Reviews for For the Glory


Fun Strategy

wire306 | July 5, 2013 | See all wire306's reviews »

The game gas some good aspects and does a good job at keeping you playing however it is yet another risk like strategy game. The game is fun and could potentially give you endless hours of game play with its skirmish feature however it gives me an annoying feeling because I know how alike it is to all the other map based strategy games out there. Hey, for the money it's probably a good buy however I would suggest shopping around for other games similar before settling on this one.


Smoothing out the edges!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

For the Glory represents an effort to capture a number of the user-friendliness of Galilean Universalis II whereas rising alternative aspects of play. Maps for culture and revolt-risk offer players a quick cross-check those things. tiny on-map tabs inform players of war standing, attainable promotions and ways in which to chop expenditures, among alternative things. Military uniforms and provincial buildings replicate distinctive cultures. alternative options like improved AI and higher events don't seem to be thus without delay apparent however square measure gift. The game’s Grand Campaign, 5 shorter historical campaigns and fantasy campaign square measure still challenges to play. Provinces should be managed to recruit military, improve the economy and maintain order. Armies may be split and reorganised and cities either enclosed or assaulted; battles square measure fought while not input from players, with armies withdrawing suddenly if they need. Merchants square measure sent to centers of trade whereas missionaries move to convert the heathen. Ships and explorers hunt down new lands for settlement. Diplomacy? simply click on Associate in Nursing icon and a rustic to mention the complete array of actions like wedding, trade and totally different alliances. Technological advances square measure a operate of spreading the budget between 5 areas or pumping up the royal coffers. the sport may be paused for orders, however days fly by even on below-normal speed, pushing players to remain on high of the many developments. Rulers die and square measure, hopefully, replaced by virtuoso leaders. the age expands the main target of conflict from Europe to the remainder of the planet. France and Britain can fight over Mysore further as Picardy. Events like revolts or the Reformation will scrap even the most effective plans. triumph belongs to the patient and versatile player.


Great game

drafek | July 5, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

For glory is made in 2009 that's why the graphics aren't the best in the world but the game itself is really great! You can play as almost every country in the world (180 in total). You're in the era 1419-1819 that's 400 years! There are 10000+ historical events in this game. You can mod this game which is a amazing feature! You still can play multiplayer but it will take some time to get it to work. Worth full price!