Reviews for Pirates of Black Cove



Suppression555 | Sept. 23, 2014 | See all Suppression555's reviews »

This game like a torchlight II + a ship battle game, nice but without the complex of equipment, it just about hiring crew, upgrade your boat/buy a new boat, captain's skill lack of hotkey, what you will do is just click and clicking fun enough, not too challenging Pros : casual rpg, nice graphic, nice sounds, good storyline, large free roam Cons : lack hotkey, no equipment for heroes, overprice ships


Humorous and different pirate game!

Headbenger | June 26, 2013 | See all Headbenger's reviews »

Pirates of the black cove brings something different in the world of pirate genre.This adventure/action game brings a little bit of something for everyone.From the start you will notice the beautiful graphics a game has to offer.Every island and land you notice while cruising the ocean is well detailed and well designed.You can choose from three different characters(captains) each with unique skills and story. The game mostly shines at it's combat system,easy to manouver and everyhing is done manually. From trading ships to monsters you can choose which one to engage in combat.There are a lot of islands and towns in which you can recrute new members in your pirate crew or simply raid the town of it's belongings.There are minor bugs(crew sometimes gets stuck while following directions) and some quests get annoying but that is minor and can be easily overlooked.It's a bit slow paced game, but it has a LOT of stuff and upgrades you can unlock and discover.Pirates of the black cove brings something new to the pirate world which is suprisingly good and addictive.