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Old school!

drafek | July 7, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

City in motion is a amazing game, and now It will get some old school things! It's just amazing! First you get a Jubilee Blim it's a small bus, it's made in the early 1960's, The car is compact. It does have a cute look but it's also really fast! The livingstone Inauguration is a tram, they're produced in England and Wakefield, but they're shipped all over the world! The Arnauld Porte is a french-built is known for the elegant ratten covered seats. They can carry large amounts of passengers. Skylark III has it's roots in the French military, but they did modified it for civilian use. The pack is really fun, you can get some more hours out of the game with this pack, the graphics are done well, just like the sound.