You can, however, see the ending coming a mile away. Despite this, the game is immensely fun and I highly recommend it during days where you just want to smash things.


Bloody fun

884okeoJ | July 13, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

The Darkness 2 was a welcome surprise to me when I first played it. I was expecting a generic first person shooter, and what I got was a gory and stylistic experience that is profusely enjoyable. The graphics are strongly reminiscent of Borderlands, but in my opinion, better. The story and writing is very strong, and the atmosphere is wonderfully macabre. The gameplay is fairly run-of-the-mill, as it doesn't make many innovations in the FPS genre. If you have a chance to buy this game, you definitely should.


Love the blood and violence.

KanzerReview | May 14, 2014 | See all KanzerReview's reviews »

I always dreamnt to have this kind of power to rip people body apart and throw them so far you can hit an homerun. I have played many gore games but this shooter Darkness 2 has really bought gore to the next level. Tearing enemy limbs or slicing their head off has never felt so great. We know headshots are fun with guns but this dude here has tentacles of evil to wreck chaos to the world that he hates. Machine guns are damn right fun but Dual Wield them,, you have released a demon within. Dual wield any kind of guns customize them yourself and shread your enemies into pieces. it may sound sadistic but i love to shread those people into bits and pieces. Throwing their body parts against wall seeing the blood splatter like an art and body physics rag doll against a wall. This small things count.


The Darkness Rides Again

RandomHobo2 | May 14, 2014 | See all RandomHobo2's reviews »

The Darkness II is a surprisingly good story driven FPS with RPG elements. It's one of the few I've completed 4 times in a row, and the only game I've play where I've gotten all of the achievements. The gameplay is very fun and the story is absolutely fantastic. The main campaign is short. It took me a little more than 5 hours to complete, but there is a side campaign and extra missions to complete afterwards. The Darkness tentacles go along well with the guns to create a fast paced game, much like a hack n slash oddly enough. Overall, the Darkness II is a great game, one which I'm glad I spent my money on. I recommend playing the first one, though you DO NOT need to play it in order to enjoy this game.


Great underrated game

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | See all lynxil's reviews »

Ok, so I was expecting a regular FPS. But, I was wrong, Darkness II was a bit of a shocker to me, it was really good, kinda short maybe, but fun and had a solid story. Story: (Trying not to make spoilers) The game is based on a comic series called, yep, you guessed it, The Darkness. You play as Jackie Estacado, a mafia boss that possess the forces of darkness. Jackie tries to keep his darkness at bay, but after a rival mafia tries to kill you, you have no option but to start a war and unleash the darkness within you upon your enemies. But, when you unleash the darkness, you also cut a deal with it, and there's a price to pay at the end... Graphics: The game graphics reminded me Borderlands but more realistic, and i like it :) kinda gives you the feel of a comics (which it is based on a comic series) Gameplay: The game is FPS and RPG of some sort, where you gain XP from kills and level your skills, but apart from the guns and black magic you also have 2 tenticals that devours, kill, cutting off heads and ripping the limbs of people (Tons of blood and gore) When you are not cutting and killing, you also play as your little lackey, which is more stealthy than just killing everybody. Also, there are some levels that are purely for the story, they are short but very fun and delivers the awesome story to you, I loved those parts! Conclusion: This game kinda surprised me, I loved the story, the cut-scenes are great, the gameplay is fun, the graphics are very nice and feel you get is very good. and even though it's short (took me about 6 hours to finish the game on Hard, but you can play it and make different decisions), it's really good! Play it! ***There's also multiplayer but I didn't play it honestly, for no reason really*** Taken from my Steam reviews page Feel free to ask question on my page


Atmospheric shooter

virulent0o | April 14, 2014 | See all virulent0o's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is an good FPS with a story based on a decent comic series. The biggest stand-out is the atmosphere. Dark environments with the ability to rip limbs from your foes makes for a pretty brutal scene. Aside from the atmosphere and the demonic arms, the gun-play feels like the run-of-the-mill FPS game. Not saying this is bad. It's actually pretty solid, but straight forward. This game provides an enjoyable "noir" atmosphere as you follow the story of Jacky Estacado.


A great story driven game

Rolalas | April 6, 2014 | See all Rolalas's reviews »

Darkness 2 is an amazing sequel to a pretty good game. This game delves further into the comic book lore and expands the world originally introduced in the first game. You do not have to play the first game to understand this one in fact the first game did not age well as an early console generation game. This game however has a wonderful aesthetic and a great visual style. The single player is wonderful and tells a great story, but the multiplayer leaves much to be desired.


Starbreeze did it better, but still enjoyable

MechaYakuza | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all MechaYakuza's reviews »

Following up Starbreeze's dark, funny, emotional cult hit we have a dark, vulgar, cel-shaded arcadey shooter. While it is very fun it lacks the emotional punches and ultra realistic characters and environments that really made the original come alive. While the original was extreme at times, it felt true to the source material and had moments that really affected me emotionally. In The Darkness 2 it feels very immature at times and just vulgar for the sake of being shocking. It is like a slasher flick to the originals Scorsese film. If you just want to enjoy the super-fun demon tentacle mechanics it can be really fun at times. But it is a far cry from the original.


To Hell and Back

DazeOfWar | Jan. 14, 2014 | See all DazeOfWar's reviews »

I’m Jackie Estacado and I am the host for the Darkness. It’s a rough life fighting it from taking me over completely but man does it have some sweet powers. There has been some bad consequences though like losing the love of my life Jenny. I’m dealing with that and now some brotherhood wants to take the Darkness from me. Not going to happen on my watch. In the Darkness II you are still suffering from the loss of Jenny from the first game. You have held the Darkness at bay for a while but now some group called the Brotherhood wants to take it from you using a device called the siphon which will suck the Darkness out of you. Well you aren’t going to let this happen because it’s just bad news for everyone. There are a variety of ways to play through the levels fighting the Brotherhood. You can quad-wield now unlike the first game which gives you options like rip a car door off and use it as a shield while still being able to carry two guns and whip people with you other Darkness tentacle. Special executions can be done by grabbing an enemy with the tentacles, while he is stunned, and rip them apart for more health or ammo. You can also upgrade your powers via a skill tree wheel to add more possibilities like an execution that makes a shield from the enemy or had a Darkness swarm which stuns enemies for a short time. Unlike the first game you only have one Darkling to help you but he has more of a personality than before. He adds a little humor to everything which lightens the dark mood a bit. Guns are your standard fair ranging from pistols, smgs, assault rifles, and shotguns. You can upgrade you guns to buy adding bigger clips, faster reloads, and shooting Darkness essence through them. The game does look good most of the time with its comic book pastel art style. Environments seemed to be pretty bland though and felt like I was just going through a reskinned map each level. Enemies were also basic with pretty much the same five skins all the time. Story wise I wasn’t too impressed and sometimes felt like I was just pushing forward to finish the game so it was no longer in my backlog. I just felt like it was just missing something the whole time. The endings, there are two choices, were both mediocre and not fulfilling. Expected a bigger finish than it was. You can replay it again in new game+ which lets you keep all your unlocked powers. I just didn’t feel the pull to do it though. Darkness II also has a co-op campaign mode called Vendetta you can play with up to four players. It’s basically a side story to the campaign where you can control your choice of four different characters who have their own special Darkness powers. All these characters also have skills you can upgrade to make them more powerful. There is another mode you can pick through Vendetta called The Hit List which is basically shorter missions using the Vendetta campaign levels. Both these modes are cool to play with some friends but doesn't really add much to the game. Overall if you’re a fan of the comic and enjoyed the first Darkness then you’ll want to check this one out. It could have been much more without the co-op stuff and just focused on the single player portion of the game but it is still a decent game to play.


Great Transition

Mscigniew | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

From comic book to a video game,as you can see on the screenshots above,the game is made with cell shading graphics and it works it really does.Im surprised this technique aint done more often,but back to the Darkness,its FPS game,with interesting story of a mob boss possessed by the demon called Darkness.Darkness is sort of a parasite,or a symbiont that gives our main character special powers(and does some pretty fun,gore fatalities).Game is narrated in somewhat noir style,story is very interesting and has some good twists to it,dont want to spoil it for you,Im just gonna write its worth experiencing.Plus there is a co-op multi mod which is also very fun.A game worth playing I recommend it.


Enter The Darkside...

juxtaposed_j | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all juxtaposed_j's reviews »

An entertaining, different FPS where you control a Mafia character who has special powers that utlise the Darkness- The Darkness is your friend and grants you special powers to do deal death and destruction on your foes. Takes a nice spin on the FPS genre, by offering both guns and and slicing, dicing, ripping and decapitating your foes to pieces. And don't forget your little, geezer goblin sidekick....


Great but short

gforcesa | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I haven't played the first game but i've watched a walkthrough and really enjoyed the strory, the game was long and fun and didn't seem to get repetitive.The Darkness 2 uses a different engine than the first game and that makes it look great.The use of the darkness was great in this game.I really loved ripping people in half with a taxi door or a lamp post.You'll have a fun couple of hours with this game so i recommend that you try it out.


Straight up shooter with some twists

mulletov | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all mulletov's reviews »

I really liked this game. Yes it was short but nowadays I really don't have much time to play long games. It is a straightforward shooter with a mafia supernatural story. I would liken it to Prey meets Mafia II. The darkness tentacles make this more interesting than your typical FPS. You can use them as your main weapons if you're really good. They can rip up objects to throw as projectiles, melee enemies, absorb health, and perform grisly executions. You also level up your abilities which is a nice little incentive to use the darkness as much as possible. I love the graphical style too. It's very colorful and comic book like. There is actually quite a lot of variety in levels and settings to reduce the boredom of shooting similar bad guys throughout the game. I maxed it on a i5 3550, GTX 570, and 8 GB RAM.


Good game, but could have been so much more

sunshine_avis | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all sunshine_avis's reviews »

I really wanted to like this game; on the surface, it seemed to have everything I would have liked in a FPS but it sadly fell short. First of all, it was really short; I don't mind short games and I guess it was worth it for the sale price but it was a bit underwhelming in that aspect. The mechanics are great; using the darkness is very fun and if you like gory games, this one is definitely a winner. It is a very fast-paced game which is great for an FPS because you are kept on your toes. It isn't extremely hard but it is challenging enough to be interesting. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The perks are awesome and they had a lot of versatility in how you use the darkness. Overall, great atmosphere and mechanics. That being said, there were several things (beyond the short length) that brought down the rating for me. First off, the gameplay is incredibly linear to the point where the little darkling goes ahead of you to lead the way. Perhaps it was just the mode I played it on (definitely gonna try it on a harder difficulty) but it was a bit annoying to have this imp showing me exactly where to go and rushing me when I tried to explore the different areas (though to be honest, wasn't exactly a whole lot to explore). It got to the point where I was shooting the little critter so I could at least have a couple seconds of peace before he respawned (it was a love/hate relationship). Secondly, I was not invested in the story or the characters. Sure, I liked Jackie and I felt for him and what he had to go through but the cut scenes kind of dragged on. It might be because I didn't play the first game but I just really didn't care too much for the story or really know why I should- not a really great immersive experience. Also, I noticed a couple glitches, such as falling into a zone of utter blackness multiple times and having to restart to the last checkpoint- not a huge deal since the checkpoints are well dispersed and it can be a bit hilarious to go from the top of a building to this weird darkness but still, a bit annoying. Overall, great gameplay, great FPS but it really could have been so, so much more. Definitely worth a play though.


Great Game

UltimateSean | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all UltimateSean's reviews »

The Darkness II is one of my personal favorites. The story is interesting and there are some surprising twists. The graphics complement the gameplay, and I even had great success running the game on older hardware. Everything about this game was enjoyable, from the loading screen monologues that revealed Jackie's character to the bloody combat. Combat is quite versatile, with the ability to use both guns and the Darkness(seen in the trailer and pictures as 2 snake-like beings) to annihilate enemies. The Darkness can be used in creative ways to take out hostiles, and the customization of skills definitely added to the experience. This is a game that I would, and have played over again. My only problem with the game is its length. It was relatively short, with the story mode taking no longer than about 7 hours on the first play through. The game does provide secondary content that adds a few hours or so of play, but all together a very short experience. The atmosphere and mechanics of this game left a lasting impression on me, I only wish it was a bit longer.


Shorter than hoped for, Better than Expected

LightningMelon | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all LightningMelon's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is short. Really short. The coop content is also extremely short. There's just very little of this game to go around, in general. However, if you can grab it at a good price, it's absolutely worth checking out. While it might not keep you busy long, very few games tap into the same sort of vibe that the Darkness pulls off so effortlessly. It makes being evil fun, and then it makes you wonder if it should feel quite so good. The story is pulled off really well (despite a disappointing cliffhanger at the end), the cel-shaded graphics just look gorgeous, and the combat is fast, incredibly brutal, and wicked fun. If you show up looking for brutal action, you'll get it in spades. Just make sure to expect the fun to end in about 6 hours.


Linear, but fun

Reviet | Oct. 9, 2013 | See all Reviet's reviews »

I bought this game when it first originally came out on February 7, 2012 and finished it in 15 hours. It's a fairly mediocre but fun linear first person shooter that even a newbie into FPS gaming should easily be able to get into. The story - You play as Jackie Estacado, the current human host of the Darkness. I wouldn't spoil much about the story but there are some plot twists in the game that you, as the player wouldn't expect coming. Should I buy it? - Yes. Go get it since the price has dropped. Do be aware that if you intend on buying the first game it's not available on the PC.


Linear shooter.

Bobafett2k6 | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Bobafett2k6's reviews »

(Review on my Steam profile - Bobafett2k6) A short but enjoyable linear shooter with some interesting and different mechanics to set it apart from competitiors. The story is ok, nothing too complicated. The game's visuals aren't bad, the carnival level stood out as a particularly good looking place, all grimy and wrecked. The darkness inside of you has some pretty gory attacks, ripping peoples spines from them, and you can rip out their hearts to replace lost health. There are 4 talent trees, but didn't make a whole lot of difference to the game. In summary, a short linear shooter with enough gore and nasty attacks to keep you interested the whole way through. Took me 7 hours.


Fun game, well worth the sale price.

Joe56780 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Joe56780's reviews »

In the Darkness 2 you take on the role of a man who has inherited powers via "the darkness". The tentacle like monsters shown in many of the screen shots allow flexibility in combat, sometimes proving more lethal than basic shooting. The games about 6 hours long (I played through on the second hardest difficulty) but still for the price is short and sweet. Aside from the story mode there is also a mode where you can play as one of four assassins and the events run concurrently with the main story. Each assassin has a special power and a weapon enhanced by the darkness, most of these powers you'll already know about if you played the story first. As there are 4 assassins it allows you to play with up to 4 players (if you aren't hosting sometimes the lag is unbearable though). This mode is a couple of hours long, making the game length closer to 8-9 hours in total. An enjoyable single player campaign further stretched by a decent co op mode. If you are looking for a single player fps you wouldn't be doing yourself any harm by trying this out.


Fun, bloody, but short shooter

bradysam | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all bradysam's reviews »

In the Darkness 2 you initially play as Jackie Estacado and struggle with trying to control the Darkness. After almost being killed you end up going on a bloody journey of revenge and discovery as you try and find out who organized the hit, and why. The story is very well done and you really feel for Jackie as a character, particularly with his relationship to Jenny, his previous girlfriend. The game play is split into frantic action sequences where you have to face off against numerous enemies; which can be dispatched through use of the environment, darkness powers or guns, and slower more investigative story sequences across two locations. The sound design is excellent and the celshaded graphics were an excellent choice for the game, and help to give it more of a comic book feel. The only criticism of the campaign is that it is short at around 8 hours for a first play through, but given the quality I feel that it is a fair trade off. There is also and online co op component to the game where you can play with up to 3 others to take on specific online challenges. Each of the 4 characters play very differently, each with their own loadout of darkness powers and weapons. Everyone is sure to find a character which suits their play style perfectly. Overall, it's a very well put together game, which is highly reccomended, especially to FPS fans, but ideally should be a little longer.


Great action game with wit, but a bit on the short side

ryanclive | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all ryanclive's reviews »

The Darkness II was a bit of a surprise to me when it comes to the graphics, but then I realized after that at least this time, the game is closer to its source material. Even better, the gameplay mechanics are vastly improved. Jackie's powers are more fleshed out this time, allowing you to have better customization. Gunplay is still pretty standard, and the powers are still what makes the game different. I personally liked Jackie's monologues in the loading screens; I think it contributes a lot to the narrative, and gives the player a good idea on how Jackie thinks, and what The Darkness is really doing to his psyche. Or is it really just him, all along? In any case, the Darkness II is a huge jump from the first game when it comes to the writing and narrative. Sadly, the game suffers from being terribly short. If you're not in for the collectibles, and if you're not absorbing the idle banter from NPCs, the game may take no more than 5-6 hours to complete. While it would have been understandable for an FPS game, sadly, there's not much to come back to, other than a co-op mode which is somewhat lacking in narrative content. What hurts this the most is that as of this writing, it's no longer easy to find co-op partners (to be fair, this is game is more than a year old). Overall, an enjoyable single player game with good story material. Just short, and lacking in solid extras.


True to the source material

MoizMansoorV | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all MoizMansoorV's reviews »

This game gets most of the Top Cow comic's material right. The violence is appropriate, as is Jackie's behavior and demeanor. The Darkness is as manipulative and deadly as expected. A little flawed, but ultimately a very fun game. Recommended.


Awesome story!

OmittingCoder | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

This game is awesome. Has great story, gameplay, even the comic book style graphics looks good. Combat system is awesome with.. guess what? Quad-Wielding! I haven't experienced any bugs yet but I only have one complaint about this amazing game. IT'S TOO SHORT! Campaign is around four hours (even on hardest difficulty) but there is a coop mode that will add around three more hours. Overall game is fun and I luv the story.


So Close...

Mcdudebob | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Mcdudebob's reviews »

I felt the game started off with it's best foot forward..... straight down a flight of stairs. I only jest. I felt the game play to be thoroughly engrossing at the beginning with swift, almost improvisational combat and a dash of creative flare. but as the game progressed the enemies became bulkier, bullet spongey androids. this caused the combat to lose what had made is so special. the ability to quickly mow down enemies was lost, and with it much of the game's charm. The game also dabbled in the use of mental health as a part of the story. while this was actually very engrossing at first, it was never really taken far enough. And, like the combat eventually stumbled over its self. Don't get me wrong this is by no means a bad game. it this looks interesting to you, I would still recommend you buy it. Digital Extremes did a lot of things right. The game is simply not what it could be.


Eviscerating opponents has never been so fun.

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

The Darkness II is a game that takes ques from modern shooters, and adds some fun gameplay elements. Using the tentacles to grab items or opponents, and throwing them to other opponents, as well as doing gruesome fatalities on opponents, as well as the myriad upgrades you can add, the gameplay is fun and cathartic. The story is also quite well done, exploring the character of Jackie and his life, dealing with the monster that lives within him, and dealing and interacting with the people he cares for. Overall, its a game I would recommend getting if you want something different in a modern shooter.


Great Game, Great Graphics, and Great Style

philly100000 | July 8, 2013 | See all philly100000's reviews »

The Darkness 2 takes place in New York, just a few years after the incidents from the first game. During the events of the first game, Jackie Estacado, who currently has the power of the Darkness, turns 21 and is targested by his Uncle Paulie. With the help of his powers, he tries to stop Paulie, and later on Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny Romano gets killed by his Uncle. Since then, he's been thinking and praying for Jenny, in hopes that he can save her from hell. During the Darkness 2, Jackie gets help from an odd old friend, Johnny Powell, to defeat Victor Valente, and a group called the brotherhood, who want to own the powers of the Darkness for themselves. I was rather surprised at how much this felt like the first game, but even with that, I still loved it. The graphics felt a little more cartoonish, but that can be understood since it is based off a comic book series. The gameplay itself is also fantastic, it's very balanced compared to some games, especially considering you can have upto 4 weapons to use at once (2 guns, 2 darkness arms). The only problem with the gameplay is the fact that it doesn't feel like it has much of a replay value. The Talent Tree is a very cool new addition to the gme. For every enemy you kill you get what is called essence. For execution kills, you get even more essence. There are also 29 relics spread throughout each mission which give you 300 essence each. The essence is used to purchase new darkness powers to help you along the way. The Voice acting was also very well done. I never would of guessed that the main character, and your Darkness powers were voiced by the same person. But ot only that, the dialogue they used to talk to other characters within the game was very well done for a mobster styled game. The old player vs. player multiplayer has been removed, but that was never very good to begin with. In place of player vs. player multiplayer, they've added what are called Vendettas, a compleytely seperate campaign in which you may choose between 1 of 4 mobsters who each have their own darkness power, and their own talent trees.


best game forever

shasha30 | July 7, 2013 | See all shasha30's reviews »

I love this game it's kinda like playing a game where you've got 4 hands, except the extra hands are bloodthirsty demonic monsters with a taste for gore. The gunplay itself feels pretty uninspired, but it was functional enough and I thought the snakes livened things up enough to be interesting. The story is quite good in video game terms.Overall, it was a very pleasant surprise for me as somebody who is largely burned out on shooters.


An Amazing Sequel!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

The darkness 2 is a true sequel improving on almost every aspect of the first game, the combat is smooth and vicious, the graphics have a cell shaded look which fits brilliantly in this comic book adaptation and my personal favourite aspect; the riveting and emotional story. While the main campaign is initially short the newgame+ and co-op vendettas mode flesh the game out to be well worth its asking price and whilst some reviewers have complained about bugs in the game during my time with the game I didn't notice a single one.


Awesome Art Style

addicter3 | July 6, 2013 | See all addicter3's reviews »

The art really fits the setting of the story, and the game does look gorgeous at times. The game also plays really well, great way to start the fps year.


Best singleplayer experience in genre since Modern Warfare

kubqo | July 6, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Darkness II succeeds to achieve fantastic story with fun gameplay, that is quite rare with nowadays shooters. It is based on dark adult comic book full of blood, swear words and one romantic story. Game adapts story from comic book very well and it accesible to non-readers as well. It is full of twists and one meaningful goal - your loved one. It may sounds boring or "girllish" but actually game makes you really care about them. Mafia setting works too. Gameplay is trying to differentiate from other FPSs by giving you two tentacles which you can control. This combined with the gun and light mechanics provides enough combat variability throughout the 6-7 hour campaign. There is also a co-op mode (or you can play it solo too) that fills some gaps in story that werent that importatnt, called Vendettas, where you can take control of characters with special abilities instead of tentacles. Overall i think, that Darkness is the best singleplayer experience in its genre since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, if not better.


Very very fun

jokerman120 | July 5, 2013 | See all jokerman120's reviews »

This FPS is quite original: you will have more fun using your powers rather than shooting at your enemies. The powers show a decent variety but overall they are very interetring to use because they often push you to interact with the environment. By the way at the highest difficulty the game is quite hard and ammo are not so much, hence an accurate use of powers will let you save ammo for thougher battles. Add a very pleasing cell shading which gives a comic mood to the all thing, and a simple but well narrated story and you will have a very good game. Not a masterpiece but yet one of the best games of the year.


Cool visual style and fun gameplay.

FLD | July 4, 2013 | See all FLD's reviews »

The Darkness II is a short but fun FPS. The Darkness powers mix up the gameplay nicely and by the end make you feel like a complete badass. The game has a nice comic book-y visual style that really fits well with the source material. Worth a look if you're sick of generic shooters and want something that has a little bit more style.


Average shooter

lok0812 | July 2, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

The game have a separate storyline between the single player and the coop mode of the game. Each modes only last around 6-8 hours of gameplay. Game style is similar to the first Darkness if anyone have played before. The story is acceptable for a game with this title. Control wise it is similar to any other type of shooter in the market with an unique aspect of calling out monsters to help you kill your foes and that can turn very gory with blood splatters everywhere. Not a bad game overall but it could have been better.


One of the most entertaining shooters in the past few years.

kufooru | July 2, 2013 | See all kufooru's reviews »

Behold yet another underrated gaming jewel. From the forges of Digital Extremes' mountaintop workshop comes The Darknes II, a sequel to Starbreeze Studios' 2007 console exclusive game The Darkness (another good, but vastly different game), both based on the comic book series of the same name. For anyone who has, like me, played the original Darkness on the 360/PS3 will immediately notice the huge shift in direction and style between the two games. The first one was a dark, gritty looking non-linear, but slower paced FPS with a "realistic" visual style, whereas the second one is a colorful, linear, fast-paced shoot-em-up with comic book style, cell-shaded graphics. Now that's a pretty big leap between games that turned a lot of people off, myself included. However as I played through the game for the first time, despite the vast difference between it and it's predecessor, it really sunk its claws into me, and I ended up loving every second of it. As I have mentioned, the game uses a cell-shaded visual style that might not look on par with other games released in 2012, as far as visual fidelity is concerned, but it seeps character from every pore. It might not be the best looking game out there, but it's nevertheless gorgeous, as it does it's thing very well. While the game may not excell at visuals, the gameplay on the other hand is top-notch. You're given a rather small array of weapons, however the ability to mix'n'match them with the use of dual wielding certainly spices things up, as do the Darkness powers that you acquire throughout the game. The powers are split up between different skill trees and range from active skills like Gun Channeling, which makes your guns shoot Darkness-powered projectiles that do increased damage, to more passive ones like health increase and the like. In addition to that, you also have two tentacle-like "Darkness arms" you can use to slice, smash and tear enemies with, which essentially gives you the option of quad wielding. The skills can be acquired via experience points called Essence, and the way you earn them brings me to the game's next feature - executions. While you will earn Essence by simply killing your enemies by conventional means, you will however be awarded more points by performing gruesome executions, which not only look amazingly gory but also reward you with bonuses, such as healing and extra ammo. The campaign itself isn't particularly long (around 5-6 hours tops), but it offers the option of New Game+ along with a side-story mode called Vendettas, that can be played either alone or with up to 4 people online. If you decide to play through all the game has to offer, I'd say you're looking at 20 hours in the least. Lastly, just as the game boasts good gameplay, the story is equally impressive, if not better. I was surprised to discover a very profound and heart-wrenching tale, enclosed within this otherwise somewhat campy shooter. It's also worth noting that the game's characters are also a delight, as almost every one is memorable in his own way. The story follows Jackie Estacado, previously (in the first game) a mafia hitman, now head of the local mob, who has since the events of the original game vowed never again to use the Darkness, now lying dormant within it's host. Shit starts hitting the fan once he gets attacked by a group of unknown assailants and is forced to once again unleash the Darkness, after which he goes on a crusade to find out who attacked him and why. Throughout the story he is haunted by visions of his lost love, Jenny, who was brutally murdered by what Jackie believes to be his fault. All in all a very underrated, but definitely memorable FPS that deserves at least one playthrough from anyone looking for a fast-paced gore filled action game.


Better Than I Expected, A Great Weekend Game

Bigglesworth524 | June 28, 2013 | See all Bigglesworth524's reviews »

The Darkness II is short. That's it. That's the only real criticism I can think of for it. Rather than talk heaps about how the shooting is fluid and fun, which it is, or why the story, writing, and voice acting, is really well done, which they are, I'll simply recommend this one and move on. Oh, the visual style is neat too, like a darker Borderlands. So there's that.


Fun Game, Great Style

ghmoose | June 28, 2013 | See all ghmoose's reviews »

It's mostly a FPS game, sure, but the twists that are added in the form of your monstrous snake tentacles are quite fun - it's kinda like playing a game where you've got 4 hands, except the extra hands are bloodthirsty demonic monsters with a taste for gore. The gunplay itself feels pretty uninspired, but it was functional enough and I thought the snakes livened things up enough to be interesting. The story is quite good in video game terms - definitely horror-comic inspired. I wouldn't call it groundbreaking, but it's satisfyingly dark and interesting enough. The graphics have a good comic book feel, but it doesn't feel as ham-fisted as many cel-shaded games. Overall, it was a very pleasant surprise for me as somebody who is largely burned out on shooters.


Great Game

kalil | June 27, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The Darkness 2 is a gore title, very gore ... The game itself is rather short (I think I got 10 hours or story mode) but it is very entertaining and immerses you in the story, which by the way, this is completely safe some fantastic details ... Fight with and against the dark, raze the city, a mansion, hell itself ... GAMEPLAY: A very good gameplay, PC has some controls "pure shooter", the demonic arms control is fabulous, we cut our enemies like paper is treated. TECHNOLOGY: The optimization of the game was rather poor (considering the graphics you have), but still not bad, does not suffer drop frames and do not need a monster PC to play it. GRAPHICS: It has some graphics taken from comics, literally. In the sequences of images show much graphic detail that have had to create this game, it is as if we were reading a comic while aporreamos keyboard. SOUND: Great look, hear the cries of the enemy as if we to whisper in our ear. It is advisable to play with a volume to medium-high to enjoy it 100% (and to take the odd scare) INNOVATION: More than acceptable aspect of the game, there are times when it seems we play a shooter, but we shatter an enemy out of the way that idea.


Refreshing Horror FPS

spycid | June 23, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

It is one of the best Horror FPS released in recent times. The storyline is amazing, it'll always keep you wondering what's happening. Gameplay never gets boring as you can use whichever weapon you like to use and the game has unique weapons instead of just generic guns. Cell shaded graphics does complete justice to the game. Overall it's an amazing game and must play for all horror game fans.


Fun, but short.

brozonal | June 23, 2013 | See all brozonal's reviews »

A nice looking, decent game. If you played and enjoyed the original The Darkness on consoles then this game will be right up your street. A pleasing storyline but with the major downfall that the campaign itself is less than 6 hours long from start to finish, and that's being very generous. The co-operative portion of the game was and still is quite frankly dead, along with the rest of the online features. The guns are fun but it's Jackie's Darkness that really steals the show. A decent game that is good for an uneventful weekend.



thegaminglyfe | June 22, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Darkness 2 has one of the most addicting gameplay features I've used in a game. The demon arms are lots of fun to use and you will spend hours just cutting people open. The story is pretty good but not as engaging as the first Darkness game. I really love the graphics in this game that have the same cartoon style as Borderlands. The game sounds great with little pieces of humour around the game. The guns are lots of fun to use but lets be honest, most people won't even use them when you have the darkness. This game is a must buy and offers and experience that you won't get from most other games.


feel the darkness

drafek | June 21, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

In this game you play a man who is the leader of a gang, you also do have two snake like demons, they help you fight and do have some nice kill abilities. These creatures don't always listen though. You also do have a monkey demon, who does help you out sometimes. You sometimes see your girlfriend who died (if I'm right in darkness 1). The combat is unique, it is a fps with a twist. The sound is pretty loud. The story is interesting and I really want to go and play it again. Worth full price, but I recommend picking Darkness 1 first!


Totally recommend the game

mutsuriini | June 21, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

It's too bad that first game is not on PC because its sequel is an excellent FPS. The comic book-like art style is great and the adult storyline is engaging. The English voice-acting is well done and soundtrack is excellent. As a shooter, the gameplay is decent but is nothing special.


Good Shooter

youknowwho77 | June 21, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

This game is absolutely great. The story is groundbreaking. The gameplay is fluid and fun. It is everything you want in a game. It's a must buy!